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Muslims were put to loss in Police Action

Thursday, 20 September 2012
Hyderabad, September 20:

Celebrations of merger of Hyderabad in Indian Union were held at various places in Hyderabd Karnataka Region. A Colloquium was organized by the Managing Committee of Huda Masjid of Chincholi on “Police Action on Hyderabad and its Reality”.

The meeting started with the recitation of the Quranic verses by Mr. Lal Mohammed. Mr. Syed Kaleemuddin presented his welcome address. Expressing in views, he told that the youths of today feel themselves guilty because they are ignorant of the facts about Police Action on Hyderabad. They blamed their ancestors for it. In order to eradicate this misunderstanding this colloquium has been arranged.

Mr. Khaja Moinuddin, Councillor of the Municipality highlighted the events of Police Action and told that it was a conspiracy of the communal minded people and a few Govt. officials. Muslims were put to loss deliberately. He told that when India got Independence, it was not in the present shape. It was divided into more than 300 smaller states.

Gradually, all these states were merged into Indian Union. In the same way, Hyderabad State was also merged with India. Although this event is remembered but the damages caused to the Muslims are not mentioned MR. Abdul Quddoos (Jamaat-e-Islami) in his speech told that Hyderabad State was a secular state in which everyone was treated equally.

The merger of Hyderabad State is not a very extra ordinary event but it is presented as if it has been conquered by attacking an enemy. Sikkim was also merged at a very later stage but this is not mentioned. In all the political parties in India there is a fixed limit for any Muslim leader of the party. If he crosses that limit, he is pushed to background. He is discouraged. It is, therefore necessary for the Muslim leadership of this country to work in various political parties keeping in mind the interests of the Muslim Community.

Mr. Abdul Qayyum, former Municipal Councilor, Mr. Syed Zameer, Mr. Abdul Basith, Chairman of the Municipality, Mr. Abdul Hameed, Mr. Mahmood Ali Quraishi, Mohammed Mazher Ali and many others attended the meeting.

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Here we go again -

You MUSLIMS are big part on this nation called INDIA and you should be proud of it that you are in the main stream of Indian democracy and culture. You did NOT ask for Pakistan, who asked for Pakistan they are gone to Pakistan. You are true Hindustani and Bharati. Throw out the attitude and belief that Muslims are backward and less intelligent.
• You can change your life, your community life and country if you wish. Think about you and your family education, economics, and security conditions first. Don’t be emotional and make mistakes. Be cool even in the worst situations which will help you. You will be chided and called names but be cool and stay focused.
• Step-up your struggle for best education and jobs as you are been stopped at many places.
• You can change and achieve what you want only thing required in you is DISCIPLE, HARD WORK, FOCUS, and PRAYERS.
• You have given lot of sacrifices for this country as you all are descended of original Hindus community and will have to give more sacrifices to grow and prosperous with so much hate and opposition. Stand stronger and ask for justices with peaceful manner. Build good relations with all communities.
• Develop leadership role and don't fight within yourself for money or fame or power.
• Give room for everyone in your family to develop and grow. Honesty AND Hard work must be your strength.
• Encourage young Muslim generation for EDUCATION, EDUCATION, EDUCATION & SKILL’s DEVELOPEMENT. Take the jobs in Police, Army, Medical, Engineering, compete in Administrative exams like IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. To make India a global super power, everyone in our country has to work together as a team.
• You are very intelligent but lazy to take challenges. WHY? Don’t you like success & good life?
• You all are Lucky that you have Quran in one hand, and you should have science, Math, History, Finance, Law books in other hand. You don’t need to fear for life as we all will die one day.
• See how 4.5 % RESERVATION disappeared & RTE and GOVERNMENT WILL NOT HELP YOU ANY MORE. But SC/ST and OBC will continue to get reservation in the name of weaker section even though they are classified as belong to Hindu religion.
• You are 20% population with 1% representation in Central jobs and 2% in State jobs …WHY? WAKE-UP & STOP YOUR CHAI, PAN, & BIRYANI.
• If you don’t change now, than you will be worse than Dalits. This is what Sangh parivar/BJP & Congress wants to make you, but they need your vote for Power. Think before you give them Power to rule.
• WE Hindus’ want and need Muslims equally to grow and make our INDIA STRONGER in economy, strength, and respect.
I am not a political person nor from any org. but wants everyone to work and grow as a Team to build A NEW INDIA of 21st CENTURY.


Mir Osman Ali Khan Sahab Zindabad....He was the symbol of secularism...May his soul rest in peace....
He was one of the greatest ruler this world has ever seen....

Subhanallah, Urdu me Posting wale bhai SAS se Mulaqat karwae ji.


حب رسول اور ناموس رسالت صلى الله عليہ وسلم

http://quranacademy.com/ (Latest Current Affairs) All Muslims Must See.

