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Beloved daughter's fight will not go in vain: Sonia

Saturday, 29 December 2012
New Delhi, December 29:

As an outraged nation empathised with the gangrape victim, Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Saturday said the fight of nation's "beloved daughter" will not go in vain, promising "swift and fitting punishment" to perpetrators as well as stringent laws for women protection.

"Her unbounded courage and her indomitable spirit will never die and will never be forgotten...My heart is heavy with sorrow and anguish for the young woman, who fought so bravely against impossible odds," she said in her televised tributes.

She recalled that the 23-year-old girl died in Singapore after battling for nearly two weeks after the "unspeakably brutal and bestial assault" on her.

"As a woman and mother, I understand how you feel. I appeal you to remain calm and help strengthen our collective resolve to fight the menace of violence against women," Gandhi, who is also UPA Chairperson, said in televised remarks.

"Today all Indians grieve as they have lost their own beloved daughter, their cherished sister, a young woman of 23 whose life full of hope, dream and promise was ahead of her. Our hearts go out to her parents, family. The whole country shares their pain," she added.

As people hit the streets expressing their outrage over the tragedy, Gandhi said "to all of you who have expressed their anger and anguish publicly, who have poured out in her support, I want to assure you that your voice has been heard."

Appealing for peace and calm in wake of the tragic incident, Gandhi said, "Today we pledge that she will get justice and that her fight will not go in vain".

Breaking his silence on the tragedy, Gandhi's son and MP Rahul Gandhi called for for introspection over the incident and a resolve to ensure the security and dignity of women.

"My heart goes out to the family of the young girl and millions of young Indians, families who work, hope and pray for a better India. We as a nation must reflect on the events of the days gone by," Rahul said, offering his deep condolences to the young girl's family.

As citizens, we must resolve to respect the dignity of women and follow the laws of the land, he said.

The Congress President said that the tragedy "strengthens our resolve to fight with all our might and with all the powers of our laws and our administration for the safety and protection of all women of our country and to ensure swift and fitting punishment for the perpetrators of such acts.

"It deepens our determination to battle the pervasive shameful social attitudes and mindsets that allow men to rape and molest women and girls with such impunity."

Sonia Gandhi had yesterday sought speedy action against the perpetrators of the "barbarous" attack saying that no time should be lost in bringing them to justice.

The Congress chief had earlier shot off strongly-worded letters to Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde and Delhi Chief Minister Shiela Diskhit wanting firm steps for the security of women in the national capital, describing the incident as a "matter of shame".

The girl, who was gang-raped by six men in a moving bus in south Delhi on December 16, breathed her last in a Singapore hospital early this morning after battling for life for the past 13 days.


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gopal jee I admire your

gopal jee I admire your Urdu skills in the multiple comments but there is one thing that I want to point out, just read all the newspapers the girl was not Muslim and her name was not Shahnaaz apparently you are the only one who called her Shahnaaz, she was hindu and was about to get married to her Tech friend and she was cremated not buried. The incident is equally tragic even though it happened to a hindu girl...

Ramgopal jee I admire your

Ramgopal jee I admire your Urdu skills in the multiple comments but there is one thing that I want to point out, just read all the newspapers the girl was not Muslim and her name was not Shahnaaz apparently you are the only one who called her Shahnaaz, she was hindu and was about to get married to her Tech friend and she was cremated not buried. The incident is equally tragic even though it happened to a hindu girl...

Drama hai yeh

yeh sali bhi rone ka drama karri obama kare jaisa...chor sale congress wale ...gujrat mein itne muslims barbad hue tab yeh jhoote ansu nahi nikale...indian politicians jahannam mein sab se neeche honge jahan sabse zyada azab hoga..


Mme. SONIA: U came too late. U spoke too late. After 13 days !

Aakhir-e-shab., Khaabil-e-Deed thee, SHAHNAAZ Kee Tadapp !
Subh-damm Koi Agar., Sonia -o- MaUn-Mohan Aaya to kya ??

Point No. 1 : SHAHNAZ was buried secretly in Jamia Nagar, Okhla, Delhi @ 5:30 AM. Few pictures of a cremation (long shots) circulated in the media. Haqiqat kuch aur hai. She was dead for days now. ALl this drama was enacted… so that public anger dissipates WITH TIME. I knew the drop scene would be around New Year Celebrations.. aur yehi hua.

The decision to shift her to Singapore was not a medical decision and was based on “direction from the top (government)”, said a Doctor at Safdarjung Hospital, where SHAHNAZ was being treated. SHAHNAZ had suffered irreversible brain damage in the early hours of Wednesday, 22 hours before she was airlifted to Singapore, the doctor told TOI.

