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JIH to float Welfare Party of India

Tuesday, 25 December 2012
Hyderabad, December 25:

A new political party will soon step into the political arena of Andhra Pradesh. The launch of Andhra Pradesh unit of the new political party Welfare Party of India floated by Jamat-e-Islami Hind will be announced shortly. Mr. Malik Motasim Khan has been selected as the president of Andhra Pradesh unit of the party. National general secretary of the party Mr. Qasim Rasool Ilyas told Siasat correspondent from Delhi that meeting of the state working committee of Andhra Pradesh will be convened with one week in which date for launching the party will be scheduled.

He told that Mr. Malik Motasim Khan is a dynamic personality and has served as the president of Andhra Pradesh unit of Jamat-e-Islami in the past. He told that though the welfare party of India has been formed by the Jamat-e-Islami yet it will completely be an independent party.

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Ghulaamaana zehen ko azad

Ghulaamaana zehen ko azad khayaali kabhi raas nahi aati. Ek hi khandaan ki ghulami karte raho. Iinko ghulami pasand nahi vahi Wpi ko support karenge.

Muslims should have alternate

MIM is the only choice for hyd muslims. Therefore MIM is fearless and is toalay involved in land grabing and coprruption. If they feel the presense of some one else capable to win the confidence of hyd muslims, MIM also will be carfull and will take intrest in muslims servicwe. Welcome WP of JIH

Anonymous says to another Anonymous

I like to read people comments and hope you like it too..but difficult to understand..
People write good and bad comments but at least write some thing in "YOUR NAME COLUMN"..Otherwise it's difficulty to understand "WHO SAY WHAT" because 95% are submitted by ANONYMOUS..It doesn't look professional...it shows that our Muslim community is ILLITERATE.

Reply to simple Muslims.

Good comments are written by me , bad comments are written by somebody else,ha ha ha ha ha , just kidding, my simple friend,what is there in a name,you can call rose with any name, it will remain rose, likewise, my friend just read comments, if you feel good reply, if you feel bad even then reply,many do not write their names because, naam sey mazheb dhood lete hein, wish you a happy new year, 2013,.


IN MEENAS CARTOON(educational)
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childrens watching commented----------
haaaaa u mittu'' mai kattu-------------
now go to u tube and watch

Reply to Annonymous.

Grow up kid,your place is in front of TV, watching cartoon network, this forum is for people with an opinion, better go and watch cartoons.

welcome wpi

i heartly welcome welfare party of india

Wellfare Party of India

Well done WPI, you have taken an excellent decision to join in politics. We need the good people in politcs. My self at my age of 50 voted several times to MIM because I thoght that they will get maturued and will realize the mistake and would help muslim. My voting MIM was a big mistake now WPI is formed, Alhamdulillah I have a option to teach Majlis it hate politics and oppotunist attititude of its leaders.


I pray your expectations from the WPI come true,but i have my own doubts on it, WPI is MIM`s xerox copy, MIM and WPI are two sides of the same coin,MIM has been fooling the old city since last 40 years due to ignorant and uneducated voters,they have taken full advantage from the gullible people by giving fiery speeches in the name of religion and Prophet (SWAT),and WPI is going to do the same, the same beards, the same sherwanis and the same egoistic people. It is better before you decide to support the party`s you compare all the candidates, their background, their financial backgrounds, their criminal cases and then decide yourself. sorry to say, you will find none in MIM and WPI

JIH shall not divide muslims

Siasat wale mere messages nahi display kare ...afoso...
May Allah saves muslims from the evil of muslims...ameen...We love MIM and inshallah MIM will win more and more seats...JIH gujrat ya dusre states main nahi contest karegi ..bas Hyd ke muslims ko divide karna hia isliye paise leliye honge JIH wale BJP ya RSS se...sharam aani chahiye JIH ko...Hyd mein thode bahut muslims hai aur wahin aagaye JIH wale muslim ittehad ko break karne ..per jab jab MIM ke against munafiq khade hue Allah subhanahu wa taala ne MIM ko zabardast kamiyabi nawazi..inshallah Rasool Allah sallelahu alaihiwasallam ke sadqe is baar bhi MIM kamiyabi aur kamrani ke sath sare munafiqo ko moo tod jawab degi..chahe JIH aaye ya ZAK ya aur koi munafiq aaye ..old city ke muslims jante hai ki MIM hi hamary party hai ...jise Allah rakhe use kaun chakhe ...Vote for MIM

