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Muslim women & men were attacked in Siddiamber Bazar, Many injured

Sunday, 13 November 2011
November 13:

Hyderabad, November 13: Organized attacks on Muslims are being continued in the city. Last night at Siddiamber Bazar road some miscreants attacked a few burqa clad women and men bearing beard. Stones were thrown from a building in Siddiamber Bazar and as a result of this, many persons got injured.

Some people stopped at the spot and they wanted to find out the root cause of these attacks. A crowd of 150 to 200 persons gathered there. Joint Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mahesh Bhagwath and the Task Force staff reached the spot and controlled the angry mob. The police diverted the route of the traffic and dispersed the mob resorting to lathi charge. The police tried to reach the building but it failed as the door was locked from inside. Such incidents of attacking the Muslims are being continued since last week in the city.

------Siasat News

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Allah only Allah

Allah ordered the people of prophet yousuf alaihisalam to sacrifice a cow to take out the fear of people in those days that causing harm to cow will cause harm to themselves but when they sacriificed cow nothing happened as its just a animal one of the creature of Allah they Almighty if muslim people do any harm y are they not getting harm just think u all Hindus its just a animal so u people wants to kill a human for a animal u guys r just insane May Allah help u people .....

MIM ka Action - wah bhai wah

DCP aur Commissioner ke saath chai piye 4 MIM ke nakaara MLA!! Wo MLA jo daava karte qaum ki hifaazat ka. Bolte humku vote do badle mein hum Qaum ki hifaazat karengay.

Abaah!! 4 MLA 15 minute ki meeting karke 2 petition submit kare. KYA TEER MAARAY RE MERE BAHADUR!! Apne hi thook mein doob ke marjaao.

Laanat hai.... is meeting se zyaada time to roz subah toilet mein guzaarte.

1) Akbar aur Asad baba baby kidar hai? CM ka direct mobile number hain no unke paas..... kaiku call nai kare aur bole Commissioner aur DCP ku laath maaro bolke.
2) Home Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy ku in Hijdon mein se kon call kare with demand that she visit affected people in hospital??
3) DCP, ACP, Inspector - Itni hi pohonch reh gayi hai Chote Salaar ki???!!!

Apne paise ki baath aayi to Sonia tak pohonch jaatay. Musalmaan ke qoon ki baath aayi to DCP ku bhi call nahi karay Asad aur Akbar baby.

Hyderabad ki police ek darwaaza nai khol saki zaalimon ku pakadne ke liya aur Balala saab sobku itmenaan dilaarain ke "jaao gharon ku, main sob theek kardetaun". Pinda!

Choo*iya samjhe logon ku. Magar sahi bole to pooray MIM workers aise hai. Jaahil leaders ku vote diye to jaahil jawaab milta pareshaani ke waqat.

Khud se sonchne ki salahiyat nai hai in MLA mein, jee huzoori mein hain. Commissioner se milne ke liye Asad Owaisi inku idea diye.... ye char moti khaal ke bayl khud se nai sooche. (listen to the TV4 on youtube)

Where is ASAD and AKBAR,

Where is ASAD and AKBAR, Where are this bastards, SOB where are they now ....counting money in home ....ASSHOLES

Failure of Police

"The police tried to reach the building but it failed as the door was locked from inside". This statement shows the utter failure of the police who cannot even break the door when they are sure that the peace of the city is damaging by the miscreats of the residents of this building. Commissioner, DIG and IG all you should drown in fist full of water due to blot you brought on your department. Else if you want to clear that blot and if you have little courage then show your powers by first suspend the police officers and his team for not discharging their duty and resposibility on time and after enquiry punish put them in jail. Secondly arrest the owners and the residents of that building and apply third degree on them how come they dare to do this and let them guide the other criminals too and charge them under TADA to get back the peace of the City of Pearls.