According to the doctor, damage to the brain was caused by a thromboembolic attack — a CLOT in the blood vessel — which also triggered 2 consequent cardiac arrests. While the heart function could be revived by giving DC shock, brain function was damaged irreversibly during the process. A neurologist was called to examine the pupils which showed sluggish reaction on shining a torchlight,” the doctor said. He also said there was no possibility of the patient undergoing any transplant in that condition.

Sources said inotropic drugs (which alter the strength of heartbeats) were used to keep SHAHNAZ’s heart beating while she was being airlifted to Singapore. But she went into near collapse in the air ambulance when her blood pressure dipped alarmingly. doctors on board created an arterial line to monitor the blood pressure real-time.

“shifting of the victim who had suffered irreversible brain damage, after 2 consequent cardiac arrests and SEPTICEMIA was ethically and morally wrong,” said Dr Deepak Agarwal, senior neurosurgeon at AIIMS Trauma centre. He dismissed government claims that Mount Elizabeth hospital was selected as it has state-of-the-art organ transplant facility. “The fact is a patient with 2 cardiac arrests and SEPTICEMIA cannot undergo transplant. She was at best an organ donor not a recipient, I would suspect she was BRAIN DEAD already !”


However, Dr Yatin Mehta, chairman of the Medanta Institute of Critical Care and Anesthesiology, who was part of the team that accompanied her to Singapore, said the doctors were fully aware the girl wasn’t fit to withstand an intestine transplant. She was flown to Singapore in a last-ditch attempt to try and revive her in a set-up that was better than Safdarjung Hospital. “Let me be honest. Despite best efforts and arrangements we made for her here, they can’t be compared to Mount Elizabeth Hospital. It has a far better set-up, with an environment and facilities that are not available in India. The priority was to save her life. We were not even thinking of an intestine transplant,” added Mehta.

Mehta said he would have been “pleasantly surprised” if she survived. He, however, refused to comment on whether the decision to fly her to Singapore was logical. “I am not saying she was not in a condition to be flown. But she was in no state to undergo a transplant. When she was taken out of Safdarjung Hospital, SHAHNAZ was on a ventilator. She had a serious infection, already undergone 3 surgeries and suffered a cardiac arrest. Her blood was not clotting well. Her blood pressure had stabilized but she was not breathing properly,” he said.

“On the flight, her blood pressure dropped to 80 from 120, but she responded to the measures that were taken immediately. It was clear that she would struggle to survive even in Singapore,” Mehta told TOI in Kolkata on his way back from Singapore.

Dr Samiran Nundy, Gastro-intestinal surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram hospital, said, “The patient could have been served better in India. The girl was not in a condition to undergo transplant immediately and infection control was being done successfully by doctors at Safdarjung hospital.” Nundy, who has worked for 21 years at AIIMS, said the government could also shift the patient to the institute which would have helped in avoiding unnecessary travel.

When contacted, the chairman and managing director of Medanta Medicity Dr Naresh Trehan said the decision to shift the patient was taken by treating doctors, not him. “I was contacted to assess if the patient could be airlifted. We have air ambulance facility and a team of experts who regularly ferry international patients suffering from serious medical problems,” Trehan said.

“I did not take the call. I cannot comment on this issue,” said Dr Anil Aggarwal, chief of the department of Gastro-intestinal surgery at G B Pant hospital, who was a part of the team of doctors treating the victim whose intestines and blood vessels were ruptured when she was brutalized.

Dr Devi Shetty, renowned cardiac surgeon, said he supported the government decision. “They made an effort which, I would believe, was taken in the best interest of the patient. She was a young and brave girl and could have come out of the trauma,” he said.

Experts say that a patient has to be hemodynamically stable and there should be no infection to undergo the transplant procedure. “If the brain is damaged, the transplant cannot be carried out,” said Dr Sanjeev Bagai, CEO and Dean Radiant Life Care which manages the BLK hospital.

——— and RAHUL was no where to be scene ——— in 1984 there was an opportunity to contain RSS cancer. India was united against religious hate. Congress let it go. They had 400 seats in Parliament… they could have taken the RSS bull by its horns.. but Mr. Rajiv Gandhi gave OXYGEN to RSS and gave it new life. India was united against Shahnaz Gangrape. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and her 45-year old YOUTHFUL SOn., went into hibernation for 13 days..

I am sorry to say, DNA apart., Rahul is no leadership material. He is too decent – too aloof – and too afraid. We need a non-Gandhi who believes in the Idea of India to take on the Hindutva-RSS Gang-Rape Party head on… nevermind he/she loses ten elections in a row.

This is a fight to save the SOUL OF INDIA..and Rahul is not a warrior in this fight.

GET the Congress out of here

This is a result of Congress. Get them out of here!!

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