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Modi seems set for national role, tears into Congress

Sunday, 3 March 2013
New Delhi, March 03:

Setting the stage for a likely national role in the BJP, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi Sunday hit out at the Congress, comparing it to a termite while party leaders stressed on unity, discipline and a clean image for success in the upcoming elections.

Modi, seen by many in the BJP as the party's prime ministerial candidate for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, accused the Nehru-Gandhi family of keeping its interests above that of the country and referred to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as a "night watchman" in his loudly-applauded speech at the two-day national council meeting that ended Sunday.

Senior leader L.K. Advani lauded Modi but also showered praise on Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. He lavishly praised Sushma Swaraj's speech, virtually comparing her oratorical skills to that of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

In his address, party president Rajnath Singh cautioned party leaders against speaking out of turn before TV cameras and emphasised that they should abide by discipline.

In a session on good governance, Modi mainly spoke on national issues as he attacked the Congress and its top leadership repeatedly.

"The Congress just does not have the spirit to take the country forward. Other countries have overtaken us. It has sacrificed interests of the country to that of one family," he said.

Congress leaders reacted sharply saying that Modi will get an answer from people.

Exhorting party workers to strive to unseat the Congress in the next general elections, Modi sought to downplay his own role as a possible prime ministerial candidate.

"Who is the person, who is not does not matter in the BJP," he said, while giving credit for his third straight victory to party workers, Gujarat's people and the party's national leadership.

Training his guns on the Gandhi family, he claimed that the Congress had appointed Sitaram Kesri as party president so that no one emerges as a threat to "the family".

"It appeared that a night watchman had been put in place," Modi said, adding that when the turn came to chose a prime minister after 2004 polls, another "night watchman" was appointed.

Modi claimed that the political future of those who can emerge as threat to the family is finished.

He said that if Pranab Mukherjee had been made prime minister, the country would not have suffered as much. "Had Pranab been successful, what would have happened to the family... Hence the tradition of night-watchman."

"Getting rid of Congress is a patriotic job, the same work that was done to get freedom. The way swaraj (self-governance) came, su-raj (good governance) will also come," Modi asserted and added that "Congress was like a termite.".

Advani, in his concluding remarks, emphasised that the party should not compromise with corruption.

In his written speech, Advani talked of the need to change the "mutual equation" between the BJP and minorities but skipped it in his oral speech. He also said there was need to remedy BJP's recent image as "party with differences".

Sushma Swaraj said the party had lost in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand due to groupism and called upon party workers to take the council's message of "Sushasan sankalp, BJP vikalp (Good governance is the determination, BJP is the alternative)" to each household in the country.

The political resolution attacked UPA over price rise, corruption and misgovernance and said BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) was the alternative.

Reacting to Modi's remarks, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Rajiv Shukla said the kind of language used by the Gujarat chief minister does not behove any leader of national stature.

Communications and IT Minister Kapil Sibal said that Gujarat chief minister had been attacking Gandhi family for years but people had given a reply in 2004 and 2009 Lok Sabha polls and will do so in 2014.

BJP ally Janata Dal-United, which is opposed to projecting Modi as NDA's prime ministerial candidate, said the issue of candidate should be discussed in a meeting of allies.

"Once BJP decides its candidate, it should come to NDA platform," JD-U's chief whip in Rajya Sabha Ali Anwar Ansari told IANS.


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Modi is a fascist, heartless

Modi is a fascist, heartless person... he will destroy India's integrity and culture... he will divide the people, divide the country with his nasty extremist ideology...Modi Murdabbad..

Gegad ke maut pukari to

Gegad ke maut pukari to shehar ke taraf bhaga.