Our police is worthless and

Our police is worthless and shameless. They are used to such disgrace. They cannot digest food without disgrace.

yeh praveen togadiya Modi chaylay

Dear Muslim brothers ,

This is Rss & Bajrandal Plan Hai this police also supports them where MIM leaders where they are hiding
call them out fight against them yeh india hindu muslim sab mazhab ka kisi hindu kay bab ka neeeeeeeeeee

Musalmano Sambhaijao

Musalmano Sambhaljao - Sambhaljane ka waqt aya;
Bahut soye ho tum ab hosh me aane ka waqt aya;
Jahan se 313 chale the tum musalmano;
Unhi wadi ki raho par palat jane ka waqt aya;

Khuda ke kile muslim bhaiyo

Khuda ke kile muslim bhaiyo ko bahkana band karo.....Jihad ka sahi matlab samjho aur khuda ko yaad karo.....marna aur marna koi solution nai hai

In 2010 genocide during

In 2010 genocide during Hanuman jayanthi 6 Hindus were killed and 100 brutally wounded in old city , till today no justice is done.Until justice is done such attacks will happen.

Yes, and I am Santa Claus.

Yes, and I am Santa Claus. Wake up and stop dreaming imaginary stories!

Filmi story

Looks like your imagination is very nice. You should write film scripts for hindi movie producers.

In 2010 genocide during

Dear "In 2010 genocide during" writer,
You should understand that all these Jayanthis those called BHAKTs use to drink and dance.Do all the irregular activities.Do you think some one has to kill those intoxicated people.
They were drunk and killed each other.
The same during recent GANESH CHAOTHI.All festivals end with DRINKING and ACCIDENTS.

be in unity muslims

agar wo log karsakte hai 2 hum kyun nahi. Ab hamari bari, muslim bhaio tayar hojao ab hum bataeinge hum kya karsakte hai. Ye msg jitne bhi log padhe pure 14 nov ku raat 10 baje moghal pura ground mein raheiye.
Its our time now.
Its time 4 jihad now.

sob hau hau bolte

ja miya ja ...sob hau hau bolte magar kon bi nai aatay dekh. khud tu bi nai aata malum meku.

Tum logo ko aur koi kaam nai

Tum logo ko aur koi kaam nai hai kya, bas marne aur marne ke baat karte rahte ho......
Khuda se daro, Jihad ke naam pe muslim bhaiyo ko bahkana sahi nai hai.....

Muslims Be Ware Its Time for Patience.

Please Muslim Brothers don't go on the above said comment, It is BJP's Tactics to disturb the peace in Hyderabad, Try to find out root cause, and fight legally, BJP & RSS trying to project Muslims as Jihadi's or terrorists,
please don't fall prey to Dirty Politics played by RSS & BJP.
Have patience, Allah will give you success in this life and hereafter.


saale sab animals tumhare bhagwan hai kutta gadha saale gadha apni maa ko sahi pehchante re tumlog cow maata cow maata karte re saale.tumhare baap ka kya jaara re.

to mim leaders

jab zaroorat rehti saale tum log kahan chup kar baite ab mim leaders saale kamine saamne aao baat karo.bade bade speeches dete bade bade baatein karte saale vote lete , ab kahan margaye saale tum,akber kamine par humla hua to saale tum bhadke ab jab doosre bachcho par humla hora to kahan hai re asad tu.tere paas bhi itne hai tumlog itne bade gunde hai ab karo na re kaam.

I was there

Assalamalaikum bhai .. mai wahi par tha uss samay.. ahmed balala afsar khan bhi waha aye teh .. aap log majlis ke peeche kab tak padogey.. why dont u watch this news as a proof for you....khair majlis ke leaders ku pooch ne walo ye bataoo MBT wale kaha teh uss samay ? mohd pailvan kidhar tha ? ye sab baata chodo bhai .. politics ki jagha politics. apni madad apne ku ich karna padta...


MIM walai Baap ko Baap nahi boltai to qaum ko apna kya bolinge

i am a victim of this bloody MIM leaders .. the white color Rowdy Asad Owaisi. U know where akber was and what he was doing.. he married a girl in moghal pura and was having fun.. where in we muslims where suffering with this incident.. Salai kuttai ki nasal k dono bhaiya.. Akber n Asad..

Ab apne aap me

Ab apne aap me differentitate paida mat karo...ab sab ko milkar rehna hai ..ek dusre ke naam par mat dalo bazi...hum sab musalman hai...hamrai apasi dushmani lag baat hai ..lekin jab masla qaum ka aye to hum sab ko ithehad dikhana zaruri hai....

