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‘Pause to Pray:’ Iran bans flights during Azan

Wednesday, 26 December 2012
Tehran, December 26:

Iran has issued a ban on airplanes flying inside and out of Iran during azan, the Islamic call to prayer, spokesman of Iranian parliament's cultural commission, Seyyed Ali Taheri said, Fars reported.

Taheri noted that the directive was issued by the Civil Aviation organization of Iran.

The adhan, or azan (as pronounced in Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey), is the Islamic call to prayer, recited by the muezzin at prescribed times of the day.

Adhan is called out by the muezzin in the mosque five times a day, summoning Muslims for mandatory prayers.

According to the directive issued on Nov. 26, the flight is to be suspended for at least half an hour, if the take-off and azan fall to the same time.

Iran's parliament has banned on airplanes from flying in the country during the Azan call to Islamic prayer, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported on Wednesday.

The head of the Aviation Organization, Hamid Reza Pahlevani, said aircrafts will be allowed to take off 30 minutes after the call to the morning prayer so that passengers have the time "to carry out their religious duties", the Iranian Students' News Agency (ISNA) reported.

Iran has practiced Shariah law since its 1979 Islamic revolution. Islamic leaders have pressed for stricter enforcement of religious measures since President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won office in 2005 promising a return to the revolution's values.

Taheri also said serious attention will be given to observing the strict Islamic dress code for women working at airports or airline companies.

Women in Iran are obliged to cover their hair and wear long, loose clothing to protect their modesty. Violators can be flogged, fined or imprisoned.

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No sense

This kind of news make no sense. Please publish news on some local burning issues. We have hundres of local problems to be addressed.

Like our beloved

Like our beloved Prophet(PBUH) we should all wear only disdashas and ride on Camels only. That is sunnat. Using Automobiles, TV, Internet, Cell Phones is not sunnat.

Travel like our Gods do

We should also follow the animal transportation (Vahana) our Gods use to move around the heavens.

Shiva uses the Bull.
Bramha moves around on Swans.
Vishnu uses Garuda the eagle.
Indra mounts on the elephant.
Ganesha manages to mount on a mouse.
Sarswati devi moves on peacock.
Hanuman can jump and fly faster than concorde.

We should also use the same animals and birds for our transportation. No air pollution. No high travel cost.

Atleast Iran have guts to

Atleast Iran have guts to make self decisions, not like other slave muslim countries following the west

Do not

Do not Praise Iran as it is the biggest GMD in the muslim world.


ha ha ha ha meri hasi rukri naiiiiiiii ... kya karu marjatiu may has has ke comment pe

what they want to show to

what they want to show to Muslim world that they are true Muslim & they follow the Quran & Sunnah of our Beloved Prophed, in Iran they can pray Zuhar/Asar & Maghrib/ Isha together, so need to stop the plane at the time of prayer & even you can pray in the plane at the time of Salah.

What about Fajar? If flight

What about Fajar? If flight is right around fajar time then one cant board and pray fajar at same time as checking in and boarding takes at least 45 minutes if not more.

Also it is preferable if possible to pray where all the wajib Irkan are followed. Air travellers also include women who find it difficult to pray in plane except by sitting. If a small correction in operation times of planes is there during Salat time I dont think it will make any difference as far as the journey is concerned.

Main samajhta hoon

Where there is there is a way, rightly said. How many of us are practicing muslims?

Delay a little

Not only muslim but other religion followers too travel on the same plane, it is not practicle in delaying the aircraft for perticular followers of religion. One can spare few minutes and pray farz salat. During the journey if the time to pray he can even if there is no place for performing salat by sitting on his chair, even though the direction of qiblah differ, Allah is raheem to forgive us.
In the middle east there are designated praying areas, how nice if all muslim passenger attend for prayers, but few from them do so.

I dont see what is the

I dont see what is the problem. There is no delay only rescheduling of flights. The new time will be such that there are no take off and landing around the time. Just like many airlines and airports schedule landings and flights depending on financial considerations and operational conditions like paying extra for night landings or for ground crew to work in the night as they take more in allowances in some countries. Also they dont like to schedule too many flights during shift changes as they dont want to loose money having two shifts in place overlapping for half an hour.
Muslims should attempt to pray properly when it is possible. Dont be an person who criticizes just for the sake of criticism. There are good reasons for Muslims to organize our life and business according to our needs. Going by your logic our slave mentality Dubai airport people(older terminal) had a bar in the right opposite the mussallah in the airport. In US many states prohibits any liquor 1.5 miles from a school or church!! Earlier all liquor shops were closed on sunday and even now in many states liquor shops are not allowed to open on sunday mornings because of sunday service in curches.

Kash ke

Kash ke hum bhi inlogon ki tarha sounch tae, kitni buri bat hai musalleh ke khareeb sharaab khana. Allah raham karae.


