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First 'Urdu Satellite' channel launched in Hyderabad

Thursday, 27 January 2011
January 27:

Hyderabad, January 27: After a long wait, the first international 'Urdu Satellite' channel was launched here on Wednesday by Khan Lateef Mohammed Khan, the Chairman of the "Munsif Group" and editor-in chief of a leading Urdu Daily.

Describing about the aim of this channel, the Managing Director of "Munsif News TV", Dr Hyder Raza Adil, said that owing to lack of Urdu Satellite channels, the group decided to start a Urdu news and current affairs channel round the clock in Hyderabad.

"This first news and current affairs channel will be broadcasted round the clock called " Munsif News", the principal aim of this channel will be public voice and particularly sending the poor people problems and messages towards the concerns," pointed out Dr Raza Adil.

"Initially we are trying to air the broadcasting of this channel across the 86 countries," he added.

Dr Raza Adil further said the target viewers of the channel would be those who knows Urdu and understand a bit.eside this, the aim of this channel is said to have promotion of the Indian language "Urdu" as well as to make the new generation aware about the sweet taste of Urdu language.

The inauguration took place at around 6:30 a.m.


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Congratulation! To Muncif News and to Mr. Khan Lateef Mohammed Khan for his efforts & approach towards new generation (Urdu speaking Indian citizen). As such initiative is hardly seen whith muslim leadership in India and particularly in Hyderabad.

Wishing All the Success


Please accept our congratulations for launching a new Urdu news channel in Hyderabad. Please furnish the details through your esteemed newspaper how it possible to see this channel outside India for the people who are anxious to see it. No need to blame others who are involved in other activities for the upliftment of Muslim community. Do your work with honesty and sure you will get the reward for this. Instead of blaming our Muslim leaders in Hyderabad we should show our talents so that it will be beneficial for all. If we work together then it will be fine. Instead of blaming others and wasting time try to show how our new generation will be benefitted specially in the field of education so that they will earn in their homeland. Allah knows who is good and bad and we are not the one to decide, instead we will appreciate their efforts, everybody have good and bad things, try to show their good things.......


May ALLAH help those who work for the better of muslim community in India. Use this channel to show the truth about Islam and its followers to the world and to help muslim community in any way and also expose cult leaders like asad owaisi and allies

First Urdu Channel - Hyd

News of first Urdu channel with an advertisement of share bazaar in Hindi is an anticlimax though


asak, can we view this channel in gulf? pl. provide information, thanx, raoofuddin@gmail.com

Masha Allah

Masha Allah

Congratulation to "Munsif News"

It is glad to hear this, that urdu channel from hyderabad has been launched in air as international, it is very good to people those who are living abroad this will help to touch with our state news.

I want to know that it is available on web-site or not as free live streaming, if yes' pls. publish the site details to help searching easy for expatriates those who living ou-side india.

Hope to find on free available on web-site.

Thanks / Regards
Mahmood Sharif.
Jeddah / KSA.

at last

At last we have urdu channel.....

Urdu Channel

Congratulation! To Muncif News and to Mr. Khan Lateef Mohammed Khan for his efforts & approach towards new generation (Urdu speaking Indian citizen). As such initiative is hardly seen whith muslim leadership in India and particularly in Hyderabad.

Wishing All the Success

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