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NRIs Beware! Wearing Gold jewellery can put you in trouble

Wednesday, 2 May 2012
New Delhi, May 02:

Travellers to India are being searched for gold ornaments by customs officials at major airports across the country.

An Indian law dating back to the 1960s states that those travelling to India are supposed to pay tax for carrying any gold valued at more than Rs20,000 (Dh1,379).

What’s strange is that a man is allowed to carry 50 per cent less gold in comparison to a female traveller, on his person as jewellery.

Indian airports have been conducting stringent checks on most travellers and asking them to shell out duty for any gold ornaments over the stipulated amount.

Last week two Indian men, including a groom who was on his way to India for his wedding, was stopped at the airport by customs.

“I had to negotiate and argue with them for almost 45 minutes to an hour," said Santosh from Bangalore.

According to Sreedhar MK from Thrissur, popularly known as the gold district in Kerala, an Indian woman on an average wears a gold chain weighing at least 16 to 25 grams.

“With gold prices on the rise, any Indian women will end up paying customs duty at airports in India,” he said.

Today’s value of gold is Dh187.50 for a gram and a 16 gram chain will cost Dh3,000.

India’s Customs and Central Excise Rules 1967 stipulates that a man travelling to India can bring gold ornaments worth Rs 10,000 while a woman is allowed to bring gold worth a maximum of Rs 20,000.

Customs duty will be charged on additional value.

There has also been a reported increase in gold "smuggling" into India.

Earlier this month, customs officials at Chennai in southern India seized three kgs of gold concealed in baby diapers.

The passenger, an Indian resident flying from Paris was arrested following the seizure.

On April 21, customs officials at Ahmedabad airport in Gujarat arrested a Mumbai resident and seized 1.2 kilograms of gold. The passenger was travelling from UAE.

Rising gold prices reopen India smuggling route

In the 1970s and 80s in India, you could not hear a story, see a film or know a gangster that was not burnished by some small (or tall) tale of gold being smuggled from the Middle East.

The economies of scale – heavy duty on gold in India, relatively cheap gold in the Gulf and a maritime route to India that Somali pirates of today would relish - made it an attractive risk.

Then, India liberalised, and smuggling the metal no longer made economic sense.

Circa 2008. Global economic crash leads to major spike in gold prices.

Now, gold seems to be the only asset with any lasting value.

Suddenly, Indian authorities see a spike in undeclared gold being smuggled into the country from places like the Gulf, and even as far away as Hong Kong.

Two Indians were arrested recently for carrying large quantities of undeclared gold from the Gulf.

Indian media also reported that customs officials at Chennai airport had earlier arrested four people in different incidents and confiscated about 15kg of gold valued at about Dh2million (Rs 2.68 crore)

People of Indian origin are allowed to carry upto 10kg of gold provided they pay a duty of Rs300 (about Dh25) for 10grams if it is ornaments and Rs750 (Dh70) for 10gm in case of bars.

A Gulf-based businessman, was arrested by customs officials in an Indian airport when he was found carrying 2.5kg of gold.

The gold is valued in India at around Dh474,000.

“The rules are very clear. For those purchasing gold valued at over Indian Rs40 lakh (Dh400,000), it is no big deal to pay a few thousands as customs fee. But they refuse to declare the gold as they do not want to reveal the source of income,” said an assistant commissioner at the Commissioner’s office for Customs in Mumbai.

The 47-year-old garment businessman Badrul Munir Ambidatti from Kannur district in Kerala was travelling to Pune.

According to reports quoting customs officials in Pune, the gold is worth Rs63lakh (Dh630,000).

He has been remanded to custody until October 28.

According to officials the incident could have been easily gone undetected if not for suspicious movement by the passenger, who had hidden the gold ornaments in his socks.

Some officials found Ambidatti’s movements suspicious and checked his baggage thoroughly. The accused had hidden gold ornaments in his socks. Police believe there could be more people involved in the racket.

Another Indian businessman, a developer, was arrested in Mumbai airport for carrying gold worth Dh158,000.

Amol Ferreira, was travelling to Mumbai and was arrested as he was trying to leave the airport without declaring the product.

Jewellery traders in the UAE said that the real motive behind the non-declaration of gold imports may not be to avoid paying customs duty.

“It is to basically to hide black money and unofficial sources of income. Today gold is the most preferred form of investment and there are many cases where people from India come to the Gulf to shop for gold and either take it back with them or send it through other trusted passengers,” said an owner of a leading chain of gold and jewellery stores in Dubai.

When asked if it is common for high volume purchases he said, “We are not allowed to sell one kilogram gold bars. Biscuits and ornaments can be purchased for any amount. It is not very common for people to purchase for more than Dh500,000 or one million. At least it has never happened in any of my stores.

Guidelines issued by the Central Board of Excise and Customs in India states that for the purpose of customs clearance of arriving passengers, a two-channel system has been adopted wherein green channel is for passengers not having any dutiable goods and red channel is for passengers having dutiable goods.

“Passengers walking through the green channel with dutiable or prohibited goods are liable to prosecution and penalty and confiscation of goods. One of the businessman was arrested because he was trying to walk through the green channel,” said the customs official.