SubhanAllah " Allah ho Akbar"

Mashallah...the only country on the face of the earth trying to implement the Islamic etiquette & laws.
May Allah (swt) protect them and guide them to follow the path of Allah(swt)
And guide these brothers (muslim/non-muslim) who are ignorant on Islamic teachings....

no one can compare

no one can compare himself to nabi----------------a true muslim

no one can compare

no one can compare himself to nabi----------------a true muslim

a travellers dua is

a travellers dua is accepted-------------do people these days r really doing
passengers on board r more comfortable to do
BUT a reminder of dua on board looks/sounds funny----------
except to say "subhhanallaji -------------munkhaliboon''

Subhan Allah

I wish all muslim country should stop all work during prayer time.

Awwal Namaz

Awwal Namaz........... Always............



Awwal Namaz

Awwal Namaz........... Always............





shortenning of

shortenning of prayer
combining of prayer

estimation of time ---on journey
rr the pauses in a journey
also a private transport can go well of----------if one is capable
atleast stop alll the activities when a call to prayer is given for few min

loll..... iran

haa haa haa... Iran Hypocrite.

You Idiot

You will be fined for this act

Free k comments

Free k comments

free k comments

free k comments

What an idiots.

Why fly? why don't these guys use ground transport why do they want west created and developed planes.

Probably they will they are

Probably they will they are just waiting for the west to stop using the decimal system and zero which the Indians invented. Also they could be waiting for the west to stop using Algebra which the world learnt first from the AD 820 book by the Iranian(Farsi/Persian) mathematician Muhammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī the title of the book was Al-Kitāb al-mukhtaṣar fī hīsāb al-ğabr wa’l-muqābala(english translation:The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing")

mohammad used winged horse

mohammad used winged horse to and fro travel to jannat and earth hence every islamic country should ban planes allah o khabar

What is the topic & what you

What is the topic & what you are writing, ass hole if you don’t know anything about Islam why you want to comment…?



God's transportation

We should also follow the animal transportation (Vahana) our gods use to move around the heavens.

Shiva uses the Bull.
Bramha moves around on Swans.
Vishnu uses Garuda the eagle.
Indra mounts on the elephant.
Ganesha manages to mount on a mouse.
Sarswati devi moves on peacock.
Hanuman can jump and fly faster than concorde.

We should also use the same animals and birds for our transportation. No air pollution. No high cost.

Aaanandam hi. Aaanand

Keep yr mode of transport n yr god n g'ess with u we r fine with airbus.

free k comments

free k comments

Prayer during travel

Our beloved Prophet Mohammad SAW clearly laid out the rules when a person is travelling should make khaser prayer. This Iranis what they want to teach the world n what type of islam i wounder. I dont know how they will schedule their flights because the delay in the scheduled arrival n departure of flights to n from intl. destinations will cause airlines with heavy penalties. This is nothing but simply a creazy thinking by Iranians.




Its rediculous what Iranian thinks? Since 1979 what they were doing n moreover what type of islam message they want to pronounce to the world? Crazy Persians n their laws.

Think twice before u speak

Dear anonymous ,U seem to be very upset about Iran's decision on not to fly during salah time,which is a good one.why do a khiser prayer when u have the chance of delaying a flight and offering salah at proper time .Its their country and their decision.Have u ever visited the National Science museum in London where they have a separate section of "scientific contributions of the Arab to the world".better learn about that the arabs have so many important contributions to the world.Every race has contributed to the development of the world in form or the other.So respect every nation.Respect their decision instead of making a fuss about it.Remember only truth will prevails till the end.

Who denies

I dont deny neither Arabs nor Persians scientists contribution towards present day advances of science.
Praying khaser has nothing to do with air travel the person has to perform well in advance. Read authentic books on islam why i mentioned praying khaser. My dear I havnt visited London to watch the musium, however if you start for US from Heathrow say after praying dohar then what time u will reach New York? May be within Aser or Maghrib time.
Second point I wants to clear is that it is not practicle to delay the scheduled dep or take off timings which all the airlines has to
submit monthly schedule in advance to the country of departure or arrival. Hope you know this better if u r in the UK.
However they Iranians can follow the new rules in their own country without any fuss!
No body will deny that the Iranians are very nationalist, i appreciate.
However, i tried to state some facts but in this forum other writers suggested the use of animals and birds as a mode of transport used by their respective gods and i dont have any problem with his views n contribution.

I think you have a slave

I think you have a slave mentality. You know almost nothing about avaiation, nor about airlines nor about running a country yet you feel free to critisize with your limited knowledge. We are asked to trust muslims in their decisions. Iran has a efficient and good govt which gives good quality of life to their citizens despite being under sanctions for decades. It had good law and order better than in many countries. So it is better to leave the decisions to people who are capable of making them. Im sure Iranains if they find it impractical will make adjustments to their policy. They are trying to make it convenient for Muslims to pray while traveling im sure anyone can appreciate that attempt.


Free k comments

It seems

It seems you r a seea


Allah Akbar!. This is important and mandatory for evey muslim to perform Salah before carrying out anything. Our duty towards Allah (SWT) is first and rest of the worldly duties comes next. The essence of submission to Allah(SWT) is giving first preference to the duties that were pescribed upon us by Allah(SWT).

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