DCP aur Commissioner ke saath chai piye

Abaah!! 4 MLA 15 minute ki meeting karke 2 petition submit kare. KYA TEER MAARAY RE!!

Laanat hai.... isse zyaada time to toilet mein guzaarte. Akbar aur Asad baba baby kidar hai? CM ka direct mobile number hain no unke paas..... kaiku call nai kare aur bole Commissioner aur DCP ku laath maaro bolke. Home Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy ku in Hijdon mein se kon call kare?? DCP, ACP, Inspector - Itni hi pohonch hai Chote Salaar ki???!!!

Apne paise ki baath aayi to Sonia tak pohonch jaatay. Musalmaan ke qoon ki baath aayi to DCP ku bhi call nahi karay Asad aur Akbar baby.

Hyderabad ki police ek darwaaza nai khol saki aur Balala saab sobku itmenaan dilaarain ke "jaao gharon ku, main sob theek kardetaun"

Choo*iya samjhe logon ku. Magar sahi bole to pooray MIM workers aise hai. Khud se sonchne ki salahiyat nai hai, jee huzoori mein hain.

MIM people wer u r?

Tagodia u coward do not try to spread violence in between religions if u don't want u r free to leave the country and wer is MIM party now, did many jalsa's after Akbar Owaisi's attacked now Muslims r getting attacked y don't u come out n solve da prob, if u r da leaders den do ur duty as a leader, so tht people should think twice before doing any harm to muslim's and innocent people.

Where is Akbar Bhai

when Akbar bhai coming back to Hyderabad?? Now he can only instigate retaliation attacks.Asad bhai kuch nahi karne wale...Baaki MIM MLA apahiz hogaye hain...abhi defence ki nahi offence ki zarurat hai

when Akbar bhai coming back

when Akbar bhai coming back to Hyderabad?? Now he can only instigate retaliation attacks.Asad bhai kuch nahi kare jaisa dikhe...Baaki MIM MLA apahiz hogaye hain...abhi defence ki nahi offence ki zarurat hai

to all muslims bros

all muslim brothers this time is not 2 blame each other be unite we r not unite that why they people doing this.dont blame what mim do what mbt do forget it they partys no how to handle this sitution they have ability.yeh tagodia kai kahi baap hai yeh ek ka beta nahi hai hoo saktha kai hamera koi bhai ais ki maa ko karkai bhulgaya hoga ais leye yeh muslim mai apnai baap ki talash kara so plz all muslims bros ek hojahoo hum kaise party pai blame karnai se acha hai kai hum ek hoojaye.

lolzz @ wherez muslim leaders??

dear all instead of asking for muslims leaders please go n search where is muslimss in hyderabad and secunderabad. you will find muslims in multiplex muslim girls in discoz n malls. accha hey aisay hi hona Allah shayd kuch ghairat dega kuch hosh aayega so called muslims ko.

I would say, firstly

I would say, firstly Akbaruddin, Asaduddin are not muslims. This tells the rest..

sahi bole bhai

hou bhai, khali aap ich ek musalman hai......

Muslim leaders are sleeping

Muslim leaders are sleeping with their sisters, they are not bothered about us, they bothered about money.

Dear All Muslim brothers,

Its time to be united and make only one strong Jamaat and fight against these evil beings religional wise, nation wise and international wise.

Forget these MIM Bastards who won't care about us.

Make our own Jamaat and do the needful......

Sirf ek baar hum agar sache

Sirf ek baar hum agar sache musalman banjaye to hamari taraf aankh uthakar koi nahi dekh sakta. Taariq is baat ki gavah hai.

Dear Muslim Brothers. Allah

Dear Muslim Brothers.
Allah will become like an angry tiger if anybody harms a single muslim. No doubt we should take precautionary measures and political moves to protect our muslim community but at the same time should we not ponder on where our muslim brother and sisters are heading towards.Is it not the time to become true muslim.

wake up oh muslims

assaalam alaikum

dear muslim frnds

first of all this is not vhp works few of bjp and tdp suppoters also did big handy works, 1 exp is raja singh corporator of tdp, madannapet corp and 1 extremist narender from karman ghat also doing this master planing.

if our braved muslims of djs or naseer sahab's well wishers did this then police booked them under false ans anti national cases, torture them and damage their life.

so mr zahed ali khan wake up and join with all muslims leaders dont blame mim they did their job and u do ur job.

be unite and fight with evils, in very soon success is muslims's only insha allah.

ek dardmand muslim



Same old story

What a shameful story it is, as it used to be before
partition of India. These people (Hindus) who are
attacking Muslims are the enemies of India. If this
trend continues, India might be further divided into
many more countries. Come to senses, oh leaders of
India, and save India from being broken down.