WPI party is a Pakistan

WPI party is a Pakistan based Wahabi Party and is not good for us. MIM although corrupt is still the best option. MBT is the second best option.

welfare party zinda bad

koyi bhi Muslim party musalmanao ke liye kuch nahi kar rahi hai, WPI se umeeden hain ye ek muslim secular party hai, Isi se musalmanao is ke sath dena chahiye. wahabi ya aise ilzam laga kar musalmanao ko taqseem karna bohat badi ghalti hogi allah bachye musalmanao, waise aap ko Pakistan se bohat lagao mahsoos hora


Bharose ki bhains bachda jani kate, kahin umeeden neereesha mein na badal jaye,welfare, welfare ek funda hai, ji logon ko dhoka dene ke liye istemal mein la rahein hein, yeh baat aap ghaanth baandh ke rakh liye jiye, koi bhi , haan, koi bhi free mein janata ki sewa karne wala nahi hai, isme aap bhi ho sakte, mein bhi ho sakta hun, siasat hi aisi cheez hai,agar public ki hi welfare karna hai toh koi party ki zaroorat hi nahi, hai, yeh sab musalmanon ko gumrah karke, aapas mein pooth dalke apne hidden agendas ko anjaam karne wale hein,aise party se do gaz dhoor hi rehna accha hai.

welfare party

welfare party is a final hope for muslims of India, any body who is not agreed with this statement can wait for few months insha Allah it will prove

reply to syed.

Not for Muslims of India, it may be only for you, you are not representing all Muslims of India, your are not elected member to represent them or speak on behalf of them, Muslims know pretty well whom to vote,dont try to force your mentality of hope and wait on others. ya sheikh apna apna dekh.



MANY THANK FOR Jamaat-i-islami


Reply to a crackpot.

Such a comment can be expected only from a Nawab, ha ha ha ha ha.

Taqdeer Badlen

MIM ki Leadership se Musalmano ko Bachane aayi WPI, Musalman Support karen Aur apni taqdeer Badlen

Reply to the above comment.

Absolutely correct , dont fall for MIM politics,and dont even fall for a party which is the other side of the same communal politics as MIM, just be making some cosmetic changes, and changing the name JIH cannot fool the public, now, the ball is in your court, do you want to bring in MIM or JIH`s WIP, who are the two faces of the same coin, or you prefer to bring a party which is responsive and responsible for development in old city. Decide yourself.

Communal forces entering India from Pakistan.

JIH has roots in Pakistan, it is a known fact, the role played by the jamaat during Independence of India struggle is well know to all Indians, Jamaat tried to enter India through various ways, but were unsucessful, once or twice they were barred also,so they found an easiest way of entering India through a masked face with some cosmetic changes and named it as Welfare Party of India, in fact , the main intention of this party is to destabilize India,using WPI as a front, Govt should expose them and banned them once for all, if neglected, the consequences may be very bad.

Know history first!

This is really hilarious. Jamaat was found before the separation of India and after the partition, Jamaat was also split into Jammat-e-Islami Hind and Jamaat-eIslami Pakistan. It was already in India, how can it try to ENTER India?

Jamaat was the only Muslim party at the time of independence which opposed the idea of a seperate state for Muslims.

