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Blasts handwork of Hindu radicals, claim Maoists

Tuesday, 5 March 2013
Hyderabad, March 05:

There is neither a foreign hand behind the twin blast triggered in Hyderabad nor any terrorist outfit, but it was the handiwork of Hindu radicals. North Telangana Maoist party spokesman Mr. Jagan told this. Maoist party leader Jagan in a special message informed Siasat about this. He told that bomb blasts are the handiwork of Hindu radicals who are becoming part of a big conspiracy by foreign countries and investors.

Jagan asserted that hanging Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru is not the solution to the problem, but by stamping down Hindu radicalism, which is a threat to national integrity, is the need of the hour. Maoist leader opined that blast was triggered to terrorize public. They are being terrorized so much so that they are not in a position to raise their voice for their right. A particular section of the community is being targeted to disintegrate the society. He felt that linking a particular community with the blast and terror attacks and harassing them is not appropriate.

Maoist leader appealed the people of Telangana to continue the movement and support Maoists.

Mohammed Aleemuddin

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Know the facts, half the problem is solved

Jagan is not the only one. There are many who suspect this. Look at the way the blame is being put on some Indian Muslims and Pakistan, now guess on whose list these two are targets? Then you can figure out the rest. They are playing this game to create fear and tensions between largely peaceful Hindus and Muslims of India and across the board Internationally. This is not rocket science if you look at the history. Britishers have left but someone else has replaced them in divide and rule politics. As long as people continue to be exploited for votes in the name of religion this will unfortunately continue. Don't expect law enforcement agencies or media to do the job, its the people of India to rise above religious based politics and bring issues based politics to the front. Many Indians face hunger, poverty, diseases, lack of education, infrastructure, discrimination, unequal representation in government, no future, domestic crime, rape crisis, dowry/inheritance problems, cost of living, and many many other issues. These are common issues irrespective of religion, caste or creed. We need to bring real issues at front and make sure these so called politicians are held accountable and are working in the right direction.

PLEASE stop misusing your power!

You have the power of communicating to masses through your newspaper. Will be good if you validate the authenticity of information being shared with you, before you publish it. Readers ke kaan mein beedi dikhri kya??

Subko Bataao...

Aisi baat sub ko bataao TV, English news papers Telugu news papers.

non muslims should clean their heart

Dear non muslims

you should take charge to clean the politics and bad politicians that are asking vote in the name of religion, dont vote them or else india will be a hell.
hindu brothers take the charge to make india a peaceful country, dont let the nation be divided by the politicians.
media also doing the same bcoz they are dividing the indians for money like politicians.

Is there no educated people that can save and change india.

think ........

this is the fact

this is the fact

Authorities to open eyes to do justice.

Wake up India... We are one in united India. Do not tolerate foreign based conspiracy and politics to play game of fire under the banner of sectarian Hindutva. This is our secular India for all in this 21st century. Do not polarize and divide Indians as vote bank. Authorities to open eyes make Law & Order above all. Let justice prevail. Do not punish innocent under proxy. No suppression policy for minority under proxy as British Raj.

This is nothing but

It is obvious Jagan, what to get the popularity among the minority and the Telengana movement. He called the so called Siasat to inform this piece of information. If he is real concern, let him come open and inform the Indian media.

Cheap politics of Jagan and Zahid Ali Khan.

