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Islam is very great religion: Amna Faruki (Pooja Lama) – Interview

Friday, 12 October 2012
October 12:

14 months ago Nepal’s famous actress, model 28-year-old Pooja Lama perception of Islam and to the community was surprised. She brought up in Buddhist family, She announced her Converting after a short visit to Dubai and return from Qatar to Kathmandu , was present to discuss these important Statements:

Interview with: Abdus Saboor Nadvi

Q: What feature of Islam in persuading you to accept Islam?
A: I was from the Buddhist family, One year ago that thought in my mind to study other religions, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam started a comparative study, during study travel to Dubai and Qatar was the journey there from the Islamic civilization was very impressed, the biggest feature of Islam, he is Oneness, faith and trust in Allah to see who got strong belief here, and in Other religion I could not.

Q: World media has opened front against Islam, Islam is being presented in the style of terrorism, you were not affected by it?
A: Propaganda against Islam is the reason also embracing to Islam, because his study say other thing was I found, and now I can say with the claim that Islam is the world’s only religion of humanity and peace issues Justice solution offers.

Q: Pooja Ji! From the film industry is concerned you, and you regarding the many scandals in the media come to common view, which you was afflicted, and once attempted suicide of you, will tell us something?
A: I did not want to accuse the media regarding my personal life to cut, to publish comments, to defame me, I think you need this talking, still have been my three marriages, after a brief break from all There was gone to alone, I have a son from first husband who lives with my mother, about the same things the media to jump some improper things, which hurt me very much, people accuse me that I have for fame What’s all this, the truth is that I was miserable wanted to commit suicide, I took my friends, led by the study of religious books, then embraced Islam, I want to forget my past, because I now ‘m quiet and decent life.

Q: Pooja Ji! After acceptance of Islam came a major change in your lifestyle, your head is tied up Scarf , the alcohol and smoking have also repent?
A: Please don’t call me Pooja, Pooja my past and now I am Amna Farooqi, tension-filled moments before Islam, alcohol and cigarettes were my support, ever drink so much that the firm was unconscious. Prey to depression had, and the darkness around me was just darkness, but the joy of Islam have breath, alcohol, cigarettes have turn, the only Halal eat meat.

Q: In Islam Body exhibition of women, song and dance equipment is prevented, to what extent you agree?
A: After my converting to Islam , all producers have broken me , since the sangeet is filled my pulse was intravenous, so sometimes songs in a restaurant will go away, burqa ( Full Hijab) also use’s wearing, will try to exhaust even a series of songs.

Q: What were the motives of Islam?
A: Since the some of my Buddhist partner had converted to Islam, when they see trouble me urge you to Islam, says his teachings, I started to read, one day I put a Muslim friend to lecture, one of his Fixed all my heart that any wrongdoing was not afraid of humans but should fear Allah, so embrace Islam at that time decided to shelter.

Q: After acceptance of Islam was the reaction of your family?
A: After embracing Islam I informed my family, who lives in Darjiling , my mother cooperated fully, if they saw me flowers when smayyn, might say:”Oh dear! You chose the right path, to see you happy I found quiet. Hobbits have changed me, So other people also appreciated the family.

Q: The media have expressed doubt that any Muslim anywhere you are in love and married her to felled you is Islam?
A: baseless news, Some my friends are Muslims, but this does not mean that I love someone felled and brought Islam to marry her lust, yes now I am a Muslim, so I married a Muslim will have, and shall decide when everyone will know then.

“We will show them Our Signs in the universe, and in their ownselves, until it becomes manifest to them that this (the Qur’an) is the truth. Is it not sufficient in regard to your Lord that He is a Witness over all things?” [Al-Quran 41:53]

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ISLAM ALLAH TALLA KA NAFIZ KARDAH DEEN AV'VALIN-O-AKHIRIN HAI JO HAZRAT ADAM(ALAIH-IS-SALAM)SE SHURO HOVA AUR US KI TAKMIL NABI AKHIR HAZRAT MOHAMMAD MUSTAFA(P.B.U.H)KE ZARYE ki kai aur islam allah talla ka pasandi'dah deen hai is leye koi musalma jis ne kalima-e-tauhed parha ho us ka taluq deen se hai aur rahe ga allah hamen sach'cha musalman bane ki taufiq a'ta farmaye.