Reply to Annonymous.

i have just one question for you, why all these JIH was silent and why they have suddenly given birth to a party by name Welfare party of India, with some plastic surgery and cosmetic changes. What is their intention behind such a name change and entering politics,why are they not being their original self, JIH and entering politics in the same name, why, why ?, there is many skeletons in their drawers which may roll out once they go to public with JIH,there are many versions on the role played by JIH during Independence of India struggle,first hand information can only available if you do some investigation,a trip to Central Library, Afzalgunj will be helpful to you. Just on propoganda,publicity campaigns, political literatures, fiery speeches,dont fall for any party, you have been back stabbed many a times in the last few decades, dont blindly support such parties.

Aware yourself

I respect your observation that Hyderabad Vote will devide..I think its premature to think about that at this point of time..We should work for the STRUGGLE to Bring a Rapid change in the Current politics not only in hyd in the whole AP.Change will not come by itself We should work together to bring the Change..

Reply to Aware.

Smells of a revolutionary fight, a language used to provoke people to fight against the democratic elected Govt.., desperate for power with selfish motives, will never be productive.

Aware yourself

Whatever you think..Its not provoking..its about creating awareness among the Public..to raise and fight against the injustices.Its a democratic way to express anguish.No body is desperate for power.Power comes to those who can behold it.

Reply to Annonymous.

Awareness by making false allegations and using religion is a clear case of provoking the gullible people,just by falsely accusing a democratically elected party leader you can get an instant claps and wah wah`s,fiery speeches in the name of religion using the Holy Quran and The Prophet Haditth is gross misuse of the religion, such tactics will not yield any results.

Aware yourself

Free from evils...Would you think nothing become FREE then your mind is enslaved by the on going political culture..its nothing surprise to hear this..because the existing political system and corrupted leaders did this..but you have to come out from this trauma that nothing will change..CHANGE WILL COME ..whether you want or not CHANHGE will Come whether support or OPPOSE , CHANGE will come definitely

Reply to Aware yourself.

Day Dreaming,go on, it is good for people like you, who are living in fools paradise,such type of make believes are floating since ages, we have seen such CHANGE WILL COME, OPPOSE etc slogans, which are much used communists unproductive fundas,nothing is free in this world, right from the day child is born and till his death, disbelieving in this realistic truth is in box thinking which is sealed. Grow up, face realistic. Dont sell such crap.

Aware yourself

Why are you sitting here to buy this? These statements also common to public that nothing will change, but when it comes every thing will swept away.

Reply to Annonymous.

I am trying to contradict an ill opinion and prove it false,to correct such baseless opinions is everybody right and i am exercising it fearlessly,a change for development is always welcome, a change with a fanatic ideology will never bring a change, and it is the party with such orhodox ideologies need a change or otherwise it will be swept away to pakistan.

Aware yourself

Ittehad ki bath karne wale logon ko aapas me ladate nahi janab! yeh log jo aaj ittehad ki bath kar rahe hai barso se muslamano ki ghurbath aur no jawano ki khurbaniyo ka fayda uthathe hue logon ko gumrah kar rahe hai. Aise bhi kayi partiya khayam hui aur kam kar rahi hai..apko kyu dar lagta hai isse? kunki kabhi apne fayde ki siva kuch aur sonchne ka waqt hi nahi mila...har nazuk moqe par koun kitne paise khaye kaha kaha jama kar rakha hai sab ko pata hai..inke khazane haamaan aur khamaan jaise hai..log ab uth khade honge aur sahi khayad ke sath chalenge...

Reply to Annonymous.

Baseless allegations without any proof, if you are so confident of charges you are making, you should take initiative and expose these corrupt forces, as you do not have any proof you are making wild allegations against democratically elected parties,dont try to fool public by such crap, it will bounce back to you and your so called party, if that is the case, why the hell you are coming out with a new political party, why are you not using your parent parties name, we know why,it will be correct on your part if you make your list of donors name public,who is backing you financially and what are your sources of finance.Make you financials public before raising fingers on others.

