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Justice Sardar Ali Khan passes away

Thursday, 8 November 2012
Hyderabad, November 08:

Acting Chief Justice of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh Justice Mohammed Sardar Ali Khan expires today.

He was admitted in Yashoda Hospital, Malakpet Namaze Janaza will be at Masjid Syed Attan Shahab Mehdavi, Chanchalguda at 10:00 PM and burial at Graveyard Hazrath Syed Raj Mohammed (RA), Chanchalguda.

You can contact with his son ASIF ALI KHAN on his mobile no: 9293002899

Justice Sardar Ali Khan was a retired Judge and Acting Chief Justice of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh. He was the President of the Andhra Pradesh State Legal Aid & Advisory Board. He served as President of Andhra Pradesh Judicial Academy from 1991-92, He was Dean of the Faculty of Law at Osmania University from 1984-91 and President of the Board of Management at Nizam College from 1994-96. He was a member and elected Vice-Chairman of the U.N Sub-Commission on the Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities, and a Member of the U.N.Working Group on Minorities, representing the Asian Continent. He has also served as the Chairman of the National Commission for Minorities and is an ex-officio member of the National Commission for Human Rights under the Government of India.

MBT condoles on the death of Justice Sardar Ali Khan.

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False Pride and Vanity are a Curse. They destroy a man's full potential. Indian Muslims are the most backward community in India. Please read Sachar Committee Report for evidence. There are 10 families in Hyderabad. I do not want to take names - i love them all and - this post is addressed to them:

One day every one of you will die. In the grave-yard, there is no class-consciousness. Just like the Sulabh Toilet, every one is equal. So while you are ALIVE, do something. Graduate from Home building to INSTITUTION-BUILDING. Build - Establish - Run "Institutions".

These 10 families of Hyderbad can set up 10 institutions. Even a small effort, a small institution is welcome. Drops make an ocean. So give up your false pride. What are Muslims proud of ?

My father was a Subedar, Jung, etc... and I am pulling a Rickshaw now ? Hunh. The progency (children) of Bahadur Shah Zafar and Tipu Sultan are pulling Rickshaws (in Kolkata). So tear off the page of the "past". I was this - I was that !

You are known by your last "movie". Muslims are backward in every sense of the word. DO SOMETHING while you are alive. DO NOT sell your property to the smooth-talking Marwari Builder (RSS/financier of riots). Maintain it., and use it judiciously. Establish and Run Institutions. Do not run away from the field (safe option), like Mukarram Jah (for the sake of Kabab, he ran away from Hyd. Now living in a 2-room apartment in Turkey - in ill health - poor and broken - physically and emotionally).

Take lessons from History.

2 Examples :

1) Dr. Russel Dohner, 87, of Rushville, Illinois USA.
2) Dr. Suryakant Patjoshi, 45, Korukunja Orissa.

BE LIKE THEM. Get out of greed. Give up pride. Be DECENT (in speech and action). Do not bark. Speak GENTLY. Shanti is Shakti, as Smartie, "Imrawn Khan" rightly put it..

It is not criticism. It is reflection.

Sardar Ali Khan is no more. And this is not a critique on the man. He was entitled to his freedoms. No denying that. He was just like any other man. A barber, a welder, a carpenter, a driver, a mechanic. He earned his living as a Lawyer (for years) until he was offered a position on the Bench. So it is ok. He eked out a living, raised a family, did his familial duties and died. What more could he do ?

His strength was in "International Law". He was good at it.

He raised a family, ran a home, bred kids, lived and died. God bless him. But he could have done more. THAT angle, that aspect was missing in him. And that is the regret. After he retired from the AP High Court (serving it for 8-9 yrs), he was still in good health. He could have done something tangible for the community. It was possible 20 yrs back. Hyderabad was not so expensive. He had a presence. Had he formed a lobby/pressure group, approached the Govt. of AP., and Bureaucrats., I am sure., he could have achieved success.

In all fairness to the man, i think he was not an institution-builder. It did not appeal to him. Any responsibility given unto him, he would do it. But building an institution from scratch and thru the seeding-stages was not in his DNA.

Vanity, Pride, Haughtiness was his curse. Otherwise a fine man. No one is perfect, but Sardar Ali Khan, inspite of all his intelligence could not realise the bad times the community has fallen into. If he did realise, he couldnt internalise it. Moreover, he could have done something 20 yrs back in the field of Law.

