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Another youth Abrar arrested, Maulana Abdul Aleem Islahi grilled for 2 hrs at home

Thursday, 28 February 2013
Hyderabad, February 28:

Terror witch hunt of Muslim youths after Dilsukhnagar bomb blasts continues in Hyderabad as police arrested a youth from Dabeerpura yesterday night. According to sources police arrested Mohammed Abrar Husain resident of Akbar Bagh aged about 34 at nearly 9 pm on Thursday. Police has not confirmed Adnan’s arrest so far who was detained the day before.

Apart from this police officials belonging to special cell interrogated Maulana Abdul Aleem Islahi at his residence for two hours. It has been learnt that police also interrogated Adnan’s elder brother Mohammed Nayeem. Adnan’s father Syed Haji has expressed deep concern over the arrest of one of his sons and interrogation with another and told that his son is innocent and if police wants to interrogate, he is ready to cooperate. He told that even after 36 hours there is no information of Adnan. In a press conference he claimed that his son’s life is in danger.

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MIM Zindabad

What happen Zahid ali no news about MIM got permission for Aurangabad may be you are burning that y no news till now in your paper?????????????


brothers of islam u people would be surprised to know that the RSS mind set and idialogy people are already entered in govt. schools as teachers,govt.dept. IAS officers ,Police dept,Army, every where in govt dept this is happening last 60 years now they started to show the reality and u will see in future after 20 years they will come up openly and no one will listne to u what do u think that Congress idealogy is defferent than BJP and mulayam singh is faver to muslims yesterdays news read it he is ready to strong BJP hands if they change there openion abot muslims so what is the meaning of it now the time has come and only one way is infront of muslims that they hv to be unite national level otherwise ther will be many gujrats and meeruts dont know what will happen in next 2 decades all these things started openly when isreli embasy 0pen in india and nqw musad is fully active in india against muslims be unite be unite be unite there is no option for indian muslims only unite


Can you explain what is "UNITED" conclusion..practically...have dinner together means united..? or do Dharna together means united..? Where is the parameter of UNITED...?VOTING ONE party mean is united..? BASICALLY I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT UNITED MEANS..

Wake up and smell the chai

FACT the non-Muslim world thinks that a bekasoor Muslim does not exist. Muslims appear to have earned and deserve this reputation because of their ideology. Jaisi karni waisi bharni

........The same tactics and

........The same tactics and trend  being applied for recent Hyderabad blasts....

Please read the full article at the link below. 

The Mirror Explodes at,

Malegaon Blasts-I
September 8, 2006
37 dead
Initial arrests: Arrested include Salman Farsi, Farooq Iqbal Makhdoomi, Raees Ahmed, Noorul Huda Samsudoha and Shabbir Batterywala.
Later revelation: Suspicion now rests on Hindu terrorists because of the 2008 blasts.
Samjhauta Express Blasts
February 18, 2007
68 dead, mostly Pakistanis
Initial suspicion: LeT and JeM were blamed. Those arrested included Pakistani national Azmat Ali.
Later revelation: Police have seen the evidence trail lead to right-wing Hindu activists. Investigators claim the triggering mechanism for the Mecca masjid blast three months later was similar to the one used here. Police are looking for RSS pracharaks Sandeep Dange and Ramji.
Mecca Masjid Blast
May 18, 2007
14 dead
Initial arrests: Around 80 Muslims detained for questioning and 25 arrested. Several have now been acquitted, including Ibrahim Junaid, Shoaib Jagirdar, Imran Khan and Mohammed Adul Kaleem.
Later revelation: In June 2010 the CBI announced a cash reward of Rs 10 lakh for information on the two accused, Sandeep Dange and Ramchandra Kalsangra. Lokesh Sharma arrested.
Ajmer Sharif Blast
October 11, 2007
3 dead
Initial arrests: HuJI, LeT blamed. Those arrested include  Abdul Hafiz Shamim, Khushibur Rahman, Imran Ali.
Later revelation: In 2010, Rajasthan ATS arrests Devendra Gupta, Chandrashekhar and Vishnu Prasad Patidar. Accused Sunil Joshi, who was killed weeks before the blast, is believed to have been a key planner.
Thane Cinema Blast
June 4, 2008
Affiliated to Hindu Janjagruti Samiti and Sanathan Sanstha,  Ramesh Hanumant Gadkari and Mangesh Dinkar Nikam arrested. Blast planned to oppose the screening of Jodhaa Akbar.
Kanpur And Nanded Bomb Mishaps
August 2008
Two members of Bajrang Dal—Rajiv Mishra and Bhupinder Singh—were killed while assembling bombs in Kanpur. In April 2006, N. Rajkondwar and H. Panse from the same outfit died under similar circumstances in a bomb-making workshop in Nanded.
Malegaon Blasts II
September 29, 2008
7 dead
Initial suspicion: Groups like Indian Mujahideen involved
Later revelation: Abhinav Bharat and Rashtriya Jagaran Manch accused of involvement. Arrested include Pragya Singh Thakur, Lt Col Srikant Purohit and Swami Amritanand Dev Tirth, also known as Dayanand Pandey.
Goa Blasts
October 16, 2009
2 dead Both accused are members of the Sanathan Sanstha. Malgonda Patil and Yogesh Naik were riding a scooter laden with explosives, which accidentally went off.
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Another youth Abrar arrested, Maulana Abdul Aleem Islahi grilled