There Must be Clue

There must be a clue or evidance to Jagan e-mail, fax, or letter what he wrote to Siasat. It is not Siasat Duty to inform police but it is Police duty to ask Siasat prove for this news and investigate. Print and Electronic media will never cross check the news pouring in their way, they want NEWS, whatsoever. Here, media do only one thing to check whether giving such news is against law or not, IF NOT they bluntly send the news on AIR. Secondly, when electronic media without concrete prove can say Muslim Terrorist and SO CALLED Indian Mujahideen which Police administration never proved it. Then what is wrong if Siasat is writing Hindu Terrorists and that too not directly but with the reference of Jagan News. As Justice Katju said many times that there is no such organization like IM. He is a learned man. Know LAW very well and know the black sheep and darker face of police better than any one. When justice Katju is saying there is no IM then we need not to see further proves. Anyhow, Electronic Media and this Print Media is knowingly or un-knowingly becoming tools to DESINTEGRATE INDIA. They are spreading hatred among the people. Suppressing innocent Muslims and other minorities specially in NORTH INDIA, I foresee a fearful scenario of DESINTERGRATED INDIA if such bloodshed keep continueing. Every Indian should become PRO-ACTIVE to search the real culprits be it Politicians, Police or Other organizations and wipe them out quitely without BIG MOUTH SLOGANS.

When BJP Leader disclose the

When BJP Leader disclose the same message then why you didnt open your dirty mouth?


Terrorism has no religion or color.....All terrorists have to be hanged till death 4 the security of ppl..Politicians have to ensure proper administration.
All the religious parties ruling a state or province should be demolished.

terrorist are terrorist. (no religion for it )

This is pure fake news , terrorist want to divert attention saying Hindu or Muslim,.

who every done this attack, they are not from any religion.

request to Siasat don't provoke by giving such a statement Hindu or Muslim.

terrorist are terrorist.

Govt got main clues now, they will be hanged soon ..

Saisat if you have any guts on this fake news, pleas give this information to police commissioner, instead of giving fake news online.

request you again don't give such wrong fake news on any religion. it will be come in cyber crime . i think you know what is the action on it.

Hindu Terrorism

Why this article is notpublished in other Newspapers. This should be condemned by one and all.

plz make sure about genuinity of news

Media & police have to catch them stamping down Hindu radicalism, Like RSS,VHP Maoist parties to safe innocent muslims otherwise one day people will really become which media & police Blaming them


Terror is an age old weapon of Hindutva terrorists. Now as Dalits are rising economically and politically due to reservations in education and jobs, desparate Brahmins are increasingly venting their frustration on defenseless minorities. Throughout history of Indian continent, Brahmins who could not prevail either by persuasion or by example have resorted to maligning Islam and the Indian Muslims through their terror militant organizations / outfits and splinter groups with criminal background operating under the guise of social organizations namely RSS, Bajrang Dal, Shiva Sena, Mukti Bahini, etc., and in many instances by insinuating the low caste Hindu mobs against Muslims. Although they have caused large scale harm to Muslims financially, physically and psychologically they failed to break the will of Indian Muslims - either because Indian Muslims are not afraid to die for a life worth living, or because the Saffron terrorists themselves came to realize that free Muslims cannot be frightened by threats, ORGANIZED VIOLENCE and aggression.
RSS has taken a page from Nazis of Hitler and modeled the organization after fascist philosophy and indoctrinated Hindu youth since its inception.
In 2002, Narendra Modi emulates Bal Thackerey in Pogrom-II in Gujarat ! (Godhra and Post Godhra were scripted by the same Bhaand/Film Script Writer: Narendra Damodardas Modi). The people of Gujarat voted him., NOT BECAUSE OF DEVELOPMENT (There hasnt been any.. except for Nano factory)., BUT BECAUSE HE KILLED MUSLIMS. That planning and executing the Pogrom is his biggest achievement – and he is being repaid for that favour. It is an intellectual/emotional RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Narendra Modi is RSS’s most EVOLVED PRODUCT, who has ‘photoshopped’ Hindutva. Only Sangh insiders recognize that the core hasn’t changed.. Modi is Goebbels + Hitler and has (can) never abandon Hindutva project. Hindutva-project is a work in progress.
Hindus are not bad, per se. There is a huge provocation ! 24×7 for the past 90 years (1928-todate) they are taught manufactured history, where they are taught to hate ‘The Other’ (Muslims). Things have come to this because., the child is programmed from age 4… to hate Muslims… the dirty… the filthy… the beef-eaters… the badboo-daar… the uneducated.. the barbarians.. they raped your ancestors.. they looted your temples.. insulted your stone gods.. and your ancestors.. So hatred is slowly injected into the minds. When the boy is around 18-20 he considers it something HOLY to avenge the (fake) atrocities ! This is what leads to the present scenario.
Also the Congress has used RSS as a proxy against minority community all these years by letting this RSS fascist organization grow by leaps and bounds and commit atrocities which ultimately had forced and will force minorities to vote lesser of those two evils which is CONgress.