It was entirely possible for Sardar Ali Khan to start a Law College in Hyderabad. If the late Captain of the Indian Team., a Great Hyderabadi and a true HERO., Mr. Ghulam Ahmed IAS could sell his home (for Rs. 8 lakhs @ Jaffer Ali Bagh) and provide that money as SEED CAPITAL to establish Mufakkhamjah College of Engineering ! Sardar Ali Khan did not have the quality of heart that Mr. Ghulam Ahmed had ! Ghulam Ahmed had a laser like vision. Hundreds of boys and girls have graduated from the college he HELPED set up ! He sold his home for it ! (Subsequently Allah rewarded the sincere effort - but thats another chapter).

So we are not criticising the man. The husband, the father, the grandfather or the neighbour here. All that we are saying that false pride, vanity, vain shallow pride and being a DOFF are such a curse that they hinder a man achieve his full potential.

And that is a loss.

To Sardar Ali Khan family- I

To Sardar Ali Khan family- I don't think you have to react in this manner. He was a very well known man and people have different kinds of opinions and expectations from a man of his standards. No matter what he did their would be a handful of people that would expect more, I call such people 'liabilities of community'. He belonged to a great family and was successful himself so of course their would be haters. The little I knew him I am sure not one man existed in Hyderabad that had to courage to say anything to his face, nor will they do it now in front of his family. It is cowardly to talk in this manner about him and his family. Allah sardar Ali khan ki meghfirat kare.

Response to all...

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But keep in mind that you are talking about someone's father, brother, grandfather, uncle, etc. Put yourself in their shoes and think about how disheartening it is for them to read this about their family member who just passed away! You may not have liked the man but you don’t have any prerogative to speak about him in such an ill-manner. Your comments show how classless and uneducated you are. I hope you have a humane side to you.

Over-rated / Mubalegha / Malakpet-wala.

Was good in "International Law". Spoke well. CHABAA CHABAA KAY - like Raj Kumar stressing the "punch word".

But was an ordinary judge. Nothing of the calibre of the Judges of the US Supreme Court. For instance., Justice Sonya Sotomayor (who is half his age) is far bigger and a far better Judge ! So is the other one Justice Elena Kagan (who is half the age of Sardar Ali Khan). Look at the depth of their knowledge, legal insight, depth, breadth of vision, judgement(s).

Hyderabadis have a bad habit of exaggeration. So they praised him to the skies. Fact of the matter is, in 1950, not even a 100 Hyderabadis could speak English well. Now this man., MA L.Lb., Bar-at-Law., was in a unique position. He had a small office @ Bachelor Quarters (Corner) above the hair cutting salon. Drove a Fiat. So he was treated as a demi-god. Even most advocates of that era (1950), if not all, did not have a command of the language. So it is in that era, that his reputation was built/rests. As education spread., there were far better lawyers/judges who came and shone.

The world is a stage, afterall, as Shakespeare said. Sardar Ali Khan didnt think beyond Biryani and his Sherwani (stitched at the Silver Jubilee Tailoring Firm at Abid Road). Nice man, but selfish. Yes.


Pride and Vanity were his undoing. He was a man of many talents. A critical legal brain. He had his office @ Moazzamjahi Market and used to wear White malmal Kurta Pyjama. Smoked a lot. But he was short-tempered. That showed that he was not capable for Leadership. He was not qualified to lead a team. He could do great work in individual capacity, alone. Anyways, man is an imperfect creature. He was a student of Madrasa Aliya, Nizam College and understood Hyderabad and its problems first-hand. He lived at Malakpet.

Sorry to say, but he was extremely ill-tempered, quick to anger, and even abusive. That agression looked cute when he was younger., but as he grew older., it became a curse.

He cared for his family, but his world ended there. He had no time, resources, patience and leadership to go for institution-building. You need a higher quality of soul for doing such type of work. His soul was not of that grade/quality. It was an inferior soul.

For institution-building you need men of the stature of Hakim Abdul Hamid, who bequethed Jamia-Hamdard to the Nation ! Maulana Wali Rahmani who started Rahmani-30 to train 30 Muslim boys every year for IIT. You need Abhayanand to coach these 30 Muslim boys in Physics FOR FREE.

Mr. Sardar Ali Khan, Bar-at-Law, hardly ever coached any Muslim student(s) for/in Law. He was Dean Faculty of Law at OU, and also served the AP High Court. P.V. Narasimha Rao made him the Head of the Minorities Commission of India in Delhi, where he was a complete failure. He was best suited to work alone. He was not qualified to lead a Team, an Institution, an organisation.

