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Fatwa against girls bicycle riding

Friday, 16 July 2010
July 16:

Lucknow, July 17: Renowned Islamic seminary Darul Uloom, Deoband, has issued a fatwa prohibiting girls aged 13 and above from riding bicycles. Clerics and educationists termed the edict "ridiculous" and "impractical".

Mufti Arshad Faruqui, chairman of the Darul Uloom fatwa department, told reporters on Friday that the edict was in keeping with the ideals of Islam. "When a grown-up girl goes cycling outside her house, it is bound to result in bepardagi [undue exposure]," he said. "Even medical science has given us evidence to believe that cycling is not good for adolescent girls, physically," he said. "Apart from affecting their feminity, it is harmful for their body structure," he said.

However, clerics feel otherwise. Maulana Khalid Rashid Firangi Mahali, Lucknow's 'naib imam', said "Muftis should desist from issuing such impractical advice,".

"Some maulanas and muftis seem bent becoming laughing stocks. They should act with more gravity," Maulana Yasoob Abbas, general secretary, All India Shia Muslim Personal Law Board, said.


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Bicycle fatwa

I think the Moulvis is sniffing the bicyle seats was too much !!!!!

Signs of Qayamah

See, how our brothers and sisters and pointing fingers at one another.Just follow Mohammed (SAW) last sermon to avoid all this Issues, Follow Quran and Hadeeth and find the answers by yourself, no need to follow anyone.May Allah SWT keep all muslim umma united. Allah Hafiz


They are lot of hindu elements reading and writing their ideas about islam, it is the grudge that they have against islam, muslim and ulema. For us the ulema are the inheritors of the prophet knowledge as long as we will be connected with ulema and work on there guide lines Allah(SWT) will protect us from all kinds of fitnas when we will think that we are self sufficient we will be tested and we will not be able to stand with our lack of knowledge and weak imaan. So please do not become prey to these hindus zealots and enemies of islam unite and stand in line with ulema respect them love them and stay attached with them so that the knowledge and taqwa(piety) becomes our nature and on which we will be able to build our lives in this world and be successful in the hereafter.

Allah hafiz
Ur brother in islam

lack fo education

Dear Muslim Brothers, We see around Muslim world is very backward & they forgetthe hadith that getting knowledge is must for all Muslims.Watever nabi (S.A.W) knows he conveyed the message.But stupid idology of Wahabi's & some uneducated groups make confusion for new generation by issuing Fatwa.

For example during Prophet time he advise to use a "TOOTH BRUSH" as there was no facility of tooth brush or paste.'Now we have technology of keeping hygine but some idiots still use the "MISWAK" the wood to brush which they carry in pocket spreading their mouth Bacteria around.

Try speak to any Imam of Masjid or any Maulvi.His mouth stinks..Some idiots read ayats and blow their bacteria in form of blessing on small babies which daage babi'es health to more extent as baby catches bacteria faster.thus hospitals dont allow babies in ICU.

Nabi also ate in Plate made of "CLAY" now we have melamin,steel & various metals to eat in..why should one eat in clay.

Same goes to eating Animals..like Dr.Zakir naik encourage eating cow.All by muslim brothers i ask you..was NABI was having soft heart towards kafir wat more to say he will ask you to cut someone and eat.

Middle east was having only sad,Palm date(Khajoor) to eat & live.Thus animal population will grow more than humans so God allow us to consume otherwise go to quran and read in Sureh al noh..i apologise if it is Noor or Noh but it states animals has family like u..give them love & take care of them "IF NECESSARY,YOU CAN HAVE THEM"".

India has abudance of other food why should one have to cut an animal?

Understand the religion dont listen to culprits who spread haterate from Childhood towards others.

RSS a Hindu Terrorist why it formed? anyone knwos the reason? Muslim alcohol sellers use to kidnap hindu girls & marry them during Night.Thus give a birth to RSS & now they become Hindu Terrorist.

Somehow we are at fault..so be educated change the life styles.Dont listen to people like Mufti's or all Bullshit's who can just talk without sufficient knowledge.

bring our Modern Muslim generation towards peaceful islam,teach tolorence & love.


It was great to read your comments n I agree with u fully n I salute you... thankyou...

Mufti is dhong babai

The mufti is stupid and silly man. I know nobody is going to follow him exept few kath molla type people, who dont have any brain. People apply your mind. We dont need any mufti these days.

