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Pakistan bans Musharraf from leaving country

Saturday, 30 March 2013
Islamabad, March 30:

Pakistan Saturday stopped former president Pervez Musharraf from leaving the country a day after a court ordered it.

The interior ministry issued directives to the immigration authorities to put Musharraf's name on the Exit Control List (ECL), reported Xinhua, citing Radio Pakistan.

It also sent a notification to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), which deals with the immigration affairs at the airports.

Musharraf returned to Pakistan after over a four year self-exile and is now facing several cases including his government's failure to provide security to former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, who was killed in a suicide attack in 2007.

A court in Karachi extended his protective bail on plea by his defence lawyers that the former military ruler is contesting elections. However, he was restrained from leaving the country without the court's permission.

Musharraf is now leading his own political party - the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), and will contest the May 11 general elections.

The APML Friday submitted his nomination forms for a national assembly seat in the northern Chitral district.

Musharraf also plans to stand on more than one seat including one in Karachi.

He will have to face strong opposition from his political rivals during scrutiny of nomination papers as he is facing charges in several high profile cases in which he has got temporary bail.

Taliban have also publicly threatened Musharraf as he had carried out military operations against them in the tribal regions and the northwestern Swat valley.

Musharraf's policies, particularly joining the US-led coalition and giving Pakistani military bases to the American forces for attacks against the Afghan Taliban, had been highly controversial.

He ruled Pakistan from 1999 to 2008 and went into exile after his resignation in August 2008.

Musharraf's party said that he plans to come to Islamabad soon.

The authorities have sealed his personal house in Islamabad after an anti-terrorism court had issued his arrest warrant for his failure to appear before it in the Benazir Bhutto assassination case.


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Worst Dictator

General Musharraf is an evil dictator. He is a Qadiyani who is like attaturk, to destroy Muslims of his own Country. He is a dangerous fellow who is a threat to peace between India and Pakistan and Kashmir issue. He has come to fool people again and take control of Pakistan. He was remanded by the Courts in assasination of Benazir Bhutto but he absconded. No sympathy for this fellow. Punish him according to the law.

General Pervez - Western Agent

General Parvez is most opportunistic leader, who deceived Pakistanis and entire Muslim world by his selfish politics. He sold Pakistan, fooled Islamic World, attempt to destablize India to remain in Power that brought so much destruction to muslim communities. Kargil gimmick was cheap gamble that took lives of hundred of soldiers, push India and Pakistan to the verge of War.

Like cheap politician he keep changing his statements,lies everytime and serves as Western Agent to destroy Islamic World for a price of staying in Power.

India acted very responsibly despite of such provocations. If not millions of Pakistanis would have been killed for his cheap gamble.

Very likely Western Countries and Pakistan's ISI and Armed forces want him back in Power to destablize India and to stall and check its progress.

God forbid if he attempting to bring more uncertainity to India & Pakistan's relation, which in turn affect muslim's lives in the region. General Pervez is most dangerous wolf and threat to muslims of India & Pakistan.

India, Pakistan and China

India, Pakistan and China have occupied free Kashmir for last 65+ years. The puppet and unpopular care-taker governments must quit and pave the way for independence of Kashmir which belongs to only Kashmiris. General Musharraf truly attempted to liberate Kashmir.

Musharraf is a hero who can strengthen his country

Musharraf is a smart politician who navigated the post 9/11 scenario and took the country out of crisis. Pakistan needs leaders like Musharraf who can bring about positive changes and reforms in the nation of tribes, feudalism and illiteracy.

Pakistan bans Musharraf from leaving country

He was allowed to get inside Pakistan - and now he is banned from leaving it. This means they will hang him at an appropriate time, after the elections. He came in to die an inglorious death - had he stayed outside Pak, at least hes end would not have been humilating to himself.

U R wrong

As a true muslim who cares for the country and its masses, momin dies once, therefore the question of hanging or death is out of question. Where as india will be having more problems due to the radicals mashroomed in Pakistan. Any harm to former president mean Pakistan will go into sudden death mode. There wont be anyone to rescue it. Its a golden chance for Pakistan to use the services of Mr Musharaf.

Death brought him back home

jab makhi ki mauth athi hai tho use par nikal athe hain same like that this hypocrate pres came back he sold the muslim ummah specially asia in to the hands of anemies of islam and muslims he destroyed the pakistan, elder of the nation back in democracy days created the nation with purpose to serve muslim ummah now they them selves are on death track. god guide pakistani people and politicians other wise they are neither politician nor intiligent just centimental people.
am well wisher of this nation as long as muhajir people control pakistan it was good since the punjabi people took over the power country gon towards destruction my suggetion come back and join Indi indian subcontinent include the voilent,corrupt poor bangladesh

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