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India denies visa to British journalist Yvonne Ridley

Saturday, 12 January 2013
Hyderabad, January 12:

India has denied award-winning British journalist Yvonne Ridley a visa. She was scheduled to address the Spring of Islam conference being held here by the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.

The London-based journalist, who was captured by the Taliban on an undercover assignment in Afghanistan in 2001 and converted to Islam after her release in 2003, was to address various sessions at the three-day conference, which began Friday.

"The Indian Government is refusing to give me a conference visa to address 50,000 women in Hyderabad about women's rights ... I would have thought after the catastrophic handling of the Delhi rape case, politicians would be more sensitive, but it seems not. We women continue to be sidelined and treated as second class citizens," she said in her post on Facebook.

Ridley, through video conference, addressed three sessions of girls, women and journalists.

"The Indian government knows how powerful words are. That is why I am sitting in the UK today talking to you instead of being with you to deliver this speech in person," she said, addressing the session of journalists Saturday.

Khalid Mubashir-ul-Zafar, president of Jamaat-e-Islami's Hyderabad unit, said Ridely was given all necessary clearances by the external affairs ministry, but was denied visa in the last minute because of the tense situation in Hyderabad.

There was tension in the city Friday after a group of people staged protests in the old city over the arrest of Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) leader and legislator Akbaruddin Owaisi for his alleged hate speech.

Ridley was also denied a visa when she planned a trip to Kerala in 2010 to address a Muslim women's conference organised by the Jamaat.

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The government should not halt visa to anyone who holds good character and knowledge. There is no such previous history of her to stop her getting visa for the conference. She was coming for good cause for the society which enchance people to understand better way of life in islam.

I dont know her

i have read some comments abt her here which are not good according to me we dont know what is the position of her in the eyes of ALLAH so brother i request please think before u comment on any muslim women by saying she is a spy of any organisation or somthing. Do you think even if she is a spy can she change the muslim world no brother islam and the muslim comunity is far bigger than any ridley you or myself or any other x y ze so think brother befor commenting on any thing you are not commenting on any a person who embrased islam and our sister in faith and we are no one to deside her faith but it is only ALLAH who can deside on her faith and even if she go to any other relegion let her go it is her choice and ALLAH will deside upon her not we we should and can only welcome her rest will be with ALLAH

this is what islam all

this is what islam all about, she was aducted by taliban and she was held their and she saw the real taliban who are doing good job and applying sunnah in their lifes, she was soo impressed and took her own decision and studied islam and know she is in a position to deliver speeches on islamic topic, subanallah.don't forget she herself is a journalist and saw all the people around the world who are good and who are bad, attackers cannot be savers !!!!
americans in Iraq, Afganistan,,,treated common people as slaves and tortured them, whole world is seeing and she saw how she was kept in taliban's den , we just need to think.

Yvonne is a BEST MODERN MUSLIMA to listen to

Mashaallah, this dynamic lady has all the talent in her to speak for the TORMENTED WOMEN of India. How HYPOCRITICAL it is for indians who QUEUE all YEAR BEGGING FOR VISA at ALMOST EVERY WESTERN COUNTRY EMBASSIES and deny a MUSLIM from UK? No wonder such a HYPOCRITICAL decision can come from only the DENIERS OF TRUTH (kaafir=those who hide/deny truth)!

There are RSS AGENTS (hypocrites who use Muslim names to comment on this loosely controlled forum) - who say she is an Israeli agent, etc - THE FACT IS OPEN OPPONENT OF RACIST ISRAELI POLICIES, BUT INDIA IS THE BIGGEST MILITARY PARTNER FOR ISRAELI ARMS BORROWED FROM USA - and these HYPOCRITE/KAAFIRS (Deniers of truth) have EVERYTHING COMMON with ISRAELI RACISM - when we see muslims illegally targeted in india!

Ridley is a great lady. She

Ridley is a great lady. She is very brave and courageous. The fact that India has rejected her visa is a proof of her greatness.

Truth cannot be banished by rejecting visas.

Hindu Terrorist Controlling Govt

The Hindu Terror groups have now taken over the Indian Government.

United Nations should intervene before India turns Syria.

We are in democracy any more

Who is said we are in democratic country. India is no more democracy any more. it is undeclared Hindu estate now where no voice will be heard of Muslims. Muslims are test case and soft targets. The make Muslim as test case as if you test the new drugs on Monkeys and rats.

It is time now for muslims to get up and seek support from outside including the representation in United nations.

The fact is she was working

The fact is she was working as a spy in Afghanistan, and Our Indian govt has a duty to protect us from foreigners who come here in various disguises, AND ITS NOTHING TO DO WITH SHE BECOMING A MUSLIM NOW.

Only a mentally retarded can have such a thought!

