18th Ramzanul Mubarak 1436 | Monday, Jul 06, 2015

Damaged MIM really?

I don't think so, in fact if Akber get arrested then MIM will get more sympathy from Muslims not only in old city but also all over AP.if you analyse present poltical situation in AP its favor MIM and YSRC brcause,
Congress : is really doing bad in telangana and andhra just see recent by election they could not manage to win a single seat and came third at some place, so wont be surprise if they get single digit seat at this time even kiran kumar cant win from his place.
TDP : this party is already looser party they are in more trouble then congress nobody trust its cheif Naidu specially Muslims and tdp also could not manage to win a single seat in andhra and telangana, Muslims belive Naidu will shake hands with NDA immediately after voting even before results out same like KCR did last time.
TRS and BJP : they both have limited capacity to perform because both parties limited to telangana and the cant win witout helping each other but TRS cant shake hands with BJP before election because Muslim are already angry on TRS after Mehboobnagar by-election so trs and bjp have very limited chances to gain something at this time.
YSRC: they are favorite in andhra chance are they can win maximum seat in andhra may be clean sweep and can win couple of seat in telangana also if muslims support it which most likely so Muslims votes are more decisive to elect a government this time specially talangana Muslims.
MIM : its totally wrong to believe MIM will loose some seats because they don't have any strong opposition against them and after this incident and media's negative propaganda more Muslims will support them even there are chance that they can increase the seats, one thing for sure about old city people they know MIM has not done anything good for them but still they don't want elect TDP as MP Or mla which is sister party of BJP just look at couple of week back when naidu and his family desperate to attand modi oath ceremony but had to cancel in last minute they never say anything against modi or togadiya forget about them they don't even say against there corporator raja singh so there is no chance that Muslims will vote for raja sing friends i mean TDP.


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