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No anger over 'Vishwaroopam' row, it made me feel sorry: Kamal

Friday, 8 February 2013
Hyderabad, February 08:

The controversy over his film "Vishwaroopam" did not make actor Kamal Haasan angry but he felt "sorrow" and like Socrates, he would "sip the cup of poison" to speak his "freedom".

Speaking at a meeting, he said, "I am not angry (over the issue), only (felt) sorrow, that in a great country, free
country like India, an artist would be insulted so.

Because,very rarely have artistes been responsible for riots.

"We (artists) are the people who can stick the world together... They can do so many wonders. We are doctors,
actually. You suspect that man to be a rabble-rouser or rioter, that is an insult.

"I am a son of Socrates. If you give me a cup of poison,I will sip it and speak my freedom."

Showering praise on veteran Tamil director K Balachandar,Haasan said the former taught him bravery and valour.

The actor was speaking at a meeting organised here where several prominent Telugu film personalities including actor Nagarjuna, Dadasaheb Phalke award recipient D Ramanaidu,veteran directors K Vishwanath and Dasari Narayana Rao were present.

He said he learnt a lot from the seasoned directors like Vishwanath.

I still feel like an assistant director. Personalities like Balachandar and Vishwanath come to my mind when I am
directing," he said.

Haasan thanked the media for support during the controversy. "I did not know it will end this way. It was like
a suspense story. The only strength came from media."

Vishwaroopam", made in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi, had faced opposition from some Muslim organisations, and was
banned in Tamil Nadu for some time. It faced trouble in Andhra Pradesh too.


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Agar tu doctor hai

Agar tu doctor hai to hindu community ka illaj kar. Sati ke naam pe zinda jaladal te, Marad marne ke baad aurat doorsi shaadi nahi karti,tumhari aurt jism ka karoobar karti hai wo rook.
khanoon hindu religion ko ek shadi ki ejazat deta to bhos...ke 2 shaadi kaise kara . phir bata na ke ek se ziyada shaadi islam ijazat diya. tera mazhab to nahi diya.
tu bhi ek haram ki nasal ka kutta hai. problems buhot pade hai. teri maka maha papi. kabhi mallom kar islaam kya batata, na ke usko galat bata. achi tarike se mallom kar phir sooch ke tu kya kar raha hai.

well.. who ever the film

well.. who ever the film maker and what ever they are making against muslims its shows their thinking about muslims, mostly they are showing pkistani muslims involving in terrorism which some of our muslim brothers supporting but they are not aware that in the name of pakistan they are actually spoiling the name of all muslims. so no wonder more movies will come against us..


Kamal Hasan was smart to include some scenes which was bound to excite the Mullahs and give much needed publicity to his movie. It is but an average Movie which will perhaps not do much business among Hindi audience. Tamilians are super emotional and crazy about their stars so it may do some business in Tamil Nadu.

The movie as usual portrays a muslim or liberal muslim fighting for the security of the country and going beyond borders where the source of terrorism is - Afghanistan. An undercover Indian agent he successfully helps the Americans (Now becoming the new god of Indian democracy) rescue American prisoners and later secure them well from a nuclear threat.

It is not clear as to what faith followed by the Hero. He was shown married to a Hindu girl and the alliance was supposedly initiated by her uncle. Later in one of the scenes he was shown seeking refuge of Allah on which his colleague says the Hero is a worshiper of Allah not him. In one of the scenes he asks for the permission to pray before execution but only recites a supplication - showing the understanding about the difference between a supplication and prayer (Namaz). In another scene he was seen praying in a congregation and then at the doorstep of the militant – proving perhaps the type of Islam and muslim acceptable to West. In Sum all it showed was similar to the film My name is Khan in which a character was shown saying NAMAZ IS READ WITH INTENTION NOT PHYSICAL MOVEMENTS – Khan’s fiqh of prayer.