It is a retarded thought! India is a PLACE RAMPANT WITH RAPISTS, MAN-GOD-FOLLOWERS, CORRUPT/FILTHY POLITICIANS, GIRL-KILLING DOCTORS, etc, and the list of filth is really long to list here. It has everything about Yvonne being both a MUSLIM AND A JOURNALIST WHOSE PRESENCE/WORDS CAN BE DEADLY TO INDIAN RAPISTS (oh yes, there are even some 80+ years politicians who are battling PATERNITY tests there!) and government which DOES NOT PLAY FAIR WITH MINORITIES (esp MUSLIMS)

Keep the Shit Out

She was denied visa for her radical views on Kashmir...Better know the facts...
I don't understand who gave the permission to organize these kind of anti India conferences in India...

Who is the real hate monger

And Indian shit Modi kept out by UK and US thats why Modi could not get visa in london who slaughter hundreds of Muslims dont forget the fact that Akber Owaisi facing charges of hate speech who is the real hate monger Akber or Modi, If owaisi is same like Modi then how come he got visa for london and He came from Lodon and surrender himself for trail. Akber's hate speech is only propoganda created by BJP, RSS and Sisast like news papers added fuel to the fire...Siasat should stop campaign against MIM..

Wah re indian government

Wah re indian government tera insaaf

can give visa to salman rushdi and taslima nasrin, those are not invited in india. And deny visa for yvonne ridley.

shame on indian govt.


So you can Iltreat Muslims

she was coming for all women of India.

by the way muslims do belive that Kashmir, paksitan , Bangladesh and Burma are part of Orignal India. They were seprated for fulfilling the wishes of Nehru family to rule this country like dictators by dividing people based on religion.

Anti National people have

Anti National people have anti people mentality and they themselves know how anti national they remain to the country and blame others who are the natives. Live with peace or get the hell out of here.

Democracy trashed by Hindu Terrorist

Are you saying the democracy in Indis is in garbage becuase Hindu Terrorist have taken over the country.

That makes sense.

Kya yeh koi huur tho nahi hai.

Thank god her visa is cancelled, whatever happens, happens for good, if she would come to India, believe me, there would be a qatl aam among all those mullah`s and moulvis,they would divorce heir wives and run around her,na jaane kitne parezgaron ka dil thod de thi , yeh, haseena, kai logon ka paseena nikal jata tha, accha huwa, visa nahi mila, nahi toh, khabrastaan mein jage nahi milthi thi. ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Assalamu alaikum, Brother,

Assalamu alaikum,

Brother, it is not fair to comment this way. I am also against the Jamaat e Islami but I have to support the justice to the extent possible. Allah has ordered us to hold Good opinion about others always. We cant accuse our opponents this way because it is clearly blasphemy which has no result but leads to disunity in the ummah. You are accusing her as a prostitude, and you are saying she is so beautiful that the moulvis may divorce their wife to win her. How can you say all these things. if every one is accused of such allegation, who else is there to make our mislead muslim young girls to come back on the path of Islam

Reply to Annonymous.

It is prostitute, not prostitude, dude first learn the spellings before commenting,what a fool you are , no where the comment writer has offended anybody,what is blasphemy, is this blasphemy,grow up maulana, why do you people visit websites,if you are unable to understand comments.why are you getting worried about the mullah`s and moulvi`s, they are worse,the only solution to bring back mislead muslim young girls to islam is to marry them, muslims can marry 4 wives isn`t.Dude, grow up and come out of this in-box thinking.

Dirty devil

Gutter minds always think dirty about others. No one believes your nonsense here. Hate is not the answer to men or women who are serving humanity. Ms Ridley is a social worker and anti-war activist. If you do not know this then you are as ignorant as a donkey.

Beautiful Ridley.

wow, what a beauty,her looks make me imagine, will Huurs in the heaven be like her, i am not going to say her sister in my life time, even if at gun point, even i am hanged, Qubsurat haseena, khabon ki huur, sathqhein jawan,tere liye koi bhi mazhab qubool karne ke liye tayaar hun, why the hell you are wasting your time around the old mullah`s and moulvis, they may forget the religion and the blame may fall on you. ha ha ha ha ha ha .


May Allah(SWT) Curse be on you !

People like you have been disrespectful to Women in India with evil acts. Inshallah the hell fire will digest you.

Fact which is not known to many.

A fact of Ms.Y.Ridley, is not known to many of us, she is a spy of Mossad, Israel intelligence agency,she has been instructed by her bosses to accept Islam and move around to find out what Muslims all over world are doing,she is trained in speaking for hours on any issue of Muslims, quite convincingly she does it, this is the reason behind her visa getting rejected. I know all of you will not agree, just wait for few months more, she will be a turncoat and return back to her original religion.


