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Congress is worried about Daliths. It is not bothered about Muslims – Zahid Ali Khan

Wednesday, 28 November 2012
Hyderabad, November 28:

Sachar Committee has declared that the Muslims are more backward than Daliths. This situation has been there for the past 50 years. Congress didn’t bother about the welfare of the Muslims. Now it has decided to allocate a sub plan for SC’s and ST’s, which is commendable, but there is a need to prepare a sub-plan exclusively for Minorities on a par with the purposed sub-plan for SCs and STs.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily released a press note yesterday and said that there is no coordination between saying and doings of the Govt. There is a contradiction in the word and action of the Govt.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan who is also the member of Politburo of TDP said that Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy is misleading the Muslims by appeasing them verbally. He is making false promises and making misleading statements. He told that if the Govt. is really serious about the welfare of the Muslims, it should announce a similar sub-plan for the Muslims and allocate sufficient budget. The Muslims of the State are very well aware of the style of governance of the Congress Party. Its communal minded narrow mentality has been exposed now.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan demanded the C.M. Mr. Kiran Kumar Reddy that instead of feeling happy of making appeasing statements to the Muslims should know the facts and take effective steps for resolving the basic issues of the Muslims and also to announce a sub-plan for the Muslims.

If C.M makes an announcement for the establishment of a Commissionerate for Minorities, it is not gratitude. It is his responsibility. He has implemented the long pending demand of the Muslims.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan further told that only announcements are being made for the Muslims and no implementation is being made. What more could be the inefficiency of the Govt. that it has failed to identity lands for two minority institutions? This matter has been pending for the past one year.

He pointed out that in the case of budget provision for Minorities, Govt. is playing the number game.

In the budget allocation of the Dept. of Minorities Welfare, amounts pertaining to scholarships and fees reimbursements have only been shown. No separate budget has been allocated for any developmental programme for the benefit of Minorities.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan pointed out that taking into consideration the educational and economic backwardness of the Muslims, Justice Ranganathies Mishra Commission had recommended for providing 10% reservation to the Muslims. In addition to it, Justice Rajender Sachar Committee had also declared that the Muslims are educationally and economically more backward than Daliths. Congress is still worried about Daliths and it is not bothered about those communities, which are more backward than the Daliths. Govt. is not serious about them.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan pointed out that Congress Party has a long history of appeasing the Muslims by making verbal statements and false promises. Soon after assuming power in the State, Congress allotted wakf lands to LANCO Hills at throwaway price. The owner of LANCO Hills, Mr. L. Rajagopal made crores of rupees by selling this land to private parties at exorbitant rates. Wakf lands were also given to Emaar Properties and VANPIC Projects. As a result of these transactions, many politicians are involved in these criminal cases. At that time, the Muslim leaders were claiming that they are the sympathizers of the Muslims and even today their claim is that they show their concern for the cause of the Muslim community but practically there is no development for the Muslims. Mr. Zahid Ali Khan told that allocation of Rs.3, 500 crore for SC’s and ST’s depicts the policy of Congress to neglect the Muslims.

He said that Congress always exploited the Muslims as their vote bank. After assuming power, it neglected the promises made to the Muslim Community. Congress admitted many a time that it came to power only because of the Muslims, which is also a fact, but its treatment with the Muslims has always been like a stepmother.

Mr. Zahid Ali Khan disclosed that in majority of the irregularities committed by the Congress Govt., there are a large number of cases of wakf properties but Congress is deliberately avoiding mentioning them.

It only indicates that Congress wants to cover up these irregularities because through these scams only the wakf properties have been damaged.

---Siasat News

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Shame on Muslims

Having Trust in Congress and expecting something will change after 65 years of attacks on religion and innocent youngs.
Congress is the other face of BJP elements, Congress is the protector of BJP and terror factions.
Muslims need to Unite at National level against Congress as much as BJP. BJP is with Open agenda and Congress is with Hidden agenda.


FDI being introduced by the govt will badly affect the Muslims.
Muslims are actively in retail and wholesale trade compared to other communities.
As the education level of Muslims is unfortunately low,finding jobs for the people rendered without business, will be more difficult than other communities.
These days Muslim leaders more interested in the temple around Charminar rather than the survival of Muslims.

Siasat used to tell MIM is a

Siasat used to tell MIM is a party of old city, than what they called MBT a party of Azampura Gally, furthermore for Zahid Ali Khan must write as a Leader of Baghi MIM people.

Muslims are not backward

Reservation was given to SC/ST community as there was deprivation for centuries and they were kept backward by denial of education by society.
There was no deprivation for Muslims.In fact they were the ones with more opportunity.
However,for their resistance to change with the times, less emphasis on education early marriages for girls,large families & sending children to work,they have fallen back.
Placing emphasis on education is the only way to progress.
Government can only provide schools.They cant force parents to send their children to school.

Muslims never demonstrate!

I have never seen Hyd muslims demonstrating on streets in reference to any of the social issues.They always come on the roads only regarding their religion.There is no scope and future for these guys in old city.Vultures like Owaisi family will keep getting free buffet for generations.

