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Afzal Guru to be buried inside Tihar Jail

Saturday, 9 February 2013
New Delhi, February 09:

Afzal Guru, the main accused in the December 13, 2001, terror strike on the Indian Parliament, will be buried inside Tihar Jail itself.

Union Home Secretary R. K. Singh on Saturday confirmed the hanging of Afzal Guru.

Addressing media in the national capital, Singh said that Guru was hanged at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning in Delhi’s Tihar Jail.

“He was hanged at 8 o'' clock this morning. The president rejected his petition on February 3,” said the Union Home Secretary, adding: "The law and justice is taking its course."

Speaking to a news channel, the Home Secretary said: "The decision on Afzal Guru''s body will be taken as per the jail manual. Afzal Guru will be buried with full religious rites inside the jail. We are not apprehending any law and order problem in Kashmir. The Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister was kept in the loop.”

He further said: "We did an investigation. As soon as the President rejected his petition, further steps according to the jail manual were taken up. I repeat myself; it was law taking its course. It''s a rule of the law. We don''t announce our steps word by word. The J and K Police has taken some security measures," Singh said.

In the wake of his hanging, curfew has been imposed in several areas of Jammu and Kashmir in anticipation of protests. The army is on high-alert in the state.

Guru was given the death sentence by the Supreme Court in 2004. His hanging was earlier scheduled for October 2006, but was suspended or stayed after his wife had filed a mercy petition on his behalf.

In December 2001, five heavily-armed terrorists drove into the Parliament complex and opened fire. Nine people were killed, most of them security personnel. All five terrorists were killed.

At that time, proceedings in Parliament was adjourned even as several lawmakers were inside. A few days later, Guru was arrested on the charge that he had masterminded the terror strike.

The main opposition BJP has repeatedly questioned the delay in Guru''s execution, and its leaders last questioned the government in Parliament on the 11th anniversary of the attack (December 13, 2012).

Guru''s execution comes almost three months after Pakistani terrorist Ajmal Kasab was hanged in Pune''s Yeravada Jail for his role in the terror strikes in Mumbai between November 26 and 29, 2008.

Guru hailed from Sopore in Kashmir. (ANI)

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Cong I + MIM Secret Understanding

Cong I + MIM Secret Understanding is there otherwise why is ASAD OWAISI SILENT ON THIS ISSUES ?????

when narendar modi

when narendar modi university,advani university will be hanged

Hang Modi for being instrumental in State Terrorism

Terror is an age old weapon of Hindutva terrorists. Now as Dalits are rising economically and politically due to reservations in education and jobs, desparate Brahmins are increasingly venting their frustration on defenseless minorities. Throughout history of Indian continent, Brahmins who could not prevail either by persuasion or by example have resorted to maligning Islam and the Indian Muslims through their terror militant organizations / outfits and splinter groups with criminal background operating under the guise of social organizations namely RSS, Bajrang Dal, Shiva Sena, Mukti Bahini, etc., and in many instances by insinuating the low caste Hindu mobs against Muslims. Although they have caused large scale harm to Muslims financially, physically and psychologically they failed to break the will of Indian Muslims - either because Indian Muslims are not afraid to die for a life worth living, or because the Saffron terrorists themselves came to realize that free Muslims cannot be frightened by threats, organized violence and aggression.
RSS has taken a page from Nazis of Hitler and modeled the organization after fascist philosophy and indoctrinated Hindu youth since its inception. In 2002, Narendra Modi emulates Bal Thackerey in Pogrom-II in Gujarat ! (Godhra and Post Godhra were scripted by the same Bhaand/Film Script Writer: Narendra Damodardas Modi). The people of Gujarat voted him., NOT BECAUSE OF DEVELOPMENT (There hasnt been any.. except for Nano factory)., BUT BECAUSE HE KILLED MUSLIMS. That planning and executing the Pogrom is his biggest achievement – and he is being repaid for that favour. It is an intellectual/emotional RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Narendra Modi is RSS’s most EVOLVED PRODUCT, who has ‘photoshopped’ Hindutva. Only Sangh insiders recognise that the core hasn’t changed.. Modi is Goebbels + Hitler and has (can) never abandon Hindutva project. Hindutva-project is a work in progress.
Hindus are not bad, per se. There is a huge provocation ! 24×7 for the past 90 years (1928-todate) they are taught manufactured history, where they are taught to hate ‘The Other’ (Muslims). Things have come to this because., the child is programmed from age 4… to hate Muslims… the dirty… the filthy… the beef-eaters… the badboo-daar… the uneducated.. the barbarians.. they raped your ancestors.. they looted your temples.. insulted your stone gods.. and your ancestors.. So hatred is slowly injected into the minds. When the boy is around 18-20 he considers it something HOLY to avenge the (fake) atrocities ! This is what leads to the present scenario.
Also the Congress has used RSS as a proxy against minority community all these years by letting this RSS fascist organization grow and commit atrocities which ultimately had forced and will force minorities to vote lesser of those two evils which is CONgress.