If Mufti is Dhong baba then you are Jogi baba

How you can say that this mufti is stupid & silly man. how many ahadees you know of Nabi e Kareem sallalahu alahiwasalam. can you give me any reference in which islam allowed to any female to travel any distance without any mehram. because we are slowing adopting the life style of western culture, our believes and thoughts are also becoming the same as them.we are not following the islam and keep ourself far away from Alim's and Mufti's by saying (we dont need any mujfti these days)that is why we losting our dignity and respect. see our image all over the world you will get reply as muslims are indispline, dishonour & terr....st so on... All this because we kept Quran in mosque and Elim e deen in madarsa. During the time of Nabi e kareem sallahahu alihiwasalam they don't offer iman.People who see their dealing and following the sunna, they enter in to the ISLAM. So, can expect now from the non muslims the same.

Saudi Dictation to our Moulanas

Why to follow Saudi, when they themself are depended on western support for food, fun, and security, even guidelines to issue a fatwa, like Bin Baz did when troops came to Saudi Arabia in support of government.
These Mufti Arshad Faruqu and others get guidelines from Saudis and they preach and accept as Allaha word, the power of riyal. Did not holy blessed Fatima went to the first Caliph darbar to get her back the "Faidak Garden", even though it was denied due to lame reason, read this ugly saga in our Sunnis Book and also the hidden actors, if a woman is educated all her family will be educated, particular her kids, but who will tell these to wahibis who blow every school, and promote gun culture, all due roles modules Waleed, Hisham, Movia, Hinda, and petro dollar funding, which has become a curse on long term.

Deoband, Wahhabi,

Deoband, Wahhabi, Ahle-hadith, Tablighi Jamaat are all fake muslims and their main objective is to make muslim society poor in terms of education, economics, social conditions etc.

Look at Ahle-Sunnat wal Jamaat, how many times have you seen crazy fatwas being issued from Ahle-Sunnat wal Jamaat(aka Barelvis or Maslak-e-Ala Hazrat). Answer is never. Because the aqeedah of Ahle-sunnat is in conformance with the aqeedah of Prophet Mohammed(Sallal Lahu Alaihi Wasallam) and Sahabas(RA) and this is the aqeedah of all Sunni muslims around the world.

Brothers and Sisters, if you really want to put a stop on these crazy fatwas and muftis, then please stop supporting Deoband, Wahhabis, Ahle-hadith, Tablighi Jamaat.

This is to you mister/miss

This is to you mister/miss who ever u are.Can I ask you what Ahle-Sunnat wal Jamaat is doing in encouraging muslims around the world.Stop living a misunderstanding life.Following anything blindly and practising unecessary things and inventing the new things is Shirk and biddath in Islam.You guys follow what your forefathers and fathers have thought you do you think that your fathers and forefathers whatever had done till now is Right.If yes why did the sahabas,Tabayeen,Tabaytabayeen didnt do the things which Ahle-Sunnat wal Jamaat is now doing.Stop living like a puppet.Ok you are saying that Tablighi people are wrong may i know in what way they are wrong.Did you know what our Prophet(PBUH) did???He went to each and everyone around makkah to invite the people to accept Islam.Even the people use to thrash him with stones he didnt backoff.what all he want was to invite the people to join Islam.Do u know after the last Sermon of our Prophet(PBUH) the sahabis went in each and everycorner of the world to spread the news of Islam and make practise Islam to people all over the world.Go and have a look at the people around the cities who are living in villages where people offer salah only on fridays or on Eids thansk to the tabligi people who are doing a wonderful job.They dont need any compliments from you guys Allah(swt) likes the people who goes in his way.If one man decides to go in jamat for one day or two his wife,mother,father,children everyone will be against him.Then remember how those wife and children of Sahabas use spend their life without them they even not were not sure wheather they will retun back or not.The way our Sahabas have sacrificed their lifes we are nothing doing in the way of Islam.Brother if you are buying a new shirt or a new bike or any new thing you want to purchase you wil search for the Information of the particular product each and everywhere and after knowing about that product you wil decide to buy that.I think you are enough educated and you are enough mature to knw what is right & what is wrong then why dont you guys search and get the proper education and knw what ISLAM is follwing anything blidly the people do who are not educated.Brother first of all knw what Islam is your fathers forefathers and the people who thgt you this things will be no one there at the time of Judgement.Stop fingering at the others and stop living like a DUMP.This was not to degrade you my brother.I am sorry if any of ma wrds have hurtd you.May Allah(swt) guide all of us in the right path.....

You seems to be a biggest

You seems to be a biggest looser...

please stop supporting Deoband, Wahhabis, Ahle-hadith, Tablighi

Yes, please stop supporting Deoband, Wahhabi, Ahle-hadith, Tablighi Jamaat now and then this half Knowledge Moulana's and Muftes issue Fatwas and whole Muslim community would become a community of jokers.