His temper was his undoing, his arrogance was his curse. PB has written some plain truths.

Now that he is no more., we do not criticise him. That is pointless. But the regret is, that among muslims, there are very few people of talent. And even if they turn out to be extremely selfish, that is very sad indeed.

very well-said. The deceased

very well-said. The deceased was an over-acheiver but failed to make any notable contribution to the community. it's not just him, his father Amir Alikhan , subedar was basically the same. His next to kin who live in the US are a bunch of the most self-centered and egotistical good for nothing folks you ever met.

Dabaa Kay Chal Diye

Dabaa kay chal diye - Dabaa kay chal diye.
mere paaoon kaa chaalaa #
Dabaa kay chal diye - Dabaa kay chal diye.

Justice Pedda Bullaiah wrote the plain truth. He acknowledged the dead man's positive qualities too, but in the final analysis, the end result, ruled that the deceased could have achieved MORE for his community, had he thought beyond his home and family.

The man was talented. Yes. But this man was selfish., too much in love with i-me-myself, him - his uneducated wife - his daughters and his son/whatever. That makes him a family man - but not a Leader of men. For that, he was not suitably qualified.

A man of his stature COULD have done something tangible for his community, HAD he made a sincere effort and devoted the last 10-15 years of his life. But he chose not to. Spicy food, biryani, chai and EGO-boosting FALSE PRIDE were more important and demanding !

sardar ali khan

Rest In Peace... he was my father's colleague at Nizam College Hyderabad.. never met him, but heard he was a fine gentleman.. but the rest of his family is far less than that...

Sardar Ali Khan

Your father, a colleague of Sardar Ali Khan at Nizam College, was a fine gentlrman.......but rest of his family is far, far, far less than that...moron!

sardar ali khan

Truth HURTS, Buddy.......

Pedda Dog Barking

Would SIASAT even glance at a derogatory remark written by Pedda about Nawab Zahed Ali Khan? So why allow Pedda dog to bark on these pages at Justice Sardar Ali Khan? Hello??

Justice Sardard Ali Khan

It is incumbent upon SIASAT to find out who exactly this ugly idiot Pedda is, and get him arrested for his own sake!And, please remove his ugly comment a.s.a.p. Thanks.

wa inal lahi ileyhi rajioon

wa inal lahi ileyhi rajioon

Innallaha wa inallahi rajioon

Innallaha wa Inallahi rajioon - May Allah (s.w.t) blessed his soul and forgive marhoom sins if he has ever committed and accept his good deeds and grant him Jannat-ul-Firdaus..Ameen

Pedda comment

That is the most disrespectful comment I have ever read about anyone. If you had any guts, you would have spoken to his face while he was alive. Being a noble man, he would have given you some tea and listen to you, whereas I would have busted your gonads.


Acting Chief Justice of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh Justice Mohammed Sardar Ali Khan "expires" today




Aray Pedda Kab tak Doosray Kay Upar Dependent Rahay Ga Bhai. Khud Kuch Kar aanay walay Logoan Kay Liye. Everything is left by someone else, from Colleges, to University, Hospital you name it but we are so dependent on others that we cannot even maintain it. My suggestion to you and all readers of this News Paper Rather than just writing comments get ready and do something and make our country a better place for everyone.




Pedda - Response

He was our grandfather and Nana. Watch what you say you Kuta Haramka. Nana, please take care of Mamma ... we will always love you and miss you forever.

He was only your Nana, not NANA PATEKAR

Very true. He could be your Nana or Dada. That is personal. But the fact of the matter is that the man was full of himself. His head was full of air. There are many HIndu lawyers/Jurists who are 200 times more talented than Sardar Ali Khan but they do not have his false pride. He was so superficial, full of himself, vain and shallow. He was a doff.

So while we understand that you may love him in your personal capacity, the fact of the matter is., that outside your home, your Nana was a small man. Within the 4 walls of his home., to his uneducated wife., to his children and grand-children., you have every right to consider him even more than Einstien and Newton.

If wishes were horses, then horses would be men.

