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Mahesh Bhatt takes up cause of Muslim youth in new play

Wednesday, 16 January 2013
New Delhi, January 16:

After the success of 'Last Salute', filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is returning to stage to highlight the cause of prejudices against Muslim youth in the country.

Bhatt has teamed up with Sandiip Kapoor of Promodome films to stage 'Trial of Error', which deals with the trust
deficit among the Indian Muslim and the issue of agencies'role regarding involvement of Muslim youth in terrorism.

We condemn and oppose the agencies' habit of jumping to conclusions that certain Muslim groups might be involved in
terror acts after every blast," said the 64-year-old filmmaker, who is going to be the play's narrator.

The success of 'Last Salute', based on the shoe-throwing incident involving former US President George Bush, prompted
Bhatt to bring to stage another social issue.

If I have made Jism and Murder, then I have also made Saraansh, Arth and Zakhm. I have oscillated between two
extremes," he said.

Trial of Error', directed by National award-winning playwright Waryam Mast, looks at the problem of Muslim youth
being branded terrorists and the trauma they face while fighting for justice.

Delhi-based actor Imran Zahid will play the lead role of a journalist on the lookout for the truth behind the

The play shows him being ultimately embroiled in a vicious circle where he struggles to prove his innocence
against the system that labels him a terrorist.

"There are many case studies on the internet as well as TV and newspaper reports which have helped me prepare for my
role. It investigates why innocent Muslim young men are branded terrorists and how fundamentalists take advantage of
that," Imran told PTI.

Having essayed the role of journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi in 'Last Salute', Imran said performing on stage gives him a
chance to polish himself as an actor.

Bhaat saab is my mentor and he says performing on stage will help me polish myself. Also theatre lets you explore
those subjects which cannot be adapted to celluloid because making films is an expensive affair," said Imran.

Rehearsals for the play have already begun and it will be staged in Delhi on March 29, before travelling to cities
including Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Chandigarh and Hyderabad.


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Mahesh Bhatt

What do you know about your parents? Do you know your parents reality?

What do you know about muslims community and Islam? Islam is best religion.

You nonsense, saying wrong and hurting to our dignity and integrity of religion by saying and making wrong movies on us.

What do you know behind these present activities by indexing wrong label on muslims. All of these terrors and other practices are some other hands behind it.

But unfortunately muslims became victim and you people dont know about your religion.

How would you say about ISLAM and about muslims.

You are acting like a Hindu

You are acting like a Hindu fundamentalist ,without seeing the play you are accusing Mr bhatt, it is same as branding a young Muslim youth a terrorist because he is a Muslim.


There is an oppurtunity to all big players. Maybe he feels bad about sytem and wants to protest in his way by making films. We should not trust to anybody just educate ourself and follow the guideline of prophet. We got strong base and if we relieze and stick those guidelines no body can harm us i.e Quran and Sunna. Allah has his own way of dealing and inshall He will help to his followers.

Good Luck

Directors of Mahesh's calibre should come up with solving real issues , that are concerning our country.Highlighting and understanding the pain of muslim youth is an important subject.Hope he tells this story in the best possible way.

Kuddos to Mahes Butt

He really needs to show the world how Political Parties like Congress neglected to protect Muslims and let them terrorized by BJP terrorist.

Next film should on how BJP grow its Terrorist network Internationally and who is behind funding theses terrorist, like Anil Ambani.

Boycott harmful media

Entertainment Media: Listening & viewing creates awareness & turns into action
Modern media does more harm than good – Start Boycotting Media – Save your children from becoming deviants !
Muslims in India are brainwashed (indoctrinated) by media to distant youth from Islam.
Shut down or discard TV - Boycott media – Protect your home environment from toxic media, urge your children to focus and excel in education and provide a nourishing spiritual environment at home and connect them to the Masjid to raise and prepare you r children as morally committed professionals, intellectuals and spiritual leaders. Arrange for one to one education with Islamic scholars and engage in dialog with people of wisdom (ulema) - develop social skills through interaction and build Islamic character and don’t let your children trained by TV otherwise you will create more Salman Rushdis, Tasleema, Amena Wadood, Farha Reddy…

This is the need of the day.

This is the need of the day. Poor are ignored by the rich as a result ugly events are on the boil. We have lost the very basis of islam.
Allah save us from distancing ourselves from islam - Ameen

I Agree with you

Dear wisdom writer

I agree with your wisdom

may Allah bless every Muslim with Islamic wisdom.

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