Project "NAINA`VAA" !

What is NAINAVAA Project ? The Simple Islam of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was destroyed by the Zoroastrians (Aatish Parast) / Jews / Christians ... in a combined effort.

They came up with Project NAINAVAA.

They mis-used the fair names of Hz. Ali Ibn Abi Talib and his family., built up stories around him, presented him as a RIval to Prophet Muhammad., and destroyed Islam from within., by taking Islamic names.

Prophet Muhammad had Zaaheri Ilm., whereas Hz. Ali had "Baatini". In other words Prophet Muhammad did not have "Baatini" Ilm. Muhammad was only a Nabee (Messenger)., whereas Ali was an IMAM. The Imam's position is higher than a Nabi.

Prophet Muhammad was the Last Messenger. This was blasted with the PROMOTION of ALI to the position of IMAM. And then the foundation of the CHAIN or DYNASTY of Imam was laid, wherein the Dynasty would continue until the end of the world. So democracy of Prophet's Islam was given a burial - and the foundation of a DYNASTY was laid.

Shia-ism IS a religion, yes. But it is NOT Islam. It aims to destroy Islam, by taking Islamic names, and destructing Islam from within (Implosion). The end goal of these joint efforts by Zoroastrians (punishment for Invading IRAN)., Jews (punishment for uprooting them from Arabia) and Christians., is PROJECT NAINAVAA. Its end goal is to establish IDOLS once again in the House of Allah (The Kaabah). This time the IDOLS will be of new designs. The New Laat, Manaat and Uzzah would be ALAMS.. with names of Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hasan, Husayn written on them., and a Flower Sehra tied around the neck of the ALam.

This is Project NAINAVAA. The new Laat Manaat and Uzza have come in new design.

Agarchey Peer hai Aadam
Jawaan hain, Laat-o-Manaat


Let us not blame Congress for not taking care of Muslims.
It is the duty of Allah to take care of Muslims.
Congress are busy taking care of Robert Vadra and have no time for the poor Muslims.
But are Muslims helping each other.

There are many comments in this paper about the atrocities committed on Muslims in India and the unequal opportunities given to Muslims leading to their going down the hill as far as economic development is concerned.
The blame is conveniently given to RSS and other organisations Muslims hate, for their backwardness.
But do Muslims who hate RSS from the core of their hearts expect them to help the community or expect USA to be sympathetic to Islam who have shown extreme glee whenever terror has struck the citizens of USA.
Muslims must expect help from their own brethren as has been advised by the prophet(pbuh)
Few questions about how helpful Muslims are to their brothers in trouble.

1) Did any Muslim country (Saudi,UAE,Malaysiaetc) offer asylum to the Rohingya Muslims being persecuted in Myanmar?

2) Did any Hyderabadi/Indian Muslim get a match for the 4poor girls who are deaf and dumb whose stories Siasat had published?

3) Did anyone manage to get a single girl married of the 5 orphan girls whose story Siasat had published?

4) What has happened to the fate of the 2 Muslim girls who are being looked after in a hindu dharamshala? Has anyone bothered to look into their misery.

5) Why have no factories,multinational offices,malls,schools,colleges come up in Muslim dominated areas for over 50 years,by industrialists? All the ventures belong to the leaders who have become richer at the cost of the ulema.

6) How many parents have stopped their girls from going to call centres when the shameful acts going on there were revealed in the colums of Siasat.

7) What have the political leaders who have been repeatedly elected by the muslims done for the community?

Let us answer these questions sincerely and then blame RSS,VHP,BJP etc for our misery and low level of economic development.

greatt----but who will act.

We are blaming to the congress because they are in the ruling government..

Yes of course
These are the answer of your question.
1. HYDEEABAD has given asylum to the Rohingya Muslims not all but some who has reached Hyderabad,
2.and 3 answered you can received by SIASAT only.
4. Can u send us the detail of this question 0n misrarm95@yahoo.com.
5. we have some factories,school colleges---so on. but bot that much but better.
6. Stopping is not the solution but we have to guide them in a islamic way
7. what we can say if you go thru the news u will be well know.---few example is here reservation of 4%----fee reimbursement----so on there is endless list.
We are blaming RSS BJP VHP cause they are spoiling the atmosphere of hyderabad--you can take the example of gujarat.--

