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It's Pahelwans who call the shots in Old City

Saturday, 7 May 2011
May 07:

Hyderabad, May 08: Amjed Ullah Khan, the Azampura division corporator is unusually net-savvy, his emails on all things big and small dropping into the inboxes of many denizens, or Hyderabadis who he thinks matter. So the latest email from the corporator shows an immaculately dressed Akbaruddin Owaisi at a wedding function in 2006, sharing the stage with Mohammad Pahelwan, the alleged mastermind behind the attack on Owaisi last week.

In the picture, Pahelwan, dressed in the trademark lungi and a full-sleeve shirt has a half smile and so does Owaisi. What is significant in the picture is not the changed equation of the two parties but the social and political importance that Pahelwan enjoyed then. He still enjoys a similar support from Majlis Bachao Tehreek corporator and few others.

Political rivalries aside, this kind of support is hardly surprising for those keenly observing the growth of `Pahelwans' in the Old City. For those who came in late, Mohammad Pahelwan is just one among many other `pahelwans' (named so because of their wrestling backgrounds), whose names have over the years retained the identity of the sport they once played but do not indicate the occupation that is earning the `pahelwan' community a great deal of notoriety in the Old City.

Ask residents here and they share the details of the `pahelwan' just round the corner, the man who rules the street or two and dictates who can buy or sell land in the area. "You need a pahelwan's permission, usually a local goon, to buy and sell property,'' shares a former corporator. The underprivileged background of many residents of the Old City has only added to the clout, as they have turned into money lenders, giving loans at huge interest rate to the vegetable vendor or the push-cart puller living in their area. "They run chit funds and extend loans for a 100-day period, wherein a loanee coughs up a certain amount everyday. So, for a loan of Rs 35,000 the daily repayment would be Rs 500 for a period of 100 days," says an Old City resident, adding how its not the arbitrary interest rates they charge which is criminal, but the means they employ to recover the loan amount. "There have been cases of kidnapping family members and exploiting women against a loan amount,'' says a resident. While many `pahelwans' are known to be thriving on the money-lending business, Mohammad Pahelwan was not among them, say those familiar with the pahelwan community.

Those who have worked or lived in the Old City say that if earlier `pahelwans' had small eateries or dairy farms or a small fruit business, they are now property owners and dealers. "When Muslims started going to Dubai for jobs in the 70s, they would come back on vacations and buy plots. They were many empty sites in the Old City and at that time neither the revenue department nor the Wakf board had any control on the land here,'' says a politician active in the area.

Initially, the `pehelwans' also known as 'Chaoosh' locally then, started getting money from their children who had left for Dubai. By late 70s and early 80s they started getting into the business of land dealings. "They started settling land disputes and seeking a good margin out of these deals. Areas such as Talab Katta, Shaheen Nagar, Babanagar, up to Pahadi Shareef among others witnessed many land transactions. As land transactions here grew, and the money pouring into these deals multiplied, so did `pahelwans','' recalls the politician.

But who exactly are these `pahelwans', who are now known to be too big to be touched by the police (the police, it is said, take no interest in the `pahelwan' cases) and too important to be patronised by many political parties? Like many things in Hyderabad, even the history of `pahelwans' can be traced to the Nizam's era. And like many events/happenings in the city, even the growth of `pahelwans' is linked to the rising realty prices in Hyderabad over the last couple of decades.

City historians and old-timers note that it was in the beginning of the 19th century when the sixth Nizam, Mahboob Ali Pasha, gave asylum to the Sultan of Mukalla, Yemen. "At that time foot soldiers were also brought in large numbers and settled in Hyderabad outskirts in barracks, the area which later came to be known as Barkas,'' says a city old timer, adding: "They became part of the Nizam's irregular army and the Nizam also used them as royal guards.''

Their decline started soon after India gained independence and the Nizam's reign was over. In 1948, many descendants of families from Yemen were asked to leave by the Indian government, even as others stayed back arguing they were now Indian citizens. They said they were Hyderabadis and they spoke a distinct Hyderabadi lingo. "Many of them were wrestlers and also promoted wrestling in Hyderabad. They had their own `akhadas' and `ustads','' people recollect.