Behind Shiya and RSS and VHP hand

Miharaam Shareef arraha hai. Iliye Shiya log sunniyo ko thalif derai RSS aur vhp say milkar. Shiya Hussaini tiger ka leader 10 lad rupees diya Ram mandir kay liye. Shiya log kay activities parr nazar rakhna zaroori hai. RSS aur VHP kay paas dare nahi isliye peechay say humla karrahey hai. Ye log ka maqsad INDIA May aman o shanthi ko nahi rakhna hai. Lekin hum sunniyo ki koshish hai India har insaan aman aur shanthi say qayam rakhey. Yahi hum ko Quran sikhatha hai. aur Pyaray Prophet SWAS bhi yahi sikhaye. Islam ka meaning Peace aur Shanthi hai.

where is akbar and asad

what happen ab kahan hai akbar aur asad, apne jhagdaon ko bhol kar khaom ki madad karo, aare utho sorahe hai saale, khali peeli baade baade baata karne ko aata jab kam karne ka waqt ayaa to sogaya saale

Its not the matter of

Its not the matter of Togadia coming to Hyderabad, its a complete agenda where specific groups are working against defaming Islam & Muslims. We as Muslims need to observe patience, offer Salah and follow the path of our beloved Prophet Mohammed (Sallahu' Alaihi Wa Sallam). Inshallah Azwajal very soon we will receive help from Allah (SWT), We still remember the Earthquake of Latur & Gujrat and also remember what happened to the people who tried to offend Islam...They are surely the dwellers of Hell. Lets be United and Pray to Almighty Allah (SWT) for protection of Muslims around the world. Many Haji's are returning after completing the Hajj, their supplications are Maqbool for 40 Days after Hajj as well, lets request all Haji's to pray for the Muslim Ummah's safety and prosperity...


Dear Indians

where is the law and order who took oath to take care of every citizens in any situation.

Please respect all religions, don't be prey to dirty politicians.

Just think before harming others that you too have parents, brothers and sisters etc.. whom you respect and to whom no one allows to be harmed in any case.

As we all know majority of all sections does not like to experience such situation due to struggling life these days.

These are puppets of politicians who carry out such activities to ignite communal violance and benefit their own cause and politics.

The most suffering section are the middle class and daily wages labours.

Just think what are the obstacles for india to be the most developed abd super power, being a greatest democratic country in the world.


Take Care.



yes this is the only truth way

Praveen Togadia

If He is real human being .SHAME ON HIM.And i dont wanna know belongs to which religion but i am sure that he is big evil.Times to pull down.I know even non-muslim dont wanna fight with unwanted things so i request Muslim Brothers & Non Muslim.Co-operate with law and dont listen rumors.

This is politics

This is politics, they want us to do some mistake. Have patience and help police to catch those. This is the only solution to crush the evil in a democratic society. If we Muslims break law and order, it will benefit them by making majority population communal, this is their last and only hope to defeat Congress. Dear Muslim brothers have trust in Police and help them catch the evil doers.
Allah Hafiz.

yeh sab dubiya ke MLA ya koi

yeh sab dubiya ke MLA ya koi bhi kuch nahi karenge allah se dua karo ki in saloun ke oper allah azab nazil kare..

Attack on Muslim Women & Men

Asal mei saare muslim goondon ki maa bahen ek kar dene ke khabil ke hain, maa ke laude aapas mei lad ke mar rai. MIM ho ya MBT duno parties ke leaders bail ke bullay hain, pahle yeh maa ke laudon ko khatam karna uske baad, Raja Singh, Praveen Togadia ki baari. AK Khan bhi bada bail ka **** hai. kuch nahi kar sakta woh bhi.



