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Anti-Muslim media’s trumped-up story exposed

Tuesday, 26 February 2013
Hyderabad, February 26:

In the aftermath of Dilsukhnagar twin blast some media circles presented bizarre and sensational news reports to influence the minds of investigative agencies and create suspicion among public. A Telugu Television channel reported that the blasts were reportedly planned from a lodge named Shilpi in Dilsukhnagar area. They claimed that Raju bhayya alias Akhtar stayed at room number 303 in Shilpi lodge. They also linked Akhtar with Indian Mujahideen chief Yasin Bhatkal in SIMI.

But when our correspondent went to the lodge in question to verify the fact it was found that the person who stayed at room number 303 in Shilpi lodge was not the friend of the Yaseen Bhatkal, the self styled commander of so called Indian Mujahideen but he was Purna Chandra Raju, son of Venkateshwarulu resident of Miryalguda and his wife. The prejudiced and anti-Muslim TV channels and print media did not hesitate to represent Purna Chandra Raju as Akhtar.

The TV channels also reported that on February 15, two persons named Ali Khan and Sajid occupied room number 303, but vacated it the very next day without informing the hotel management.

When verified it was found that all the names are fictitious and are created by TV channels. Hotel co-owner Ratnakar Reddy told that nearly 40 media correspondents talked to him and he informed them about the true facts. Police even told that the hotel administration can take legal action against the channels and newspapers telecasting and publishing baseless reports.

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Anyone who has been in Gujarat during 2002 riots know what happened, how the RSS militia went on a killing-ra*ing spree, and how Modi told his police to look the other way!! Police were asked to swear on the Bhagwad Geetha that they will not protect the muslims. Muslim policemen were asked to turn in their weapons and go on leave. Only a few Hindu/muslim policement with conscience dared to face the rioters! This is the truth and no amount of modi's agenda can chnage the fact that he is a murderer disguised in a "development" cloAk


You media gone extremly communal, if you dont know to prevail truth,
keep your mouth shut, instead of mongering rumors & false statements
against innocent muslim youths. you all are puppets operated by remote
in the hand of partials and zionist, your masters are cowards because
they are behind the curtain and you are paid mouth megaphones for them

Do proper investigation

If these bloody communal people just blame muslim without proper investigation, these type of blast may happen everytime.
My advise is to sincerely investigate and bring the culprits to justice.

It doesnt surprise me, the Andhra pradesh police is one sided, to protect hindus and to harras the muslims, bloody hypocrites always break the oath taken.


Dear sir,
Thanks for the information and helping the investation tem, plz i request to join hands with the Hotal Shilipi and sue the TV chanel as they are misguiding the police and crime branch , but i think pilice can get some lead from the reporter who gave this script to TV chanel, just focus on that you will get some thing out from that reporter, he is an real anti Indian, or might be connected to IM.
thank you
mm an Patroitic Indian


Keep up the good work Siasat. This should be known to the people and make them aware what exactly happened and who are behind this. It's these dirty politicians for their existence do all this drama and blame the muslims...Allah-Ta-Ala sab dekh raha hai....



comunal media

this is not first time where saffron boss of media get publicised their false story news against minority in country to get good TRP among majority and to get good advirtising deal from large company..like aajtak,india today,india tv,sudersan tv,ibn-cnn and many more with leading print media like times of india,hindustan times,the hindu,samna etc..now times has come to those muslims jounalist to leave the job from that chanel and set our own media in country because there is nothing more(money or career) than our existance in this country....





sad our india is fading. due

sad our india is fading. due to rss terrorist and indian government

zahid sahab khanooni karwai ke leeyeh baagdoor sabhale?

zahid sahab telugu aur english print and electronic media jo bhi musalmanow ko badnam karne manghadat khaniya bayan karte hain aur tafteesh ko musalmanaw ki taraf moowd ker intelegence agencies ko gumrah karta hai, ownke kheelaf khanooni karwai ke leeyeh commmittee tasshkeel deen, aur funds inshaAllah awam degi, aur funds ki kabhi kami nahi hogi? jistarha Jamiat walay aur muslim personal law board bekhoor musalmanow ke leeyeh jistarha kahnooni madad faraham karrahe hai aur aik board banaya hai jismain advocate brothers apni khidmat pesh karte hain. in hi khootoot per kaam ho, zahid sahab is per ab mazeed kahmooshi gunha hai, action ka wakt hai, ab talak bahot deeer hogai, ab mazeed nahi? in media walaw ka postmartum karna zaroori hai, yeh ab se nahi jab say aisay wakheeyat horahe hain media ka ye hi haal hai? pehle hi kafi wakt hogaya ab mazeed khamoshi ki gunjaesh nahi,

Be United....