Copy of GO

Source: Central Board of Excise and Customs





Who can import gold as baggage?

Any passenger of Indian Origin or a passenger holding a valid passport, issued under the Passport Act, 1967, who is coming to India after a period of not less than six months of stay abroad; and short visits, if any, made by the passenger during the aforesaid period of six months shall be ignored if the total duration of stay on such visits does not exceed thirty days.

Other Conditions


(i)     The duty shall be paid in convertible foreign currency.

(ii)   The weight of gold (including ornaments) should not exceed 10 kgs. per passenger.

(iii)    The passenger should not have brought gold or other ornaments during any of his visits (short visits) in the last six months i.e. he has not availed of the exemption under this scheme, at the time of short visits.

(iv)    Ornaments studded with stones and pearls are not allowed to be imported.

(v) The passenger can either bring the gold himself at the time of arrival or import the same within fifteen days of his arrival in India as unaccompanied baggage.

(vi) The passenger can also obtain the permitted quantity of gold from Customs bonded warehouse of State Bank of India and Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation subject to conditions (i) and (ii)above. He is required to file a declaration in the prescribed Form before the Customs Officer at the time of arrival in India stating his intention to obtain the gold from the Customs bonded warehouse and pay the duty before clearance.





Description of Goods



Gold bars, other than tola bars, bearing manufacturers or refiners engraved serial number and weight expressed in metric units and gold coins

Rs. 300 per 10 gms. + 3% Edu. Cess


Gold in any form other than at Sl.No. 1 above including tola bars and ornaments, but excluding ornaments studded with stones or pearls

Rs. 750 per 10 gms. + 3% Edu. Cess

Note:- The Jewellery which is in addition to the jewellery otherwise allowed without payment of duty, only is liable to payment of duty under the above mentioned scheme of import of gold



1.    Generally items imported as baggage are subjected to a uniform rate of duty for ease of assessment

2. Gold is charged to following rate of duty for passengers importing gold under the prescribed scheme



Description of Goods



Gold bars, other than tola bars, bearing manufacturer’s or refiner’s engraved serial number and weight expressed in metric units and gold coins

Rs. 300 per 10 gms.+ 3% Edu. Cess


Gold in any form other than at Sl.No. 1 above including tola bars and ornaments, but excluding ornaments studded with stones or pearls

Rs. 750 per 10 gms.+ 3% Edu. Cess

Note: Incase the value of one item exceeds the duty free allowance, the duty shall be calculated only on the excess of such amount.


There is no value limit on the export of Gold jewellery by a passenger through the medium of baggage so long as it constitutes the bonafide baggage of the passenger. A passenger may request the Customs for issue of an export certificate at the time of his/her departure from India, in respect of jewelry carried by him / her, to facilitate its reimport subsequently.

Commercial export of gold jewelry through the courier mode is permitted subject to observance of prescribed procedures.


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shame to be an indian

Let me introduce myself. i am Mr. Rakesh from Dubai. Since last 5 years i am working in a Dubai based company. I am staying with my wife and she brought her ornaments to Dubai during her initial visit.
We have already paid the tax to the Indian Government. We didn’t purchase any single grams gold from here. While returning to India, why I should pay the tax to Govt. again??? What did they think about the NRI's?? Proudly I am saying "I became shame to be an Indian"
Why the Indians are forced to migrate to Overseas?? This is mainly because of our rubbish Govt. policies.
Dear Indians, fight against this!!

What's the reality? We are blaming each other... Nobody can raise Voice against this...

while coming from india u

while coming from india u must declare gold at custom. they will provide u certificate...when u go back u can show that and u dont have to pay even single penny...educate yourself before blaming.

Shame to be indian

I have congress govt becuase it contain C which is called as *****


That government officals are making fool to NRI,
on 1967 the rate of gold was Rs.20 per gram Rs.20,000/- there fore 1000 Grams are allowed, but now near by Rs.3,000/- per gram.

indian government also keeping quiet .. shame shame puppy shame...

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Is it applicable if a person

Is it applicable if a person is wearing the gold. What is the limit on this?

Hyd'badi & Indian Muslim women, Please take a Lesson !!!

Hamari, Tumari aor Duniya bher ke Danishmandoo'n ki bate toe Zindagi bher sune ... Chaloo .. Aaj kuch Waqt Nikale .. Aor Allah ke Rasool Hazrat Mohammed Mustafa SAS ki Peshangoe sune ... Apni Zindagi Wo Aqhirat SAwarain, Jazak'Allah.
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" Publishing of this article

" Publishing of this article " Per Attakk-Gae .. Siasat ke Mudeer Ji ???

Kitte News aor videos me comments Likha ... Bhoot dair hogayi, Noukri ku jana hai ..


Please find the GO below the news....

Kya huwa siasat staff ...

Kya huwa siasat staff ... comments edit kerne itti dair ... Deccan Chronicle me youn daloo, yooun aajaate ?? Jaldi Post kerte jao .. Job per bi jana rehta ???

Dear Commenters .. by reading all comments here …

Salam to all,
By reading all above comments I think every one of u are mis-guided. All u need is someone could provide u a right direction to serve your precious time & mind. This useless conversation will not help you or serve any purpose. Share such views which brings light to one and all, otherwise just read & learn.