Aware yourself

Corrupt leaders come out from the so called forts as and when PEOPLE raise their voice against Injustice,Tyranny and wickedness...Definitely expose the Truth.I dont know why are you bothering the Party's name? I told you in this country any one can step into politics ,BTW im not the spoke person to any Party. you should ask it to them.Will you make public your source funds? How you started and fought elections?

Reply to Annonymous.

I sense some hidden agenda behind the various replies you have made, it is for sure that the forces which are hell bent to create unrest in the society by flaring up the communal feelings are seem to be working, such stupid ideas can only be from a trained minds, let loose to disrupt the progress of a country which is leaping to economical successes. Any number of attempts, in any guise, the forces who want to derail the progress of the country will be met with iron hand and every steps will be taken to weed out such ideologies. India is for Indians and it shall ever remain so.

Aware yourself

The Govt of India can investigate anyone in this country including you and the organisation you belongs to,WPI is a registered political party,in a democratic country like india every one is free to float a political party.Its up to people to judge on its Policies and Vision.How come you are so suspicious about the party? They were doing service to the humanity in the subcontinent.WPI will soon emerge as a strong Political people's party not like a goondas and land grabbers

Reply to Aware yourself.

We know pretty well what type of service is being done to people by your parent party JIH, the reason come out with a plastic surgery face masked is proof enough that you and your party is trying to hid your parents party`s past which is mired with serious allegations, which snowballed, if written it needs volumes, peoples memory may be weak,but they can be freshen up whenever they hear your parent party`s name, you cannot hide your past,as you said peoples are the best judge, the day is not far when your bubble will burst and you will face your real face, of course in the peoples mirror. No party is free of goondas and land grabbers,without support of such people no party has ever won elections,your party is no exception.

Aware yourself

Thats the truth...No one can hide the truth.Let it be out.Why that truth doesn't surface on the EARTH? Allegations? Its already written in volumes of WORK you did to the society.By generalizing that every party has gundas, land grabbers you cant stop youth of this era to continue with the same filthy political system.You cant pressurize us,People will reach there and change if you don't want to change yourself

Aware yourself

The Govt of India can investigate anyone in this country including you and the organisation you belongs to,WPI is a registered political party,in a democratic country like india every one is free to float a political party.Its up to people to judge on its Policies and Vision.How come you are so suspicious about the party? They were doing service to the humanity in the subcontinent.WPI will soon emerge as a strong Political people's party not like a goondas and land grabbers

Aware yourself

JIH established before partition and started working independently after partition.Its childish to say that it has roots in Pakistan, because its idealogy based on Quran and Hadeeth,so if anyone telling something against this they will enter in Jahannum not the persons who stood to call the people towards success.as per my knowledge its a legitimate Organisation working for the welfare of all the communities in general and muslim community in particular

Good Intiative

This is value based politics.
1) Free from Corruption,
2) Free from Crimanalisation of Politics,
3) Free from Comercialisation of Politics,
4) Free from Communalisation of Politics,
By this we can achieve Welfare of India & Indian People.
All Support for Good cause

Reply to Annonymous.

Be careful from this Free politics,this is like Hateli mein jannat,free mein, nothing comes free in this world, nobody works for free everything is paid and valued here, we have experienced all such nonsense of FREE since decades, dont try to fool us with your free package.Who are you trying to fool with this FREE Funda,

Allah bachaye Dhokebazoun se

Sahi baat hai jab musalman eik ho rahe hain tou jo mazhabi aur saaf kirdar waloun ka saath dene mien kya takleef, phir vahi mandir ke soudagaroun ku jeeta na chahte ho kya tum loug MIM ke zar khareeda ghulam ho, agar nahin tou phir eik change chahiye aur vahi party karsakti ho jisko duniya aur hindustan mien pahchana jaata hai.

JIH has roots in Pakistan.

Jamaat-i-islami party has roots in Pakistan,during fight for Independence this party has supported Pakistan and was instrumental in forming Pakistan.A section of Pakistan who made India their country started JIH in India and were busy working against democratically elected Govts, once or twice they were raided and banned also. For so many years they were working from underground, now suddenly they have come out after plastic surgery with a new face, Welfare Party of India. A deep rooted conspiracy is behind Welfare Party, the Govt should investigate JIH and newly formed party for their financial support and donors. There is something more than what meets the eye behind Welfare party.