I have fully agreed with Justice Katju, hidden news is our Indian Govt. want to implement a new law (NCTC) dangerous than POTA, which is still hidden from Media and Public.

Question how to implement, so create a fake stories like 9/11, Mumbai Attack (Kasab), Attack on Libya (Fall of Gaddafi) and off course Dilshuknagar Blast, etc….. If our Govt. successfully implementing that law, most Muslims will in trouble and Hindutva Forces can do their job.

No doubt that FREEMASONARY moments are behind that, FREEMASONARY are running by JEWS and have their agents in every country (Politicians, Advocates, Editors, Celebrities, Army Personals, NGO,s etc)…

They arrested many Muslims Innocent brothers in previous blasts, Thanks to Almighty Allah they released them and they proved that Muslims brothers are innocent. Now ponder on Justice Katju view, he said that 90% Muslims are good and 10% bad, we know very well that every community have blacksheeps.
Praise is to Allah (SWT), very good work of ISLAM is going on in Bhatkal and Azamgard that is the reason, and they always target Bhatkal & Azamgard Muslims…..

My Question to our Indian Govt and Intelligence Agencies, Our Intelligence ranking is World No.2 after Scotland Yard, I feel very shame, seeing these kind of news.. Don’t play with innocent Indians.

As a Muslim we should not afraid, be patient, stick to Quran and Sunnah. Don’t adopt solutions from other’s way; we have clear guidance from Allah and way of Rasool (SAW).

Be United, Don’t forget our Duty as Muslim, Convey the Message of ISLAM to Humanity with great struggle, Inshallah will give hidayath to Non-Muslims.

BajrangDal Hindu Leader Reverted to Islam Hindi 1of2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19uF3gjq08c&list=PLbpt44FL-2vEKiRUI1wD5bf...

Jazakallah Khair

Please file case against TV channels

Siasat is it possible for you to file a case against these TV channels....If yes then as a representative of muslims please file a case against them.....

Good job Siasat

Good job Siasat

Crap Report

no use


I appreciate Siasat news paper for bringing fact in the public.

Thanks Siasat News

Good Job, Thanks for Siasat Team for Exposing those Anti-Muslim Media. They area worst than Terroists becaue they create terroists by their fake news.Please somebody file the cases on them. Please brothers do it right away to punish them othersiwise you can not stop those curprits.

Inciting hate against a particular community is CRIME

Police Commissioner Mr. Sharma should serve notice to these channels for inciting hate and have there owners appear in the court.

Publishing these news in the paper was begininng, we need to take them to court and report to police against them.

Lets punish those channels with a ban for 90 days.


Great job Siasat. Siasat Long LIve !!!, Zahed Bhai Long Live.




Good job Siasat. Instead of provoking Muslims and Hindus like MIM does, you are always trying to educate and bring together secular muslims and hindus.
you should also expose the news channels.

Anurag Sharma is a pakka chaddi(RSS)

Anurag Sharma is a pakka chaddi(RSS) and a H!ndu F@natic

Anurag Sharma is a pakka chaddi

Anurag Sharma is a pakka chaddi(RSS) and a H!ndu F@natic


Now time has come, muslims have to raise our voice against communal people of the media, who are unnecessarily blaming muslims on fabricated and false news.
Public should book cases against these false news, Yes.
If the media is so clever in such type of cases, what they think. Are they more than Government agencies, how they guess and how the are disclosing the names after immediate blast occurs.

