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Bollywood's enduring 786 connect ..Coolie,Qaidi,Khiladi

Friday, 7 December 2012
Mumbai, December 07:

The number 786, revered in Islamic culture, has found prominence in Bollywood over and over again -- remember Amitabh Bachchan's 'Billa No.786' in "Coolie" and Shah Rukh Khan's 'Qaidi No.786' in "Veer-Zaara". It returns to the screen with Akshay Kumar's "Khiladi 786".

The number is said to be the total value of the letters 'Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim' (in the name of Allah, the compassionate, the merciful), according to one Arabic system of numerology. In Bollywood, quick to pick on what strikes an emotive note with superstitious viewers, 786 has been used either as a connotation for a character's invincibility or to denote how a truly god-blessed soul overcomes tough times.

In reality, however, the number is just a "ritualistic reference"; no more than that, says Firoz Bakht Ahmed, teacher and community worker.

"There is no doubt this number, 786, remains a holy number in the subcontinent, but it started as a trend. And now it has common acceptance.

"It is not some kind of force to reckon with. It just has a face value and has a ritualistic reference to it, just like there is an Om, a Trishul and a Swastika... it is no more than that," Ahmed, a grandnephew of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, told IANS.

"It is just indicative of a belief. Like Sikhs say 'Wahe guru' to save themselves from evil, many people use 786 for the same reason. It doesn't mean it is god in itself and nothing can happen to you," he explained.

But for Bollywood filmmakers, still enough to forge that emotional connect.

In the 1975 film "Deewaar", Amitabh Bachchan's character Vijay Verma carried a '786' billa with him in his pocket all the time. In the 1983 film "Coolie", the magic carried through and the megastar's character Iqbal Khan sported 'billa no. 786' on his uniform.

Obviously, the number's mystical powers were woven into the story.

"786 - in 'Deewaar', the 786 billa in his coat pocket saved him when he was shot at... when it dropped out in the climax, he was shot and died. In the 'Coolie' climax, the 'chaadar' draped over his body though shot at, saved him," Big B had once shared with his fans on Twitter.

In a transference from the reel to the real, many fans believed that it was 786 that saved Amitabh from his near-fatal accident on the sets of "Coolie". Thereafter, the number gained immense popularity in the country.

Film historian SMM Ausaja notes: "The number gained popularity after its intelligent use in Yash Chopra's 'Deewaar', and subsequently it attained a cult status in the socio-cultural fads. In fact, eight years later in 1983, the number re-emerged in 'Coolie' - a film which completed a mind-boggling 75-week run across major metros."

"Amitabh sported this number on his badge. Even the logo of the film had this number in one 'O' of Coolie. We also saw a pacemaker with this number in Ketan Desai's 'Allah Rakha' (1986). Not just car number plates, even mobile phone numbers bearing these digits are charged a premium by the operators," he added.

There are other examples too.

Chiranjeevi sported the number in the Telugu film "Khaidi No.786", while Shah Rukh's character Veer Pratap Singh in "Veer-Zaara" also bore the prisoner number 786. The registration number of Ajay Devgn's car in the movie "Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai" was MRH 786.

The tradition continues with the upcoming "Khiladi 786", in which action star Akshay Kumar apparently has '786' etched on the destiny line of his palm.

"It denotes that Akshay's character Bahattar Singh has 'Allah ki rahmat' (Allah's blessings) and how when he gets bruised, there is some upheaval all around. There is only an undertone of the number in the film, it has not been exaggerated," Rakesh Upadhyay, the film's creative producer, told IANS.

Do filmmakers use it as a matter of superstition?

"It is not a superstition, it's an auspicious number in the Islamic context; therefore when you have a Muslim character, associating this number with any scene or incident enhances its impact," said Ausaja.

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ZAK ....agar sacha muslim

ZAK ....agar sacha muslim hai tu fahesh photos publish karna rok de...iske news paper mein dehklo koi na koi khobsurat aurat aur ladkiyon ke close up photos hote hein...haram ki harakatan kar ke rupia kamara....phir bolta quran pahdo...islam yehi sihkata hai... zaifi mein aisa harakatan nako kar....


Ilm-e-Baatin ! The Imam Has It. (The Nabi doesnt ! Nabi has only Zaheri Ilm, not Baatini. The Imam has it., so the Imam is higher than the Nabi !! Subhan Allah.. Aage jaa kar., Imam ko Allah banaa detey hain - Mission to Destroy Tawhid of Islam accomplished).

Taqiyya (Jhoot Bolo). Maslehat / Compromise kar lo. Sab jaayiz hai. Halaal-haraam ki tameez ko uttha kar phek do.