Sardar Ali Khan's arrogance bordered on childishness. He was hyper 24x7. Being angry is a sign of chichor-pan. CALMNESS is STRENGTH. SHANTI IS SHAKTI. 24x7 anger is a sign of chicor-pan. Lachchar-pan. SO what if he was your Nana/Dada. He was lach-char. Probably because he was the only educated man in his family. Please do not mind. But is your Nani/Dadi (his wife) educated ? Isnt she an uneducated lady ? What is the qualification of his sons/daughters ? Did they study. WHat is their professional status ? Where are they working and in what positions ? What is their life (micro and macro). DO they head any organisations. Do they do any social work. Do they run some charities. Did they produce some intellectual property ? or did they form some tangible societal asset ?

Society expects this from people. Its not your Nana or my Nana or Dada ? It applies to all. 60 yrs hence, I would be judged too., and so would you. So this is nothing personal, dude. But one must judge fairly - and take to healthy criticism with dignity ! When you say "Kuta Haramka" it shows the level/calibre/status/grade of your DNA strand.

Au revoir.

unnecessary,disrespectful attacks on family

You talk about judging fairly, only to criticize a grandson for his "strand of DNA" in the next sentence. Just goes to show your character/level/caliber/status.

Wow sounds like you're a

Wow sounds like you're a very qualified person. You must head an organization/do social work/run charities
And damn, what style, signing off with Au revoir, you sound so awesome...I'm almost as jealous of you as you were of Justice Khan...almost

sardar ali khan

May his soul Rest in Peace.. he was my father's colleague, never met him, but heard he was a real gentleman... though the rest of his clan is far less than that.....

sardar ali khan

May his soul Rest in Peace.. he was my father's colleague, never met him, but heard he was a real gentleman... though the rest of his clan is far less than that.....

Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi

Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon

Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam Narrated that two sunnath rakath of fajar prayer is better than this world and the things in this world -So imagine how two rakath FARZ OF FAJAR WOULD BE.





Allah almighty give place in

Allah almighty give place in jannah Ameen

Almighty Allah give him

Almighty Allah give him place in jannah Ameeen.

Khaya Piya - Chal Diya. Useless.

A fine mind.. a fine speaker.. but useless. Khaya-Piya, Chal Diya. Did not make any effort / leave an Institution as his legacy.

Nana-Dada ban gaye.. Khaya piya - aur chal diya.

Khatam Shud. Institution-building karna thaa.. ek Law College daalna thaa.. lekin butt-e-pindaar se baaher nikal hee na sakey.. Wife bhee uneducated theen.. bilkul uneducated.. without any grooming i.e. (Bahadur Yar Jung ki bhateeji theen).. If he wished., he could have done something.. but that ZAUQ.. that SHAUR.. that CAPACITY to do social work was completely missing. Dr. N.R. NARAYANA MENON established National Law School, Bengaluru... Some others did NALSAR.. (of course Govt. Institutions).

He could have done something for Muslim students in the field of Law.. lekin unko fursat hee naa mili...

A nice man.. a fine man.. and a self-centred man.. Selfish keh saktey hain.

Khaya Piya Chal diya.

Khaya Piya Pedda Chor

Pedda, I am sure your mother and father are not very proud of you. You are a mental case, to be castrated with a blunt knife for your own safety in jail.

Dear what he did let it

Dear what he did let it now.After departed his soul telling like this... there were so many intellectuals in the city they didnt make his mind if u were there what u r doing

Replly to the above comment.

It is improper of you to write in such a manner about a person who is no more,this shows you state of mind, you need psychiatric treatment, i suggest you admit yourself immediately in Eragadda Hospital, or otherwise you may end up in some gutter.

Reply to PB

Jaisa tera naam waisey tere comments P.B. no doubt

Pyasa koonwe ke paas jaata hai, koonwa pyasey ke paas nahi aata.

apne qaum ke generation mein kitney hai jo qaum ke baarey mein fikarmand hai!

aisey comments dena asaan hai iqbal ke shayeri ke saat lekin aap kya kiye abb tak qaum ke liye? ek nayee paise ka kaam karey to batao.

woh hasti guzar ne ke baad news mein aayee aur janazey mein bhi kayee chahne wale shirkat karenge.

Kya aap aisa kaam kare kal ke din koi aapke janazey mein shirkat karey jaisa.

Thoda Zabaan ko Laghaam do

you are a shameless

you are a shameless person...i really, really hope you do not lose someone close to you cause i would hate to see what people have to say about them. you are pathetic.

Justice sardar ali khan no more.

May his soul rest in peace,with due respect to him, i pay my respects to his departed soul,

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