is firhaparast media ko kess ki pushtpanahi hasil hai

hamari is democratic government ka media kess khadar musalmanow se nafrat karta hai is ka andaza kesi ko nahi taha? police in channel ke kheelaf action kiun nahi leti? jab tak in channels ke kheelaf karwai na hogi yeh aise hi kutte ki tarha bhookte rahengy, her masale main MIM ki taraf na dekhen, bulkay her musalman sheri taleemyafta loog milkar aik aik group ki shakal main pore andhra pradhes ki adalataw main case file kareen, aur muslim Advocates ko chaheeyeh aise cases ko "no profit no loss" bases per ladeen, aur siasi sateh per bhi MIM hai zahid sahab hain, aur mukhtalif muslim tanzemeen jo andhra pradesh ki hain, sab case pe case file kareen, toh kam az kam is firkhaparast media ko sabakh seekhaya jasakta hai, akhir is media ke peeche kaun kam karraha hai,maloom toh ho? halankey zeeyada telegu news channel ke owners andhra region ke hain, jab ke musalman andhra telengana moheem main shamil nahi hai, is ke bawajood musalmanow se nashukri, ager ye hi muslim media karta toh kiya police khamoosh rahti? ab muslim media ko bhi chaheyeh aise blasts ke mawkhe per hindu dehshatgardaw ko ashkar kareen, aur bataeen kess kess tarha say yeh hindu dehshatgard kahan kahan masoom logaw ki jaanain lee. aur rss camps main jo chaddi pahen ker dehshatgardi ki jo training le jati hai owsko expose kareen aur dekheen police ka ravayya kiya hota hai, atleast karwi hogi toh urdu channels ke saat saat telugu channels per bhi hogi? laiken yahan yeh dekha gaya ke hamara urdu media bhi in telugu channels ke yeh manghadat kahaneeyaw per etebar karke telugu media ki news bhi apne news paper main shaae kardete hain, aisi bakwas news ki tahkeek kareen phir shaae karen? ke yeh galat news hai, electronic media aur print media apne hindu khoom ki tarafdari main ketni aage nikal gaae aur hamara media musalmanow ke mamoole main bilkul nakara hogaya hai, apne hi readers ko ownki news sunata hai aur ghabrahat main daalta hai,

Massage to all

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, its time now to all of us to join hands and fight against the anti-Muslim elements, One single person had started it and we must struggle it together, the investigation did by Siasat team is really appreciated, Salute to all siasat team for their brave effort. I please to all brethren to join hands and fight together and support Mr. Zahid ali khan saheb.

let file a case against news channel

take that channel managment to the court for blamming muslims....court, high court supreme court of india.....? In India now muslims are worst then a SC OR BC. Unempolyment is high.....lots of muslims get 2 time food hardly. from where he will get a chemical to make bomb. And the present genration is change and they don't want any communal fight as it was in hyd in 80's and 90's. Now every HYDadi want his kids get good education and not suffer as he is suffering from unempolyment.
This is smart work done the pre plan of majority community of india and his cummunal groups tuching finish.
I request siasat editor to file a case agaist that telugu channels.

Blunder of Indian TV channel towards biased news

Kudos SIASAT. It was shocked to read such biased and sensational news, quoting news correspondence that, the culprits of bomb blast stayed at room number 303 in Shilpi lodge of Dilsuckhnagar. How come State and Central Gov’t and investigation agencies are firstly misguided and they have been ignoring such a blunder facts in shielding such channels, spreading hate among countrymen particular against Muslims. Why no FIR against them charging under IPC this time similar to case of Akbar Owaisi. In addition, the most horrible wrong news telecasted by Indian TV channel was exhibiting photo of one Manzer Imam as chief suspect in this bomb blast case. Surprisingly Manzer Imam picture was of one of MQM party man of Pakistan who had died in Pakistan during Karachi bomb blast. On protest lodge by Pakistani officials, mistake regretted by Indian TV channels for the wrong picture with news and Apologized to the Pakistan Home Minister by Indian TV channels for their mistake. It shows as a tip of an ice berg for anti-Muslim hate campaign spreading for Hindutva, Abhinav Bharat. Question to be raised for such bias ideology to be discussed in Parliament, exposing such communal political party for polarizing the country heading towards disunity.

Twenty-two questions to the Police Commissioner of Hyderabad

Twenty-two questions to the Police Commissioner of Hyderabad

By Advocate Shafeeq Rehman Mahajir
Dear Mr Police Commissioner:

I am told by “the Press” that Indian Mujahideen and Lashkar e Tayyaba / Toiba with several score "sleeper cells" are responsible for bomb blasts at Hyderabad recently. The same press also reports that the Commissioner of Police says it is not yet known who is responsible. The media however, quoting allegedly unidentified yet allegedly reliable police sources, seems to know a great deal more than even the police.