secondly ----profile of the muslim.
These verses from the Quran sketch the Profile of a Muslim (Mu’min). Success for a Muslim doesn’t automatically follow belief. It requires fulfillment of certain conditions.
(Qur'an: Surah 23: Al-Muminoon: ayaat: 1-11)
1. Successful indeed are the believers.
2. Those who offer their Salat (prayers) with all solemnity and full submissiveness.
3. And those who turn away from Al-Laghw (dirty, false, evil vain talk, falsehood, and all that Allah
has forbidden).
4. And those who pay the Zakat.
5. And those who guard their chastity (i.e. private parts, from illegal sexual acts)
6. Except from their wives or (the slaves) that their right hands possess, – for then, they are free from blame;
7. But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors;
8. Those who are faithfully true to their Amanat (all the duties which Allah has ordained, honesty, moral responsibility and trusts) and to their covenants;
9. And those who strictly guard their (five compulsory congregational) Salawat (prayers) (at their fixed stated hours);
10. These are indeed the inheritors
11.Who shall inherit the Firdaus (Paradise). They shall dwell therein forever.
* * *
We as Muslims therefore should ensure the following:
* Offer prayers regularly at the fixed times and by consciously standing in front of The Almighty Allah with total submission.
* Become cognizant about what Allah has forbidden and making a conscious effort to stay away from it. Just as we love to keep our bodies clean, we should be concerned about keeping our hearts untainted and pure by guarding ourselves from all that is dirty, evil, false and worthless in our talk, and from everything else that we have been forbidden.
* Promptly pay Zakat as soon as it is due and not delaying or making excuses, for the Zakat amount is ‘poor due’ and doesn’t belong to us.
* Not become brazen about matters pertaining to sex, or immune to shamelessness and promiscuity. Preserving human dignity and decency paves the way for a healthy society.
* Find legitimate gratification of desires only in our spouses.
* Not betray trust or go back on one’s word.
These verses explicitly convey that abiding by these get us into Paradise for eternal happiness!

RE;greatt----but who will act.

To the best of knowledge Abdul Qadir has been forgotten and people have lost interest in him.
There is no further action taken by any Muslim in India regarding the fixing of marriage of the Muslim girls,the issue which was raised by Siasat.

Muslim should have to act.

No One has forgotten Abdul Qadeer at all-------We appreciate for the work done by ABDUL QADEER -----This time we are really missing him now in this critical situation.----

Re;greatt----but who will act.

Are you trying to say that Indian Muslims are not following (Qur'an: Surah 23: Al-Muminoon: ayaat: 1-11)
Every Muslim is sincere about the teachings but there are no jobs for the poor Muslims.
Inspite of around 14% population the number of Muslims qualifying for top jobs is only 8% in IAS/IPS.
This is due to discrimination.
Last year 400 students lost seat in IIT due to Supreme not allowing reservations for Muslims.

momeen will act

every muslim has to believe in the fate-----we have to prefer business rather then the goverment job only.

"Duniya ke aye musafir manzil teri qabar hai taiy kar raha hai jo tu do din ka wo safar hai."


Stop complaining of govt jobs.Work hard & enjoy.


Brother Labour do the hard work------------educated people do the smart work----dont worry be happy-----ALLAH ALWAYS WITH U.
"A couple were once seated for meals. Suddenly a knock was heard at the door from a beggar standing outside. The husband in a fit of rage approached the beggar, scolded him and chased him away. As time passed it so happened that this wealthy man became poor. He lost his entire empire and eventually even ended up divorcing his wife. Life continued. She remarried and n...ow was seated for meals with her new husband. Again a knock was heard at the door from a beggar. Her husband told her: “Take this food which was prepared for us and give it to the beggar outside.” She did as he instructed her but she returned crying. She replied: “The beggar outside was my previous husband.” Then she related to him the entire incident which transpired between her previous husband and his abuse to that beggar. Her new husband then told her: “By the qasm of Allah, I am that very same beggar.” (Al Mustatraf vol 1 pg 24) Lesson: If you have been blessed with prosperity and ease, never regard it as your achievement. Also, do not look down upon those who are less fortunate or treat them with pride and arrogance. Instead, be humble and grateful to Allah Ta’ala and treat His creation with compassion and kindness. Otherwise, the tables could turn."

Answer tot he topic

Absolutely true.As per your long essay the reason for Muslims being more backward than Dalits is due to the fact that Muslims are not following the path shown by the prophet.
So blaming Congress/BJP/RSS/VHP/MIM is just blaming others for your incompetence or laziness.
Muslims just have to follow the path shown by prophet and success and prosperity will be ours.
There should be regular seminars and classes highlighting how Muslims in India have gone astray and they should be motivated to not only read the Quran but to follow the Sunnah.

The greatest person

Mother Teresa was the greatest person in recent times.We should all learn from her the love for mankind,compassion and other values she stood for.
Let Muslims follow her and set up such centres for aged and unwanted people(by their families and society)


If congress has not done anything,what have Muslim parties done?
Since Muslims have been voting enbloc for them why not ask them to do somethinh.
What has Wakf done for them?

1. Wakf Board CEO's who are

1. Wakf Board CEO's who are appointed by the government are chosen for their ability to manipulate, take bribes and pass part of that to the upper echelon and politicians who assign them for the post – the CEO plays to the tune of politicians who are land-grabbers. CEO and officers in Secretariat become obstructionists when Muslim NGO's ask to lease land for schools and colleges - they hamper and mismanage with complicated rules - it's a conspiracy of the political parties to disenfranchise Muslims to deprive Muslims of wakf properties. Why does not government allocate Wakf lands to minority institutions and promote literacy if they really care about the people? The government seldom enjoins but often inhibits positive endeavors of honest Muslim community leaders; government’s policy is to not to destroy but prevent and oppress Muslims from progressing; not to be tyrannical but to hinder, restrain and enervate, stifle minority development; keep the Wakf properties in its powerful grasp to exploit and keep the Muslims & Wakf board in perpetual legal battles!
To add fuel to the fire, the BJP & RSS leave no stone unturned and plant it in wakf lands to steal the properties by hook or crook. Police commissioners and ministers lend hand for this illegimate activity. Now courts also infested by RSS elements are playing a DANGEROUS game. Look at LANCO case. What other proof you want ?

