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Dilsukhnagar Blasts planned from Shilpi lodge in Dilsukhnagar

Monday, 25 February 2013
Hyderabad, February 25:


The elite National Investigation Agency which started probing the twin blasts of Dilsukhnagar, has been making rapid progress, say sources. The found that noted terrorist Raju Bhayya stayed in the Shilpi lodge in the area and suspect that he might have organized the operation. A team from Maharashtra which examined the CC TV footage of the lodge, identified Raju Bhayya, said sources.


Meanwhile, investigators had also identified two other terrorists who actually might have carried the operation from the CC TV footage obtained from the camera mounted in the Dilsukhnagar junction. They also found that some phone calls were made to Indian Mujahideen chief Yasin Bhatkal from the Dilsukhnagar area. Investigators are now engaged in tracing the calls received and made from cell phones in Hyderabad.


It is learnt that sleuths had taken into custody five persons on Sunday, on the basis of the information they had so far gathered. It is also learnt that one of those in police custody had connections with Waqab, Ahmed and Shakir of Uttar Pradesh. Now search is on for the three. Meanwhile, in Begu Sarai of Bihar, the son of an Urdu teacher of Hyderabad was picked up by the NIA teams and is being questioned.


Police now found that the terrorists who triggered off the blasts stayed in room no 303 of Shilpi lodge in Dilsukhnagar. Soon after the blasts, police examined the footage of CC cameras in all the lodges and hotels in Dilsukhnagar. In the footage of Shilpi Lodge, they found some vital evidence, say sources.


Two rooms 302 and 303 sere booked in the lodge, 14 days before the blasts. One Subhani booked these rooms. These rooms were booked for one Vijay. This Vijay came and occupied room number 303. However the other room remained vacant. After a week, on February 15, two persons, Sajid and Ali Khan occupied room number 303. Both stayed in the room till February 16 and suddenly vacated it without any information to the lodge management. Police in their enquiry found that their names and other particulars were fictitious.


Terrorist Raju Bhayya stayed in the lodge


On February 21 another person Raju occupied room number 303. He gave his voter ID as proof of his identity.


His father’s name was mentioned as Venkateswara Raju and native place as Miryalaguda. On the day of blasts, Raju went out at 4 pm and returned to the room after the blasts. At around 8 pm he vacated the room without informing the management. It is learnt that Maharashtra ATS officials who examined the video footage of Shilpi Lodge reportedly found that this Raju was none other than Raju Bhayya alias Akthar, the terrorist. ATS has already found that this Raju Bhayya had close relationship with the Indian Mujahideen chief Yasin Bhatkal and they all worked earlier in SIMI.


Sleuths of the NIA fanned out to different corners of the country and are hunting the terrorists from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. They are also visiting various jails where arrested terrorists are lodged. On Sunday, they interrogated some terrorists lodged in the Parapuna Agrahara jail in Bangaluru. They questioned terrorist Ubaidur Rehman for over an hour. It is learnt that Rehman stayed in Hyderabad for a few days before his arrest.


Investigators suspect that of the 12 charge-sheeted terrorists in the 2008 Bangaluru serial blasts case, at least two could have Hyderabad connections.


Meanwhile, NIA officials had reached the Reksal village on the borders of Nepal in Bihar to interrogate two arrested suspects. Bihar police caught the two while trying to slip into Nepal illegally.


Kanyakumari and Nellore connections


NIA sleuths are also pursuing one more lead in Kanyakumari district of Tamilnadu. They identified that the accused in Hyderabad received several calls from Kanyakumari. On Sunday, NIA authorities had raided some places in Kanyakumari.


Investigators also probed the Nellore connection to the Hyderabad blasts. They went to the Nellore jail and interrogated Feroze Khan lodged there. They found that Syed Maqbool met Feroz Khan last January during Mulakhat. NIA officials are now questioning him about it.


Internet centre


Investigators also searched the internet centres in and around Dilsukhnagar, to identify suspicious e-mails that might have been sent. It is learnt that some information they got at an internet centre turned out to be vital.


Enhancing quality of video footage


According to information, officials are stating that the visuals of individuals caught on the CC TV of Shilpi lodge and the Dilsukhnagar junction were not clear. However it is learnt that the Maharashtra ATS has a software that would compare the images with that of known suspects stored at their Pune lab. ATS sleuths of Maharashtra reportedly started that job already.


The cyclists who planted bombs


Police now found that the cycles on which the bombs were mounted were hired locally. One of the cycles was an Atlas company cycle. On the other, the words 'Great Champion' was written. Sleuths found two persons riding these cycles, carrying bombs in the 20 minute footage chosen by the investigators.


One of the two persons was found riding an old cycle at around 6-30 pm on the fateful day. Another person, slightly taller than first was found walking into a lane beside Konark theatre. The person peddling the bicycle was of middle build, black and was wearing a green T shirt. He stopped at the cross roads as there was a red light. The other person wearing a white shirt was a few feet from the first. Police also found that the person walking gave some instructions to the cyclists ad they had conversed for about 2 minutes.


After some time, the two went into the lane adjoining the Konark theatre. After a few minutes, the person wearing green T shirt came walking briskly towards the cross roads and the person with white shirt was not found again.


Video sent to film lab for quality enhancement


Officials said that the video was sent to a film lab for improving its quality. If the attempt succeeds, it would be easy to identify the two, who are suspected as the main persons who had planted the bombs.



--Courtesy: Andhraheadlines


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...what you will do when you are pushed to the limits. Time to wakeup and hold a single rope tightly. As long as we have Quran we are living with.. reading it, understanding it and implementing it, IA, we will be successful. Otherwise... like sea salt foam.. no force/no value. jago musalman please... let us be muslim and wise muslim.