For, scanning news reports I see that over a week, EVERY name of an alleged suspect is a Muslim name. Even names of alleged organisations allegedly linked with the blasts, are Muslim names. The implications, the undercurrent of political, administrative and executive as well as media bias is striking. Once again, the Muslims are the target. To interpret these horrifying signals, not much of a brain is needed. However, in the India of today where the language of political discourse has fallen to abysmal levels, four notable absentees are: brain, shame, truth and justice.

Let me ask you, sir, a few questions:
1. Despite the innumerable Muslim accused having been found by due process of law to be innocent of terror involvement, and despite the confessional statements of right-wing Hindutva group cadre members with those confessional statements supported by independent corroborative evidence, how is it that ONLY Muslims are stated in the press as being investigated, interrogated, searched for ?

2. How is it that despite the confessional statements of right-wing Hindutva group cadre members with those confessional statements supported by independent corroborative evidence, NO non-Muslim name features in ANY of these reports including those citing mysterious sources giving out Muslim names as suspects?

3. Has the police undertaken a questioning of those media rags (sorry, newspapers) and ruts (sorry, channels) which have been promoting this lopsided image of a Muslim community as responsible for such events, to ascertain which “sources” they got these credible bits of information from ?

4. Has the police undertaken a questioning of those mysterious sources to ascertain what information they have and to know whether they are somehow involved, or wish to create red herrings to misdirect investigation?

Shafeeq Mahajir is a Hyderabad based lawyer.

5. Has the police undertaken a questioning of those who control or own these media rags (sorry, newspapers) and ruts (sorry, channels) which have been promoting this lopsided image of a Muslim community as responsible for such events, to ascertain whether they are carefully orchestrating a media blitz to ensure that the direction of investigation serves to deflect the focus from the right wing terror which stands established as a fact?

6. Has the police taken any steps to book cases against these media houses, press reporters and newspapers, for publishing material without reasonable basis, as causes dissensions within society and polarizes it, creating enmity between groups and sections of society along religious lines ?

7. Considering that a speech by an MLA has had charges of sedition and waging war against the State slapped against him, should the same charges not be framed against these media houses, press reporters and publishers and newspapers, for publishing such scandalizing material without reasonable basis, and thereby creating enmity between groups and sections of society along religious lines ? If they have had these bits of information planted by some “sources” should those sources not be identified and similarly prosecuted? Or are Muslim-baiters to be forever immune from prosecution?

8. Is this not indicative of interference with investigative processes and is it not actionable? Considering that, what action has the police taken as against these communalizing elements?

9. If any non-Muslim has even been questioned in these matters, why is it that the media is absolutely silent of that, or do “police sources” only reveal to the media the names of Muslim persons being investigated?

10. Is the police department not aware that the assertion that a named person is being investigated on such serious charges is by itself enough to cause massive trauma in his and his family’s life? Who is behind the publication and the media blitz to defame and demonize the Muslim community?

11. Why is the Police a silent spectator in the matter?

12. Why did the police not sanitize the areas after the events and instead permit VIP visitors with entourages, and were any measures taken to ensure that the entourage members did not interfere with the integrity of available evidence, or even perhaps plant “evidence” ?

13. If the police is yet to analyse the data from the camera that was making a CCTV record of the area/s in question, how is it that named suspects are being spoken of even before that exercise, and all of them happen to be ONLY Muslims ? Or is it a foregone conclusion that ONLY Muslims can be responsible and the police believe in advance that no one else need be suspected?

14. If in earlier blasts like the ones in Samjhauta Express, Ajmer, Malegaon, Hyderabad, etc., right wing groups are found on NIA investigation to be involved, how and why is it that none of those from those organisations or linked to those accused, are being investigated or their names shown as possibly involved ? Or, to repeat, is it a foregone conclusion that ONLY Muslims can be responsible and the police believes in advance that no one else need be suspected, and if so, considering this and 13 above, how credible is this investigation going to be?

15. The press also reports that the State Police is reluctant to hand over the investigation to the NIA. Why on earth is that? Is it that the State Police desires a certain outcome and the investigation by the NIA can come up with results that a certain section of Indian society holding certain non-inclusive, non-pluralistic, non-secular views would be upset by this?