JI opposed creation of separate statein 1947

JI ne kabhi bhi pak ki tayeed nahi ki thi, balke jamaat ne taqseem ke nuqsanat se musalmanon ko waqif kia tha, taqseem ke bad bhi jamaat ne musalmanon ko sambhalne ki pori koshish ki, jamaat kabhi bhi mafad paraston ke hathon me nahi gayi, lai musalmanon ki jamaat MIM ko ek Khandan ghabza kar liya jo masamanou ke huqooq ki bat kar hain aur khud sab se ziyada auqaf ki jayedadon par qabiz hain aur auqaf ke saudagar bane huye hain

Reply to incorrect comment.

yeh aapki raye hai, aap ko salamat, magar sachai kutch aur hai,sachai jaan ne ke liye aap ko kutch purana newspaper aur history ke pannon ko padna padegha,wahan sachai chupi hui hai, kya aap ku pata hai Jamaat-e-islami ku India mein ban kyon kare they, yeh mein nahi bataon ga, aap ko thoda waqt nikal ke khojiya, central library mein kutch purane paper hein, investigae ki jiye, azaadi ko jo qareeb se dekhein hein unse sachai kya hai pata lagayiye, MIM ko maro goli, yehan hum MIM ku nahin discuss kar rahein hein, MIM agar ghalat kar rahein hein, toh unki zaroor sazaa milege,yehan, Jamaat-e-islamai, ek naya muqhaota pehan ke jaati vaadi ki politics pravesh karna chahte hein, yeh harghi nahin hone denge, aap thoda waqt nikaliye aur sachai ka pata lagayi yeh.

Correct kar len

JI pak par lagne wale ilzamaat me sab se bada ilzam pak ke qayam ki muqalifat hai, jis ki wajhe se jamaat par kafi aazmayeshen bhi aayi hain, syed maododi ko ghaddar bhi kaha gaya, India me musalmanon ke liye jo bhi koshish huyi chahe wo angrezon ke zamane me ho ya aazadi ke bad sab communal hi thi, aaise halath me ek nayi koshish nayi stategy ke sath WPI maidan me aayi hai, ls ka sath dene me hi musalmanao ka mafad hosakta hai......

Reply to Annonymous.

Dont live in Past, the past history of JIH is full of controversies with different versions, be realistic and face the present times,what can a party which has an outdated ideology and inbox thinking leaders can bring welfare. answer yourself, stop justifying from hearsay`s.

good but can't say any thing

The imitative is good but fear is that, the hyderabadi's vote will be divided due to this new party and communal parties may be benefited. JIH is good jamat we like them and hope they will analyze the current situation and react accordingly.

Allah bachaye musalmano ko musalamano se

Allah bachaye musalmano ko ab musalmano ke hath se....iman baichne wale aagaye market mein musalmano ko baatne ke liye..pata nahi kitne paise liye yeh log ab hyderabad ko barbad karne ke liye..wallah yeh log jahannam ki gahrayee mein rahne wale hai ..jahan aaj hyderabad mein sare musalman ek horahe hai yeh log nayi party larahe hai taki is ittehad to tode...arey jhoote musalmano daro Allah ke kaher se daro ...thode se paison ke liye musalmano ko barbaad na karo ...chahe tum lakh namaz padhlo jahan rasool ki ummat ke ittehad ki baat aajaye to apne duniya ke fayde ko na dekho ...yeh party ki abhi zaroorat nahi hia hyd mein ...kafiron ko fayda hoga isse ..aur shayad kafir hi paise deker aisi jamat ko party banane ke liye uksarahe hia ..jaise yahoodi log karte hai ...

think more before saying

think more before saying anything, it will surely help and you will loose nothing.



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