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Tuesday, 4 December 2012
December 04:

Abu Hurairah (RadiyAllahu anhu) reported: The Prophet (Sallellahu alaihi wa sallam) said:
*"The worst food is the food of the marriage banquet from which those are left out who would like to come; and to which those are invited who refuse to come. He who rejects an invitation disobeys Allah and His Messenger".*

In another narration Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.s.) said:
*"The worst food is the food of the marriage banquet to which the rich are invited and from which the poor are left out".*

Our rich class has made Walimah (marriage banquet given by the bridegroom) a highly luxurious affair and a means of displaying wealth and richness. This excessive exaggeration of a simple feast has brought in its wake many religious, moral and social evils. In its present form, it is sheer extravagance and wastage which are satanic acts and those who do it are brothers of Satan. It is such a big loss and serious threat that if our rich class is left with any sense of religion, it should immediately abandon this extravagance which is escalating day by day. Its moral disadvantage is that one invites in this function only men of his own status and not the poor, whereas the fact is that it is the latter who deserve to be invited because of their need, and not the former. Good manners also warrant that the needy should be given priority over the affluent. Its social disadvantage is that display of wealth on such occasions creates a sense of deprivation in the poor segments of society while what Islam teaches is the uplift, material and moral help, consolation and encouragement and respectable treatment of the poor. Instead of holding sumptuous feasts on Walimah, if the Muslims shift to one or two simple food items and invite the poor along with their friends and relatives, they not only save themselves from all the three evils mentioned above, but also prevent themselves from the accountability in the Hereafter; otherwise they will suffer loss in both the worlds. This Hadith exhorts the Muslims to participate in the Walimah ceremony but it is the kind of feast which is simple and in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

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Unity please for sake of Allah

Mere bahiyo Kash i can see that Zahid saab,Asad&Akbar saab brothers ,Mohammed Phelwan Saab kaqam&Amjed saab brothers & All other Muslim leaders in Hyderabad sitting on one table and eating biryani and thinking about our people in Hyd and in other parts of the world, if they can do this For the Sake of Allah & not for anybody else,then I think all our NRI brothers will come back to HYD and join the table & no body needs to go out of HYD then.

Keep Deaming!

You mean to say all idiots sit at one table and think about world.

ASAK.There are many comments

ASAK.There are many comments in this paper about the atrocities committed on Muslims in India and the unequal opportunities given to Muslims leading to their going down the hill as far as economic development is concerned.
The blame is conveniently given to RSS and other organisations Muslims hate, for their backwardness.
But do Muslims who hate RSS from the core of their hearts expect them to help the community or expect USA to be sympathetic to Islam who have shown extreme glee whenever terror has struck the citizens of USA.
Muslims must expect help from their own brethren as has been advised by the prophet(pbuh)
Few questions about how helpful Muslims are to their brothers in trouble.

1) Did any Muslim country (Saudi,UAE,Malaysiaetc) offer asylum to the Rohingya Muslims being persecuted in Myanmar?

2) Did any Hyderabadi/Indian Muslim get a match for the 4poor girls who are deaf and dumb whose stories Siasat had published?

3) Did anyone manage to get a single girl married of the 5 orphan girls whose story Siasat had published?

4) What has happened to the fate of the 2 Muslim girls who are being looked after in a hindu dharamshala? Has anyone bothered to look into their misery.

5) Why have no factories,multinational offices,malls,schools,colleges come up in Muslim dominated areas for over 50 years,by industrialists? All the ventures belong to the leaders who have become richer at the cost of the ulema.

6) How many parents have stopped their girls from going to call centres when the shameful acts going on there were revealed in the colums of Siasat.

7) What have the political leaders who have been repeatedly elected by the muslims done for the community?

Let us answer these questions sincerely and then blame RSS,VHP,BJP etc for our misery and low level of economic development.