In Short an acceptable Muslim was projected as the one who is religious at heart, Nationalist in Mind & action, against the terrorism and liberal enough to have a Hindu wife. Why Hindu wives becoming a symbol liberalism is not known. Perhaps Non-muslims know better that a mother is the first Institution of a child and if that Institution itself becomes non-Muslim then affiliation to Islam will be limited to Sheer Khorma and Mithai only. On the other hand muslims mothers are becoming more modern and distant from Islamic education in the name of liberalism and whatever suits them. And the trend shows that a non-muslim wife will instil more respect toward religion than a muslim mother who will judge her religious husband based on the comforts and luxuries provided.

The movie does not address why Afghans are so. Can they be blame for some thing which was imposed on them starting from Russian invasion? Perhaps the Kamal Hasan shares and posses the same cognitive powers like Butcher George Bush who saw Muslims’ hand in 9/11 and Weapons of Mass destruction in Iraq.

At the outset this will look right but Non-muslims and Indians in particular know well that Afghanistan is the root of all the wars and Invasions of India not to forget the desecration of temples by Ghazni etc. So in short India has to join hands with West in order to control the Pathans. To look sympathetic to wards Pathans a scene was shown in the movie in which the hero was shown lamenting the death of family of the warrior lord. It is like Sangh inciting violence against Muslims and Vajpayee lamenting over it.

The irony is that non-muslims believe more than muslims in our books. It is written in the books of ahadith about Pathans as Taleqan and that they would support Imam Mahdi (ra). To play that card in fact a false Mahdi did march to Afghanistan but died miserably there. That is how West believes that Afghans will be a deciding factor in the end times. So what they have done is kept them busy within Afghanistan for more than 200 years in battles with British, Russians and now Americans & Allies. To educate its audience the film has shown how the children are groomed & taught right from the beginning about Jihad, death and guns etc. Who wil make a movie showing how the RSS teaches its children about muslim invasions and threat to Hinduism from Islam?

In the end a nuclear threat is shown which fails due to the smartness of our heroine. This is synonymous with the Muslim desire to have a killing device to incapacitate the Kuffars. We have seen its failure in the name of Pakistan which despite its nukes could not do any thing to the cause of Palestine or Kashmir. In fact Gen Zia had sent his envoys to inform Israel that Pak Nukes are only for safety against India. This is another ploy by the Pak rulers to project India as a threat to Pakistan's existence. The truth on the other hand is that Pakistan became a reality because Hindus wanted it and wanted to get rid of the large part of the Muslims.

In short Kamal Hasan was smart in allowing the mullahs to make noise and succumbed to it but the message from the movie is clear. Perhaps he would get time to read the latest book The return of a King by the historian William Dalrymple in which he has advised West not to mess up with Afghanistan. But West did not suffer much like India at the hands of Afghans so India will continue to have its say in Afghan affairs. A reader may benefit from this artivel by the historian: http://internetlookuplist.com/2012/07/william-dalrymple-how-the-affair-o...


Thanks to Tamil Muslim community ... Who helped the movie to be hit... Watches by world over
...hahahhaaj what a joke and shame ...

As Salaam Alaikum. Mera ek

As Salaam Alaikum.

Mera ek mashwara hai mere saare Musalman Bhaiyon se ke in Kafiron ki dukano se khareedna bandh kardo, choti si choti cheez bhi lena hai to kisi Musalman ki dukaan se lo.

Ghair Muslim ke paas se kuch bhi mat khareedo. Let us unite and teach them a lesson.


before writing this comment tell muslim businiess man do businiess as per sunnah maxium muslims businiess man are fake and furd businiess

kya baat hai ki yaaro

kya baat hai ki yaaro musalmaana ga*nd marne pe tulewe rehte aksiriyat mein.....

Since you feel so much

Since you feel so much sorrow, hope you learned a lesson. REMEMBER WHEN YOU PLAY WITH THE BULL ......YOU GET THE HORNS.

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