Fact of life

Hi! I was born in a Muslim family but married a Goan Christian and converted to Christianity.
I had volunteered to teach English in a madrasa at Panjim,as they had no money to pay for an English teacher.
I however found that the trustees refused permission and at the same time send their children to Christians schools.
It is evident that the well off Muslims desire to keep the poor away from quality education.
The Muslim community should take a leaf out of the practises of the christian missionaries.

Lawrence D'Cruz & Benazir D'Cruz

Which Madrasa in Panjim?

Pehle aap log to sahi English lekhne seekhe. Phoir doosron ko seekhana.

We have leaders in HYDERABDAD

Great-----After going thru complete news ------I can say we have TWO great personality------1. Barrister Assaduddin Owaisi----2. Mr Zahid Ali Khan----both have there different quality------------Assad is a great leader----where as Zahid Ali Khan is a great social worker.
Assad take the work from the government-----where as Zahid ali khan who can take the work from the people------may ALLAH protect both of them.
Secondly -----every one cant do every work that is the reason ALLAH has given the HYDERABAD people great personalities ---may ALLAH protect all those who are doing the work for the community------when community develops that automatically NATIONS develop.
"Shatan is not so dumb he never will come in his original form and say like this that ' Come follow me and I will take you to Hell which was my promise to ALLAH.' Do we ever wonder why then ALLAH warned us over and over not to follow Shatan's footsteps and he is our clear and open enemy- what's meant then by following his footsteps- how we human then follow the Shatan or fall in his trap? It's a must for us to learn how he approaches and how to seek and take protection against him. If we are informed some enemy of us are coming from this door to our house- usually what we try to do- take all the measures to seal the door as perfect as we can. May ALLAH help us to realize the severity of shatan's driving us to misguidance and help us to take the right protection against him."

Take simple steps first

I read with interest the comments and realise that Hyderabad Muslims are really backward as compared to Muslims in UP & Bihar.
In UP and Bihar,the Muslims are the most hardworking people and their sincerity is unchallenged.
They read namaz regularly and also are pucca with their zubaan(just as rasool had asked)
In Hyderabad people just talk and do nothing for the community.
I came across a few articles where Hindus had taken of Muslim orphans as well as old and destitute adults.
Why do we not have any such person amongst Muslims today.
Do we have any body amongst us like Mother Teresa who we can proudly say that this person places humanity above everything.
Talking about shaitaan, how many people are taking care of their aged parents let alone others in society?
Stop blaming others and learn from the greats of this world,irrespective of their religion.


"*Aaye Ek Kaam Karein* **SUNNAT-e- Nabvi ko aam karein ** *HELLO Nahi...* *Assalamu'Alaikum* *THANK Nahi* *Jazak ALLAH * *Bye TakeCare Nahi* *Fee Aman ALLAH * *GREAT Nahi* *Masha ALLAH * *OK/ZAROR Nahi* *INSHA ALLAH * *I AM FINE Nahi* *ALHAMDULILLAH * *ZABARDST Nahi* *SUBHANALLAH * *in alfaz ko aisey ada karein...* *Aao iraada krein...!!! *"

Talking about the religion.

I dont know in which angle that u have realised------and compared U.P---BIHAR muslim-----for your information the population of both the state is much higher then the HYDERABAD,-------Secondly your comaring state verses city which is not good at all----when u r comparing ---compare apple to apple---so that we can agree.where as u compare horse to ass.
For your information----there is lot of difference between HARDWORKING and SMART WORKING Hyderabad people do the smart work------not like labour do the hard work.-------there is every where in gthe world short coming is there.---- brother blaming others is not good at all----you are talking about the religion-----I dont know from which sectyor that you are but ISLAM TEACH EVERY THING ABOUT THE BITH WORLD------if you are takwa muslim you will never say about the religion,.

"✔ The Best Words I Like To Keep My Tongue Moist With Are ->Laa Ilaha Ill-ALLAH. ✔ The Best Actions I Need To Copy Is ->The Actions Of Our Prophet Peace Be Upon Him. ✔ The Best Knowledge I Need To Live By And Study Is ->Islam. ✔ The Biggest Enemy I Need To Fight Off Is ->My Desires And The Shaitan. ✔ The Best Exercise I Need To Increase My Imaan Is ->Salah ✔ The Best Words That Makes My Heart Feel At Ease Is ->The Holy Quran. ✔ The Best Status I Want To Like/Share -> Is This Beautiful Status"

Hyderabadi boys

Hyderabadi boys enjoy life at expense of some brother slogging as a slave in Gulf or sister working night shifts at call centres.
Just doing masti and awaragardi.Keep bikes with no income.
High dropouts from schools. No intention to pursue higher or basic education.
Satisfied with one biryani given at time of election by MIM.

great but not true.