Police mein koi hijda nahi

Police mein koi hijda nahi hota, khanoon ke tahat kaam karta hai, khanoon ko mutthi mein rakhne wale ploiticians hote hain, congress muslamano ke saat nanga naach BJP ko dekhana chahti hai aur BJP ko RSS aur HVahini ko peet thapakni chahti hai, koi bhi aur kisi community wala kuch kare musalman ka naam lo aur apas mein mazhabi nafrat paida karo taake aane wale election mein majority se ayein yeh ek khwaab adhura reh jayega, Allah-Bhagvan-Brahamma yahi chata hai ke sab mere banaye hue insaan hai hain insaniyat jis mein hai woh asl insaan hi ittehad paida karta shaitaan kaam nafrat bharna insaan kaam peace maintain karna koi dharam yeh nahi kahta apne maqsad ke liye doosroun mazhab ke bali chadh jaye, fact is police has to think in all aspects of suspects between all religions and their doings at what sort level extremism reached this is the time police should consider arresting major culprits of all groups inspite drawing line to different track. Karkare was the Real Hero in Indian Police ...

dilsuknagar blast

Mr.zahed Ali khan from the first day in the news suspects indian mujahin involvement no news channel or news paper dares to suspect hindu bhagwa why? everybody knows now police will start detain poor muslim boys and you see now its happening where is our muslim leaders are they only suppress our own community by grabbing their lands,and our media,and their media power so only our hafiz is Allah

Mr. Zahed Ali khan aap sirf

Mr. Zahed Ali khan aap sirf news daalte is baat ki mazammat kyon nai karte aisa news to dusre papers bhi daalte chaahe puri duniya thu thu kare aap nahi badlege.

i totally endorse the above

i totally endorse the above statement given by the brother, We could see the kind of headlines which are so biased and proper anti muslim in all other media, if atleast muslim news papers take a proper stand and condemn the discrimination of muslims in india and targetting islam directly or indirectly by associating with terrorism.
indian democracy has become a biggest hypocracy in the world, no matter who does all terrorist activites muslims are targetted, if hindus claim of terror act still muslims are blamed, why they dont act in properly, why this step mother attitude towards muslims in all aspect of the country, where thsi hatered coming from for muslims.

ASSALAMALIKUM dear brother's

ASSALAMALIKUM dear brother's and sister's today iam hear to tell you what is going on Zahid saheb was very good earlier in 2003 when my brother was arrested along with few other people.the state police send them to Gujarat and i remember
how we suffer during those days no one come up to help Thanks to Almighty ALLAH who help us in intial stages Mr zahid ali khan sahab and his brother zaheer uddin khan sahab help us a lot financially but my brother and few of them was in jail for 7 years after 7 years wht happen is..... they prove to be innocent they release them I Thanks both AIMIM party and zahid saheb for helping us.....BUT now what's wrong with zahid saheb i doesnt know y he is doing like this if he is thinking abt muslims of this city and state he should be merge with mim for the cause of UMMAH if not dont show any hatred towards them u do ur job they will do their job please if you want to help these people then help them but do not blame others.