Ode to the Nizam of Hyderabad

Ode to H.H. The Nizam Of Hyderabad

DEIGN, Prince, my tribute to receive,
This lyric offering to your name,
Who round your jewelled scepter bind
The lilies of a poet's fame;
Beneath whose sway concordant dwell
The peoples whom your laws embrace,
In brotherhood of diverse creeds,
And harmony of diverse race:

The votaries of the Prophet's faith,
Of whom you are the crown and chief
And they, who bear on Vedic brows
Their mystic symbols of belief;
And they, who worshipping the sun,
Fled o'er the old Iranian sea;
And they, who bow to Him who trod
The midnight waves of Galilee.

Sweet, sumptuous fables of Baghdad
The splendours of your court recall,
The torches of a Thousand Nights
Blaze through a single festival;
And Saki-singers down the streets,
Pour for us, in a stream divine,
From goblets of your love-ghazals
The rapture of your Sufi wine.

Prince, where your radiant cities smile,
Grim hills their sombre vigils keep,
Your ancient forests hoard and hold
The legends of their centuried sleep;
Your birds of peace white-pinioned float
O'er ruined fort and storied plain,
Your faithful stewards sleepless guard
The harvests of your gold and grain.

God give you joy, God give you grace
To shield the truth and smite the wrong,
To honour Virtue, Valour, Worth.
To cherish faith and foster song.
So may the lustre of your days
Outshine the deeds Firdusi sung,
Your name within a nation's prayer,
Your music on a nation's tongue.
- Sarojini Naidu

I also read an Enlightening post on Siasat :


A must read. Harsh truths bared.


IF muslims are so rich (as shown in the picture above)., then no reservation must be given to them.

THey are having walimas inviting 400 people ! Oh MY God.

So no reservation for them.

Modi's Dog, Reservation is

Modi's Dog, Reservation is only given to lower caste Hindus. Those muslims who are rich are without government hand outs and supports unlike majority hindus. If muslims are given even 10% chance of what hindus get they will be way ahead.

Keep Dreaming!

Dude, Keep dreaming.

Paisa Kamaane nai aa tha.

Paisa Kamaane nai aa tha. naa kaamyabi ko chupane ka accha tariqa hai...

Allah jithna diya hai uthne logon mai walima karo!

asak....dear friends an advice to every muslim may allah guid us on straight path
i mean to say, depending on ur financial status u can do ur walimah in 4, or 40, or 400, or 4000........Persons.
how much allah has given to u to invite ur relatives, poor people etc.
But their should be only single biryani & sweet no dout if there are 4 or 4000 people & proper care should b taken for men & women viel(parda) then c the barakah from allah & blessings showering on the couples life.

Take a lesson

We indulge in these unIslamic Practises and blame the govt for being backward as compared to Dalits in India.High time a fatwa was issued & such practises are condemned.
Islam is a simple religion and we should follow it in its true spirit.


It is nice to see a very good response on the article. Alhamdulillah many are in favour of a simple Walima Dinners and invitation of have-nots (poor people)to be considered on such occasions. I supplicate Almighty Allah to help us all to implement the teachings of Qur'an and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam in our daily lives for a very happy, good, satisfied and comfortable life in this world and in hereafter. There is NO WAY BUT ISLAM for a successful life in this world and in hereafter.

Aao chalo ham sab milke Unku

Aao chalo ham sab milke Unku inku nasihat karna aur tane marna chode aur khud apne aap me tabdili laye. Then apne gharme then apne rishtedarme.

I guarantee you if i start from myself them others will see and follow me.


I posted a comment on this and was expecting siasat will not post it.. i didn't see that here.. why... what was wrong in that ?

Late Night Receptions & Dinners

Dear all Assalam Alaikum.

It has become a never ending trend in Hyderabad where new and more expensive dishes are getting added to the marriage and reception dinners where most of the time well to do relatives and friends are invited. This is totally against the teachings of islam and some good suggestions given by our brothers should be followed. It is the duty of each one us and also of muslim ulema, newspapers and islamic channels to guide those who are not following. These type of things should be discussed in friday sermons in all the mosques.