Great-------I hope that you have met with those people only----------AADMI JIS MAHOOL MAAY RAHTHAY HAAY USKO SAAB WASAH HI DIKHTHA HAAY.

"Lafzon Me Kya likhoon "US" "RAB" Ki Tareef Main ... "JO" Na Mangoon To "Nawaaz" Deta Hai Aur Maang Loon Tu "Be'Hisaab" Deta Hai."

In every where there is short coming is there dont compare with that.

"Intelligence comes from knowledge, knowledge comes from learning,learning comes from experience,experience comes from Life & Life from Allah."

I hope that you took the biryani from them that is the reason you know very well.
1."A true good dream is from Allah, and a bad dream is from Satan." 2.''Allâh's help is 24/7, you can call Allâh at anytime.'' 3.''Qur'an Is Better Than Music.'' 4.''Sunnah Is Better Than Tradition.'' 5.''Prayer Is Better Than Sleep.'' 6.''Silence Is Better Than Bad Words.'' 7.''When we enter in ISLAM, we enter In PEACE.'' 8.''It doesn’t matter that people don’t notice the good that you do. What matters is that Allaah notices it. Never forget that.'' 9.''When Islam enters in us , we enter in Paradise.'' 10.''Start with Bismillah & end with Alhamdulilah.'' 11."A smile on your brother is a good deed." 12."A heart without the Quran is like a ship without a compass." 13.''If you want to talk to Allah, perform Salah.'' 14.''If you want Allah to talk to you, read Qur'an.'' 15." No Excuse For Prayer " 16."Indeed the religion with Allaah is Islaam." 17.''Salah is a light, leaving it is a darkness!'' 18." Sajda is A Best Way To Say Thanks To ALLAH For Every thing " 19.''If Jannah is your Dream hold tight to your Deen.'' 20.''Be truthful in everything, don’t lie.'' 21.“Heaven lies under the feet of your mother.” 22.''Pray, because Allah will always listen to you.'' 23."A Woman's best jewellary is her shyness" 24.''People hurt you, Allah will heal you People judge you, Allah will justify you.'' 25.''A Man without Imaan is like a Book without Words!'' 26.''The Best Book on this Earth is The Qur'an.'' 27.''Ya ALLAH, If I die in my sleep let my heart beat the dhikr of Allah.'' 28.''We say, 'Nobody loves me' Allah says, 'I love you'.'' 29."Everything is temporary. Except Paradise." 30.''You can forget Allah but Allah will neverleaveyou alone.'' 31.''Five Prayers a day keeps satan away.'' 32.''if u want to change the world at first u have to change ur self.'' 33.''Indeed, from Allah nothing is hidden in the earth nor in the heaven.'' 34.''Bismillaah - The Best Begining.'' 35.“Indeed, Allah is with those who fear Him and those who do good.” 36.''The MORE we PRAY, the more ALLAH shows us the WAY!'' 37.''Be good natured and forgiving, don’t be bitter and resentful.'' 38.''If you don't thank Allah for every smile, thenyou have no right to complain about every tear.'' 39.''Be confident of the mercy of Allah, don’t be despairing and lose heart.'' 40."Itis not a true believer who eats his fill while his neighbor does not have food to eat." 41.''Before you ask ALLAH for what you want, first thank ALLAH for what you have'' 42.''Turn to Allah before you return to Allah.'' So Everyone Plz Being a Muslim, We are the Representatives of Islam N Spread everything you can about Islam"

Muslims are not serious about helping Muslims

The case of Abdul Qadir has been forgotten after a lot of publicity.
No Muslims have done anything for getting the marriages of poor and helpless girls married inspite of so much verbal support in this paper.
The girls of old city continue to go work in call centres inspite of it being against the Sunnah.
The questions which need to be asked is what are the Muslims in a position of influence doing for their brothers & sisters who are less fortunate.
Are Muslims treading the path of the prophet(pbuh) or are they being led astray.
Many Muslim ladies are upto date watching the stupid serials on cable TV but do not try to incorporate the teachings of Islam in daily life

Stop crying like hi-jadh

Stop crying like hi-jadh about women and get a life looser.

A few questions to be answered by Indian Muslims

1)What have the Wakf board done for the Muslims?

2)How many good schools have been started for Muslims by the community in past
400 years of Muslim rule in Hyderabad.

3)Why do not Muslims apply for service in Armed Forces as do many communities in Punjab,Himachal,Gorkhas,Bihar and Jats?

4)Do Muslims of India love India more or their religion?
If they love their religion more than their country then they should expect the religious leaders to help rather than the Indians.

Lawrence, for your kind info

Lawrence, for your kind info osmania university was started by king osman ali khan, under its affiliation thousands of students study yearly.

Re:Lawrence, for your kind info

To study in University you need to have passed school.
Can you name 3 good school in Hyderabad started by Muslims thatRE THE PRIDE OF hYDERABAD EDUCATION EITHER IN ACADEMICS/SPORTS.
Even affluent muslims send their children to Christian schools rather than madrasas.