Jazakallahu Khair.
Reported by: Ghulam (Rpak)sas. New York - U.S.A.

Bayan sun-ker kuch ansu kya bahe, Lagta hai ke Dil wo zehen, Ab Ibadet ke Qabil huwa, Alhamdulillah.

Allahumma Salleh ala Syyedina Muhammadiyon wa Aala alai Syyedina Muhammadiyon Wa barik wa Sallim.

Subhanallah, Urdu me Posting wale bhai SAS se Mulaqat karwae ji.


حب رسول اور ناموس رسالت صلى الله عليہ وسلم

http://quranacademy.com/ (Latest Current Affairs) All Muslims Must See.

Jazakallahu Khair.
Reported by: Ghulam (Rpak)sas. New York - U.S.A.

Bayan sun-ker kuch ansu kya bahe, Lagta hai ke Dil wo zehen, Ab Ibadet ke Qabil huwa, Alhamdulillah.

Allahumma Salleh ala Syyedina Muhammadiyon wa Aala alai Syyedina Muhammadiyon Wa barik wa Sallim.

Forget the Past

Forget the Past

We should forget the past and think & work for a better future. Just in case it hurts more than required then we should have a role playing session in which just switch the Muslims & Hindus with each other and also their role of rulers & ruled. What we will see? Say we see a Islamic country coming into existence and Muslims were ruled by non-Muslims for a long long time. Will we not do any thing & every thing to join the Islamic country? Similar thing happened with Hindus and they were simply eager to join the Hindu Bharat after long rule of Muslims.

We all know well that Muslim rulers were not preachers of Islam. It was the scholars or Sufis of that era who were instrumental in the propagation of Islam. And perhaps some of the Hindus were converted to get some honourable positions either under threat or due to greed or due to the teaching of equality in Islam. Thus Muslims & Hindus both can accuse each other of mistreatment dung Muslim rule and police action & after. And it is definitely done.

Now there is no use in ruing over the past. We have to build our future by learning lessons from other nations. Take the case of Japan which was made to follow all the demands of US & West after WWII. They gulped every insult and work hard to become an economic super power. Perhaps it was possible due to a pragmatic leadership which did not remind its youngsters about the hurt & insults all the time. They retaliated constructively and now we know the result.

All over the world we feel ourselves victims of conspiracies. Take for example Pakistan, for every thing they blame India, Israel & US. On the day of judgment they might blame Allah (swt) for creating Shaitan and responsible for all their sins (Nauzu billah). What they have made out of an Islamic country is nothing but a disaster which puts all the Indian Muslims to Shame in front of Hindus. And why only Pakistan, is there any Muslim country worth staying Muslims can live happily or decide to migrate? Perhaps Saudi Arabia but it also does not treat expatriates humanly. Perhaps it is the only country with so many foreign worker and no fixation of wages for any profession. It is like a market where wages are decided based on supply & demand not on living standard. Thus Saudis can choose based on their profit calculations and the amount of economic hardship suffered by different countries in offering cheap work force.

Therefore our leaders should call for action not reaction and false fantasies. We feel proud if a non-muslim rates our Prophet (pbuh) as number one and we loose our temper if some body insults our religion but either way we do not follow the teachings of Islam completely.

- We need leadership which can emulate Japanese leaders in some ways.

- We have to evolve a fiqh and living guidelines in a non-muslim country.

- We should look for ways to protect our identity from the external & internal enemies.

- We should teach our youths that there will be discrimination but every thing happens with the will of Allah (swt) and none has the power to go against the HIS (swt) will. IF our enemies shut down on door Allah (swt) will open another door for us - remember how Gulf opportunity was opened to Muslims of Sub-continent when they were suffering much hardship in 70s?

- There is discrimination among Hindus also at all levels of cast. They even recognize each other the way they pronounce their names. According to friend who was working in Indian Air Force, there were two officers with the family name Verma/Varma. The one from lower caste used to write his name with an e and the one from upper cast with an a. Thus discrimination in India is a common phenomenon and deep rooted and Muslims do not depend upon the creation for the sustenance.

Thus it is hight time that Muslim men & women wage a Jihad against all the shortcoming in our society, be it education, relationships or sacrifices for the cause of Allah (swt).

Struggle to Unite Muslim Ummah

Al-Hamdulillaah (Praise be to Allaah) and may Allaah's Peace and Blessings be showered on the Messengers of Allaah, their families, their companions and on all who follow their path until the Last Day.

Oh Non-Muslims, specially my message to fanatic Hindus members of RSS, VHP, Banraj Dal, Hindu Vahani, Corrupted Indian Police, etc. Listen carefully to him may Allah SWT give hidayth you also.

Indian Hindu Police Officer speaks about Islam

Is Terrorism A Muslim Monopoly - Dr.Zakir Naik

Stop Evil by its Roots
Jazakallahu Khair

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