Allah Musalmano Ko Mahfzooz Rakhe

Dear Brothers & Sister,

Duwa Farmain Hum Sab Muslmano ke Liye, Kuch Shatir Log Masoom Muslmano ko use karre hain, aur mazhab ke nam per barbaaad karre qauom ko, allah insab se hamare hifazat karre, aur hamsab fikar kare apni qaom ki, ke koi aur aysa use na ho aur hamko sharminda hona pade, Ham Muslaman hai , hum hindustan ke sachch fadaar hai, hamain bardash nahi hoga agar koi nazar utha kar dekhe desh ki taraf, aur hamsab respect karte hain adalat ke faisle ka.
Allah hamsab muslmano ki maghfirat kare aur sahi muslman banai jo Taleem se arasta ho, allah ham sab ko kamiyab farmai duniya akhirat main.

Wonder whether all these

Wonder whether all these writing comments are Hyderabadis...

News of the day

Mamma Miya

New of the day

Mamma Miya

Akbar Owaisi & Afzal Guru not Ideal Muslims

ager har koi musalman padh likhkar apne AK Khan jaisa ya phir Dr CM habibullah jaisa ho ya phir Jannat Hussain jaisa ho ya phir apne former president AP Abdul Kalam jaisa ho bahut faqr ki baat hai.Hum Musalmano ko padh likhkar kuch bada banega hoga ager hum hamare kaum ke liye ager kuch karna chahahte hai toh.Ager akbar owaisi & Afzal Guru bhi MBBS khatam kar ke ummah ke liye kuch free social service karte aur yeh logo ka dukh dard kuch kam karte toh yeh bhi ache musalman banh sakete thay.lekin yeh Afzal Guru & Akbar Owaisi jaise medical college dropouts jo apne aadhe adhure doctor bannay ke sapno ko chodhkar logo ko bhadkane walle ya phir banduk utha kar ummah ko ghumrah karne walle bannay toh inh par kaise ummah bharosa karegi ???


Shaheed Afzal Guru, hum sarey musalmanon ko aap par naaz hai, inna lillahi wo inna ilaihi Rajioon. Yakeenan aap ek jehadi ho aur aapka mukhaam jannat hai, Allah aap ki magfirat karey - ameen. All these politicians they know that you are not guilty and you dont have your hand in plotting the attack on parliament. these politicians they know who are behind this plot, this it the international conspiracy against muslims and the culprits are vishwa hindu parishad and RSS (Laanat hai in tanzeemon par jo insaaniyath aur islam ke dushman hain). We love you Afzal bhai and you are in our hearts, we will not forget your sacrifice and your sacrifice will be definately counted when the kashmir will be free from these brutal inhuman politicians of india.

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajeeoon

Ya ALLAH grant him space in Jannah, provide his family members patient.


WHAT ABOUR MODI THEN, he is roaming freely after killing thousands of muslims in gujrat and in Assam where thousands of muslims are killed?

Is constitution different for muslims and non muslims

Yes abslutely you are

Yes abslutely you are correct. INDIA is republic country but the constitution has partiality with christians, sikhs and muslims

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajeeoon

one more

one more muslim killed in the name of terrorism .. may allah rest in peace his soul..

May Allah rest his soul in

May Allah rest his soul in peace........

اللهم اغفرله وارحمه واعف عنه وادخله في الجنة

اللهم اغفرله وارحمه واعف عنه وادخله واسكنه في الجنة .. آمين ثم آمين ..

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