Affluent Muslim

Al those missionary schools in India only produced useless mug up parrots. Do you know what is the situation of roads in India? What about electricity? Drinking water? Basic Sanitation? Policing?

Where are the leaders, statesmen, visionaries, scientist, engineers produced by these schools to develop India and take it to next level.

These schools only know how to make money and they are there to make money only.

Grapes are sour

If these missionary schools are producing mug up parrots,why don't affluent Muslims send their kids to the excellent madrasas.
Come on grow up & accept facts. Missionary schools have done a lot for this country.

Hi Lawrence

Hyderabad Public School
Asafia School
Mehbobia College

Excellent work by Muslims

Muslims have done excellent work.
But I hope more parents will send their kids to Hyderabad Public school rather than to schools where teachers are not existent.


Did you mean non-existent.

Answer-1 Wakf board is the

Answer-1 Wakf board is the personal propert of Owasi family and Owaisi is liquidating one property after another to developers like Lanco Rajgopal. If you mess with Owaisi you will also be liquidated.

Answer-2 Many schools are started. But muslim go to madarssa and get basic education .

Answer-3 Muslim ulema has secretly asked muslims not to join army .As Indian can go to war only with Pakistan and A true muslim cannot fight for Non-muslim India against Islamic republic of Pakistan.

Answer-4 Muslim can only be muslims.If he is anything else he will not be a muslim

Great answers

The answers are really great and a slap on the face of leaders.
When we Muslims are more concerned about Paks security,we should not complain about being neglected.

Why are Muslims in India backward

We need to see within ourselves why we are more backward than Dalits and even those communities who were cleaning the toilets a century ago.
We have not concentrated on schools and education.
Our children have the highest dropout amongst all communities.
Without basic education how can our children hope to get IAS/IPS jobs or become doctors engineers.
We encourage an auto driver to have 7-9 children and due to high cost of living & education the kids don't get primary education and end up at puncture shops and odd jobs as office boys.
We need to have good schools for our children.
Christians,Sikhs,Parsis,Jains and Buddhists have progressed inspite of being minorities.
Let us not blame the government and do something for ourselves.
Also we have a wakf board which has been neglecting its role in the upliftment of Muslims.


Not even one comment is correct, all are out of context,Pls read the article first, re-read again to find out what the writer has to say and on what context he is giving his opinion and then comment, instead you people just go bonkers and fill up the page with thrash, ridiculous.

Reply to Mr Natural.

Dear Natural,

Please read Galib shayeri....

Hathoan ki lakiroan pay mat ja ai Galib Naseeb un k bi hote hain jin k hath nehen hote


Stop the victim mentality and start working for Empowerment of Muslims. Every Muslim should Volunteer, Contribute Time & Talent to CHANGE.
Foster unity and work for political and economic *empowerment of Muslims to improve the quality of life, self-reliance and to tackle the issues that are common to all Muslims in the region.
Empowerment is the process by which people, organizations, or groups who are powerless:
(a) Become aware of the power dynamics at work in the political context;
(b) Develop the skills and capacity to completely take control of their lives in all critical and vital areas of existence;
(c) Exercise this control without infringing on the rights of others, and
(d) Support the empowerment of others in the community especially those who are weak and vulnerable.
**Political empowerment is the ability to control or influence the decision makers or decisions that affect the Muslim community or society as a whole.
Political power is not given – it is earned and maintained through effort.
The tools for achieving political power are organization, money and vote. To have a direct impact upon public policies and the behavior of the state, the proven methods are: increased electoral participation, lobbying, civil disobedience, demonstrations, legal battles, rhetoric, media pressure as Mahatma Gandhi demonstrated one uses different tactics and methods for different purposes and times – education, advocacy, testimony, preaching and speaking-out, marching and demonstrations, building coalitions and alliances (coming together in alliances increases power and influence), mobilizing mass constituencies, using the media, symbolic protests, pragmatic organizing, prayer, worship, and civil disobedience - there is strength and power in numbers. Prayer and strategic discernment is always employed to determine when and how various methods are used. But it is essential to be specific about what you want to change and how you want to hold the state accountable to justice.

Fight for social and economic justice

Muslims should fight for social and economic justice
Muslims in India under the leadership of Congress, in the last several decades, were oppressed through systematic institutional discrimination and biased government policies leading to social and economic deprivation of Indian Muslims, facts which are confirmed by several studies conducted by the government. Yet, the Congress has failed to take appropriate steps to address the economic disparities through providing quality education, job reservations equivalent to the ratio of Muslim population, adequate representation in government. Muslim areas are rendered with squalid housing, lack of education, limited job opportunities, persistent unemployment, police brutality and cultural and economic oppression by the fascist groups. Now Muslims, rather than responding passively to the flow of life or to its troubling aspects should seek to alter course of history through social movement and revolutions. Only persistent and organized effort with a considerable measure of internal order and purposeful orientation, maintaining group solidarity, a successful political activism can yield results.