The other important aspect of these dinners is the timing which starts only after 11 PM which should be actually the time to return homes back. These late night functions effect muslims working efficiency at offices, muslim students studies, ladies sleeping during day time and more importantly health of people attending dinners.

Jazakallh khair for any one caring for our people.


bhai main ek leader ki beti ki shaadi main gaya tha 10,000 logan the......aur ek baar ek murshed ke bete ki shaadi ka bhi wohi haal tha...........

Leaders and Ulema Responsible

As salam aleyKum,
brothers i know before pointing to others i should first look into my ownself,
but our political leaders and ulemas are the one who should take initiatives and be a role model but unfortunately if you see both of them are the first to do this, i know and have seen for eg:- marriage of mla's daughter, and marriage of our chief of waqk board and deeni madarsa and CEO of Darusalam bank ( i hope u guys got the name ) oh my god.. if these people do like this then imagine.. this should stop at all level from rich class, middle class and poor also.. middle and poor shouldn't take load or money from outside and do this kind of arrangement.. which will hit them financially.. let all juma khutbas and bayans and newspaper we all circulate this message that if more than 1 biryani item and 1 meetha we will not attend , inshallah you will see how all girls wil get married soon and allah's rehmat will come inshallah..All of us Do duwa also at same time.. I am afraid this message will be posted or not because sometime my 2 message earlier were blocked by siasat team.. let's c.


no one will reduce any thing from this menu, unless the other non Muslim organisation make a law for wastage & kick their ASSes, they will not stop this evil practice. even though we already have clear law with us given by Allah & our Prophet.

Big Lesson

Once i read in newspaper that in walima of bridegroom 12(if i didnt forget) orphan brides were got married and brides guests were groom guests.



if we were following sunnah

if we were following sunnah in strict adherance, we would have still be ruling this nation. May forgive us and guid us to straight path.

1/3rd of attendies must be poor, not relatives or friends. Then see the rahmah of Allah(swt) in the lives of newly married.

Its not just walimah!

Apart from Walimah, just look at the scale of the dinner on the day of marriage and engagement ceremony. Overburdening the girls father. Its just not about the display of your wealth. Imagine a thousand invitees, the hosts cant attend the guests or remember who all came.

limit to 1 or 2 dishes

Hyderabadiya bhukki khaum hai miya woh ek do item rakhey tho woh bhi kheech kay khalethey. Rishwad khori say keech they, dhahej may kheech they aur waleemay may keech they phir divorce de kay court may BHI keech thay!hyderabad may bohut keecham thani hai miya.

join the movement

Oooooooof !!!! yeh hyderabadi riwaaj. Ya Allah reham.

Aab hyderabadi biryani ke sath sath kashmiri biryani ka riwaaaj chalra mutton ke saath poooray dry fruits rehtay kashmiri biryani mai dhektay jaaooo aur kya kya ata ? Amma bawa pe 100 rupiye 500 rupiyee kharcha karne dil mar leta? valima ke orchestra mai hazaroo rupiyaa nachnay wali pe orda detay ? aur do ghount pila de pe tou aisa nachtay hai ke jisa sharaab haram nahi hai ? jitnay paise hai jeeb mai pooray louta detay. Musalmanoo mai shraab khoori aaam hoori wo khatam hoona.



Sahi bole

Khaja bhai bilkul sahi bole tum. Miskeen ku ek time ka khana nai khila sakte, ghareeb bacchiyon ki shaadi mein 100 rupye nai desakte. Ab dikhawa khatam karne ki zaroorat hai, nai toh nange ho jaate musalman bekaar ki himaqat mein.

