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Kiran diverting Muslim Minority Funds: MIM

Monday, 3 December 2012
Hyderabad, December 03:

There was a heated exchange between Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy and MIM floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi, who has alleged that innocent Muslim minority youth were being harassed. He alleged that the funds allotted for Muslim minority welfare were being diverted.

Refuting the charges of the MIM leader, the Chief Minister asserted that the State government was committed to the welfare of SCs, STs, weaker sections and minorities and needed no one’s certificate.

Intervening during the debate on the SC & ST Sub-Plan Bill in the Assembly on Sunday, Kiran Kumar Reddy took serious objection to the remarks of Owaisi about harassment of the Muslim youth. The Chief Minister said Law & Order should not be taken into hands by any one. The State Government has done better than any other governments regarding welfare of the Muslims. We don’t have certificate of MIM whether the Government was secular.

“Whenever issue of temple at Charminar comes in the house, I will tell what we done. I can not allow anybody to suffer innocent people due to their political gains”, he made it clear.

The Chief Minister said MIM has own seven seats due to the support of the Congress party.


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Fishy !!!

the sudden shift of MIM's stance on Congress is fishy. If all the allegations MIM is hurling at Congress are assumed true then it implies that MIM was allegedly supporting anti-muslim political party all these years. MIM can not escape the blame. It is surely not so plain as it appears, there is something fishy behind the scene indeed. Probably the demands of MIM were rejected and favoring stopped and hence MIM decided to avenge the CM by all this negative campaigning against him and the party. Moreover MIM must have sensed Jagan is going to grab the CM seat next elections so they jumped to his boat. Ultimately muslims are being fooled for their own benefits, gains and profits. MIM should not stoop to making fool out of their own muslim votebank. Its all manipulation and exploitation for power, money and political mileage.

What kind of news you are

What kind of news you are printing this CM who cannot safeguard the innocent muslims in the hands of communal forces talking about minorities who has given freedom to communal forces to attack muslims whenever there is celeberation or fridays prayers, the most inefficeint CM of our state.

Playing a proxy game

What kind of Objection the CM can take, cannot he see what has happened and happening in the state, when innocent Muslim youths were arrested under false charges by state police? Question, who is hatching this Zionist ideology agenda as remarked by BJP that, Hyderabad is safe haven for the ISI terrorist and Pakistanis. This is absurd, ridicules, abuse, labeling and generalizing to Indian Muslim citizens who are Indian nationals since centuries like any other, full of patriotism, and love for the country. Who has given the right to challenge the credibility, why no legal action against such statement by authorities why this hypocrisy. Indian Muslims have constitutional democratically equal rights, justice as any other citizen. Anti-Muslim and Islam Police and political ideology is now busy creating means and ways to crush Muslims in India. We already experienced slavery from British Raj and now cannot afford to become by learning ideology as tools in the hand of Israel. Tactics used how barbaric agenda against Palestinians being done, the RSS ideology how to convert India from secular state to a fascist state as Spain had practiced against Muslims and Islam.

Somebody have to divert the

Somebody have to divert the money, if not Congress than MIM or if not MIM than some other party, nobody says they are corrupt.

Incomplete Article

What did Akbar say when The Chief Minister said MIM has own seven seats due to the support of the Congress party ?

Exclusive video of the assembly is availabla on Sakshi.

link pls.

pls. post the link for the same from sakshi TV dear.

what u r talking Kiran

Chief Minister asserted that the State government was committed to the welfare of SCs, STs, weaker sections and minorities and needed no one’s certificate.------------No one give the certificate but they will say what is fact------If you are not diverting the fund then where the fumd has gone.

This ofcourse excludes Muslims.

The Chief minister is very careful in saying SC,ST, weaker sections, minorities. This ofcourse excludes Muslims.

DOnt you have any good

DOnt you have any good editor.Every time I read the news I come across lot of grammatical mistakes?

Dont you have any and

I think this guy is old used bullet, why to give so much of importance to grammar, grammar, did you see any American paying that much of importance, it is internet age no body is sitting in Royal and outdated Darbar of Chota Gora and its tainted Queen, to use so bombastic English, wake up, time will not wait for you nor it will wait for your kids, all these old outdated British Nawabi culture thinking, slavery has to go four o'clock tea, eight o'clock dinner, why to make life so difficult in the name of rules and self-impose disciplined, rules are made to benefit the man kind, the more you press kids in this internet age they will fly away and you will doing the matham of their absence and then watching your clock and walls all in the name of Grammar, discipline, rules and regulation etc., everything has to be moderation, even the Chota Gora companies are following the American English pattern of five thousand words.

MIM is Makinf Fool to its Own Pepole

MR. Chief Minister, you should stand on your words pepole are watching you(minority is wataching you carefully) and Show them you are hte chief minister of AP.

“Whenever issue of temple at Charminar comes in the house, I will tell what we done. I cannot allow anybody to suffer innocent people due to their political gains”, he made it clear.



Wasting Tax payers money in assembly

this is a hidden fact that the Andhra Pradesh Congress Govt. Candidates are Akin of Hindutva forces. The well prepared and executed long term plan action on ground is evident. And also MIM always availed sops on this issues. So No need to shout in assembly and waste the time and tax payers money.

Punshing Muslims

This is true, congress is angry and they now want to punish muslims severily by mixing funds with SC, BC and harrasing young muslim youth and polic arrest and he wants to do this more and more as long as he stays in seat.

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