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Owaisi hate speech created an embarrassing situation for YSR Congress

Saturday, 5 January 2013
Hyderabad, January 05:

Almost all political parties have condemned Akbar Owaisi’s inflammatory speeches at Nirmal, Bodhan and demanded action against him. But the YSR Congress is looking confused and acting cautiously.

Akbaruddin Owaisi’s hate speech against a particular community has created an embarrassing situation for the YSR Congress, which was mulling an electoral tie-up with the MIM.

The YSR Congress, headed by jailed Jaganmohan Reddy, was working on alliance with the MIM in the 2014 general elections for ‘mutual benefit’.

According to a Mailtoday report published on Saturday, the MIM is planning to expand its base by contesting in Muslim-dominated constituencies of Kurnool, Anantapur and Kadapa in the Rayalaseema region and Guntur and Nellore in Coastal Andhra.

Commenting cautiously on the whole issue, D.A. Somayajulu a Central Governing Council Member of YSR Congress said “The issue is in court and it is not proper to comment on it.” Mailtoday reported.

But now Owaisi’s hate speech has landed the YSR Congress leaders in a fix. “The MIM has proved to be an out and out communal party. Any alliance with the MIM would damage the party’s prospects in Telangana,” a YSR Congress leader said reported Mailtoday.

With Mailtoday inputs

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Look at other cities

Bhai MIM ko bura bolne se pehle baki cities ke muslim majority areas main kaunsi development huyi ye to batao?
Old city to congested area hai..wanha banjara hill jaisa to development nahi hosakta na?
aur MIM ko bura bolnewalon koi aisa leader batao jo colleges or dusre tariqon se paisa nahi kamata y?
muslim leader bole to faqir hona zaruri hai kya?

just because MIM has taken

just because MIM has taken back the support to the ruling party, these cases are being charged, many times this type of hate speeches were given before but nobody took it seriously. this is the effect to oppose the ruling party !!!!! that toooo congress, politics starts from congress MIM is just a baby in long term politics, they are supporting Jagan who is already in jail, no future for jagan as of know, goodluck MIM.

akbar on you tube

akbar delivered speech is of low quality. a responsible leader can not speak in this way. it is better if he doesn't go around for votes. majlis should take care.

akbar speech

akbar has lost the credibility of being majlis leader in assembly. by inflammatory speech he is not doing any thing good for muslims, this is only for political gain. this kind of speech should be condemed. akbar need to be polite, civilised and respect for others.

Reaction from Akbar

This is a reaction from Akbar which was initiated by saffron terrorists in Hyderabad. MIM is not communal it is against only with the communal saffron terrorist. MIM is not against hindus, infact Akbar is the only person in the Parliament who support and speak on behalf of Dalits and their rights.

MIM is right opponent for Saffron terrorists

MIM is right opponent for Saffron terrorists, We are with you MIM no matter what happens.

Akbar Fit for RSS

If RSS has guts let them do something to then you see what he do


Carry on Akbar bhai don't afraid any one, sirf baton se unne takleef hori tu gujrat me ju howa usse hamey kitney taqleef hana chayeh,woh log azaad ghum sakthe tu akbar kyon nahi..........(Support Akbar)


Carry on Akbar bhai don't afraid any one, sirf baton se unne takleef hori tu gujrat me ju howa usse hamey kitney taqleef hana chayeh,woh log azaad ghum sakthe tu akbar kyon nahi..........(Support Akbar)

Akbar uddin is doing hate

Akbar uddin is doing hate speech its really bad and against the democracy of India. he should be punished and never contest in any elections. Mere Muslims brothers don't listen or support to akbaruddin he has never done anything good against muslims. He has seized so many lands, he has done many murders and many womens were been raped in old city. many women are unsafe in old city and recently in old city MIM Party has gone so down that they have demolished the house of a women.


your comment

the above mentioned comment is commented by Siasat only. not any muslim of hyderabad.

MIM MIM Eye opener

We love MIM and Hindu brothers current govt is not able to support muslims whenever tagodia and others are spitting communal venom on muslims.

Due to this akber lost his sense and gave such speeches infact, what I Feel now after akber speeches now everybody realise how muslims will feel when tagodia , vhp , rss were giving such speeches against Minorities , what will a common man will do when there is nobody to listen muslims ? Infact all muslims love hindus they are like our brothers true .
Akber speech was an eye opener for all but not hate , so that others will not do it again as it was happening since by BJP RSS AND VHP .


Agree with your comment.