Its Ok

Those who think its a great religion are following it.
Those who do not agree to its concept are away from it.
To each his own.

Oye Kuzhikode kay mallu. You

Oye Kuzhikode kay mallu.
You just analyse yourself the statistics presented by you, since 1986 till the date only 4000+ have converted to Hinduism and you think it is great achievement! !
May be you are quoting about the mislead Muslims who resorted to conversion due to their negligence and ignorance about Islamic Teachings and Principles.
Once a Muslim is Born with Imaan and KALIMA shahada, He will prefer to DIE a MOMIN rather than Converting to any other Religion.
ISLAM is the Ultimate religion which has no loopholes to make any amendments to it by pseudo-religious priests had done to Christianity, Hinduism and other religions.
Just in a year at an average 15 - 20 thousand people in various parts of the world are embracing Islam.

I Humbly offer you to embrace Islam and come to the path of Truth.

Just Try to Read the First and Second chapter of Quran in your language if you are Malayali or any native.

Even After going through Quran, If you don't feel the difference then try to put your comments.


Asak...apan logon ku kya ho

Asak...apan logon ku kya ho gaya...thode bolrei english sahi nahi hai thode pictures kaiku daaley bolre...sahi baat hai ke english sahi nahi hai lekin yeh koi issue bananey ki baat nahi hai...Agar Allah(SWT) ke fazal se hum ko english ya koi bhi language aati hai toh non-muslims ko Islam ki dawat dain naaki internet par "critic" ka kaam kare...aaj laakho apni qaoum ke ladkiya apni pictures social networking ki sites pe daal ti hain aur ghair ladko se baat karti hain lekin hum usko bura nahi samaj te kyunki hum bhi uska ek hissa hain...Aye Allah(SWT)aap Mujhko aur saare musalmano ko Rasool (SAWS) ke Raaste pe chalne wala bana de ameen..

Apan logon ku kuch bi nai huwa ...... matli ghabrahat hori khali

Apan logon ku kuch bi nai huwa .... khali loose motions hogaye bas.

Asak...apan logon ku kya ho

Asak...apan logon ku kya ho gaya...thode bolrei english sahi nahi hai thode pictures kaiku daaley bolre...sahi baat hai ke english sahi nahi hai lekin yeh koi issue bananey ki baat nahi hai...Agar Allah(SWT) ke fazal se hum ko english ya koi bhi language aati hai toh non-muslims ko Islam ki dawat dain naaki internet par "critic" ka kaam kare...aaj laakho apni qaoum ke ladkiya apni pictures social networking ki sites pe daal ti hain aur ghair ladko se baat karti hain lekin hum usko bura nahi samaj te kyunki hum bhi uska ek hissa hain...Aye Allah(SWT)aap Mujhko aur saare musalmano ko Rasool (SAWS) ke Raaste pe chalne wala bana de ameen..

Salam Abdul Rahman (Dammam)

Dear Reporter Brother,

U shud hav sm commonsense ur taking Interview of muslim sister nw she is a muslim Alhamduillah ur asking her abt Hijab (Abaya) then Y u need to publishing her Pic u want only fame r wat thodi tou insaniyat rakho hamesha business mind nahi raho Allah aap ko b Hidayat doo Ameen.

Sister be aware of grave business man

Once sister will see khajas as Banda nawaz and chishti as gharib nawaz she will not find any difference between these jockers at darga and Buddhist monks as both are mushrekeen so don't ever see these jockers see what Quran says and sahih hadeeth. Don't also look at qadris and Shia sajjadas and pujattan ke panch none sense it's not there in Islam . May Allah reward you in this world and in akhira.

mushreeken ka defination tou phard le phele

Areee wo chaddi ke aualaad barda aya tou difference batanay wala mushrkeen ka defination to dee us ke bad differnce bata. Kounsay school ka scholar hai re tu half chaddi mughaira 2 tou nahi hai tou.

kya english hai re bhai....

kya english hai re bhai.... rona aara pade toh...

hahaha sahi bole yaro

kya kya ki likh liya yaro interview may inay .... kya khichdi english hai iski .... padoda kidar ka ki.

welcome sister amna

Assalam aalaikum, sister amna i suggest u to now start doing dawah to the non muslims.
Inshallah if every muslim keeps inviting non muslims the whole world will be muslims.

stop misleading

Siasat, Stop misleading readers by publishing this kind of articles.There are many people in this world who keep converting to and from different religions.By publishing these kind of articles you are proving to be fanatic media instead of mainstream media.