Today, many Yemen families continue to live in Barkas, retaining their culture and even their dress code__ the lungi and full-sleeved vest and a scarf tied around their neck.

Old-timers recall that it was in the 70s when local pahelwans were first promoted politically, when Arab `pahelwans' Syeed Bin Ali (known as Syeed Pahelwan) and Syeed Baam were used to provide protection to partymen by a senior Congress leader. In the days to come, other `pahelwans' such as Chand Pahelwan also came into picture for settling land disputes. And by the 80s, they had moved from their `kachcha' houses to a `pucca' residence.

Their importance grew with almost all parties patronising them or using their services. If earlier they collected `mamools' from locals, now they allegedly give the same to the police so that they turn a blind eye to their deeds.

Locals say, politicians in the Old City owe their growth, both financially and politically, to the pahelwans. Clearly, political leaders have played a crucial role in making `pahelwans' bigger, stronger. And their spirited political backing continues even now.

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Chop dicks off

Arrest all Pahelwans and Chop their HUUUUUGE dicks off off. Parade them naked from Madina Building upto Gulzar House.

Best Opinion

Sabh Chodo Kisi Aise Admi ko Poltics mai Lao Jo Allah Ka Khauf aur Muslamo ki sahi tarah se takleef samjhe... Sab bewakhoof banrey Muslamno ko India ke har kone mai... aur sab banrey.

Supporting to Mohd Pehelwan

Yeh picture aab nikal ke auraton ki ladayi sabit mat karo presently MIM leader muslim ke liye great hai bhadmai jai land grabbers


اسلام عليكم
زاهد علي خان صاحب كا بہت تہت شكريہ كہ انہوں نے بغير كسى كي طرف داري كيئے سارى خيريں دنيا كے سامنے لائي

سچ ميں جہالت بہت برى چيز هے كہ ايك انسان اپنے هاتهہ سے كسى كا قتل كرتا هے تو بهى لوگ اس كو اپنا هيرو مانتے هيں
اكبر الدين اويسي قاتل هے
اس كو اس كي سزا ملنى چاهئيے


اسلام عليكم
زاهد علي خان صاحب كا بہت تہت شكريہ كہ انہوں نے بغير كسى كي طرف داري كيئے سارى خيريں دنيا كے سامنے لائي

سچ ميں جہالت بہت برى چيز هے كہ ايك انسان اپنے هاتهہ سے كسى كا قتل كرتا هے تو بهى لوگ اس كو اپنا هيرو مانتے هيں
اكبر الدين اويسي قاتل هے
اس كو اس كي سزا ملنى چاهئيے


YOU **** READ THE ABOVE NEWS CAREFULLY, AND READ THIS SENTANCE, " Mohammad Pahelwan was not among them, say those familiar with the pahelwan community "

ye sab bekar hai

ye sab log bekar hai, ab hamey muslim league ko support karna chahiye, ye party education aur tameeri kamau' me' bahut kaam karti hai, everybody should give Muslim League a chance.

sahi bole yaaro tum

Aise logoan ko kiya bolna ki yaaro..

One should reflect on his own



ALLAH is there he will see and he will give punishment to real culprits...don’t time is near…..who is correct and who is wrong...

Bechara aur Akber... sale ku

Bechara aur Akber... sale ku aur marna tha yaro... zamin hona kate usko aur kitni zamin hona ki...?

What exactly author want to

What exactly author want to tell readers, what he wants to prove, it is better if more elaborated.
Bsically MIM brothers are doing something better than nothing, if people don't do any thing no problem but other than MIM other muslim political local party is doing nothing rather they are damaging muslim unity and exploiting situation and encouraging raudism and dadagiri,
We undersatnd they are nothing, it is muslims mistake thay say party to them where as they are negligible in politics and in the hyderabadi social circle, who knows them more than some third grade small gunda anasir

atleast times of india toh

atleast times of india toh COPY nahin karna tha


It is most unfortunate that 2 muslims once living like friends have now become enemies. The relationship should be on eeman not a materilistic on money & land. One day we have to leave everything here and depart from this world with empty hands. If we spoil our aamal, then we have to suffer in Akhirat! What that poor young man Ibraheem Yafaee has taken with him, simply victimised by his own uncle Mohammed Pahalwan for a meagre piece of land!