Muslim marriages have become irrationally exuberant

EDUCATE Hyderabadi Muslims about Thrift & FINANCIAL LITERACY through Seminars & Workshops as Hyderabadis are IMPULSIVE BUYERS and spendthrifts. IRRATIONAL EXUBERANCE IN MARRIAGES IS A SIGN OF INFERIORITY COMPLEX.
Discourage women from visiting bazaars/malls unless they absolutely NEED something not just WANT – If they simply roam in malls they will be tempted to buy things which they don’t need, in other words,
You DISCOVER A NEED if you go to the Mall or Bazar
One of the best ways to insulate oneself from spiraling down into economic uncertainty is to:
- make a plan, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail;
- hold off buying trendier gear;
- make a list : separate needs from wants & stick to needs;
- give Zakat (CHARITY) to multiply your wealth.
Indeed you will be questioned about the SOURCE OF YOUR INCOME and WHERE YOU SPENT IT in the Hereafter.
"O you who believed, do not consume one another’s wealth unjustly but only (in lawful) business by mutual consent. And do not kill yourselves (or one another). Indeed, Allah is to you very Merciful." (AlQuran 4:29).
In interest based society, the rich (who are most likely to be the lenders like Giri Giri bank or similar usurers) will exploit the poor (borrower) through interest and compound interest. As a result, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.
You will not overspend if you plan/budget your expenses. Stick to the budget and Save for the Rainy Day: Another key aspect of financial discipline is planning and building reserves for the future. Tangible assets like Gold and Silver can be good investments providing global liquidity.
Sadaqah (charity) is Protection:
By helping others in their time of need and seeking only pleasure of our Creator when doing so, He in turn rewards us and Helps and Protects us in our affairs. Give a small amount of Sadaqa on daily basis – make it a habit – put an envelope on your table and drop few rupees daily in it and at the end of the month donate to your favorite cause or give to poor and needy. Give part of it to kids and make them donate or give it to poor to develop a habit of spending on the poor to develop kindness and compassion in children not greed or selfishness.
"Those who spend their wealth in Allah's way by night and by day secretly and publicly - they will have their reward with their Lord. And no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve. (AlQuran 2:274).
Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "Give Sadaqah (charity) without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity." (Tirmidhi # 1887). Delayed obedience is disobedience. Do not postpone – Act immediately when you intend to give Sadaqah.
Our Relatives and Neighbours Have Right Over Us:
While we are seeing our relatives, friends and our neighbours suffering, it is our responsibility as individuals to be kind and helpful towards them to whatever ability Allah has given us.
Surround yourself with Good Company.
Keep a Clear State of Mind. Ask for Forgiveness (Make Istighfar). Trust in Allah (Tawakul).
Put your faith in ACTION

pakda gaya balanga usa.

pakda gaya balanga usa.

reply to pakda gaya balanga usa.

abbe dhakkan - insaan koi bhi ho - usa ka ya india ka - baat ke hikmat ko samajh - doosron ko "pakda gaya balanga usa" bolne se pehle ye dekh ki tu jab kisis ki taraf ek ungli uthata hai to tere apne tarah baaqui char ungliyaan hote hai - khair howllat - tu nahi samjhenga kyun ke teri mentality mei "ungli" ka matlab ich alag hai - bolne walla balanga nahi hai - balke tu awwal khism ka nangaa dikhra re meku to - jaa pehle mehfil mei achi baaton ko badawa dena seekh phir hosh ki halat me aake baith - ache ache baataan karinge apan

Mashllah very nice words and thoughts borther

Mashallah borther those are very nice advices and something to work on. I would like to add one more thing to these and that is 'NIyyah'. As Allah says " AAmaal ka daromadar niyyath par hai" . Mashllah agar hum hamari niyath sahi rakhen aur siwai Allah ke kisis aur chheez ki na rakhen jaisey showoff,fame aur ahsaan ..toh inshllah hamarey saarey kaam aasaan hongay aur Allah ki khushnoodi milgey ..Jazakallah.

Walima Dinners

Dear Abdul Salaam, Thanks for the good note. Can you please let me know when did you last attended the Walima?

I would suggest we will have to start from our own self first and lets make an OATH that in future we will follow the Sunnah and will NOT spend monies on lavish dinners - Inshallah.