Yeh tota maina ki kahani

Yeh tota maina ki kahani kisku sunarai? Kab tak khelinge muslimon ke jazbat ke sat. Had hogai yaro. Kabi wirean katdiye bolte kabi nai bolte. Kabi Raju bhai bolte kabi kuch, kya tamasha hai? Togadia ky pakadke andar karo aur uske kanpatti seko phir dekho 24 ghante ke andar sach bahar ajata.

Arrest all BJP, Leaders , Supporters

Surrender to Muslims for a Justice.



propaganda to set minds

Police is good in making and executing false stories.
These footages released after 4 days. Question are these real or tampered ones by police? Why not release soon after the blasts so that alerts can be made at stations etc.
Police is asking those are prisons from last one year who did not see the outside world. Our great security jai jawan jai hind

false campaign

Police is good in making and executing false stories.
These footages released after 4 days. Question are these real or tampered ones by police? Why not release soon after the blasts so that alerts can be made at stations etc.

real or fake images

These footages released after 4 days. Question are these real or tampered ones by police? Why not release soon after the blasts so that alerts can be made at stations etc.

real or fake images...

These footages released after 4 days. Question are these real or tampered ones by police?

hindu dehshatgardaw ko media ke bepanah support hasil hai?

jab raju bhiyya noted terrorist hia toh jail kay bahar kiya karraha hai, jabkay police jail main khaid musalmanow se tafteesh jkarrahi hai, aur asal hindu terrorrist police ki naak ke neeche apna kaam kardeyah, ab media kiya karraha hai, kiun nahi is ki histry nikalti, laiken afsoos aik naam ajane ke baad bhi shakk ki soowee abhi bhimusalmanow per hi hai,macca masjid blasts ke baad hindu dehshatgardaw kay saat mukhami hinduwaw ke mulaviz hone ki tafteesh nahi ki, jabkay wo musalman jo macca masjid dhamake kay ilzam se baizzat bari howe teh,own se bhi tafteesh ki, kiya india ke seculer saaf dil aur sachche hindu yeh sab nahi dekhrahe hain? ager pori imaandari se tafteesh ho toh musalman is martaba bhi surkhuro honge, jab bhi hindu dehshatgardi saamne ajati hai toh media khamoosh hojata hai, media kitna munafikh hai, government police aur inteligence ko chaheyeh sab say pehle media ka bhookna band karaeen, tab hi dehshatgardaw ko pakda jasakta hai, hamare central home minister sahab nay calcutte main yeh kah ker ke yeeh afzal guru aur khassab ki phansi ka re-action hai, musalmanow ko mazeed azmaesh main daldeeyah hai,jiski wajha se asal hindu dehshatgard aik bar phir sokoon ka saans leleeyeh hain, aur hosakta hai ke is kamyabi say dhamake karne ke baad wo koi aur taraf dhamake ki mansoba bandi karrahe hoonge, takay central home minister ke bayan say faida owtaheen aur dhamakaw ka ilzam bhi musalmnaw per daaldain, hindu dehshatgardaw ko media ka bhi bharpoor support hai, is leeyeh wo kaheen bhi dhamaka karke saaf bachch jate hain aur pakde bhi musalman jate hain aur badnam bhi musalman hote hain, media aur kaheen na kaheen police o intelegence ka ravayya hindu dehshatgardaw ke mamoolay main narm hai, tab hi toh her dafa tafteesh se bari rahte hain,

To be corrected

The above news need to be corrected as in other media reports it is stated that Mr. Raju s/o Mr. Venkateshwara Raju is not Raju Bhayya @ Akthar whom the police is looking for. They have checked & found that Raju s/o Venkateshwra is an HW Engg. from Miryalguda, the id provided by him is correct and not fictious as stated above. Then the Q arises how they corelated him with Raju Bhaiyya @ Akthar??

See the reality and do Justice

Story was written and completed by the police by keeping in mind the mens to be targeted in different part of india of particular community. i.e Muslims. For some job basic requirements are needed to terrorist label Muslim is must. Even hindu will do any number of blast he never be terrorist and police will not get any evidence against them. For the terrorist label he must be compulsarily MUSLIM. Even some hindus like Late Karkare do the neutral investigation without looking into the religion for the sake of justice. He was killed by the Communal forces by taking the advantage of the mumbai attack. Why they not investigated with which bullet he die. He die with the bullet of survive driver of his car. Communal people hire and killed the real hero of the country, who want to solve the mystery of blasts. When karkare want to bring out the big name before this he was killed. This **** togadia was hide inside the rat hole without noise when investigation was on. As he (Karkare) died he came out from rat hole and started spreading the hatred, because he know nothing will happens to him from governament, but he forget Almighty Allah will punish him. All the blasts most of them including this blast is handy work of Saffron terrorist organization. If police will not catch the real criminals one day their love one's will be die in such attack then they will realize the pain of the people. Police is not police most of them are communal by their mind, how you will expect some thing good from them. People must unite and raise the issues if they find something wrong. Be human and live like Human. Respect everyone and punished with justice without making any discrimination with anyone. One thing must be remember " TRUTH ALWAYS PREVIAL'" sometime it take time, If people will not act Almighty will act and punished them.

yeh lamba chauda matter like raju ki bare main

yeh lamba chauda matter like siasat wale raju ki bare main, TOI wale kya likhe dekhe, On interrogation, the cops realized that he was innocent and was in the city for some personal work.
ab kya bolte



what a good story to deceive

what a good story to deceive the people it's looking like film story but hang on
the truth will prevail what happen in mecca masjid blast the made muslim respondible for the blast at frist but when the truth came u know rss did it
this is also the same case

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