RSS BJP -Congress

As u all know about reality - but to refresh.In all news papers headlines about a particular muslim party- MIM. some questions - babri mosque demolition many blasts in hyderabad - who did-who is suffering - whos conspiracy - who spread venom - who divide the country on caste, religion and politics.
BJP congress RSS and all parties - done nothing all did by MIM.

All Riots - who did - RSS - BJP- Congress or MIM.
1. Babri Mosque - spread venom against muslims,hate speeches and killed thousands - who did - MIM ? y/N
2.Gujrat Riots - who did - openly killed - thousands - spread venom- hate speeches. who did - MIM ? Y/N.
3. illegal temples - who is making - MIM ?
4. listen to speeches of all RSS - BJP leaders - only love speeches - ? y/N.
5. All killed in India by hate speeches, mosque demolition and bombings only by MIM. Y/N.

Mentality : -

1.All Muslims are terrorist for police,judiciary & Intelligence beureau without any proof.
2.with proof any non muslim but he is not terrorist his organisation also not a terrorist organisation - name for organisation not known by Intelligence bureau.

thanks to double standards. real democracy

Akbar harming muslims

Whether MIM wins any seats or not only time will tell but what for sure is happening that ordinary muslims living peacefully in Adilabad and Nizamabad are surely feeling the heat of suspicion and neglect from their hindu brothers. For years they were living happily with each other. I will also not be surprised if BJP captures much more seats due to this polarisation (history is witness to that) and after Karnatka they will gain ground in Andhra also. I also urge right thinking and peace loving muslims to come together and defeat the communal allies Akbar and Toghadia... Both are same.. Jajabat mein bah jana bahut asaan hai , par baad mein pachtana padta hai..Same akbar has harassed and threatened many poor muslims of old hyderabad because they did not give their land to him and a poor muslim was killed also in Barkas area one year back.. Their family is still crying for their son but due to political influence the case of murder was never filed against him.. Only after the judge asked the govt then a case was filed last october. In a sense this is a shame that earlier Congress had helped communal forces like MIM which I hope they have realised now. In the end we muslims will be responsible for our own destiny. If we fail to speak against these forces then we should not complain later of rise of BJP, Hindus harassing us in Adilabad etc. This will also strengthen our fight against Togadhias . Otherwise, Sab kuch khatam ho jayega..

Very sensible response, Mr Usmani

I am not a Muslim. But I must say that normal people, irrespective of religion, find it easy to flow away in Jazbat and get emotionally drawn to such fiery speeches like Owaisi's.

It takes a very sensible and sharp intellect like you are gifted with to still find reason and sense within you when everyone else around you is losing theirs.

No matter which religion, or which party, every single time the rabble rousers who beat up a frenzy of hatred, are the ones who eventually become rich and live comfortable lives and live in plush mansions. The common men on the street who cheer and get excited and follow these hate filled speeches are the ones who kill and get killed. God forbid, if this Owaisi speech end up with Tit for Tat responses, and eventually ends up in a riot or riots. This Owaisi will still be living a comfortable life, just as the hate spewing religious leaders from teh other side will be comfortably placed. The men who lose their lives will be common folks of either religion, and the children and relatives they leave behind will have to fend for themselves. No Owaisi or Togadia will come and feed them after their men are killed in riots.

Hopefully more and more sensible people like you are heard. hopefully the Govt of India charges people who make hate speeches and locks them up, irrespective of their religion.

Try to say it correctly

Jajabat = Jazbat
bahut = Bohot
par = per
khatam = Qatam

Not supporter of MIM, magar

Not supporter of MIM, magar dil bagh bagh hogaya akbar ki speech sunke,, koi hain jo apni khaom ke liye kuch bhi karsata, really aisa bolne wale hind mein sirf MIM brothers hi hain, apni life ku risk mein dalrai magar bande, Allah Khair kare Muslim ummah ka, Ameen. HATS off!!!

Afsoos yehi hai ki aaj ke

Afsoos yehi hai ki aaj ke musalmaan jahalat se bade khush hote hain. Waise kisi doosre mazhab ka mazaaq udhane ki appko Islam ijazat nahi deta. Muslim&Hindus were living together peacefully since centuries and only due to some stupid/selfcentred leaders on both sides we face such situations time and again. We desperately need Leaders both political and religious who are wise and guide the ummah based on Islamic principles.


this tiny rate of Old City is poisoned by his own community, it may die any moment. oNLY PROBLEM IS THIS POISONED RATE SHOULD NOT DIE IN OUR LAND.