Yeh sab JHOOTI baaten, Jaffer ney shuroo ki ! Yeh Jhoota Jaffar., khud ko Jaffar Al Sadiq (Sachcha) kehalwaata hai.

Jhoota kaheen kaa. Liar Jaffer. Fraud tha. Apne waqt ka Bernie Maddoff thaa., jo dharm ki dukaan chalaataa tha., logon ko ullu banaata tha., aur ghee ka paratha aur bhindi khaata thaa ! (Living off other people !). Dhark ma dukandaar Jaffer Laalchi Jhutta.


I am extremely happy to note that all the comments so far made are really thought-provoking, informative and something to ponder. Alhamdulillah summa Alhamdulillah to know that many people are aware that the use of 786 in any language has nothing to do with Islam. There is no place for 786 in Islam. I supplicate Almighty Allah to guide us to lead our lives as per the instructions given in Qur'an and Sunnah our beloved Prophet Mohammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam, Ameen Ya Rabbal Alameen

Chor Siasat

Bus yeh Siasat to News copy karna aaata aur kuch nahi... News mein kya hai kya nahi isko khud ko pata nahi hota...

Siasat news

This news might be copied, but I got an impression that you might not have understood the message.....so please try understand the message & then comment.


786 has no place in islam nor its revered...... never in prophets life has he ever mentioned anything as such..... the greatest mathematician omar khayyam could have found dat out if it did...... 786 is a satanic number......

786... LOLZZZ


SEE THIS TWO VIDEO... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WZOz0IU1Dg


Only one Question to Siasat Editors::

Did our Beloved Prophet Of Allah(PBUH) and his companions , Have Ever Used "786" help to defeat the Opposition Forces against ISLAM ??

Please, I request siasat team to avoid such baseless News, as our IMAN Is on Ilm-e-Gaib, Have this Era of Ummah seen Rasool Allah (PBUH)or His(PBUH) Miracles ? Just a word of Allah (QURAN) & his Prophet(PBUH)Word is enough for us.

Instead of your Beautiful name like "ABDALLAH" somebody call you 420 by some calculations, will you be happy ???

Bismillah is such a beautiful word given to us, WHO R WE to corrupt the word of ALLAH (subhanwaTaa'la).

jazakallah khair.

yes Bollywood is spreading Hinduism

They show so many special effects with these hinduvata religious stories to capture the minds of innocent viewers old and young.

they support these with miracles of somebody appearing, disappearing, flowers falling and the list is long.

Bollywood spreading Hinduiasm

Brothers & Sisters, Please stop your familieis from watching any movies or Serials, they are loaded with Hinduism, trying to corrupt young muslims minds.

Almost every serial starts with one name and it turns into some kind of Hindu EPIC story, over and over again our families are being exposed to these evil and we must protect ourselves.

I agree with the brother below, we should ask for BAN on use of any religion in Bollywood movies and serials.

Ban Religious Use in Bollywood

Bollywood must be banned from using any religious stories or any way to showcase any religion.

First of all it will not be facts or truthful and secondly it will be misleading innocent minds.

Hinduvata exteremist are the fruits of bollywood movies.

Indians are EPIC believers

In India for centuries people believed in EPIC's and it was taken seriously and encouraged if it involved a famous figure or king.

indians are very emotional and attachment to EPIC was natural. Kings rewarded people for showing loyalty by believing in the kings or even building a replica of stone or wood to show there love.

Most recent case was N.T Rama Rao who was believed by many back in days when he was alive as spiritual, religious and action figure. People also started building his statues and picture all over the state. This act of emotional attachment to fictional EPIC's like the one written by Valmiki embeded in genes.

May Allah guide those who sincerely looking for truth.

koran is not word of god

koran is not word of god because it describes earth as flat mountains as pegs sky as roof and also sun moves around earth actual scientifically earth revolves around sun hence day and night happens.northern lights norway alaska day and night are not like other places any body in those areas cannot do ramazaan fast without dyeing hence koran was man made and also God do not need human's help it is human who need God's help thatswhy muslims all over the world are backward in every sphere of achievement except crimes robberies etc.


786 has no meaning in Islam

Islam does not believe in Numeriology. This was made up by a self motivator.

Having been used by Bollywood it got more popularity and now you see it coming in more and more movies is even more dangerious on young minds which may think this is true.

Fooling the cine goers.

Fooling the muslim cine goers,muslims emotionally weak feel in the trap very easily,the director and producers of movies are exploiting by playing on sentiments.and muslims are getting fooled easily.


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