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Minorities lose by fees reimbursement scheme

Monday, 17 September 2012
Hyderabad, September 17:

With the conditions imposed on fees reimbursement scheme,70% of the Muslim students will be deprived of higher professional education. The revision of this scheme has proved that it was a temporary scheme which was introduced only to appease Minorities.

Sub-plan should also be allocated for Minorities on par with B.C’s according to their population. The present budget allocation for Minorities is very meager.

With the imposition of the condition of getting EAMCET rank below 10 thousand, Muslim students are left with no option expect to discontinue their education. Govt.should revise the fees reimbursement scheme to pay full fees to Minority students on par with S.C’s and S.T’s. If this facility is not provided, the Muslim students and their parent would start a massive protest programme.

These thoughts were expressed by various speakers while addressing a gathering of protesters at Indira park, yesterday. Dharna programme was led by Mr.Zahid Ali Khan, editor Siasat and Politburo member of TDP.

In his presidential address, he told that for any community, education is its backbone and to equip it with education money is needed. So long as the Govt. doesn’t help, Muslims can’t progress in the field of education. They can’t get the benefits of Govt schemes.Muslims were overlooked in the state budget.

Out of the total outlay of Rs 1.46 lakh crore, the Muslims were given only 0.5% if 21 additional allocation is made, the fees of all the Muslim students can be paid.

He pointed out that due to lack of resources, 250 Muslim students abandon their education daily. After losing power, the Muslims lost everything.they lost jobs, trade and education those who were living in palaces are forced to live on flats. Major businessmen are doing petty trade.

Mr. Zahid Ali khan told that for the progress of the Muslim community even if we are required to forego one time meals, we should sacrifice it.

Former Rajya Sabha M.P Mr. Syed Aziz Pasha told that both the Central and State governments have neglected the Muslims. Very less amounts are allocated in budget for the Muslims. Out of this allocation, a part of it released.

He pointed out that from 10th to 12th five year plans, not even 1% budget was allocated for the Muslims. During the last five year plan 0.06% budget was allocated for the Muslims, out of which only 0.04% was spent. He told that Prime Minister has announced for an increase of 700% which is not even 2% of the total outlay.

Former Rajya Sabha member, Mr.S.M Lal Jan Basha told that before 1996, there was only one Muslim engineering college in the State but during TDP regimen, 33 Muslim engineering colleges were established upto 2004. He pointed out that Congress Govt.is busy in looting. It is not sincere on solving the problems of the Muslims. It is not prepared to discuss Sachar Committee and Mishra Commission Reports.

He told that during Congress period 2,200 communal riots took place. Prime Minister was elected from Assam three times for Rajya Sabha. Assam has 33% Muslim population but reservations were not provided to the Muslims, but in A.P reservations were given to the Muslims. He supported the campaign of Mr.Zahid Ali Khan for fees reimbursement scheme.

Former Rajya Sabha M.P Mr. P.Madhu told that Central and State governments do not allocate budget as per the percentage of the population of Muslims, they give only a fixed quota. He told that the worst sufferers in the country are the Muslims of Hyderabad.

They are the most backward community. Although there is one Muslim M.P and 7 Muslim M.LA’s from this area, but still they are backward. The actual reason of the backwardness of the Muslims is that the Muslim leadership is saleable.

He hoped that the educational and financial condition of the Muslims would improve. He suggested that a committee should be constituted to struggle for the full reimbursement of fees to the Muslim students.

Mr.Mushtaq Malik told that the Muslims are not begging but they are demanding their rights. He pointed out that largest number of child labour is found in the old city of Hyderabad. The Muslims have neither major industry non cottage industry. He told that our Prime Minister is deaf and dumb. He doesn’t see the scams also. He said that the controversial American film is the test of the self respect and dignity of the Muslims.

The matter depicted in this films warrants that all those who are sitting here should make representation to the Home Minister for withdrawing this film from youtube. After seeing the scenes depicted in this film, the irritation of the Muslims seems to be justified. He told that we would like to see how many Muslim M.LA’s raise this question in Assembly tomorrow. If the Govt. doesn’t want to take intrest in the issues relating to Muslim, it can at least return the money to us which the Govt has collected by selling the Wakf properties of the Muslims.

We can run state administration with this money. He told the Muslims to appreciate the services of Mr.Zahid Ali Khan for the welfare of the community.

Mr.Osman Shaheed Advocate told that India has a democracy which functions under a constitution. As per Article 14 of Indian Constitution, all the citizens of this country are equal in the eyes of law but our Govt. is discriminating among its citizens. It is paying full fees to S.C’s and S.T’s but B.C’s and Minorities have been deprived of this facility. In todays’s world, we don’t have to sacrifice our lives and there is no need to go to jail. We should know the value of our vote.