There is neither permanent enmity nor friendship in politics. L. K. Advani made Rath Yatra based on Hindu religion against all political parties methods to gain BJP vote bank momentum purely on sectarian and religious ground under the flag of Hindutva against the norms of Republican Secular Democracy of India hitting two birds Congress party and Muslims with one stone labeling Muslims as Congress vote bank. Contrary, see the back lash how minority have been treated to date under the proxy secular politics evident by scores of communal riots, killing, looting and destroying economics of only Muslims. Why no one dare to talk against BJP cadre so called leaders busy painting new Indian history with their hands drenched with Muslim blood. It is systematic implementation of plans in phases uprooting Muslims and Islam from India under the banner of so called secular democracy. It is twisting words, interpretation and ruling of law since all belongs to same plans. So everyone acts with understanding between the lines of Hindutva. So what is the problem? If Jagan is inside the jail so what for reasons un-known. The Indian politics is purely based on religious background because of followers of major Indian religion. Over all this is all vote bank politics and religion is been frequently used as punching bag. If YSR congress is afraid to join hand with MIM then why not same setback with BJP, KCR, VHP and BJP so on. They all know YSR and family follow Christianity nothing surprises. It is an interesting political chess game for those taking as revenge against Akbar and speech in the Assembly, irrespective of CM and others. It is time now to grab Akbar for revenge using even Law & Order for their own purposes not for the sake of people welfare. One can see the political standard or character or ability mixing ones revenge as street fight instead work for people and country. Similarly, why no arrest warrant been issued by Law & Order to Praveen Tagodia and others similar to Akbar owaisi. Or else this is another show of muscle power of ruling Gov't?

Owaisi hate speech created

Nawab Saheb kab tak MIM Ko Badnam Karoga aap Ko Allah Akal Da.....

inay hamesha

ye jaganu hamesha aisi nidhal surat dal ke kaiku rehta ki .... kabi bi isku dekhe to iski surat pe 12 bajte rehte. aisa dikhta kitte ki dino se inay dehydration ka mariz hai full looose motions hogaye sarka dikhta inay .... kaiku tobi ki aisa hai inay. late rajsekhar reddy to hamesha muskurate huay pohtos dete thay magar inay hamesha roti surat dikhta.

Hans hans ke bura haal hogaya

Sahi bole yaro, aap ka comment padh ker hansi se bura haal hogaya. Main bhi yahi soonch ta tha ke yeh hamesha rootisurat pic. Kiyon deta hai.

We Love MIM Because ....

We love MIM -

-Muslims of Hyderabad feel physical security cuz of MIM ....
- We have a big voice in AP assembly and INDIAN Parliament...
-The RSS,VHP,BJP fears, cut that, shits in their khaki chaddis at the MIM workers and supporters...
-Today Muslim can successfully run businesses all over the city and not just in Muslim localities but anywhere in hyd...
-our girls/womens can travel around in scooties even late at night in whole city , Alhamdulillah
-mosques can be built and enlarged in mixed Hindu-Muslim localities, and frequent riots dont damage muslims in anyway
-Muslim's voice is being heard at Daru Salam office round the clock....
-MIM leaders and their supporters are 'one call away ' from anywhere in AP and factor their support ...
- MIM provided the educational institutes like Medical , engineering , pharmacy , schools, colleges , Training insitutes for house wives ...
- MIM operating corporate hosptials on cheap rates for the sake of muslims and hindus ....
- Freedom and practising of religion , escpecially in the month of Ramadan , poor vendors can do business whole night
- They worked with the AP GOVT to bring the 4 % reservation for muslims
- they worked hard to retrieve the waqf land from illegal encroachment
- All the NRI's extended families are happily living in hyd , only because of support and care taking of MIM ( ofcourse ALLAH's help is always there )

All thanks to the MIM and its fear apparatus, its just that we will again vote for him because this is what has provided us security and peace for the last four decades...

Can someone promise us all this ????

MIM work - questionable

This is highly exaggerated. Can you also answer these

1. Why Owaisi's Engg colleges charge high donation fees of 5 lakh ? Let us not pretend, it is business as usual for personal gains.

2. They run a huge real estate empire in old city. Recently they asked govt land infront of Owaisi hospital to be given free. Owaisi hospital runs for profit not for charity. When govt refused the land they withdrew the support (some people think they withdrew due to Bhagyalaxmi temple, which has been there since last 40 years under the nose of MIM)

3. All hyderabadis know that Akbar owaisi was harassing Mohammed Pahalwan for many years to grab his land. He abused them in their area Barkas and used filthy language (pls see the video on youtube where Mohammed Pahalwan is virtually crying for his son). He shot dead his son and due to political pressure there was no case registered against him. Only after judge issued notice to govt, the murder case was filed in october. Is all this pro- muslim ?