16. Is the possibility being investigated that a police, paramilitary or military hand may be involved looking at the likely political situation that can unfold while heading towards the 2014 elections? If not, perhaps someone knows why not, considering that in the past there is at least one known army man accused of complicity in terror activities in collusion with some “religious” individuals wearing (and thereby defaming) a certain colour ?

17. Considering the press reports that use of certain chemicals points allegedly to an “IM imprint”, is the possibility being investigated that any group wanting to have an investigation go in a certain direction, would use such methods or means to direct blame towards a specific group?

18. Considering that there is no effort by the police department or other agencies to distance itself/themselves from what the media reports, do we citizens take it that the police also is investigating these matters only along the lines that ONLY Muslims and none other can be involved ?

19. Are the police officials who are investigating these matters screened to ensure they are not persons with anti-Muslim bias or a reluctance to see right-wing hands that evidence points towards? Is there ever any screening to weed out officials who have been found in the past to have targeted Muslims during such investigative exercise or foisted false cases against them?

20. Is it a scheme already in place, with the 2014 elections in mind, that UAPA will be invoked in the aftermath of these blasts?

21. Is it a likelihood, based on the past similar tragedies, that an unknown number of young Indians will be charged, arrested, imprisoned, tortured, police will extract "confessions" under extreme duress, they will be tried on those charges in the courts, accused will have attorneys who will hardly have the experience, resources and support to match the massive resources and influence over the process of the prosecution by government and its agencies and, though none of the accused will be convicted for the alleged crime they will be accused of, nevertheless their lives will be shattered forever ?

22. Considering that 1 out of 7 Indians is a Muslim, 1 out of 8 Muslims of the world live in India, and over 200 million Muslims of India belong to India, and India belongs to Muslims as much as to any other community in India, what do you believe the demand of proper policing is ?
Shafeeq Rehman Mahajir appeared before Justice Bhaskara Rao Commission inquiring into the police firing on unarmed Muslims in the wake of Mecca Masjid blast of 2007. Shafeeq Mahajir with painstaking research work was able to demonstrate the AP Police deliberately fired on civilians. Police claimed that they fired to stop the violent crowd from burning nearby petrol pump. Mahajir proved the police claim false and showed that police fired unprovoked and fired to kill.

Relevant, incisive and great

Relevant, incisive and great questionaire, sir, thanks for that. Of ocurse the police will not answer you as the blasts are a handiwork of Shinde and the AP Police - to threaten other CMs of states ruled by non-congress govts to agree to the proposed NCTC.

Many kudos for having the

Many kudos for having the guts to raise these points. I am always indebted to you for personal reasons too. May Allah bless you with strength and more wisdom.

Ban these TV Channels

Now its our responsibility to file an FIR in against these channels from every place.

The section of media had

The section of media had made India's freedom to a joke by simply creating the story based on lies, may be the role of media in this blast cannot be ruled out and should be question by the authorities, with this they are providing enough time for the perpurators to escape.

Allah (SWT) will bring the truth out.............

Allah (SWT) will surely bring the truth to the public and all the nefarious activities of anti muslims will bite the dust insha Allah. What we need to have is the full tawakkul on Allah (SWT) and show patience without resorting to wrongful activities at this moment of crisis.

Well Done

Dear ZAK, Please start your own TV Channel and show the truth to the world.

Well Done... You expose the truth.

this is the worst face of

this is the worst face of indian democracy...infact its complete misuse of media power. Shame on those, and such channels should be banned from society.

This is the problem of our

This is the problem of our democracy, wherenthings happen with snail speed or they are forgotten.

Whether it is lokpal bill, delhi gang rape, action against hate speeches, riots protection bill, abolishing of reservation or giving reservation, terrorism prevention and many more...

This will not change, we indians have lived as slaves during british era about 150yrs and now we are still same under stupid politicians and bias media.