Suggestion to Janab Zahid Ali Khan Saheb

I sincerely advise Mr. Zahed Ali Khan the editor of Siasat to comeup with his role as a TDP Politician in releasing these abducted and innocent youth in that incident. Show that you can also play a role in favour of muslims to get their right and get sympathy and favour of hyd. people. I also sincerely request to come to one platform on such issues with MIM.
"Jo bhi ho tum sob to Musalmaan hi ho".

Babu Has to Order

ZAK will not say a word until BABU order him to do.
He is working and printing all news under the oreder of BABU. The SIASAT is not urdu News paper for Telugu Desham as Etemaad is for MIM.

Dear brother Zahid Ali Khan

Dear brother Zahid Ali Khan say kiya Umeed rakh saktay, yeh log apnay ego mein itney hogaye kay aam admi inlogo ko nazar nahin ata, inlogon ka kaam bas yehi rehgaya hai ek doosray par tankeed karay, Allah inlogon ko hidiyat dey..

Hamari Khoum mein ethihad

Ek ghar mein Bhai aur bhen Milkar nahi reh saktey; aap puri Khoum aur Zahid Sahab sey Kay Umed raksaktay

Ya Rabb Rahem farmaiye musalmano par...

Shame on Indian police and congress government...
their is also a news that...
Hyderabad : Terror witch hunt of Muslim youths after Dilsuknagar bomb blasts continues in Hyderabad as two Muslim youths from old city detained by the police.

Syed Safiuddin a mechanical engineering final year student of prestigious Mukafam Jah engineering college was taken into custody by four civil dressed officers at Banjara Hills.

Syed Safiuddin

Safiuddin was working on his final year project report at Design link institute at road no.12 of Banjara Hills. On Wednesday from institute at 5 in the evening he along with his four friends went for Asar prayer meeting. Suddenly four people nabbed him in kidnapping style and taken him away in a Tata sumo car without any number plate.

After his arrest three people visited Safiuudin’s institute and demanded his laptops and other accessories from the institute manager. When institute manager refused, they call someone on phone that in turn made Safi to ask for the laptop. His friends find Safi’s voice shrinking in fear. Institute manager informed his family members and resisted giving any belongings to the people in civil dress who were not showing their identification. After three rings Safiuddin’s phone got switched off one hour after his abduction.

Safiuddin’s family immediately approach Bnajara hills police station, but police refused detaining Safi. Family then filed a complaint of kidnapping, but local registered a case of disappearance. Today evening 24 hours fill pass since his detention, and there is no official word from the police on his custody.

In another similar case, Cyberabad special operation team detained Syed Adnan Ahmed a final year Bachelor of computer student at Anwar Uloom Degree College. He was resident of Ameen colony Sayedabad. Adnan went from his house in the morning yesterday to attain his ongoing final exams. On chadergat bridge 4 k.m. from his house, he was intercepted by a Tata Sumo car again without any number plate, and taken him in same kidnapping flair. His phone too got switched after some time.

A family friend of Adnan who saw the whole episode informed his family immediately. Family quickly went from pillar to post but no local police station, including Malakpet ACP Iqbal Siddqui was not in the position to confirm his arrest. It was in the late night some newspapers conformed that he was indeed picked up by special operation team of Cyberabad police under whose jurisdiction dilsukanagr bomb blasts occurred. 24 hours have passed but family till now have got no official word from the police on his arrest.

Afsos ka muqam hai ke

Afsos ka muqam hai ke bekhasur logon ku satare. Kya hogaya in zalimon ku. Jo RSS/BJP ke criminals hai unku khulla chode hue hai aur masoomon ku pakad kar azab dere?

innocents are grilled, real are never caught

you are right , poors /innocents are trapped in spider net. police are sleeping ang suddenly catch rahgir and said i caught the fish................most of police are RSS MINDSET...BADLY TRAINED TOrture muslims and their property, izzat......they are culprit..police keeps goonda... needs riots...why muslims are not given justice like punjab..

So u say there should not be

So u say there should not be any interrogation evethough there are culprits who is behind you , they all look innocent untill a bomb explodes take away 50 lives. I am sure if he is innocent he will be free .

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