20th Ramzanul Mubarak 1436 | Wednesday, Jul 08, 2015


No damaged done, see nobody approched me to rate MIM, who is rating? siasat? congress? media? where the rating is coming from? this is all media hype, nobody cares about media, example media praises Dhoni when India wins same media criticises Dhoni when India loses, media is a piece of sh!t,.........not even piece of sh!t they are loose motion,........anyone who cant find a job they join media,.........regarding Akbaruddin, what ever he said based on the facts, infact that 15mins break of police comment, he just said but in real it did happened in Gujrat, poor guy just said, the fact of cow slaughter which is not far from the reality, about the Bhagyalaxmi mandir, there is no Godess by namy Bhagya, laxmi is there is there everybody knows, about the reservations he said the fact, about housing schemes, business loans, everything is in fact, no power can arrest him, if he hires a good lawyer, in democracy you have a right to say the fact, but only regret is MIM said late these things, they should have said 15 or 20 years ago, but good part is somebody dare to say the fact,....... live in hormony and in peace, all citizens are equal, ghar mein ek beta naraaz hei toh aussey poocho auski naraazgee, aus se nafrat na karro warna anjaam sirf badla hota hei,........Azadi Zindabad!


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