Yes, Walima Dinners these days has pomp and show where poor people are not all cared. In fact, poor people are the ones who should be given priority. As my brother rightly said arranging simple Walima Dinners with one or two simple food items will not only save their money, time, tensions, remarks ( favorable and unfavorable) but also save them from the accountability in the hereafter which is most important on the day of judgement. I earnestly request all my brothers and sisters to supplicate Almighty Allah that I strictly adhere to the teachings of Qur'an and Sunnah of our beloved prophet Mohammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam in arranging Walima Dinners for my sons and daugthers at the time of their marriages. One important things is that we should not care what the society - relatives and friends if we arranage simple Walima Dinners. Our acts should be to please Almighty Allah alone and not the people come whatever it may be. May Almighty Allah guide us all.

No Comments for this article

Dear readers,
Why there are no comments, for this type of article, Siasat does publish some good articles, I hope every muslim ummah & youngsters who are going to marry will try to understand importance of this article. Inshallah if we try to follow & implement Islam, in our daily lifestyle, we can see the change in ourself,family, relatives, society & the World.
May allah give us the strength to follow & Implement Islamic principles to all of us, what ever has been Rightly guided.

Limit the Dishes to 1 or 2


We must limit the dishes to 1 or 2 in a function. Remember the days when we used to eat Biryani & dahi ke chutney/salan and double ka meetha or kaddu ke kheer and people would never complain about anything. But now a days....see the amount of dishes they serve no one can eat any one dish properly and next day...stomach upset. BADHAZMI!! Recently I attended one function I was not able to decide what to eat. FIVE types of just CHICKEN and then so many other dishes. I remember there must be at least 15 types of dishes. IT was total ESRAAF!!

Guess, in a normal Walima or Shadi function at least 2 to 4 quantals of chicken is sacrifice and guess in whole Hyderabad how many functions taking place on that day how many quantals of chicken is scarified on that particular day.

So, the prices of food are going up and poor people cannot afford to eat any good food.

Good Article

Hope muslims mend their ways and follow our beloved prophet Muhammed (PHUH) teachings.

donot agree

This looks like a sheer waste from outside and good thing to discuss but when you are a part of the party who is organizing this, they will only know the pain. These days the people not only from groom side but also from the bride side are asking for a good exuberant dinner. The bride side people want to invite a VVIP and they insist doing so to the groom side. This is a case which has happended recently and the groom had to take loan to fulfil the desires of the bride.....

Dont look at the Walimah dinners only.... also look at the Marriage receiption where bride father is an NRI and he wants to spend lavishly on his daughters wedding...

Last but not the least Taali ek haath se nahi bajti".. i hope you all got the point.

very true

very true


It is an eye-opener to all those Muslims, who spend extravagantly on Walima Dinner, such type of eye opening advice are regular, many urdy newspapers , urdu websites, Religious sermons, do carry the message, inspite of so much of awareness, Muslims,do the same, they do completely opposite as told in Holy Quran, surprising is that, in such Walimas, it is the clergy,mullah`s,moulvis,religous scholar, rush to the dining tables and gorge on the food like pigs, and attack on the serving dishes even before they are placed on the table, sometime they snatch directly from the servers hand,they eat hours together, after eating, it is the burping and easing gas session, they keep themselves busy making sound from the mouth and from the rear, how disgusting,but this is reality,this is the reason behind Mutton, chicken,fish and other raw product prices touching the sky, even the cooks and helpers are charging heaven now, well, what is the use of such a dinner, Walim should be very simple, whatever it can be afforded. We Muslims never learn, in fact if the invitation is without walim dinner card, many dont go to such marriages.


Assalamualeikum. All Muslim brothers and sisters of Hyderabad, please don't waste money like this. That too at the late night dinners what is benefit of eating high calorie/ high protein food - it will not digest. Please try to reduce menu items and save money for future of the muslim children.

salam bhai tum is ku

salam bhai tum is ku facebook pe bhi post karooo.

kaiku tumhara facebook id

kaiku tumhara facebook id nai hai ya tum post kare to tumhari shaan chale jaari..

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