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Hyderabad blasts: NIA's claim baseless, alleges Bukhari

Monday, 25 February 2013
Rampur (UP), February 25:

Delhi's Jama Masjid chief cleric Syed Ahmed Bukhari has said investigation agencies have the tendency to name perpetrators of any bomb blasts in the country much before initiation and conclusion of their probes.

Referring to the recent Hyderabad blasts, Bukhari said the National Investigation Agency's claim that the evidence
pointed towards involvement of the Indian Mujahideen in the bombings was baseless.

If the investigators have pointed fingers towards the Indian Mujahideen, then let them declare the location of its
office and disclose identities of its activists," said the cleric while interacting with media persons here last evening.

Official statements are not supported with evidence, the Shahi Imam of Delhi's Jama Masjid said.

The government machinery had arrested innocent Muslims after Malegaon, Mecca Masjid and Samjhauta Express blasts,"
he said.

Sixteen people were killed and over 100 injured when two bombs placed on bicycles went off within minutes of each other at Dilsukhnagar area in Hyderabad on February 21.


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Be United and Fight with Terrorism

I have fully agreed with Justice Katju, hidden news is our Indian Govt. want to implement a new law (NCTC) dangerous than POTA, which is still hidden from Media and Public.

Question how to implement, so create a fake stories like 9/11, Mumbai Attack (Kasab), Attack on Libya (Fall of Gaddafi) and off course Dilshuknagar Blast, etc….. If our Govt. successfully implementing that law, most Muslims will in trouble and Hindutva Forces can do their job.

No doubt that FREEMASONARY moments are behind that, FREEMASONARY are running by JEWS and have their agents in every country (Politicians, Advocates, Editors, Celebrities, Army Personals, NGO,s etc)…

They arrested many Muslims Innocent brothers in previous blasts, Thanks to Almighty Allah they released them and they proved that Muslims brothers are innocent. Now ponder on Justice Katju view, he said that 90% Muslims are good and 10% bad, we know very well that every community have blacksheeps.
Praise is to Allah (SWT), very good work of ISLAM is going on in Bhatkal and Azamgard that is the reason, and they always target Bhatkal & Azamgard Muslims…..

My Question to our Indian Govt and Intelligence Agencies, Our Intelligence ranking is World No.2 after Scotland Yard, I feel very shame, seeing these kind of news.. Don’t play with innocent Indians.

As a Muslim we should not afraid, be patient, stick to Quran and Sunnah. Don’t adopt solutions from other’s way; we have clear guidance from Allah and way of Rasool (SAW).

Be United, Don’t forget our Duty as Muslim, Convey the Message of ISLAM to Humanity with great struggle, Inshallah will give hidayath to Non-Muslims.

BajrangDal Hindu Leader Reverted to Islam Hindi 1of2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19uF3gjq08c&list=PLbpt44FL-2vEKiRUI1wD5bf...

Jazakallah Khair

muslim states

now it is necessery to all muslims MLA and MP of every pary to demand separate atleast 5 muslim stateS in the country..if telangana..jharkhand,,chatisgarth..punjab,haryana,,utarakhand be a state on base of religion and race then why not we..if we wnt to see our children secure in near future then we should lobby in the state and central .just think abt it..

Bilku Sahi Bole Imam Sahab

All indian media are biased and anti muslim they are having double standards all are belongs to sangh parivar see for example how they cried when Akbar alleged hate speech later kept quite when Togadia gave Hate speech more venomous then Akbar so its obivious these blasts are pre planned by hindu terrorist only like Macca Masjid blast so don't arrest innocent muslim boys if you want to arrest then arrest only BJP, VHP,RSS and Hindu vahini terrorists surely truth will out. Who is this kishen reddy a local goonda now it’s clear that this is a pre-planned conspiracy against muslims innocent boys now it’s clear and evident that only Hindu extremists are behind these attacks in retaliation of Akbar uddin Speech and also reaction of Togadia's inflammatory speeches. Just imagine and treat this as a comedy, if Lashkar-e-Toiba conducted this blasts then why they sent a letter to a local leader Kishen Reddy. Since Indian Govt., considered LeT as a big international terrorist organization and its hard to believe that they have chosen Kishen Reddy and sent letter to a unknown leader of BJP and taking responsibility of Hyderabad blasts and further threatening him that soon they will carry out another blasts in Begum Bazar its strange but now truth is comes out by their mouth only actually who is he Kishen Reddy ? a local goonda and he is claiming that LeT sent him a letter and acknowledge the blasts and our communal media also believed and published this as a confirmed news report. According to Kishen reddy he submitted the LeT letter to Abids Police Station (Ye Munh aur Masoor Ki Daal) they don't find anybody else in AP except him to handover the letter no media, no Police nor any big national leader whom Lashker-e-toiba choose to send the letter why only Kishen Reddy ? because this blasts was planned by BJP to counter Hyderabad muslims after Charminar Temple episode and Akbaruddin speeches so by this its 100% sure and proved that nobody else except Hindu terrorist are done these bomb blasts and BJP, VHP & RSS are responsible for these pre planned blasts surely they involved in this conspiracy to target Hyderabadi muslim youth and police supporting them and following their instructions and arresting innocent muslim boys as one sided and communal action. If Congress is secular enough then why not catching them also its very unfortuanate all the print Media and television channels and police became communal, partial and against muslims and congress leaders too enemy of muslims actually their hearts with VHP and BJP. See their partiality how they arrest Akbaruddin and ignore Togadia and leave him without any action Togadia also culprit who engaged to spread venom against muslims moreover he admitted and acknowledge the muslim massacre where is police no action. Now everybody knows who are behind this attack after kishen reddy statement so catch the main culprits of VHP, BJP and RSS once police arrest Kishen Reddy of BJP and Abhinav Bharat and also Raja Singh of Mangalhat definitely truth will come out surely like Macca Masjid Blastsand Samjhota express. Truth will come out just interrogate Kishen Sigh, Raja Sigh & Abhinav instead of arresting innocent muslim youth arrest the real culprits of sangh parivar.