Tum logaan Insaan ki aoulaad

Tum logaan Insaan ki aoulaad hai ya suvvar ki....Agar utna dam hai to ja k **** phodo....seedha party leaders ku target kyu banate tum loogaan.Musalmaan Musalmaan ka dushman hai to oun suvvaroon ka kaam aur aasaan ho jara.Apan baad may bhi lad sakte pehle oun ki **** phodo jo yeh danga pahlarai...
Mai kisi bhi party ku support nahi karta...haan oun loogoon ku support kartau jo musalmanoon k waastay Awaaz outhatay....

First Kill Tokadia.

I recommend our muslims brother to keep knifes and swords with them for their self defense to tackle any situation from these Hindu terrorist ass hole bastards. if we don't don any thing then they will take this as advantage and will keep attacking us.

Very Sad need action on this

Why the police or public didn't broke the door?

hindu dahshatgardi

agar ayese hi hyderabad ko bunyad parast hinduoun par chodh diya jaye to bahut qareeb hai ke wo log hyderabad ko gujrat bana kar hi dam lenge is liye police ko chahiye ke un par lagam kase warna yeh wirass phailta hi jayga aur hamare naam nihaad leaders ko kam se kam assembly aur parliament is masle ko uthana zarori hai warna tareekh un ko kabhi maaf nahi karegi

who is sponsoring???

As everyone knows the MARWARI, GUJRATI and JAIN communities are sponsoring these attacks / riots in Hyderabad, also TOGADIA and other communal leaders are being invited to Hyderabad by these communities, why don't we bycott the MARWARIs, GUJRATIs, and Jains. I hope it will work, if Muslim united.

Muslim Leaders

what Muslim leaders are doing ? they are silet for this attacts why there is no protests going ? where Asad uddin ,khan lateef khan, zahid ali khan ?

innocent people getting attack by hindu terrorists and muslim leaders are silent on this issue . what kind of invetigation police doing and why they are unable to arrent people who are behind the attacks ? Shame on muslim leaders just they are sitting in homes and eating biryani and nahri enjoying their life soon they will also get attacked .

attack on muslims

WE Will attacked hindus sure if they want hate we will show how much we hate if they want love we will show how much love we have

Where are they all MIM & MBT

Where are they all MIM & MBT Muslims Leaders Why they are not taking any action on this. why they are not coming to protest. 101 % Police will not take any action against them because Police all involved in this crime. Hindu's Son of PIGS they are creating same Gujrath Situvation what they did with Muslims. but this is not Gujrath INSHALLAH we will teach them a good lesson one day.



اگر ایم آئی ایم والے نیہں بولے تو تم کیا کررہے ہو

اگر ایم آئی ایم والے نیہں بولے تو تم کیا کررہے ہو نائڈو اور ان کے وفاداروں کو بول کے کچھ کرواؤ ، بس اس کے بعد فساد ہوگا اور دونوں فریق کے لوگ مارے جائیں گے۔ بہت اچھی سوچ اور اچھا نظریہ ہے آپ کا ۔ میں یہ نہں کہتا کہ ایم آئی ایم دودھ کی دھلی اور معصوم ہے ۔ ایسے وقت میں جبکہ فساد بھڑکانے کی کوشش ہورہی ہو تو ہمیں تحمل سے کام لینا ہوگا۔ اس کی مخفی خبریں تقریبا کو معلوم ہیں

Dost, Jaise log vaise

Jaise log vaise hukmaran. dost hum leaders ku gali dene ke beghair hum agar sache musalman ban jaye to Inshallah Allah hamarey hukmaraano ko yaato achey banadega yaato badal dega. Shart yeh hai ki pehle hum Achey ban jaaey.

Dear Friend, dont finger on

Dear Friend,
dont finger on MIM leader there r some other leader also there,MBT OR other parties,
let convey he message for unity this time we need unity thal all

Time for Unity

Dear All Muslim brother's this is the time to be united for all muslims. Be Strong & Be Brave !!!!!!!!

Meri to wish hai ke Yeh

Meri to wish hai ke Yeh bandar ke aulad (tagodia)ka kaam karna chayeh!simply kill him no other option for big pig.India mein money ke liyeh log kuch be karney tayar hai raise the fund finish the job.its enough even 1 Rupee from each muslim from hyd.