Yeah sare logon ka BEENJ maragaya hai. Koi khiar ki tawaqu nahin in zalimon se.. Islam aur Muslmain ke naam pe DHE-B-BA hai.. May Allah guide us.


Yeah sare logon ka BEENJ maragaya hai. Koi khiar ki tawaqu nahin in zalimon se.. Islam aur Muslmain ke naam pe DHE-B-BA hai.. May Allah guide us.

Rubbish Article

I wonder how can the chief editor let this article get printed, by being local newspaper dont know the history of Arabs in Hyderabad.
If arabs were not their at the time of police action today hyderabad wont be having so many muslims.
for your correction arabs, like yemeni,somali,sudani are in india from 3 centurys,you can find them from delhi to kerala,even in district of our state

i really feel pity on siasat editor
thats we muslim still well behind of other communitys instead of consol each other................no use of telling more coz you dont sense to understand

True Said

Reference to Bafla Comments.
True Said, The most died in police action in 1948 was arabs nizam army, as Arabs were covering Hyderabad as shield and around 1000-1500 Arabs has deid in same period even i lose one of my grand father's brother, why that time no one said any thing about yemani people, I request people to ask there elders,grand fathers what was hyderabad image that time and how we/Arab protect it, beleive it or not until now also we muslims are safe in hyderabad and we proud of it..Again I request people not to mix this fight with each other or muslim, it was personal,EGO,and power for indivisauls. last but not least- All has bad remark against Barkas for what I still dont undestand, as far as i can say Barkas has many a/c madaresa's,and we produce many HAfeez-e-quran compare to other societies in hyderabad, and on daily basis in barkas almost 500-700 Hindu labours worked happily becuase we pay them before his/her sweat dry (As Prophet Mohammed Mustafa sallalahuwalaiwasal Said PBUH)..Ask them once you get time..So my dear Brothers either its muslim or Hindus, please please and please dont involve this fight as public, and lets be a friend and leave together and bring peace in Hyderabad.

Thank you,

dono badmash hai

dono badmash hai

Owaisi needs education

These owaisis should stop behaving like goondas and learn some maners. Otherwise more attacks will happen in this gang war. These goondas from both sides are ruining the lives of old city muslims. Muslims needs jobs, education and not these goondas and factionists.



Crime is Crime

With this picture no one can defend the crime, Pahelwan family did mistake by attack on public elected legislature so dont pat up like this gundas, otherwise no value of life will be remained in future for like this attackers.


sharam kar ra gando palwan 1 akela tiger par attected get reday chavos of barkas tum sub ki mako lag nava la hia akber maki **** phalwan no ki

Muslim Brotherhood.

Nobody see to the other side of the coin. May be someone eals is the mastermind of this attack and used Mohammed Al-Yafia for their own revenge. Mohammed Al-Yafia and Akber Owaisi was having problems since long back but nothing happened like this, but all of a sudden what let them try to kill their rival. It’s a big question?

Mohammed Al-Yafia can’t do this on his own there should be a big conspiracy behind this. May be they were tolerating Akber Owaisi since long and he might did something really bad to them which let them take this step. God knows.

Dear Readers please pass this message to each and every person you know that we have to be together and protect our community otherwise they failed in one attempt of making Hyderabad as Gujrat but they might try again. So do not let our internal issues effect to our whole community. It’s time to think wisely.

akberuddin owaisi-the oppressor

friends i studied the case of attack on akberuddin owaisi-he was attacked to teach him a lesson and not to kill him.friends if mohammad pahelwan wanted he could have finished akber,but he chose to warn him.man who wont react aggresively if akber tells mohammad pahelwan to empty the house they are living in-this is government land.good akber uddin owaisi got what he deseved.have owaisi's not grabbed wakf or government land,in the past?these 2 brothers were trying to make political milege and good impression for their BAD DEEDS.THEY KNOW IF THEY DONT IMPRESS THE PEOPLE OF HYDERABAD,THEY WONT WIN THE NEXT ELECTIONS.MAN THIS ALL IS POLITICS,SO COMMON MAN DONT RESPOND TO THEM-AKBERUDDIN OWAISI AND ASAD UDDIN OWAISI ARE BLOODY GOONS.GOOD AKBER GOT WHAT HE DESERVED.