Praising the efforts of Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, he told that wherever the Muslims are in trouble, he becomes restless. We have full faith in him because his record is clean. He is an honest and trustworthy person. Prof.Mohammed Ansari pointed out that if the condition of 10 thousand rank of EAMCET is implemented, only 249 Muslim students would be benefited in engineering courses. In the sameway,400 students in M.B.B.S and 764 in Management courses will get this facility.

These fingures include the merit rank holders who seek admissions in Govt. medical and engineering colleges. He pointed out that with this new condition, 90% of the Muslim students would be deprived of fees reimbursement facility.

Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali of TRS told that Justice Ranganatha Mishra commission has suggested for providing reservation to 10-15 percent Muslims. He told that the Govt. is deceiving the Muslims, it has allocated nearly Rs 400 crore for Muslims out of the total budget of 1.46 lakh crore of the state.

He pointed out that Urdu Medium Schools were closed down from the old city. I.T.I’s were abandoned. Out of 240 Muslim professors earlier there are only 12 Muslims are working as professors in Osmania University now.

Mr. Muneeruddin Mujahid told that no political party is serious about the issues of the Muslims.

Mr.Adam Malik(MBT) told that our leadership has become a saleable commodity.

Mr. Amjad Ullah Khan khalid(MBT) highlighting the difficulties in obtaining income certificates told that the validity of the income certificate should be five years.

Mr. Osman Bin Mohammed Al-hajri told that with the educational revolution everybody is afraid. They are trying to make the Muslims backward in the field of education.

Major Syed Ghouse Mohiuddin Quadri(President, Help Hyderabad )Mr.Mohammed Abdul Hakeem TDP leader, Mr.Ali Masqati, TDP leader, Ms.Amena Begum, Mr. Raheemullah Khan Niyazi, Mr.Tariq Ansari, Dr.Mohammed Aatif Ismail, State President S.I.O and others also addressed the gathering.


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Sirf Secular Eduction per zor/Fqr, Natayej = Hum toe dube Sanam

Assalamualaikum Wr, Wb, Asad bhai Deendar & Akber bhai shaher ki Awaz,

Insha’Allah, First Face:
1) Muslim rowdies/healthy youth ko Asad bhai, Maulana Naseruddin, deen ka Darss dijiye, zindagi ka maqsad aor
2) MIM ki taraff se ye sunehri mouqa, Towba, Ta-hayat Allah ki raza ke liye Mar-Mitne ka azzm.
3) MIM se bhar poor ta'on. Jisko Manzor ho, ahed Lo. Na Ummat-e-Muslima Na MIM se daqa kerna.
Insha’Allah, Second Face:

RSS ki Tarz se bhi strong Muslim Mahaz bano, Government se bazapta permission le ke aor Maulana ki khidmaat Lo.

1) Moto: Seminars, Dharne, Peaceful Rallies, Help those in Jails, Medical camps, aid volunteers, etc.

2) Members : All Muslims: Barelvi, Deobandi, Ahle hadees, Just Muslims & shia. Doctors, Lawyers, volunteers etc.

3) Rules: 'UNITE UMMA UNDER ONE KALIMA', the rest Fiqa Masael are their personal choice.

Other Performance:
Develop each and every area of Old & New city. Work for Muslims at large & for Non-Muslims too. I’m sure the extracts of this comment confirms major areas.

- Namaz ki pabandi ho. Chalet-Phirte Allah ke Ziker me aor darood ki kasrat ho. Aqlaaq me doobe raho.
- Har Juma Sure-Kahaf ki 10 Aayat ka dour ho [kam-se-kam] Quran-e-pak ki Tilawat, rooz ka mamool ho.
- Zaheri aor Anduruni tour per Sunnati raho. Mout ko kasrat se yaad kerte raho. Har Namaz aqri jano.
- Zanane per Jee-jaan se Mehnat karo, Ye sudhar gae toe samajhlo zindagi sudhar gaye. Ijtema weekly.
- Mardana Masajid me har Etwar “Sirat-un-Nabi”sas ke Jalse aor “Ahadees ka dour” ba-kasrat ho.
- Nikah Masajid me ho. Sirf Khajoor aor pani. Dawat ki haisiyat hai toe wo raqam Allah ki rah me daido.
- Valima, Sirf dono ke Maa-Baap, un-ke bhai-bahen aor un ke bachai. Pados aor Rooz-ke-milne wale.
- Huzoor sas ke bataye huwai tareqe me izafa kiye, “Samaj ke Rasm-riwaj ke-Nam per bhi” toe GADDARI kea.

ALLAH se dua hai, hamare zehno ko khole, Khabil Muslims waqt wo zehen contribute karain, Falah ke mashwaron se Ummat Mala-maal ho, Fasad se azaad ho, Jald-hi-hum sob ko ek-platform per lade aor Ummat ka bhala hojaye, Ameen.

