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Don't think UPA can ever decide on my case: Afzal Guru in Interview

Saturday, 9 February 2013
New Delhi, February 09:

Stressing that he wanted a quick end to his ordeal, parliament attack convict Afzal Guru had in 2008 doubted if the UPA government could ever reach a decision on his case. In what was perhaps his last interview, the death row convict had told IANS that life had become hell and he did not wish to be "part of the living dead".

"Life has become hell in the jail. I requested the government to take an immediate decision over my sentence just two months ago. I don't wish to be part of the living dead," Afzal Guru had said in the rare interview to IANS in Tihar Jail's prison no. 3.

His moods swinging from being stoic and defiant, he had said: "I have also requested that till the time they (government) take a decision, they shift me to a Kashmir jail."

That never happened. And the Sopore resident, convicted for his central role in plotting the audacious attack on parliament on Dec 13, 2001, in which nine people were killed, was hanged outside his Tihar Jail cell Saturday morning, more than four years after that June 2008 interview.

Then, as now, the country was getting into election mode.

About a year before the April-May 2009 election, during the United Progressive Alliance government's first tenure in office, Afzal said Bharatiya Janata Party's prime ministerial candidate L.K. Advani would act swiftly in deciding his plight one way or the other while the present government dithered over his death sentence.

"I don't think the (UPA) government can ever reach a decision. The Congress party has two mouths and is playing a double game.

"I really wish L.K. Advani becomes India's next prime minister as he is the only one who can take a decision and hang me. At least my pain and daily suffering would ease then," said Afzal, who had been in solitary confinement in the capital's high-security Tihar Jail.

IANS managed to secure access to Afzal Guru in the prison without the jail authorities realizing that they had let in a journalist.

In the interview, Afzal's first and perhaps last since he was convicted by the Supreme Court in 2004 that was subsequently upheld a year later, he said the death sentence had made him delusional.

Cumbersome legal procedures and prolonged periods of solitary confinement, he said, were inhuman and cruel.

Dressed in a spotless white kurta-pyjama and a sports cap to hide his shaven head, Afzal, who was then in his mid-30s, said he sympathised with Sarabjit Singh, an Indian lodged in a Pakistan prison for nearly two decades, but said no parallel could be drawn between them.

"Please don't compare me with Sarabjit. The issues are separate. My sympathies are with him, but my fight is for the Kashmir conflict. Now, I am not even seeking any clemency and have no objection to the government deciding my fate.

"I long for my eight-year-old son, Ghalib. In jail, it is not possible to meet them easily as intelligence officials unnecessarily harass my family and wife, Tabassum, when they come here," he remarked.

At the time, he was reading a book called "India Wins Freedom" by Maulana Abul Kalam Azad that details events of the country's independence movement.


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Afzal Guru

If a Muslim fight for his rights, injustice or freedom he is terrorist if other do the same he becomes freedom fighter. The people of Kashmir only knows what pain they had and are still having.

Inna Lillahi wa inna Ilaihi raje'oon

Akbar Owaisi & Afzal Guru not Ideal Muslims

ager har koi musalman padh likhkar apne AK Khan jaisa ya phir Dr CM habibullah jaisa ho ya phir Jannat Hussain jaisa ho ya phir apne former president AP Abdul Kalam jaisa ho bahut faqr ki baat hai.Hum Musalmano ko padh likhkar kuch bada banega hoga ager hum hamare kaum ke liye ager kuch karna chahahte hai toh.Ager akbar owaisi & Afzal Guru bhi MBBS khatam kar ke ummah ke liye kuch free social service karte aur yeh logo ka dukh dard kuch kam karte toh yeh bhi ache musalman banh sakete thay.lekin yeh Afzal Guru & Akbar Owaisi jaise medical college dropouts jo apne aadhe adhure doctor bannay ke sapno ko chodhkar logo ko bhadkane walle ya phir banduk utha kar ummah ko ghumrah karne walle bannay toh inh par kaise ummah bharosa karegi ???

Afzal guru is not dead

He is a shaheed and his death will not go waste...more and more such people will come and shall come to kill hindu terrorists of india..it is the police and military ,the number one terrorists but they blame muslims as terrorist...cant we see who is responsible for malegaon blasts, makkahmasjid blast, samjhota express blast..what did the govt do till now?!! will they punish these hindu terrorists !!! no never ..the law is only for muslims and minorities and not for disgraceful hindu terrorist..india is a communal country and day after day the hatred is growing among indian muslims ...the crime for afzal guru was not proven ... as the evidences provided was not prooved..this is only media who hype the name and oppostions pressurised the govt and he is hanged.... the day will come when india as a whole will become like kashmir then these hindu terrorists will run ....May Allah brings unity in muslim ummah.

No sympathy for this terrorist.

Let there be no sympathy for this terrorist,killing innocent people in the name of religion and freedom does not deserve any sympathy`s, Afzal guru is dead, let close the chapter.

Afzal Guru

Isn't it stupid or yourself is stupid even to write that he was a terrorist and fought in the name of religion?? Seems you didn't know the case or can not read the news article properly. He was fighting for Kashmir and not for religion. And to say that he killed innocent people?? You are one stupid brain.. He experienced the trauma and killings of innocent people in Kashmir by Indian army and then decided to take law in his own hand...

Inna lillahi wa inna Elaihi raje'oon

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