Every body is ready to fund

Every body is ready to fund it, we dont want this guys in india jo mazhab ke naam se khaum ke saath khelte hai. kill them khallas, jab unko humari parwah nahi hai toh hum ko kisi aur ki parwa kyun hai.
jaago warna hyderabad chodke baagna padega. ghar ghar guske maarenge jab rone se faida nahi hai.

Allah ka azaab kisi bhi naam

Allah ka azaab kisi bhi naam se aasakta hai jaise ke Tagodia, BJP, RSS, Tartari, Tsunami, Bhookamp, etc..
Abhi bhi mauka hai sambhalne kaa. Varna Allah ki pakad bahut buri hai jissey koi nahi bachasakta.

AK KHAN>>>>wht r u doin?

Hi to ALL AP,
I Apeal to the AK KHAN..please give the free hand to muslim for atleast one hour and u cn see the result.....please give this one chance to muslim... i beg u mr KHAN..please if u want to assure tht this thing wil happn thn give one chance to muslim brother and after tht there wil no law and order problem...........and u our MIM is just watching this witht the mute specter......please mr KHAN..please,
I also appeale to the CM for the safety of AP people please dod'nt allow the TOGADIA to enter AP..please.

What I m doing???

This is the vaeed of Allah that if u go astray this gonna happen to u.?
R u doing what u have been ordered to do?


These are nothing but to provocate peaceful community such that they shall retaliate. But these evil and currupt souls will face their evil ambitions in futile.Let us not to be trraped in the SHAITAN'S game plan as SHAITAN doesn't likes the peaceful prevailing atmosphere.

attacks on muslims

dear hyderabdi brothers,
please post your comments on timesofindia-hyderabad news,,, where hindus will read our comments, its waste to comment on this news paper, because our muslims brothers only read this news paper.


Bhai hamare musalmaan apaas me hi ladrahe hai, firkhao me bat gaye hai, aisa din ayga ke musalmaan sacha ho ya dadi wala ho ya khabarparast ho ya koi bhi ho puch puch ke katne wale hai in log dekho ye din ane wala hai. time nahi guzra miljao sab musalmaan apas me nahi to bat ke katne wale hai sab log jab apa hisaab dena upar jake.



Hi, You have to react

Hi, You have to react urgengly and adopt the same way as they are doing.

Akbar kidhar hai bacche tu

Khali badi badi baat karna ata re tereku ab tu ghusra ya hamlog tumari usme ghusna bol, dono bhaiya baitho tumare gundao ko bahut khilaye pilaye ab baher nikalo salao ku, kaam ka time hai bolo. Nahi to hum log ku phir maidaan me ana padhta.

Tit for Tat

Muslims seek police protection and who ever has swords and other weapons get them licensed for self protection. This is a good chance to organize training camps for self defence. Muslims shouldn't be afraid of anybody like kafirs(non-believers). Where are owaisi brothers ? busy planning attacks on Mohammed pahelwans ? its time to act.. guide the masses, get them justice. PLEASE DO NOT LET RSS ORGANIZE CAMP IN HYDERABAD. DO NOT LET TAGODIA ENTER IN HYD. MAKE SURE THE STATE ACTS TO STOP SUCH COMMUNAL MEETINGS.

waqf ki jayadaad khanewali

waqf ki jayadaad khanewali majlis party ke leader kahaan hain
telengana ki mukhalif tanzeem aur unka yeh kahna ke teleengana alag hogya to fisaadaat hongey ab kia nahi horahey hain khud gharz selfish waqayi leader ho tu aagey badhkar kaam karo apne mafaad mein nahin qaum ke mafaad me

Muslims leader

Muslim leader sleep with MLA sisters, because he don't have look Muslims community. Near the election time they will wakes, this disrespect people's should be punished on road.please open ur mind choose good leader.

door lock tha

ari door lock tha tu toorney nai aaya andar kaun hai aur kia kia hai maloom hujata na rey khali saida bad ke gharoun main ghusna pehley aata police walon ko ab kia darwaza nahi tor saktey thay itney aadmi injuired huey aur door lock tha bolkey khamoosh aagaye bass arey 200 aadmian thay tu ek ek admi ek dhappa bhi mara tu door toot jata liken police ko aaney do agar tortey tu woh self defence huta tha jurm nahi huta tha 200 rehkey bhi darwaza nahi khola kab himmat aur kuch karney ki taqat aati ke apney logon ke paas arey tum logon ke sath police bhi thi tu darr gaye kaiko ....

