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Arrest Praveen Togadia immediately: Rahmeedullah Khan Niazi

Thursday, 13 December 2012
Hyderabad, December 13:

Senior TDP leader Mr. Mohammed Raheemullah Khan Niazi ex-Chairman Urdu Academy Andhra Pradesh in a press statement strongly condemned acting president of VHP Praveen Togadia’s venom spitting against Muslims and his warning to make Hyderabad another Ayodhya.

Mr. Niazi urged the state government to come into action and register case against Praveen Togadia under Indian Penal Code for his warning to make Hyderabad another Ayodhya, for his venom spiting against Muslims.

He asked, what is preventing Congress government from arresting Togadia for his provocative remarks? Does Togadia not come under the purview of Indian law? Why such communal person has been given a free run to disrupt peace of the city?

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Togadia Tera Kaam Tamaam (TTKT, If you want to living safe mode just try to be leave honest life. Otherwise someone come to you and kill silent mode. He is on the way may be he is near you, take care and be honest with peoples and citizens. Peoples hear you and your booring speeches. I fully request to the Indian Govt. & "Janata", He must be arrested for creating communal hatred amon citizens through his infected words. the situation in hyderabad came to normal after a long time because of that charminar illegal temple issue. This kind of words will definetly impact the Law and Order of Hyderabad.

I request muslim minority parties and Mr.Zahid Ali Khan to file a suite against Praveen Togadia. As well as I request an Indian Govt. (Congress) please lets finish this type of human being those who are stucking the controlling commends and disturbing the Running Govt. We need the peoples those who wants the developments of our India/not demolish our India. Please Indian Govt. Do the need full things in order to stop the fulish comments passing leaders & stupid guys. Stop the rubbish things, Stop the rubbish things, Stop the rubbish things.....!!!!!!

Once again as a Muslim I would like to through the ball to all Indians, please wakeup and choose the right leader because we are one team and team work is always success in the Univers. Don't think that we are related from the different relegions, why not we think we are an Indian and work hard for India in order to give India ecnomically good result. And please be cooperate with Indian Govt. Congress. Thanks a lot..........................

Going by your logic we must

Going by your logic we must finish off people like Owaisi brothers too.


Togaria is an idiot.....dumb tha hai aur rahega....mainey sab ka statement check kiya lekin kisi v hindu leader ney allah ya rasool par galat baatan nai kahi....kisi ne yeh nai kaha k hazrat mohammad rasool ney 54 year ki age mein 9 saal ki bibi ayisha se shaadi kyon ki thi ya baad mwin jab unka beta jung mein shaheed ho gaya tha to unhoney apni daughter in law sey nikaah kyon kiya tha......dekho kisi par ek ungli thaoogey to teen tumhari taraf jayengee....ab to pittara khul gaya ab hinduism v yahan nanga hoga aur Islam bhi.....chalo shuru ho jaao....fenko ek doosrey pe keechar.....ganda karo ek doosrey ko

Clearing your misunderstanding brother

Brother, i appreciate you love peace and don't want to indulge in hate-redness. i would like to clarify you that Khadija was Muhammad’s(SAW) first and only wife for the first twenty-five years that he was a married man. and was elder to him . Rest of the marriages of Mohammed SAW was either due to social or political benefits for the followers of peace, i request you to read complete biography of Mohammed(SAW) in accordance with authentic sources, good people like you are blind folded brother please open your eyes and face the truth, as truth is gonna definitely be appeared if not now by you, by Almighty in here after..

Khan sahab apki party ke

Khan sahab apki party ke dost ko arrest karo bolrein...issmein kitni sachai hai...ya dihka wa...Dilaon ka haal ALLAH khoob janta hai.

neglect him, he does not

neglect him, he does not deserve attention, dont make him hero

khali batau ke hai

ref.Mallappa Ki Kheer Hai Hyderabad
khali batau ke hai hyderabad ke aj kal ke musalman samje baigan ke bata karrey jab ladai hui tho kuy nai ata aur aye bhi tho stone plting bus isko nai bulte ladai karna jihaad karna samje
aur hindu log jo bulre wo sab karrey hum kuch nai kar sakre sirf bade bade batau ke samje bus karo khali bade bata

He must be arrested for

He must be arrested for creating communal hatred amon citizens through his infected words. the siyuation in hyderabad came to normal after a long time because of that charminar illegal temple issue. This kind of words will definetly Impact the Law and Order of Hyderabad.

I request muslim minority parties and Mr zahid ali khan to file a suite against Praveen Togadia.

TAgodia Fun

Tagodia you are just making FUN of hinduism I appose your thoughts and you with your bloody mind and making fun of gods just find some other way and respect gods now , dont bring gods in politrics you Murakh suvar tadogia .

mallappa Ki Kheer Hai Hyderabad

Take seriously action against thokadia for his behaviour.
Ab ram kya hyderabad mai honeymoon banane aye the kya bolra so ine

good one

good one

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