Saffron Terrorism: RSS/Bajrang Dal/BJP Axis of Evil

Terror is an age old weapon of Hindutva terrorists. Now as Dalits are rising economically and politically due to reservations in education and jobs, desparate Brahmins are increasingly venting their frustration on defenseless minorities. Throughout history of Indian continent, Brahmins who could not prevail either by persuasion or by example have resorted to maligning Islam and the Indian Muslims through their terror militant organizations / outfits and splinter groups with criminal background operating under the guise of social organizations namely RSS, Bajrang Dal, Shiva Sena, Mukti Bahini, etc., and in many instances by insinuating the low caste Hindu mobs against Muslims. Although they have caused large scale harm to Muslims financially, physically and psychologically they failed to break the will of Indian Muslims - either because Indian Muslims are not afraid to die for a life worth living, or because the Saffron terrorists themselves came to realize that free Muslims cannot be frightened by threats, ORGANIZED VIOLENCE and aggression.
RSS has taken a page from Nazis of Hitler and modeled the organization after fascist philosophy and indoctrinated Hindu youth since its inception.
In 2002, Narendra Modi emulates Bal Thackerey in Pogrom-II in Gujarat ! (Godhra and Post Godhra were scripted by the same Bhaand/Film Script Writer: Narendra Damodardas Modi). The people of Gujarat voted him., NOT BECAUSE OF DEVELOPMENT (There hasnt been any.. except for Nano factory)., BUT BECAUSE HE KILLED MUSLIMS. That planning and executing the Pogrom is his biggest achievement – and he is being repaid for that favour. It is an intellectual/emotional RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Narendra Modi is RSS’s most EVOLVED PRODUCT, who has ‘photoshopped’ Hindutva. Only Sangh insiders recognize that the core hasn’t changed.. Modi is Goebbels + Hitler and has (can) never abandon Hindutva project. Hindutva-project is a work in progress.
Hindus are not bad, per se. There is a huge provocation ! 24×7 for the past 90 years (1928-todate) they are taught manufactured history, where they are taught to hate ‘The Other’ (Muslims). Things have come to this because., the child is programmed from age 4… to hate Muslims… the dirty… the filthy… the beef-eaters… the badboo-daar… the uneducated.. the barbarians.. they raped your ancestors.. they looted your temples.. insulted your stone gods.. and your ancestors.. So hatred is slowly injected into the minds. When the boy is around 18-20 he considers it something HOLY to avenge the (fake) atrocities ! This is what leads to the present scenario.
Also the Congress has used RSS as a proxy against minority community all these years by letting this RSS fascist organization grow by leaps and bounds and commit atrocities which ultimately had forced and will force minorities to vote lesser of those two evils which is CONgress.

Narendra Modi’s electoral

Narendra Modi’s electoral performance can be summed up thus: He has lost BJP two seats since 1998 elections and gained about 3% of votes. If this performance makes Narendra Modi BJP’s choice for the prime ministership then Congress need not worry.

Dr. Manmohan Singh and

Dr. Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram are great economists and they can lead India far better than this butcher Modi.

Face of India

Developed Nation ---> Narendra Modi
Corruption Free Nation ----> Narendra Modi
Power Problem Solution in Gujrat ----> Narendra Modi
Boost to Indian Economy ----> Narendra Modi
Development of Muslims after gujrat riots in gujrat ----> Narendra Modi
Gujrat Muslims Love ----> Narendra Modi
Most Skilled and Harworking politician Developed Nation ---> Narendra Modi
Corruption Free Nation ----> Narendra Modi
Power Problem Solution in Gujrat ----> Narendra Modi
Boost to Indian Economy ----> Narendra Modi
Development of Muslims after gujrat riots in gujrat ----> Narendra Modi
Gujrat Muslims Love ----> Narendra Modi

Silly Khan from Gujrat

Why are you repeating yourself after the fifth line? like a broken audio record. I think Modi stopped dropping the “bone” in your mouth to stop.

The whole world knows who Modi is and what he stands for. He was banned from entering many countries including US, I guess in the normal world of yours the finest of all men (like yourself and Modi) are spit at their face, thrown shoes/stone at them, and barred from entering the friendly countries. What a wonderful world you live in Khan, enjoy it! While you can. We don’t need to be part of your world nor we need your advice.

The secret behind all this superficial and fictitious development of India in general and Gujrat in particular, is due to the fact that someone from your world is licking the shoes of “Big Daddy” (Zionist Nation). Take a journey back in time and check India’s progress in the year 1991 (almost like dark ages) and check its progress in 1995 ( sudden increase in wealth). How do you think this influx of wealth might have occurred in such a short period of time? Take a wild guess. India was unable to produce any type of consumer goods that are worth a penny in the international market, even today it is struggling to produce any quality goods. So, the “Big daddy” found a channel to dump the wealth, that is, “IT” services. This is the only field that India can provide some sort of tangible services (that too sub-standard) to Big Daddy and receive the enormous out of proportion reward. The “Million $ Question” why all this drama? The answer is obvious and will be fully manifested in the coming 5 to 10 years of time. Just wait and watch.




Modi is a new hero for india... he will change our country with his leadership skills... Modi Zindabad..

modi is a villain

Hero saves lives, fights with sadists, who loves cares children, woman besides everybody respects him such great leaders like bhagat singh,gandhiji, nehruji, abul kalaam azaad and so on. Modi is a family less, woman less, childless, characterless, shame less creature on earth just crawling on ground without any reason and millions of people say him as an animal in this world not muslims but this is the view point of a common hindu, christian etc....

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