Kindly go back to work and be honest to your work and improve your good deeds to serve your parents, family & Deen-e-Islam.

One important note: This type of useless conversion I have seen only in Hyderabad youth, which too, in siasat comments colomns … all the time.
This has to be changed. Someone should take-up this issue seriously. Thanks

Publishing of this article

Publishing of this article is also an political sting, Siasat will never publish these kind of GO's i bet they keep people blunder always.

Al-Mujtaba Jewellars Plan

Siasat might have received a big amount from Al-Mujtaba Jewellars and also from Mohammed Khan Jewellars to publish such a threatening article for NRIs and discourage them to buy Gold abroad and buy at their shops in HYDERABAD.


Please find the GO below the news..

Ghange the law

The law was enatced in 1967, let the gov. check the gold prices at that time and compare it to the present prices and change the value as per todays prices

Are sale pagal hogaye kya re

Are sale pagal hogaye kya re tum log itna dimaag Bhi nahi hai tumko Saale Naya time naya daur Saale rule change karore kamino rishwath Kane wale gundo

indian govt everytime

indian govt everytime looking for this kind of things where money comes from...if NRI working outside the country and earning good money and they will purchase kilos of gold..why the govt interfere everytime...

GO copy about carrying Gold Jewllary by Indian

Dear Editor,

I request you to publish a copy of active GO which states "People of Indian origin are allowed to carry upto 10kg of gold provided they pay a duty of Rs300 (about Dh25) for 10grams if it is ornaments and Rs750 (Dh70) for 10gm in case of bars"

I had experience when I was travelling from a gulf country in 2007 to get marry, I carried 100gm of Gold ornament and I face Custom officer harasment and I have to pay him bribe of Rs.1,000/-. I once against request you to publish the GO copy and lets all indians comming from to indian could carry that copy to avoide the harasment of custom officers and abide by Law and pay the duty as per the law to the govenment not to the officers pocket

it's a greate infromation some many indians do not aware of this GO, I even contacted the embassy for this information by email but i do not received any reply. I don't want to name the embassy of india

thanks a lot in advance


Please find the GO below the news..





if the Rate is compared with

if the Rate is compared with 1960 Law then that time the total gold valued imported would have been about 100 gm at an estimate.
But after 52 years this can be multiplied with 500 times hence that specified worth of gold 10,000 could be turning out to be 5,00,000 value now this should be considered by Govt of India


This is why Indian Government is named as corupt., nearly all officials and laws are MADA...DI of the govt itself., people are going to the gulf to earn halal money & not earn haraam money., in turn we can buy any amount of gold., Dear all wearing gold by ladies is upto 5KG no one can charge them on any kind of airport. Rich & corupt people nearly have 20 to 30 KG minimum gold with one wife (Exported from dubai, saudi, SA)only from where is the gold or money comming. Do these officials have any answer for that., they will simply leave salute them or they do not bother to ask them. Shame.. rules for common man...

GO copy about carrying Gold Jewllary by Indian

Dear Editor,

Please publish a copy of latest GO which state "People of Indian origin are allowed to carry upto 10kg of gold provided they pay a duty of Rs300 (about Dh25) for 10grams if it is ornaments and Rs750 (Dh70) for 10gm in case of bars"


Publishing of this article

Publishing of this article is also an political sting. Siast will never ever this GO they always keep people blunder with half information or incorrect information

Dear reader/Editor Kindly

Dear reader/Editor

Kindly provide a copy of active GO which says "People of Indian origin are allowed to carry upto 10kg of gold provided they pay a duty of Rs300 (about Dh25) for 10grams if it is ornaments and Rs750 (Dh70) for 10gm in case of bars"

I want to travel from a Gulf country to india, I'm Indian national and I want to abide by law and avoide the harasment of Custom officers.

to my email plazabakers@yahoo.com

Thanks in advance

Publishing of this article

Publishing of this article is also an political sting. Siasat will never ever publish this GO they alwasy keep people blunder with half information and some times incorrect information.

idiot govt

Dont fear to this rules.carry as much as u can politicians are thief . they have good amount in foreign banks and troubling us.

Custom Authorities

If husband & wife tralling to India from gulf country , his wife having his personal gold ornamentsm,she brought from india, in the airport custom authoritesi will charge for that personal gold ornament????????? why

customs authorities

this is shame on law the indian women always keep the jewellery with them even till death, in any curcumantance the indian women not sale their belongings jewelery how can one traveller women pay customs. this is completely stupid.

This is pathetic by INDIAN

This is pathetic by INDIAN Govt, why a passenger dont pay any customes because the custom officer will take some of Money to release the GOODS in Air port so Govt need to work within to improve there Employees to be more Honest & should not work for there own Benefits.

What about the gold beging

What about the gold beging used by indian house wifes,, travelling to gulf to join ther hubby and then returning with the same ornaments to india... is she liable to pay the customs .... Ruls and Law are good, privided it shall b ETHICAL... u cannot apply the same rule and law (partaining to customs values) dated back to 1960...

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