Dont-mix this with that fight

Beleive or not, its not what all mention, the fight occur becuase MLA abuse the father of Ibrahim, and father narated the abuse story to there children, in which children got anger, the only children present at home were 4, Awad,abdullah,mohammed,and affif, and they got angry and went out and got fight with afber, then later there other borthers got the news and came later, Ibrahim, essa,yahiya and uncle hasan, except ibrahim, no one touch MLA, even u can see video also, as essa just passing by from MLA, but not even touch him. even mohammed pehlwan also not aware, later they said him. I agree that this guys should not fight with MLA, but they did and paid for it by loasing ibrahim, so now i request to stop publishing unwanted things, and get elders to have a compremissed and bring peace in hyd.

Thank you,

Interesting sayings that I

Interesting sayings that I can quote here vis-a-vis Mohammed Pahelwan & MIM-Akbaruddin Owaisi relationship (1) Chor pe Mor (2) Niyyat mein Khatra to Jholi mein Pathra. Akbar was behaving like a Don. Now, after getting a new lease of life, he should be grateful to Allah Taala and behave like a Muslim.

ache aqlaq

asak dear brother aap ne ye tasweer chapi paper me acha kia iss se unke kaise aqlaq hi pata chalta hi.khushi aur gum me har musalman ko shareek hona chahiye.allah hafiz

Regarding the Mohammed Pahelwan

Dear Siasat,

You may not be knowing what actually pahelwan is, coz, you have just seen one side of pahelwan. You should ask people you really suffered from them. We are the one among those sufferers. Actually, Pahelwan name doesn't suit him, he should be calles as "Land Grabber", who grabs the lands of innocent people and sell the same land to atleast 10 persons. We bought a land in Jabari Colony barkas, we paid the full amount and still the jabari people was not making registery and they detailed till 3 years of complete payments. Then, some brokers advised us to go to Mr. Land Grabber, we went to him and he cheked the land and found its prices has gone to 5 times of what we paid. Then he had a deal with jabari people and told us that that land is already sold to some other people, in really it wasn't. They sell the land at that time and give us back the same amount we paid him installments for two years keeping the rest amount with him. So, now you decide he pahelwan or a land Grabber.

Dear Siasat, kindly do not promote these Land Grabbers and Gundas in your paper, this way you and your paper will loose kind of reputation you already have in old city people.


Attacked on Akbaruddin

Why so much sympathy on Mohammed Pehalwan. He had done wronly thing and he should be punished with all his men. Eleven men beat Akbaruddin Owaisi , this is shame. Thank Allah he survived as he had done good job for poor people.

Kaun Bechara

maane ke bahut bedardi se maare usku, lekin bhai unho bechara nahi hai, bahut logou ka khoon chusa aur chusra aur chusega,Halake apnaote hamesha MIM ku jatha, lekin jaisi karni waisi Bharni


Kick these pahelwans on thir ass and panish them as severe as you can, they are the BIG BIG BLACK SPOT ON THE NAME OS ISLAM, they run their business on interest, that too by giving little money to the needy who can hardly earn their bread. I have seen PAHELWAN their are real Pahelwan not HIJDAI PAHELWAN like the one who gives money on interest.

The people those who earn their bread with interest are the most dirstyest and ugleast people on this earth. DO NOT HAVE ANY MERCY THEM TEACH THEM A LESSON AND PANISH THEM SO HARD THAT THEY SHOULD NOT WALK OR SIT OR SLEEP PROPERLY.


Bechara unkay ghar ki shadi bhi attend kara, aray uskay martay yaroo,,,,Accha admi wohi hai jo khushi aur gham mein ek dosray kay saath hoo.......

ALLAH is there he will see

ALLAH is there he will see and he will give punishment to real culprits...don’t time is near…..who is correct and who is wrong...

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