Jazak’allah, Mazloom Insaan (mager) Musalman. (MIMM)
Ghulam (Rpak)sas - New York U.S.A.

Politics behind fee reimbursement.

Mr.Zahid Ali Khan is playing to the galleries, all these tamasha is only to earn few brownie points in the eyes of Muslim moderates, who have some sympathy towards him, with these tamashas he is trying to become a politician, which does not suit to his image,nor to his reputation, moreover age is not in his side to act in such a cheap manner.

To Editor.

Zahed Saab don’t waste your time, health & wealth by sitting in the corner of roads and wearing garlands with women’s it doesn’t suits you go and help the muslims who is targeted by police in false cases before the time comes when they say all muslims are terrorist, help them protest against un-justification but before you do so think twice for whom I’m doing this for name sake or for Allah (with Ikhlass) if you do this for Allah inshallah you will shine here and there Ameen.

Build institutions

Why dont Muslims build good schools imparting modern education.
Over the centuries the Muslims have ruled but there is no evidence of good institutions except for Aligarh muslim University.
There is the Right to education wherein every school is duty bound to give 25% reservations to poor students.Why don't the Muslims take advantage of this opportunity?
The child labour is not the fault of the govt but the parents who send the 10 year old to work in tea shops etc and these establishments employing them are also run by Muslims.
Muslims have themselves to blame for their own condition.
The church has concentrated on education at basic level and has not discriminated for giving admission to any caste,creed or sex.
You see Christian run schools all over the country giving fantastic education where there is a rush for admissions from all communities.
Is there any good school where affluent Muslims would like their children to be educated.
I would like to know where the children of MIM leaders,Mr Zahid Ali Khan were educated.

Move forward in education -

You MUSLIMS are big part on this nation called INDIA and you should be proud of it that you are in the main stream of Indian democracy and culture. You did NOT ask for Pakistan, who asked for Pakistan they are gone to Pakistan. You are true Hindustani and Bharati. Throw out the attitude and belief that Muslims are backward and less intelligent.
• You can change your life, your community life and country if you wish. Think about you and your family education, economics, and security conditions first. Don’t be emotional and make mistakes. Be cool even in the worst situations which will help you. You will be chided and called names but be cool and stay focused.
• Step-up your struggle for best education and jobs as you are been stopped at many places.
• You can change and achieve what you want only thing required in you is DISCIPLE, HARD WORK, FOCUS, and PRAYERS.
• You have given lot of sacrifices for this country as you all are descended of original Hindus community and will have to give more sacrifices to grow and prosperous with so much hate and opposition. Keep working hard with patience. Stand stronger and ask for justices with peaceful manner. Build good relations with all communities.
• Take and develop leadership role and don't fight within yourself for money or fame or power.
• Give room for everyone in your family to develop and grow. Honesty must be your strength.
• Encourage young Muslim generation for EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION & SKILL’s DEVELOPEMENT. Take the jobs in Police, Army, Medical, Engineering, compete in Administrative exams like IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. To make India a global power. To make a global super power everyone in the country has to work together.
• You are very intelligent but lazy to take challenges. WHY? Don’t you like success & good life?
• You all are Lucky that you have Quran in one hand, and you should have science, Math, History, Finance, Law books in other hand. You don’t need to fear for life as we all will die one day.
• You are 20% population with 1% representation in Central jobs and 2% in State jobs …WHY? WAKE-UP & STOP YOUR CHAI, PAN, & BIRYANI.
• If you don’t change now, than you will be worst than Dalits (of before Azadi). This is what Sangh parivar/BJP wants to make you, and Congress wants to cheat your votes. Don’t give them a chance or opportunity.
• WE HINDU’s want Muslim to grow and make our INDIA STRONGER.
I am not a political person nor from any organization but wants everyone to work and grow as a Team to build A NEW INDIA of 21st CENTURY.

Fight for Affirmative Action programs for Muslim Minority

Muslims should fight for social and economic justice
Muslims in India under the leadership of Congress, in the last several decades, were oppressed through systematic institutional discrimination and biased government policies leading to social and economic deprivation of Indian Muslims, facts which are confirmed by several studies conducted by the government. Yet, the Congress has failed to take appropriate steps to address the economic disparities through providing quality education, job reservations equivalent to the ratio of Muslim population, adequate representation in government. Muslim areas are rendered with squalid housing, lack of education, limited job opportunities, persistent unemployment, police brutality and cultural and economic oppression by the fascist groups. Now Muslims, rather than responding passively to the flow of life or to its troubling aspects should seek to alter course of history through social movement and revolutions. Only persistent and organized effort with a considerable measure of internal order and purposeful orientation, maintaining group solidarity, a successful political activism can yield results.

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