No education to blame

Average Muslim is not interested in a government job and desires to do business.
Once FDI comes the middleman ,(lots of muslims) will be out of work.
Muslims have highest dropout from school and this is due to parents having large families.
If we have family planning and concentrate on education,we can progress.


RIGHT CALL FROM ZAHID ALI KHAN - The Muslims of the State are very well aware of the style of governance of the Congress Party. Its communal minded narrow mentality has been exposed now.

Congress wake up from slumber sleep, before AP slips to non-congress government, AP Muslims gave Congress two terms in office and because of the anti Muslim polices of the congress Muslims are alienating from the traditional party congress, central leadership must take serious note about the situation in AP.

Allah Aap ko Dunya Aur Akhirat May Ala Mukaam Dey Ameen

Zulm ko rokna sunnat hai bhalay power say nahi to zabaan say. Zahid Ali Khan Bhai aap na to siasat dan hai aur na hi aap ko lalach hai. Aap jo Musalmanoo per zulm ho raha ha us kay leyiae jo kaha woh bhi ek ajar e azeem ka rasta hai. Allah aap ki umer daraz karay aur aap ki din aur duliya darjay oula karay ameen wa summa ameen.

Congress is worried about Daliths. It is not bothered about Musl

Very timely demand is made by Janab Zahid Bhai, who have taken care in pointing out this govt's failure. The Congress Govt is not doing any favours to Muslims of AP - they have to fulfill all their electoral promises made to Muslims and have to provide peace and security to all. Effective and good governance is the first priority of any govt - it is as yet lacking in AP.

congress ka haath hi

congress ka haath hi aisa hai
bottom green
middle white
top orange

Naturally !

Congress has to be worried about Daliths., because BR Amedkar stuck with Gandhi (Poona Pact 1928) inspite of his reservations. He had huge differences with Gandhi and Nehru, and their bitter critic at times., but he believed in the IDEA of a UNITED INDIA.

So, Congress is repaying the Dalits for the wisdom that was shown by Ambedkar at a historic juncture.

Muslims have to be left to their God. Because they said : "Ana Al Malik" and wanted (AND GOT) a portion of India, where they could experiment Nizam-e-Mustafa and display to the world how an Islamic Govt. is run (LABORATORY).

The whole world is seeing the experiments of this laboratory on a daily basis today.

SO., thats the end of the matter. Indian Muslims have only 2 options today. Option No. 1 : Suicide.
Option No. 2 : Throw away Arabic/Urdu/Persian., and take to English as a Mother TOngue.

Go for small names. Li, Pi, Mao, Tao, Chu, Xi, Hu.. Muslims have such big names. Syed Muzaffaruddin Ali Shah "Shams", aur URFIYYAT bhee rehti.. "Munawwar Mian", "Anwar Mian", "Hyder Mian"... Itna bada naam likne ke liye waqt kiskay paas hai 2012 mein. Idiots - stuck in the 6th century.

Costume : Sherwani/Kurta Pyjamas to be burnt. Dress today should be : T-shirts, shorts., sports shoes., and sun-glasses.

Agar yeh nahin karey.. yeh bachi kuchi tooti huee shikasta kashti.. doob jaati.. Iqbal ki shaayri se Indian Muslims ko bahut nuqsaan hua. Iqbal harmed muslim interests more than Bal Thackerey and Narendra Modi. Bayl kaa gosht khaane kee wajeh se... Iqbal ki shaayri political suicide kee taraf muslims ko le gayee. Na samjhogey to mitt jaaogey.

Chal : Mitt gaye. Achcha hua.


Anwer Sheikh now changed is name.

He does not have any identity.

Itna bada naam likne ke liye

Itna bada naam likne ke liye waqt kiskay paas hai 2012 mein!!!. But where from the idiot (Naseeruddin Chughtai "Barq" ) has got waqt to type such a long non-sensical message??. Naturally!, it appears to be a case of mental illness.

reply to Naseeruddin Chughtai "Agent"

First of all you are fake Muslim named HIJDA.(alias: Naseeruddin, Anwar Sheikh, Jafer Ali ETC.) Everybody knows half knowledge is danger that you have. don't you know? Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was not only in the congress but also served as a president of Congress committee and also believed in the same idea of a United India. due to his speech in Lakhnow mosque, lakh of muslims stopped their foots rising towards pakistan. And the proof is a majority of muslims loved to stay in India, even after loosing their valuables, properties and love ones. Everyone knows well that muslims believes in congress much more than your community and that is since independance but congress betray us. And you people who killed Gandhiji (father of Nation) and everyday killing motherland by violating the motherlands constitution in the name of religion congress welcomes you because miscreants like you wore congress veil to harm muslims. No problem! we can face because we believe in Allah. Regarding Costume: (you half knowledged)don't you know? the sherwani as the national dress of India what dress was wore by first prime minister of India and president first education minister .. sherwani is a Royal dress a muslims gift to the world. now a days no party is complete without sherwani don't you see stuppid? no wedding party, no TV serial, no Indian Movie is complete without shervani ... If you dont like leave who cares? if you wear "khaki chaddi" but most of your community leaders feels price wearing kurta paijama ... don't you know? Go and set a fire to their kurta paijama first ........ Hamarey liye saara jahaan hai duniya main hum hi phailey huvey hain hamari hukumatein hain hum kabhi ghuroor ki baat nahi karte ke hamarey liye kaee mumalik hain laikin tumharey liye ????? Jal gaee na? Aqal ke andhey shikasta kashti tumhari hai jisko Israel ka taik laga huvaa hai jis din wo taik hata lega tab tum kya karogey? Jaa phir koee musalmaan naam ke saath aana kyon ke tere pass dum nahi hai apna naam batane ki .. haan ye baat ho sakti hai ke baap muslim hi ho shayad .... HAHAHAHAH