Is the religion only part of life?

Self development, good education, hardworking nature are true things required for leading good life. Religion is a part of li

All those things you

All those things you mentioned are covered in the religion. Religion provides direction and development of a responsible individual.


...what you will do when you are pushed to the limits. Time to wakeup and hold a single rope tightly. As long as we have Quran we are living with.. reading it, understanding it and implementing it, IA, we will be successful. Otherwise... like sea salt foam.. no force/no value. jago musalman please... let us be muslim and wise muslim.

Yasin Bhkatal is from IM or from your group ?

Yasin Bhkatal is from IM or from your group ?

why you want to divert issue on other Innocent Muslims in India

Please cooperate with Police and let them find out .. the Fact.

As a matter of fact, the footages from the CCTV cameras have provided crucial evidence about the perpetrators of the bomb blasts. The participation of Yasin Bhkatal personally in the Dilsukhnagar blasts came to light from the CCTV footages

Fabricated evidence. NIA

Fabricated evidence. NIA should not rush to judgment and lose its credibility any more by harassing or oppressing minority community.

Police Brutality - Train Law Enforcement Officials in ethics

It is not the first time that the Muslims are blamed. Police, and law enforcement agencies have used intimidation and coercion to prove the innocent youth as perpetrators of crime.

Well said

First of all my deep condolence to the affected families. very sad situation whoever lost their lives. But Its very irresponsible gesture of media day by day, lack of moral, lack of knowledge and creating confusion among society on the name of news channel. how a media puppet to the criminals, to drag the point to the other direction. how they allowed to use the prestigious platform for hatred against muslims and declare judgement(blame) within an hour that muslims for this barbaric attack on innocent. its too much stupidity, they become just like horror or entertaining channel. i request to the respected investigation agencies to nab the actual culprit and give them open punishment to restore peace and harmony. and also restore good relation among muslim to have dignity life. muslims badly affected after any incident, its like a direct attack on muslims.

Alhamdulilah, ub ankh khuli,

Alhamdulilah, ub ankh khuli, yai hindutva media bhi sirf muslim ko target banarain,jis chees ka proof nahi hai usko highlight ya big news kahrahaihain, which is base less. Inshahallah haq ki jeet hogi, jo bhi baygunah logaon ki jaan lee hai, Allah ussay kabi maaf nahi karayga, Islam never say to kill innocent. Islam is a good, neat and transparent religion in the world. If any one have any doubt about Islam they can read Quran and understand it first.


Non only one , all ulema should raise voice together now

Move a step ahead Mr.

Move a step ahead Mr. Bukhari, take to courts and sue the responsible agencies for falsely implicating innocent Muslims and defaming Muslim community as a whole so that this does not repeat in future.

good job

i think after the speach of Mr. Akbar Uddin Owasi the door of the cage is open now every one is atlest starting to voice against muslim good job akbar i think u r the one who started this revolution. GREAT

Very True

Police is just hidding the main culprits There is no existance of indian mujahideen at all.

That's right. Muslims are

That's right. Muslims are being scapegoated, as an Indian I feel ashamed. No one community should be targeted like this. Those who committed this act are not humans, so stop demonizing everyone.

Well Said

Hindu Terrorist are involved in this Bombing. They are simply blaming Muslims

The Cheapest Thing

Do every one know what is the cheapest thing now a days, blood of Muslims.

For Muslims, Indepence is worst than Britsh Rule

If this country would have been under British Rule, It would have been better for Muslims.

It appears Muslims freedom struggle is not over yet.

India's Attack on ISLAM

This is a result of average Hindu supporting Terrorist organization like BJP, VHP, RSS.
This is a result of Terror organizations gaining full government support in Terrorizing Muslims.
This issues should be taken to OIC, International Court of Justice, United Nations.

false stories police

Police is good in making and executing false stories.
These footages released after 4 days. Question are these real or tampered ones by police? Why not release soon after the blasts so that alerts can be made at stations etc.