sahi boley ab kaan hai leaderan "main aisa kara waisa kara", "main teko bepasha bola", haa mere ouper gandagi daley", "hamarey walid ko aisa boley" bass yahi bolney aata hamarey leaderou ko uno unkey akhbar main chapdetey cm se im mamley main baat karen hum ino likh detey silsila chaltey rehta aisich ........!!!!

ab kia hukumat har ek aadmi ke wasey ek police wala lagaingi aisa tu nahi hai na ab apni izzat apna maal aur apni jaan ki khud hifazat karna parta agar in chezoun ko bachaney main tum mar gaye tu shaheed hai na phir kaiko dartey abhi khushi khushi jakey darwaza tordo aur dekho mala kia hai andar koi bomb wagaira tu nahi rakhey same like nanded ya makkah masjid ke waisa ab pukara nakko karo zyada hamara haqq hai na insafi ke khilaaf aawaaz uthana

aawaz uthaao --------aawaz uthaao aawaz uthaao aawaz uthaao aawaz uthaao aawaz uthaao aawaz uthaao aawaz uthaao aawaz uthaao aawaz uthaao aawaz uthaao aawaz uthaao

arey tashreef nakko uthao aawaz uthao khali

iss sey tu bhi shayed hamarey leaderoun ko kuch aqal aati hungi.....

Attacks on Muslims by Hindu Fanatics

These attacks are organized in a planned manner.Targeting innocent citizens.This is the consequence of Pravin Togadia's recent provocative activities.These are the terrorists who sow seeds in the brains of innocent Hindus to flare up communcal tensions.They are the real Terrors.
Why the Intelligence and Police department is unable to take control of these situations.
These venomous NORTH INDIANS from HINDU MORCHAS are spreading hatred in SOUTH INDIA that too HYDERABAD.
It's a failure of Government and Leaders.
Even though they can foresee the situation they remained dummies.

yeh sab tagodia kamine ka kaam hai

saale chutiye hindu tum log bander ki haathi ki kuttay ki aur chuwe ki puja karne wale kaafir tum log ku allah batainga re jahanum mein.....yeh tagodia ku hyderabad mein enter hone math diyo...kamine ku....kerela mein aur tamil nadu mein yeh VHP ke kutoon ku **** pe maarke likalte in log ku enter hone nahin dete wahaan pe same hyderabadi mein bhi honaa chahiye...

Saale pedophile worshiper,

Saale pedophile worshiper, saale terrorist, tum loge se sari duniya pareshan ho gavee hai vo din dur nahi jahan saab log tum terrorist ko mar mar ke bhagayenge.

where is muslim leaders?

where is muslim leaders?

Firstly no one knows that

Firstly no one knows that Akbaruddin, Asaduddin are not muslims, so why will they support them. Muslims are mad to think they might help them, I say them praying to the money, doning pooja..pagal laude hai dono...isnki maki, bhainki, biwi ki...

muslim leaders

brother dont depend on muslim leaders, it the duty of every muslim to protect ourselves. one or 2 muslims leaders cannot backup you in india,, you have to protect your sisters and mothers, if you wait till police or muslim leaders reach the spot, at that time everything will be over. so prepare yourself first..

muslim leaders are carrying

muslim leaders are carrying CPI flags and TDP flags, chanting for T-state, musalmaan KCR kay saat hai, packet leykar.


tu tumhari kaiku Jalri?Insaaf ka saath dene mein kia ghalti hai? Telangana ke saath nainsafi howi ki nahi?Burai ko burai na samajhne waale ka imaan sab se Kum Darje par hai.. Owaisi ka political career baigan mein milta bolke nakko bolra? Usku Rayala Telangana hona kate? Kaiku Rayalaseema ke reddiyoun se paisa lene? G mein dum hai tu open debate pe aao TG se faayde hai ke nahi is topic par.

in siasat office.

in siasat office.

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