13th Ramzanul Mubarak 1436 | Wednesday, Jul 01, 2015


Yeah its high time Zahid sab that u come out of your hyprocritical nutshell. I being in Gulf watch your site only keeping in mind that u r an educated individual who support secularism, provide justice to the helpless and ofcourse expose boldly the anti-muslim agenda of the hindu terror cells like togadia, RSS, Hindu vahini and 1000s more...
The only thing which hurts or rather shatters me is the way you and your mouth piece (son of late Amanullah khan) runs behind these owaisi brothers.
Ask yourself with utter sincerity, if these owaisi family doesn't exist in Hyd., would'nt Hyderbadi muslims slauttered like cattle. Only becos of what ever reasons but certainly they have a sort of instant protesting image in hyd assembly through which the anti-muslim organisations think twice to take a wrong foot against muslims... Ofcourse, i m not a pro-owaisi either, probably as u always claim they might be corrupt, etc etc..., but c'mon bade hazrath its time to unite and come under one umbrella rather than making three parties (1 owaisi, 2nd amanullah khan sab's son and 3rd siasat).
Its high time before its too late..
You never dared to question y was not togadia booked who dared to announce that he will turn hyd into another ayodhya. And again these puppet moulanas do not carry any guts to protest only against this hindu leader instead they targetted akbar also and look at the result. Did the biased Govt and their police take any sort of action again Togadia? So, saheb please for Allah's sake spit the poison out and come to brotherly terms. Try to get Khan Sab's son i dont his name but i always see him talking or targeting only owaisis. Seems this is the only agenda of his life.
With much anticipation from Siasat and it's honorable Editor
Shatter muslim brother from Middle East.


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