Bukhari is baseless.

Bukhari is baseless.




Alhamdulilaah happy to see that our Imam is standing on the side of Innocent Muslims in India.

Have been observing a lot of comments when it was related to political issue, but no one comment for such a good move made by Religious Leader which should have been done by our political leader.

Its shame on all those Muslim leaders who pay a deaf ear on the cries/tears of Innocent Muslims getting in the Traps which is life threatening and horrible to imagine in a general being...

May Allah(SWT) help all our Islamic Leaders/Scholars as well as our Muslim Leaders to Unite and support our community by preventing themselves and the other from the Hell Fire...





if not IM..then u own the blast...?if provide the proof what will u do.. Mr.... plz involve in intergotion....

Mr Hey... The same question

Mr Hey...

The same question can be revert back to you,,,if no muslims found guilty of this shameful and coward act then what will you do if found guilty of any, so called majority P/C...??? FYI: India indpendence had have written with blood of Shaheed and that was mostly muslim and we r not Namak Haram.

did you forgot the MAkkah

did you forgot the MAkkah Masjid Blast episode...Your so called investigation agencies caught innocent people with fake proofs and you see who was the real culprits and they confessed also but the whole system and specially the media is with them....

Saffron Terrorism: RSS/Bajrang Dal/BJP Axis of Evil

Terror is an age old weapon of Hindutva terrorists. Now as Dalits are rising economically and politically due to reservations in education and jobs, desparate Brahmins are increasingly venting their frustration on defenseless minorities. Throughout history of Indian continent, Brahmins who could not prevail either by persuasion or by example have resorted to maligning Islam and the Indian Muslims through their terror militant organizations / outfits and splinter groups with criminal background operating under the guise of social organizations namely RSS, Bajrang Dal, Shiva Sena, Mukti Bahini, etc., and in many instances by insinuating the low caste Hindu mobs against Muslims. Although they have caused large scale harm to Muslims financially, physically and psychologically they failed to break the will of Indian Muslims - either because Indian Muslims are not afraid to die for a life worth living, or because the Saffron terrorists themselves came to realize that free Muslims cannot be frightened by threats, ORGANIZED VIOLENCE and aggression.
RSS has taken a page from Nazis of Hitler and modeled the organization after fascist philosophy and indoctrinated Hindu youth since its inception.
In 2002, Narendra Modi emulates Bal Thackerey in Pogrom-II in Gujarat ! (Godhra and Post Godhra were scripted by the same Bhaand/Film Script Writer: Narendra Damodardas Modi). The people of Gujarat voted him., NOT BECAUSE OF DEVELOPMENT (There hasnt been any.. except for Nano factory)., BUT BECAUSE HE KILLED MUSLIMS. That planning and executing the Pogrom is his biggest achievement – and he is being repaid for that favour. It is an intellectual/emotional RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Narendra Modi is RSS’s most EVOLVED PRODUCT, who has ‘photoshopped’ Hindutva. Only Sangh insiders recognize that the core hasn’t changed.. Modi is Goebbels + Hitler and has (can) never abandon Hindutva project. Hindutva-project is a work in progress.
Hindus are not bad, per se. There is a huge provocation ! 24×7 for the past 90 years (1928-todate) they are taught manufactured history, where they are taught to hate ‘The Other’ (Muslims). Things have come to this because., the child is programmed from age 4… to hate Muslims… the dirty… the filthy… the beef-eaters… the badboo-daar… the uneducated.. the barbarians.. they raped your ancestors.. they looted your temples.. insulted your stone gods.. and your ancestors.. So hatred is slowly injected into the minds. When the boy is around 18-20 he considers it something HOLY to avenge the (fake) atrocities ! This is what leads to the present scenario.
Also the Congress has used RSS as a proxy against minority community all these years by letting this RSS fascist organization grow by leaps and bounds and commit atrocities which ultimately had forced and will force minorities to vote lesser of those two evils which is CONgress.

Muslims-The soft target

Not last but least Syed Ahmed Bukhari has raised voiced for the muslims as any blast take palce they suspect Indian Muslims only wihtout facts and prove.Muslims are easy target for the govt & agencies to avoild anger of the people and there frustration.I Hope Govt must be responcible and there agencies before the pin point any religion,colour,caste.

Point to ponder

Agencies with such a high reputation and responsibility should have any claim with base and evidence and not just vague conclusions and pseudo analysis of their investigation.
We can only pray that the true culprits should be caught as soon as possible and punished to MAXIMUM extent so that this will never repeat in ANY part of our country!!!!!

Good Job

This is called a complete job of a Scholar. Voice Loudly to stop "Zulm". Do not limit your responsibility upto books and mosques. Islam is a complete Package to deal with. I appreciate the initiative of Moulana Bukhari. Jaza'k Allah Khair.

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