Crazy mullana (moulanas)

Guess what this crazy molana's think???
they did not even have the mercy and sense think that How many poor muslim girls in india use cycle to travel to school & collages. If these silly molanas have guts to sponsor for the travel then they can crook. Damn it, see where todays world is going, how the women are proving them selves in every field and these silly moulanas, god give them some sense...

Mullanas not crazy, you are

Mullanas not crazy, you are stupid. what fatwa issue its correct because medical science approved if young girls ride bicycle her virginity is not safe.In india mostly divorce because of virgin.You are talking about world western life style different than us. Like animals life, no shame. you are like munafiq , you don't know what is Islam. first you read quran & hadees (hadith ) then you write comment.


IDIOT, I did not mention to follow the western culture. The best example of women proving is just like our own president Prathiba patil. You deserve to go to afghanistan and die there. Keep applying those fatwas and stay back ward. Dont you feel ashamed of your self for using the new technology from western countries. You goons are always ready to bring bad name to islam just for your own pride...

Whom you follow ?

If you don't want to follow Saudi Arabia means Mohammed (SAW) were also Saudi and all Sahabas are Saudi and you are not following them.

You are independent to follow anyone even Raam Sita or etc.

There was no Saudi arabia at

There was no Saudi arabia at the time of Prophet Mohammed(Sallal Lahu Alaihi Wasallam). The whole region was called Arabia.

But ignorant fools like you dont have enough brain cells to understand this thing. The name Saudi Arabia came after the family name of the present kings(dictators) 'Sauds'.

The other areas(Iraq,Yemen,Syria,Jordan etc) of the then Arabia are still Ahle-Sunnat wal Jamaat and they reject Wahhabis just like Indians.

jo mufti bolo accept karo

tum aam log islam ko sahi tarah se nahi jaante agar mufti sahaban ne faisla dia hai to sahi bhi hoga aur ye koi buri baat nahi hai na hi shariyat ki khilaaf warzi so accept it


this comment is absolutely right and Lucknow people dont have any work always giving Wrong Fatwa delhi Imam is there his telling any think why other people are telling



Dirty Moulana

This Mouland seems to have a Dirty Mind, this is the reason he is giving such FATAWAS. I request the Indian Government to put a ban on Deoband and their activities to be monitored.

You are munafiq. First you

You are munafiq. First you investigate then write comment.You stupid even you don't know how to read Quran.You are writing comment.

fatwās are binding on no one!!!

fatwās are binding on no one!!!

fatwā against girls bicycle riding? In my view it's not called for they can bring to attention of girls and their guardians of potential hazards (if any)... but thru sermons Friday or other occasions, can also use media if it's bad for girls than why only muslims girls educate all girls...

A means of becoming popular, thats all......

Dear mufti sahab. First of all, congratulations to you.. You have became famous by giving a fatwa that's what your main intention was. Till now, only a few people knew about you but now you are a famous celebrity. Its a good medium for becoming famous. I like it.. Please provide this opportunity to your other muftis also so that all of them get the same fame and publicity. will be waiting for your next publicity act to spoil the view of Islam in reader's mind.

Dear readers, This fatwa is

Dear readers, This fatwa is another blockage in prgression join togather In progression of Incredible India, I love India, Mera Baharat Desh Maahan

India is trying to follow

India is trying to follow foot steps of Saudi Arabia, SAUDI govt.is not allowing the females to drive so india thought they should also do something like saudia as they dont have any work other than to creat such non-sense.So they decided to issue one fatwa...\india is country where still have more respect for females than any other country.\these \mullas are idiots and mis-guide our people..\india is great and inshallah will remain great.Jai Hind.

Whom you follow ?

If you don't want to follow Saudi Arabia means Mohammed (SAW) were also Saudi and all Sahabas are Saudi and you are not following him.

You are independent to follow anyone even Raam Sita or etc.

Riding Bicle

Assalamu alaikum,

The Fatwa which issued by such scholars is absolutely right for the youngest peoples. What is there to laugh? Who is that idiot who laugh at this issued fatwa? Is he does not have sister and mother. Stupid!!!!!


Lucknow people dont have any work always giving Wrong Fatwa delhi Imam is there his telling any think why other people are telling


Lucknow people dont have any work always giving Wrong Fatwa delhi Imam is there his telling any think why other people are telling

muftis and moulanas, their

muftis and moulanas, their job is to issue fatwas and fight with each other. this makes the muslim people confused, keeps them in limbo, who is right who is wrong.

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