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Muslims drove the cortege of Anti-Muslim Saffron leader

Tuesday, 20 November 2012
Hyderabad, November 20:

Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray who was always been at the forefront with regards to spewing venom against Muslims and leading the Saffron brigade throughout his life, however several facts remained unnoticed.

While everyone saw the physician of saffron leader Dr. Jalil Parker played an important role in Thackeray’s life, there are two more Muslims who also played an active role on his funeral.

According to a report published in Hindustan Times on 20th November, Shahid Ali was the man who carried the cortege of Thackeray on the 6 KM long procession to Shivaji Park from his Bandra resident. Another “UP ka Bhaiya” Ali living in Mumbai since 1992 accompanied Shahid Ali in taking the wheels forward.

This was the most challenging journey for Ali who has been driving since 1998 considering the massive traffic on the roads.

The 86-year-old died after suffering a cardiac arrest, Bal Thackeray was known to lead the cause of Hindutva extremist brigade. But very few know that Thackeray was attended by a Muslim doctor to fight health related problems for the past five years.

Even when Uddhav Thackeray needed a heart surgery some months ago, it was again Dr Parkar who led the medical team which treated him.

There was some commentary in political circles about Thackeray's personal doctor being a Muslim, Dr Parkar never commented on this aspect. All he would say was the Sena Chief had been very kind to him.

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That's what a politicians do!!
They play with the sentiments of innocents citizen (Muslims & Hindus) of INDIA and make them to fight between themselves.
And, when (POLITICIANS) time comes they use the best source and skills of the country for themselves.
No matter whether its a MUSLIM OR HINDU.
They make a mockery of common citizens.
WAKE UP!! WAKE UP!! (They are laughing on us)
All the people of this secular & democratic country INDIA.
Get united against communalism, discrimination, violence, vandalism, anti-social & anti-national elements of this country.
And make this country beautiful and peaceful for the future generation.
No matter, what religion you belong....

So what .. When Akbaruddin

So what .. When Akbaruddin was shot dead - he may have got treated by a Hindu Doctor , When Salar was hospitalized - again he got treated at Care Hospital instead of Owaisi Hospital .. Why we need to bring Religion in every case ... what matters in the end is whether they are muslims by name or muslims by deeds ...

waste news

These are waste news.
Kindly do not waste even one line in a newspaper as "SIASAT" by publishing such articles which lacks the prestige of our beloved newspaper.

waste news

These are waste news.
Kindly do not waste even one line in a newspaper as "SIASAT" by publishing such articles which lacks the prestige of our beloved newspaper.

True fact

Similarly our ex.PM was political advisory to Mr Zulphikar Ali Bhuto; the Pakistani president. The Pakistan government awarded Desai with Nisan E Pakistan the highest civilian awards. The main message either SHIV SENA OR MIM; the leaders often found to provoke it is upto us to get provoked or not. What about Owaisi Hospital in Hyderabad the majority doctors are Hindu then ? Keep this in mind and post your reaction in this article JENAB SAB


I can say shahid ali is an igorant person

This gives the Communal

This gives the Communal forces an example that, you have to trust Muslims only when the matter comes for honesty he all his life use force to keep away his enemies his own people ie, why he lives in a fort type of residence his time is over and the era of shiv sena too the party will die soon. Muslims taught lesson every time in history of truth,honesty and justice towards eveyone.It's shame still the majority beleives in so called Mad dogs who spit vemon against innocent Muslims.

arey chal jaa be jaaaa ab tu

arey chal jaa be jaaaa ab tu sikayinga hamareku kisku respect karna so makki kirkiriiii

hahahhahaha yeah kirkiriiiii

hahahhahaha yeah kirkiriiiii kuch ziyaada lambi hogaye hai....

nothing special

most dreaded kahsmiri separatist leader zilani under gone treatment in dr.shyama prasad mukherji hospital, mumbai, run by rss doctors,

reply to nothing special

Mr or whowever you are, kashmiri separatist leader zilani is not a terrorist like Thackery family, modi or RSS. He is fighting for the rights of Kashmiris & did not at any time tell that all non musllims be put to death like what the communal forces like thackrey, modi & other members were/are thinking. So if any non muslim doctor is treating him there is nothing special because he is not a criminal like thackeray. thats it.

Please Respect the People who is no more with us.

We don't know how, where how you will be encounter with other individual. as far as balasaheb is concern, he is an politican on top of above he is a human being That is why if you go thru with any religion it teaches about the humanity how to be a well human being.

I Belive that Mr. Tahkre's tenuer is over, those who left us; we should not go back and comment past life.

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