I have similar experience

Since my childhood I am trained and taught to help those who are less fortunate and poor. I use to have a bicycle which I bought form the tuition earned money. When I go for tuitions I use to give lift to old poeple and young school goers on my carrier behind bicycle. Once at Langar House chaurasta I offer lift to a student seems to be tired of class 4 or 5. He jumped over carrier and I rode a few meter away then he asked me time in Telugu, as I can understand little Telugu but can't speak, I told him time in Urud. He shouted stop stop, as I stoped my bicycle he jumped down and said I don't want to come with you. I asked what happend, he didn't replied and ran away. I informed to one of the social acitivist in our neighbourhood, he said RSS and Hindu Mahasaba are poisoning innocent minds. We need to do only one thing MERA PYAAM MOHABBAT HAY JAHAAN TAK PAHONCHE. Please contact me on shahji72in@yahoo.co.in


"SAFFRON TERRORISM Terror is" very well written brother May Allah Bless you.

Haule, not one non-Muslim

Haule, not one non-Muslim believes this fantasy

He is right

I think he is right , shame on Mukthar abbas naqi and syed shanawaz

Halal food

If or may be they fed haraam food from there birth by there parents then how come w can expect good from Fuzla eating mouths.

Wrong people with holy names

Hi guy....why are you so keen on Mukthar Abbas Naqvi and Syed Shanawaz Hussain...We respect their names , but they are Munafiqs and Murtid. Every one knows what is the ruling in Islam for such people. Every one knows, for the sake of some dimes to live in this world, what all they are doing for survival. Take it for granted their parents and community heads have also burred their faces because of shame and cursing day and night.


Finally, there is someone who exactly knows the truth. I as a Indian Muslim would appreciate if he brings out the truth openly to the public with solid proof instead of just claiming or pointing at any community. Everyone in India (all religions) wants to know who these home grown TERRORISTS are?

The police or

The police or govt.authorities must probe into this angle too ....as this is the question of national security.

Invitation by Maoists to oppressed Muslims

Looks very obvious, soon the oppressed community is looking for an option to show their anger, take revenge and fight for self respect. I am afraid another grand Maoists group will come or the current one will gain much strength and recognition as a peace loving party


Ab hui na pate ki baat !!!The author of the article should have used the word Saffron Terrorist to describe these Hindu Radicals....

Blasts handwork of Hindu radicals, claim Maoists

Vague and unspecific kind of info from the Maoists - should have provided some particulars for the Police to follow the leads and catch the culprits. Every body knows who the real culprit organization is, including the Police who have a heap of info about Hindu terrorism and yet deliberately ignores it.

Blasts the handi work of Hindu radicals

This news is sounding like "kuwen ke mendak ki pukar", we do appreciate the news, but why Mr. Jagan did not given his opinion to all media, due to miss-concept about the Siasat identity in other communities as a community media (sorry to say), for sure they will think that, this a kind of blanketing like Mr. Kishan Reddy of BJP did by saying he got a letter from this and that etc. about the blasts, if Mr. Jagan is that muck kind enough, then why don’t he look in to this matter with the help of locales and bring the truth in front of the world!?, if not at least as you shown the mercy on Siasat why don’t you show the mercy on other media? The truth should not be limited; it must be reached to every one as the falsified news is reaching every corner.

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