THEY WRITE THE JUDGEMENT FIRST., AND THEN BEGIN THE INVESTIGATIONS. ITS PATHETIC. Everyone who can read a newspaper understands that the truth is something different from what is being "offered" ! No one (Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Jew/Sikh) believes the Police Version anymore. The image of a Policeman as a Thief/Chor., is written in stone., on the Indian subconsciousness. The whole Police/Army/Judiciary/Media is VANZARA-ISED. Muslim Youth are detained/killed at will and then "evidence" is manufactured. This has been going for a long time. Infact since 1926 to-date. HinduTVA is a work-in-progress. RSS wants a Spanish-style "Final Solution". The challenge is : Should RSS be allowed to have a "Final Solution" its way ??? Or should Indian Muslims bide their vtime.. gain some strength.. and fight another day. Because RSS will not give up without a "Final Solution". The whole-RSS-case rests on that "Final" dharma-yuddha... Inch by inch its working towards its goal. I am sorry to say, but this is the ugly truth. Maulana Azad had advised Indian Muslims NEVER to form an All India Party. NEVER. Because it will give OXYGEN to RSS. Muslims must give up fascination for politics., article 370, J&K, Aligarh Muslim University, Urdu.. all these bluffs.. and take to SCIENCE AND MATH EDUCATION. GOVT. OF INDIA. will not do anything.. because Education is a State Subject.. and State Govt's (Cutting across Party Lines) have decided not to open a single school for Muslims. Muslims go to Madrasas (only 4 % go_)... They are fascinated about those 4%... and to hell with the remaining 96%.. Let them be damned to hell... Leave them to their Allah.. That is the mindset.. and this is cutting across all Party Lines.. From Congress to BJP to Shivsena to CPI(M) to Telugu Desam and AIADMK. Congress ! Is "B" team of RSS. From Gandhi/Nehru to Modi/Singhal.... via. Indira, Sanjay and PV Narasimha Rao. THESE ARE THE MILE POSTS. ONE CAN READ THE TRAJECTORY... AND ARRIVE AT HIS/HER OWN CONCLUSIONS. Indira Gandhi was more RSS than Modi or Togadia can even dream. It was only a difference in style. Rajiv (a good human being though) did not touch RSS inspite of having 375 seats in Parliament in 1984. He could have taken the RSS by its horns.. the country was with him.. but no.. His heart was with RSS (as was Sanjay's). In personal life, Indira Gandhi was more Hindu than Narendra Modi and Sushma Swaraj. When Rajiv couldnt do it in 1984.. with 375 seats; who else can touch RSS. Instead, he fell into the trap. Shahbano-Babri Locks Opened-Shalinyas-Involvement in Srilanka-Death-Destruction of Babri.. under P.V. NARASIMHA RAO (RSS+) and ultimately JANASANGH (BJP) COMING INTO POWER AT THE CENTRE. So what shold be done now ? This question has rocked the muslim mind since 1947.. via Nellie (1982). Bhagalpur (1979).. Aligarh (1978).. Hyderabad (1982). Moradabad (1980). Mumbai (1992) ., Ahmedabad Gujarat. (1969 to 2002 i.e.). SECURITY CONCERN has occupied 80% of Muslim energies... PLUS NO ADMISSION INTO PROFESSIONAL COURSES.. NO JOBS.. ADDED TO THAT... 24X7 INSULTS . AND RIOTS (OR THREATS OF) UNLEASHED WITH REGULARITY. Ganesh Chaturthi... Ramzan.. Bakrid.. Deepavali.. Dassehra. They broke the back of the community economically. A Huge 24x7 BLUFF (LIES) campaign that Muslims are appeased ! (Look at their 5-star living conditions anywhere in India.. for LIVE evidence).. Congress party has no bi-lingual speaker. It is mainly interested in keeping ONE family in power. Bas. Thank God., Rahul is not married yet (and i hope he remains single).. so that there is hope.. that after Rahul there wont be another Gandhi to aspire to be PM of India. India wants liberation from Nehru-Gandhi family. It is sick of it. They have done a lot for India. They must take REST now... but they donot want to take rest. So the Indian nation (Hindu/Muslim both) must