Aslam pheku..... No

Aslam pheku.....
No musalmaan supported Moulana Azas at that time. He was called Gaddar -e-qoum by muslim league thugs. And Sherwani is Parsee dress not Islamic/muslim dress.Islamic dress is THAWAB. off late 6 th century musalmaans are imitating their arabian aakhas and wear THAWAB.

maulana azad

AREY ISRAELI GHULAAM ... / GHADDAAR- E - HIND. At least you shouldnot teach us the history. The fact is that who called him ghaddar-e-qoum were shifted to pakistan ... we are the muslims who dared to live with pride in INDIA and don't involve yourself in sherwani , kurta paijama .. you just keep yourself up to khaki chaddi n dhoti.

AREY O WHABI Dajjal , those

AREY O WHABI Dajjal , those who called him gaddar are still Indian trying to massacre innocents like they did durin yum-e-ashura. I will wear what ever i like but you hide your self in thawb

Kya kaam karta too ?

Driver hai, gaadiyaan dhota, ya kisi office mein Secretary ? Tere koo maloom, yahan pe bachchey Rs. 20 thousand kamaatey. Ab India rich country ho gaya. Aur Aslam Bhikari, too 2-3 hazaar riyal kamaa leta hoonga. Aur sharing accomodation mein rehta. Ek room mein 4 hyderabadis. Rent per head per month : SR 100/- Naashta 2 riyal ka kar leta., dinner 2 riyal kaa kar leta. 4x30=120 + 100 = 220. SR 220 tera mahaana kharcha hai. Bhakari ho ke Sherwani ke baatan karra.

Moo dho ke aa. Chal.


JAL GAEE NA .... NAAM MUSALMAN KA RAKH LIA magar tere likhne se maloom ho gaya tu kon hai .. HAAN AGAR BAAP MUSALMAAN HAI TO MUSALMAAN KA NAAM RAKHO WARNA NAHEE .... Sun haan driver hoon kuch bhi hoon magar izzat ki to kha raha hoon balke India ko bhi (foreign Exchange ke thru)help kar raha hoon .. Hyderabadi izzat se rehta bhek nahi maangta ye kisi sey bhi poochle kyoun ke tu to hyderabadi nahi hai tujhey kya maloom ...aur ye jo tu likh raha hai tu apne limit ka likha hai ye teri rehne, khane, kamane, ki limit hai usi main reh ziaada mat bol hamarey tukron pe palte they tumharey dada pardada ... Zinda hai to poochley.

Anwer Sheikh aka Nasser aka Naseeruddin

Aslam bhai bahut Khoob.

Ye Nasser, Anwer Sheikh jo bhi hai Musalmano se bahut hi jalta. Uski to bahut hi sulgi hui hain Musalmano se. Bush koshish kara, Narendar Modi, Bal Thackeray aur kitne ke maa ke laalon ne koshish ki Magar na kamyab rahe. Ye bhi apni ankhon me yehi tamanna leke jayega. Angrez ye sonch kar ki Islam khatam hojayega Hindustan me bade bade musalman aalimon ko maar diye Delhi aur Calcutta (Kolkatta) me. Magar ab dekho Hindustan ke musalman England me bhi hain.

Agar tereku thodi bhi knowledge hain to ye pata hona chahiye India ko foreign remittance 70 billion dollars aata aur uski badhi wajeh Gulf Countries hain.

Jiska apan koi culture nahi, zabaan nahi, religion nahi jo doosron ko imitate karna chahte wo haivano ki zindagi guzarte.

Anwar sheikh aka naseer aka naseeruddin, Lowrence

Bilkul sahi boley bhai 70 billion dollars aata aur Gulf seich ziada aata. BUS AB HUM LOGOM MAIN HI ITTEHAAD HONA .. YE LOGAN TO AISAICH MAR JAATE JAL JAL KE. Aslam bhai bi sahi boley agentan hai ye sob namaa badal badal ke arey hijde.

Indian Muslims

My friend you wrote "NATURALLY" a half cooked and misleading idea. You have not given complete formula how to be a future Muslims. You have missed the biggest weapon is called "EDUCATION" among Muslims. We have not yet understood the bottom line agenda of Anti Muslim politics in India. We have to strive and get our rights thru education and vote bank. We need to come to gether not involved in false pride and money making on the dead bodies of innocent Muslims. We need a leadership common for all Indian Muslims. Think on this dont get divide on sects and small parties as the anti Muslims want to see. Better improve your suggestion.

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