Bull Shit. Keep your nonsense to yourself.


If a person is sincere they will receive guidance from Allah(swt) and they will follow the right path else they will loose and they go any direction, until she is called upon by Allah(swt).

Dont spread mischef out of fear

The voice of truth can only

The voice of truth can only be silences momentarily. But ultimately truth prevails. Who is misguiding the Indian Government into making such illogical decisions? Is this really a Democracy? Why are you afraid of people who speak the truth? In this day and age when women are raped, exploited and used as sex tools, why don't you allow her to speak on how to respect them? This is in your best interest. This will help in restoring law and order also. There is a lot of wisdom in allowing this lady to speak but seems no one cares about right or wrong. It is law of jungle.

Well said!

Wonderful answer to all un-intellectual and discriminatory responses.
Good job!

This congress government

This congress government both at state & center seems to be working on the dictats of RSS & BJP. Now they are denying muslims their rights in all spheres of life. Reservation and benifits are only meant for dalits and backward class hindus, even though they were un touchables few years ago. Now muslims are treated worse than dalits and BC's. Wake up muslims and show your vote power.

Muslims are great

this cow worshippers are afraid to allow her because they knew if she comes and give speech all the hindus sisters will come to islam and hindus don't want this. anyways, islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. by the grace of god insha'allah all the hindus will accept islam and few of the rss, bjp leaders will be killed by reverted muslims. just invite the non muslims to the true religion and keep praying.

This is sister is great role

This is sister is great role model for our sisters in Hyderabad. I was glad to listen to few of her talks here in London. she doesn't live to far from where I live in London.

Why Visa??

India being a giant country dont have a single woman speaker to deliver a speech???Why Indian Muslims wanted to hear a NEW CONVERT of hardly few years of Islamic age( She converted in 2003 and right from the first day she may not be an AALIM)She has to learn /Practice Islam first, rather than spreading her knowledge if she have any. First give chance to the local ladies then think of calling foreigners or New converts.

Why not given the Visa?

Don’t you think before she converted to Islam, she had not only looked at Islam critically but also other religions as well to find the truth? If you are a wise person when you find the truth you jump on to accept it whether you find it in you or someone else because no one owns the truth. So in my view she is more prepared to speak to the people and she has added value to it because of having a different perspective of being reverted to the Islam, the true religion.
But the problem is this, the matter of who should come and speak or practice a religion what they want is nobody business but unfortunately we get involved and end up discriminating against others without realizing that the right to speak and practice a religion are universal individual rights and we have no business to deny these rights to anyone on any ground or reason. In fact we should not only support it but also protect and encourage it, which ultimately will be good for every one of us. By giving people fair share and rights is the only way you build peaceful civil societies and countries. We must learn these values from the US, the greatest nation on earth.

is it necessary?

To spread Islam is it necessary to be a Aalim? If you Know single verse of Holy Quran and hadith then you are a Aalim. if you cant do anything in your life then shut your filthy mouth.



Diplomatic Games.


Wah re indian government

Wah re indian government tera insaaf

can give visa to salman rushdi and taslima nasrin, those are not invited in india. And deny visa for yvonne ridley.

shame on indian govt.

Use Technology

Use Video Conferencing to LIVE telecast here views (Virtually).

I believe there should be no such restrictions

Visa Refused due to PRO ISlam speech

visa refused because she speak about women rights in "Islam as per quran which will open the eyes of lot of non muslims. Even media also not interested this message to be heard by indian womens. in future malaining of islam will be questioned by muslims and non muslims . yvonee ridley is a big example a women in |islam with lot of power.

visa will be given on the spot to taslima nesreen and salman rushide and others who speak against Islam.

if yvonee ridley have address the women s in hyderabad this message would have passed throughout india.

media womens look like jokers

if yvonee ridley speaks about the women rights in Islam . The media anchor of all news channel looks like jokers, because they cannot trick her.she herself a journalist .
The media want peoples like shabana azmi, shazia ilmi and etc when they speak about the womens and this womens get to much exited where they give comments agreeing with anchor.

In my opinion our hyderabdi womens and other states women lost the opportunity to listen her live.

This is Secular INDIA

The government and enemy of Islam smells if she visit many Indian womens will converts to Islam, thats the only reason denies visa to her.. wake up indians learn the truth.

This is Secular INDIA

The government and enemy of Islam smells if she visit many women converts to Islam thats the only reason denies visa to her.. wake up indians learn the truth.

This is secular "INDIA"

The government and enemy of Islam smells if she visit many women converts to Islam thats the only reason denies visa to her.. wake up indians learn the truth.

shame on indian embassy

Its a shame ......on Indian embassy. They have again exposed their prejudice for muslims.

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