join hands to force Nehru-Gandhis to take rest. If secularism (The state does not favour any nor is biased against any religion) is so weak, that only NEHRU-GANDHI FAMILY can protect it ... that it is the ONLY family in India.. then i guess. it is time to give it a decent burial.. Let there be a de-jure Hindu raj. (De facto, it already is). Modi/BJP/RSS/VHPgoons can be defeated... IF Rahul abdicates. If a Good Hindu who believes in the IDEA OF INDIA articulates THE IDEA OF INDIA before the Indian Nation. A bi-lingual. A Non-Nehru-Gandhi... someone who is not corrupt.. (And there are many hindus).. but insistence on a Nehru-Gandhi PM for another 500 years... will ensure that RSS takes power a.s.a.p. NEHRU-GANDHIS HAVE PAVED THE WAY FOR R.S.S. TO REACH CENTRESTAGE. They laid the safforn carpet... From Nehru to Modi.. via Indira and PV NarasimhaRao. That sums up the journey. NARENDRA MODI will become PM. All the Airports/Roads/Institutions named after Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi will be named after Savarkar, Golwarkar and Hegdewar retrospectively. He will bury Nehru-ism for ever. The sad part is.. Its not the minority.. but the majority of India will suffer. (20% Indian Muslims + 40 % of Harijans = 60% of Indian Population + 2% Christians + 3% Sikhs = 65% i.e.). 65% will suffer under Modi... but so be it. CAPITALISM + Hindutva = a dangerous mix of petrol and fire. Millions will die. Modi will turn the whole of India into Juhupura-Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Togadia is already talking about dis-enfranchising Indian Muslims and Christians (together they make 25% of the population). The Sikhs surrendered their identity for 30 pcs of Silver. Sikhism emanated from Hinduism.. and has returned back to the Hindu fold (for jobs..and perks .. ) . WHAT MUST BE, MUST BE. So if a de-jure Hindu Raj is coming.. so be it.. SUS'MAA (Sushma) Jawaab DO : Y did Advani meet PM / NSA MK Narayanan 4 Pragya & Purohit ? Why did your "Sitting" Party President Rajnath visit Pragya in JAIL ?Whencaught, the criminal become "Ex-members", eh ? This story is going on since Godse. From Godse to Pragya... its a journey of terrorism. And BJP is the party that installed the portrait of Savarkar in Parliament !Savarkar who planned and executed Gandhiji's assasination.BJP is the party that assasinated Gandhi... but Rahul does not know Hindi.. He cannot drive home.. that simple point. It was again the Savarkarian Group (HMS / Mr. Nair IAS., and Nayyar, the DM of Faizabad., who got the IDOLS installed in the Babri Masjid in 1949). It was again the Same Group.,and the Director of that Play was Savarkar ! Again.. Rahul Gandhi, a fine human... but not Politician-material., will not rest until he makes Narendra Modi, the PM of India. Obsession with the chair of PM., will ensure the end of Nehru-Family Dynasty.. just like the Bhuttos. They went too far... and converted Politics into a Dynastic Zamindari or Jagirdari. India is NOT Indira.. nor Indira's Jagir. Indira was an Indian Citizen., (of very meagre talent) thats all.. There were far moresuperior and talented women..but... its an imperfect world. RAHUL will make MODI the PM. Hegel comes to mind.. Nehru-Gandhis will go the way of the Bhuttos.,and along with them., goes the fake Secularism. But what will replace it ? A majoritarian ugly fascism that will turn India into Af-Pak. IF that is what India wants., fine. Janata is Janardhana. But that is NOT what India wants. That is NOT what an aam Hindu wants. BJP is hijacking the Hindu mind., by injecting the cyanide into the Hindu PSYCHE (based on fake/manufactured history). That is the dirty work of RSS from 1926. THat is the dirty work of the "Savarkari Aatankvaad". From Gandhi's assasination to these blasts., via a long string of riots/demolition of historic monuments/pogroms/blasts/... its an endless saga.

