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Hyderabad Forum seeks Governor's intervention to protect Charminar

Thursday, 29 November 2012
Hyderabad, November 29:

A delegation of Hyderabad Forum for Peace and Communal Harmony, led by Siasat Urdu Daily Editor Zahed Ali Khan on Thursday met Governor ESL Narasimhan seeking his intervention to ensure that heritage monuments including Charminar were not exploited by communal elements.

The delegation requested the Governor to intervene and take measures to ensure that the historical monument of Charminar and other forms of common heritage of the citizens of this city from being exploited by communal elements to drive a wedge between the two communities. "We urge you to restore the traditional communal peace and harmony of the city," the delegation urged in its memorandum.

"Charminar is not an Islamic structure, belonging to Muslims alone. It is our common heritage and a historical monument that belongs to the entire mankind. It is a symbol of pride of the people and identify of the city of Hyderabad," the Forum members said.

"The temple in Charminar precints is illegal. Old photographs and other recorded evidence shows it came up a few decades ago, due to the mischievous agenda of communalising the Hyderabad," the Forum said.

The Forum, comprising leading personalities including historians, professors, doctors, judges, lawyers, politicians, social activists and media professionals, said that the events of the past two weeks over the extension of the temple in the precincts of Charminar have vitiated the peaceful atmosphere in the city. "As the political developments in the country and State have gained momentum and in view of the forthcoming general elections in 2014, competitive communalism has once again reared its ugly head. Once again, the Old City of Hyderabad is being turned into a cauldron of differences by creating a controversy in the name of the temple in Charminar precincts," the Forum said.

The Forum also complained of police excesses by way of imposing prohibitory orders. It alleged that police created a curfew-like situation while terrorising people and disrupting the normal life in the city. "These developments are threatening the peaceful co-existence of two communities and endangering the "ganga-jamni" tradition of the Hyderabad," it said.

"The government, municipal authorities and the departments concerned have reneged from their responsibility in preventing the illegal construction such as the construction in Charminar precincts and many others in the city," the Forum alleged. To gain political milage many political and communal forces are busy in raising religious structures by encroaching upon the government lands. The Forum members demanded that such structures be removed as they could disturb communal harmony.

"It is the responsibility and duty of the Archaeological Department to safeguard heritage structures such as Charminar from encroachments and misuse for anti-people activities. It is the duty of all citizens to ensure that we protect our heritage and legacy for the future generations," the Forum said.

After giving patient hearing of about 45 minutes to delegates of the Forum, the Governor had reportedly said since the issue involved is sentimental, concerned communities had to be taken into confidence. He appreciated the efforts of the forum and said such awareness is required at all levels of the society. Stressing the need for maintaining communal harmony, he said peace committees have to be formed at area level.

The Governor reportedly assured that no comprise would be made in maintaining communal harmony and protecting the heritage. In a city where simple incidents have flared up into communal riots, this time people have shown great amount of responsibility, which shows the level of awareness among the people of Hyderabad, the Governor said.

The delegation comprised of former MP P Madhu, TDP leader Ali Masquathi, Former IAS Hasanuddin Ahmed, Moulana Syed Taraq Quadri, Capt Panduranga Reddy (Voice of Telangana), Senior Advocate Osman Shaheed, Advocate Syed Kareemuddin Shakeel, Siasat News Editor Amer Ali Khan, social activist Abdul Khader Quadri, Mubasshiruddin Khurram of Siasat Daily, Srinivas Reddy of CPM, Osman Al-Hajri of Wakf Protection Society, Maj SG Mohiuddin Quadri of Help Hyderabad, social activist Ghiyasuddin Akber, Khaja Abdul Hameed of HMTV, Ms. Anuradha and Ashraf Ali CPM.


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Well ,its good ...atlast

Well ,its good ...atlast somebody is getting away from the communal ticket and speaks of heritage..plausible..but..one thing to remember..Many heritage temples at Kashi,Mathura and many places were communalised by who?...Hagia Sophia,the marvel of ancient time,was communalised and changed into a mosque by who?....
The answer is obvious...Its good to cry about heritage and monuments..but before doing that..check your past actions..

Waste of time ?

In my opinion the initiative taken by Hyderabad forum for Peace and Communal Harmony will not yield any result, it is a waste exercise.

very good siasat

bahut jaldi neend se jaage.yeah step lene ke liye itne din lag gaye in logon ko.
jahan high court aur government kuch nahi kar saki waha yeah governor kya kar sakta mare bhai.
kal subah dekho yeah paper ka dust bin mein dikhata.
purane buddon ko isi bahane chai pani lena ka aacha bahana mil gaya.sab naakare hai is toli mein.kuch nahi ho sakta mare bhai bas aage aage dekho kya kya hota hamare hyd ko. allah hi hifazat kare.

Will the Governor take heed ??

Government officials are either unwilling or hand-in-glove with the Saffron terrorist elements who are planting idols on Mulsim institutions and wakf lands.
If the Governor or the Chief Minister do not take aggressive action to demobilize these illegal temple building activities Muslims are going to rise up and violence would result in due to the provocation of BJP & RSS criminal activities. Things will get out of control. Minister are supposed to anticipate problems and take steps to regulate the temple building activities and curb these Hindu terrorist elements before things get out of hand and enter into crisis.

1. Wakf Board CEO's who are

1. Wakf Board CEO's who are appointed by the government are chosen for their ability to manipulate, take bribes and pass part of that to the upper echelon and politicians who assign them for the post – the CEO plays to the tune of politicians who are land-grabbers. CEO and officers in Secretariat become obstructionists when Muslim NGO's ask to lease land for schools and colleges - they hamper and mismanage with complicated rules - it's a conspiracy of the political parties to disenfranchise Muslims to deprive Muslims of wakf properties. Why does not government allocate Wakf lands to minority institutions and promote literacy if they really care about the people? The government seldom enjoins but often inhibits positive endeavors of honest Muslim community leaders; government’s policy is to not to destroy but prevent and oppress Muslims from progressing; not to be tyrannical but to hinder, restrain and enervate, stifle minority development; keep the Wakf properties in its powerful grasp to exploit and keep the Muslims & Wakf board in perpetual legal battles!
To add fuel to the fire, the BJP & RSS leave no stone unturned and plant it in wakf lands to steal the properties by hook or crook. Police commissioners and ministers lend hand for this illegitimate activity. No courts also infested by RSS elements are playing a dangerous game. Look at LANCO case. What other proof you want ?
2. While Muslims ruled in India they started number of universities which were well-known in the world at that time. After formation of India Muslim institutions and culture is being oppressed and history distorted through blatant lies to promote hatred between majority and minority communities resulting in communal riots and economic backwardness.
3.The culture of those communities you mentioned like Pubjabis,
Gorkhas are able bodied, courageous and are traditionally serve in the defense – even Muslim rulers hired high number of people of these region for armed services due to their chivalry. The Indian government does not reach out to minorities to recruit or provide guidance fearing betrayal in military !
4. Indian Muslims love India, that's why we are here. We are here to fight and not flight. To love one's country is obligatory in Islam and we do so - even though our adversaries spread lies.
Religion of course is part of our life and we are proud to live our way. Religion give us direction and meaning to life. Nationalism and religion are two different things - do not get confused!

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