4. Hyderabad had many riots since MIM is there (1979, 1984, 1989 , recent Mecca masjid riots, Bhagyalaxmi issue etc, the list is long), while it is a fact there have been no riots in Adilabad, Nizamabad and Kurnool. Hyderabd as a capital got lot of investments and that benefited hindus and muslims equally. It has nothing to do with MIM. However, still lot of muslims in old city live in pathetic conditions and govt has to take care of them.

5. They do not have any big voice in parliament and assembly. 1 MP and 7 MLAs. Compare this with 43 MPs of secular parties and 21 MLAs (AP only) Of secular parties .. !

6. MIM believes in dynasty and nepotism. Owaisis will succeed only Owaisis for personal gains. That is why Amanullah khan , a prominent leader got separated in 90s and formed Majlis Bachao tehreek. Any answers to this dynastic policies ?

Neverthless it is a fight for the minds of people. As a muslim I know these hate speeches will do more harm to muslims only. And i will keep fighting this cause for my fellow hyderabadi muslims as well as other muslims living peacefully in AP.

Reply to Roshan questions

This is not highly exaggerated but he said the fact.Below your answer.
1.We know that they wont charge that much------but for maintaining the college they have to take the money-----and they will take from few people---cause to maintain the college in slandered manner.-------Here I will give the example if you are staying in the hut you dont require any maintenance wher as you stay in the flat you require a little more------if you are staying in the villa you frequire more then te flat------the same manner to maintain the college they have to take the fees a little more from those who can efford.
2.(a)Do you have proof of that------dont blame by listening to the others----if you have please mentioned the adress.
(b) Recently they asked govt land infront of Owaisi hospital to be given free. Owaisi hospital runs for profit not for charity.---------If our leader ask then there is hue and cry-----what happened to the manikonda land the land grabber took.------If you earning EXAMPLE Rs5000/----can you give the charity completely the answer is no-----but in the hospital they charge very less then the other coperate hospitals----that to maintain the hospital.
3. Mr Roshan be practical-----always there is two way you are seeing one side of the coin what about the other side of the coin----please check yourself then ask the question.
4.Not only HYDERABAD--but completely INDIA have the riots----can u see the recent riot of ASSAM----what happened there.and there is lot of riots in the other part of the nation which is end less---be practical.
5. Leader should be one fallowers are many-----here i will give example------One tiger is sufficent in the Jungle------
6. MIM believes in dynasty and nepotism. Owaisis will succeed only Owaisis for personal gains. That is why Amanullah khan , a prominent leader got separated in 90s and formed Majlis Bachao tehreek. Any answers to this dynastic policies ?-----What Amanullah Khan son they are doing-----there is no dynasty----if it is like that ----what you will say about AHMED PASHA QUADRI-----ands so on there endless list.
What you will say about PRAVEEN TAGODIAand speech B.J.P---V.H.P---B.D--so on---
-He has not given any hate speech but he remind the people of so called secular what they are doing thats all.Insallah nothing will happen to muslim with out ALLAH wishes,Pray regularly and make a special dua for our beloved leader of M.I.M to protect them from the evil eyes and give them the strength to protect the UMMAH from theses shytan.
LAST BUT NOT LEAST by giving one example I will wound my reply of your question----Every coin has two sides---one is head another is tail----- in the same manner every sentence has to side that is negative another is positive------if you think in negative you will get the reply in negative----if you think in the positive then you will find all the things in the positive.
Hope the answer of your question.

It is to inform Akbaruddin

It is to inform Akbaruddin owaisi that Allah swt has said to All muslim not to say anything bad to other religions or their Gods. The speech indicates a very uncivilized way and for sure it is not part of islamic culture.Hate speeches Request all the indian brethern to be united for the cause of nation.

Brother--wake up

Dear Brother did you heard his speech ----I hope no----he never say any thing to the god----but he ask some few questions to the HINDU brothers.----Like Where did Ram Born-----In haryana or AYODIYHA----IN AYODIA then three place only one RAM how it can be born in three place that what he asked-----be a positive dont be in a negative,

MIM should issue an apology

To this effect, MIM should come out with an open apology. As you siad its a sign of big heart, wisdom & vision for great Indian fabric. That will also defeat the agenda of communal forces like RSS & BJP

YSR Congress will only

YSR Congress will only benifit from muslim support. All other parties are Jealous of public opinion turning against their interest.

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