Now I doubt.. Do I really understand english..

Ye Article padne k bad mai sach me soonch raha hun k Mujhe english ati hai ??? Bhai pehle he muskil se skhire bacche .. Ayise english likh kar unka watola nakko karo please...





Who is this stupid taking

Who is this stupid taking the interview, why is he referring her as "Pooja" ?

And what kind of language he is using, Mother-sister ek kardiya english ki.


What sort of english is this, God help the editor and his staff--it reflects on our comminity, you dum.

4102 persons converted to Hinduism in Kozhikode

Kozhikode: Sabeera, a 23-year-old Muslim woman hailing from Meenchanda, will now figure alongside film actresses Lissy and Annie for a crucial decision she took before entering into wedlock with a Hindu man in the neighbourhood.

Following the footsteps of those charming wives of film directors Priyadarsan and Shaji Kailas, Sabeera is in fact the latest applicant at the Kozhikode Arya Samaj, for a conversion to Hinduism.

With an authorisation from the government for issuing certificates of conversion to Hinduism, the Arya Samaj here has converted 4,102 persons to Hinduism since 1986.

Though being watched closely by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials for reasons better known to them, about 13 to 15 persons are getting converted to Hinduism at the Samaj in a month over the recent years.

"They are from all age groups, from almost all other religions, and sometimes an entire family would turn up to embrace the ancient dharma," says B Ranaveer Singh, the secretary of the Kozhikode Arya Samaj.

"It's rather a reconversion. A chance for a comeback for those who had left Hinduism to embrace other religions," he asserts.

Conversion to Hinduism had been taking place here ever since the Arya Samaj branch was set up in 1922 by Pandit Rishiram who came here from Punjab.

"Somewhere between 16,000 and 18,000 conversions have been recorded in the early years when my father was the secretary after Rishiram."

Ranaveer Singh has taken charge after his late father Buddha Singh, a native of Bijinore near Ayodhya in UP.

The conversion ceremony, he says, is not a time consuming affair. "It's a sudhi karma (purifying ceremony) which may take one to one-and-a-half hour for completion. The applicant will have to render hymns from the four Vedas during the homam."

One among the four places in the state for conversion to Hinduism (the other three include Dayananda Salvation Mission, Ramadasa Mission and Ayyappa Seva Sangham - all in Thiruvananthapuram), Arya Samaj was included in the list through a government circular dated December 15, 1987 based on a government order dated March 19, 1985.

"However, we are authorised only to issue certificates of conversion to Hinduism and nothing on the caste," Singh points out. After getting converted to Hinduism, one may approach organisations like SNDP or NSS, citing family origin with substantial evidence.

"They will have to fetch a community certificate from the village office before getting it published in the government gazette."

The most attractive feature of certificate issued by Arya Samaj: It will provide an entry into Hindu temples anywhere in the country.

May be Devaswom Minister G Sudhakaran and his retinue, who are taking devotion beyond the confines of religions, are listening.

Mashallah.. Allah inhey

Mashallah.. Allah inhey istekhamat ke sath Islam per khayam rakhey martey damm tak.

Ye interview kon tobi liya bhai..English ki dhajjiya udaa diya.. thoda to khyaal rakho Zahed bhai apni izzat ka.

Samajh gaye na bas...

Bas is mai hi reh gayi qaum apni, padh ke samajh liya na bhai phir kya - mazmoon ku dekho miyan kon liye kaisa liye interview woh sab kaiku tumaku

kismey reh gayi ? abb kya

kismey reh gayi ?

abb kya bolna yaro tumaaku... ager kuch boley to boley bolte tumlaa.

Bhai mia ye English column hai.. ye paper/page muslim journalism ku represent karta.. ager aisi chindi language use kare to naam kharaab hota.. iske liye likha mai vo.

Ab samjhey mere bhai 'merku kaiku' ye sab ?

well come

Welcome to Islam Ins ha Allah Jan-nah is sure for you Allah Hu Akbar

well done...

well done...

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