Enlightening secular minds

Kudos the "TRUTH" comments written. It is an eye opener comments for the readers. Thanks to SIASAT for exposing truth. Hope the investigation agencies will come forward with the truth exposing real culprits resulting to strengthen congress in the forthcoming election.

Siasat News TV Channel

Dear Mr. Zahed Sahab,
Appreciate your team efforts in finding out the truth. In order to expose these biased media specially eletronic media channels like AAJ Tak, India TV and many more it will be good to have your news channel in English,URDU,Telegu and Hindi language were the only true and news on facts will be broadcasted and to expose these to type channels who r spreading hatred towards muslims and diverting the investigation agencies to invetigate only on one angle i.e. innocent muslims. See today the case of Banglore court acquiting two innocent muslims for false case on them. Dear Zahed Sahab now its the time for people like you and other muslim leaders to take a stance and raised umma voice through peaceful way. Inshallah i hope & pray to Allah SWT to unite you with MIM and all muslims Indians to fight for justice with our communal minded organizations who r destroying the peace of India and Indian muslims. Forgive MIM, Assad and Akber on their mistakes if any.

Yours co Hyderabadi
Allah Hafiz

its Ntv

I have seen this news, from Ntv Govt should ban and prohibit these cannels from broad casting these sensitive information, where they dint done any in depth investigations before telecasting.
Media should play very constructive role in building a society
No channel/newa gency should make alliance with any political party, but they should show things which will build the better society.


Thanks dear siasat team for publishing this good work !!

Just one suggestion,please make this news more eye-catching by making the caption more clear and kindly name the channels which were involved in such activities...

Media are biased and anti muslim

All indian media are biased and anti muslim they are having double standards all are belongs to sangh parivar see for example how they cried when Akbar alleged hate speech later kept quite when Togadia gave Hate speech more venomous then Akbar so its obivious these blasts are pre planned by hindu terrorist only like Macca Masjid blast so don't arrest innocent muslim boys if you want to arrest then arrest only BJP, VHP,RSS and Hindu vahini terrorists surely truth will out. Who is this kishen reddy a local goonda now it’s clear that this is a pre-planned conspiracy against muslims innocent boys now it’s clear and evident that only Hindu extremists are behind these attacks in retaliation of Akbar uddin Speech and also reaction of Togadia's inflammatory speeches. Just imagine and treat this as a comedy, if Lashkar-e-Toiba conducted this blasts then why they sent a letter to a local leader Kishen Reddy. Since Indian Govt., considered LeT as a big international terrorist organization and its hard to believe that they have chosen Kishen Reddy and sent letter to a unknown leader of BJP and taking responsibility of Hyderabad blasts and further threatening him that soon they will carry out another blasts in Begum Bazar its strange but now truth is comes out by their mouth only actually who is he Kishen Reddy ? a local goonda and he is claiming that LeT sent him a letter and acknowledge the blasts and our communal media also believed and published this as a confirmed news report. According to Kishen reddy he submitted the LeT letter to Abids Police Station (Ye Munh aur Masoor Ki Daal) they don't find anybody else in AP except him to handover the letter no media, no Police nor any big national leader whom Lashker-e-toiba choose to send the letter why only Kishen Reddy ? because this blasts was planned by BJP to counter Hyderabad muslims after Charminar Temple episode and Akbaruddin speeches so by this its 100% sure and proved that nobody else except Hindu terrorist are done these bomb blasts and BJP, VHP & RSS are responsible for these pre planned blasts surely they involved in this conspiracy to target Hyderabadi muslim youth and police supporting them and following their instructions and arresting innocent muslim boys as one sided and communal action. If Congress is secular enough then why not catching them also its very unfortuanate all the print Media and television channels and police became communal, partial and against muslims and congress leaders too enemy of muslims actually their hearts with VHP and BJP. See their partiality how they arrest Akbaruddin and ignore Togadia and leave him without any action Togadia also culprit who engaged to spread venom against muslims moreover he admitted and acknowledge the muslim massacre where is police no action. Now everybody knows who are behind this attack after kishen reddy statement so catch the main culprits of VHP, BJP and RSS once police arrest Kishen Reddy of BJP and Abhinav Bharat and also Raja Singh of Mangalhat definitely truth will come out surely like Macca Masjid Blastsand Samjhota express. Truth will come out just interrogate Kishen Sigh, Raja Sigh & Abhinav instead of arresting innocent muslim youth arrest the real culprits of sangh parivar.

Sensanationalising Media News

Misguiding the public by all these TV Media Channels, should be carefully verified by NIA & STATE POLICE and take strict action, if found false news, their licenses has to be Banned,with heavy penalities, so that next time no other channel will dare to Sensationalise the News to get TRP ratings. STATE GOVT SHOULD TAKE RESPONSIBILITY to monitor, who ever spreading false news. They are not only playing with NATION but its innocent PEOPLE also.

kannon andha hai kya

yaar, yeh kaisa maanjra ho gaya, kanoon ka darwaza kyon nai khatkhatate bhai, rapid action case darj karo yeh news channels aur print media walon pe, 100 crore ka minimum claim dalo, 2 crore shilpi lodge wale bhaijaan ratnakar reddy saab ku do, bichara sachi baat ugla hai, Allah usku aur insaniyat se nawaaze



Hats of Siasat

Genius Report have been published by Siasat Time..

Dear Siasat also publish

Dear Siasat also publish those news channel names, some one has to file case against those channles

Good reporting

Keep up the good work Siasat !

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