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''Pakistan is fake''- Katju

Sunday, 7 April 2013
April 07:

Hyderabad, Apr 7 (ANI): Katju also said that today an overwhelming majority of Hindus and Muslims were "communal", this was not the scenario a century ago. In an eye-ball grabbing statement he further said, "A fake country was created in the name of Pakistan. It is an artificially created entity by the British to make Hindus and Muslims keep fighting with each other, to stop India from becoming a powerful industrialised nation." "Pakistan is a fake country and one day India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will reunite. It may take 15-20 years. Those who have divided us will not easily allow us to reunite. They will still want us to keep fighting. But we will reunite in the next 15-20 years under a strong secular modern-minded government," he further definitised and concluded. (ANI)

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Ok Katju here is some

Ok Katju here is some reality check.

In case you have forgotten.

Hindus and Muslims are different nations. We have different religions; different festivals; diff custom ; diff traditions ; we not inter dine or inter marry; different laws; diff burial ; diff historic heroes ; diff aspirations etc

Remember we went through this rather painfully in 1947; let's not blame British. The truth is they did not divide India. We were divided long before they came on the scene.

If you won't to do something worthwhile you can iron out the disputes between India and Pakistan. You talk of democracy. Well give some democracy to people of Kashmir. Fulfill the pledge given by Jawaharlal to the world about conducting a plebiscite in Kashmir. Start treating Muslims of India with equity. Behave in a neighborly manner with other countries.

Don't start believing your own rhetoric now about this one nation theory unless of course you are willing to dissolve India and hand it over to Pakistan.

Lastly stop calling Pakistan a fake. That's not how you create peace and harmony. How would you like if India is called fake. Pakistan is a reality that is the reason there is one million men army in Kashmir.

Mutual respect; mutual rights ; mutual peace.

Here is some Reality check for u

Point 1) Hindus and Muslims are very similar. Both are Humans, Both are religious. Their ways are different however both connect to the same Almighty...You can call Almighty as Allah, Bhagwan, God... but point is its just the same thing... If Allah has made all this world has he not made a child that is born in a Hindu or Christian family... Its just that we use different customs and culture to relate to Almighty. Differences creates variety and one should be thrilled to see how others are doing the same thing (worship) is a different way.
Point 2) British did use the Divide n rule policy.... They used our differences to divide us. But we should not blame things in past... as we cant change it... It has been 60 yrs since then Now its us to be blamed to be still lured with differences.. We mind entering a Mosque or following a Hindu ritual... but its OK if all the Chunari n chadars are made available by muslims OR we are OK in working for a big company/factory owned by a hindu.... or doing business with other countries with different "religion, customs or culture" or Arab "Muslim" world Selling OIL to Christian countries.... At the bottom of our sole we all know it does not matter... but we get dazzled by differences and our Brian gets lured by people who want to gain by separating us.

Point 3) The way I see this statement "Pakistan is fake" is that it never came up as a country... mainly dominated by Army....Ask people of Pak did they ever felt that they had democracy...every few yrs Army comes back..that shows that it never came out to live normally as a country all the time in War mode to see how to destabilize the region. It has been Experiment grounds of West to use for different gains... may be till 70's it developed a bit but now its going down. I feel pitty for people there...

Last Point 4) One Country theory is not something most Indians relate to or can agree to but we need to imagine what we all (people of Pak, IND & BANG) can do if we work closely together as brothers for our common good. You talk about Mutual Peace but your Ideas are total opposite to that.

My friend, the way world is going...100 yrs down the line there wont be any Religious or Cast boundries in our society... It would be just one category....Good people and bad people.... So we should work to get more n more Good people under one roof..



Mungerilal ke haseen sapne...

He is unable to hide his thoughts and it is opening on his tongue.. with such bloating predictions... What else can I say but - Mungerilal ke haseen sapne...

''Pakistan is fake''- Katju

Very aptly put - the British and other Europeans divided Iraq & Kuwait, North & South Sudan, UAE, Lebanon, Palestine, Indonesia, much of Africa and many other parts of the world. Likewise they divided India into 3 parts in order to keep India away from attaining superpower status. One fine day, India, Pakistan & Bangladesh would be one again. Just hope that this will not happen after bloodshed - though there will be resistance forces, backed by Europe, to any such moves.

Wrong Unlce

Uncle Katju is wrong here? Hindus wanted India to be divided and it will reunite only if only - nothing happens. It will not unit even if all become Muslims in the sub-continents for we do not hae a single Arab country but many. Every tribe wants a Kingdom and we have kingdoms smaller than an Indian village. Will Nepal join India? Being a Hindu country Nepal will never Join a Hindu or secular India.

It is said a person is imprisoned or hidden behind his lips. Ziyada Gala phadnay say asliyat saamnay aajati hai. Uncle ab dimagh say kam hawa say ziyada bol rahay hain.

Mastermind thinking

You are true son of the nation sir..... I salute you. It is my wish to become ONE Nation since my childhood. Greater INDIA...

Sahi bole Kaju Bhai.

Sahi bole Kaju Bhai.

Katju should be the Prime Minister

He is a Prime Minsterial Material.

wow ... wow RSS will be mad now

People will stop donating to RSS, VHP and BJP. if they keep hearing this kind of statements.

The survival of Terrorist BJP, VHP and RSS in India is based on torture, killing of innocent muslims.

Religion or Language or Color dont divide people


Katju the Genius

100% agree with you sir. Pak is fake. We consider that part of land as part of India.

We never like British and never agreed with British.

~jai hind

The reality is Nehru, Patel

The reality is Nehru, Patel and like had rivalry mainly with Jinna and discriminated him against opportunities, one after the other. Jinnah was a competent but considered a threat to PM's position Nehru and Patel were vying for. That jealousy and discrimination of Congress and other communal parties against Muslims of India is continuing even though they opted to remain in India and those Muslims who were born in free India. The PM position and other important posts at Center should have been worked out in Constitution of India between Muslims and Hindus on rotation basis like in Lebanon and other countries to prevent formation of Pakistan, an absolute reality now.

100% right


I salute you for being frank. Yes this was the game played by british to divide and rule policy and to distribute muslims and hindus so that they will fight with each other life long

Ok Katju. Why don't you ask

Ok Katju.

Why don't you ask Pranab Mukarjee to call Zardari and surrender. This way we can be united as one big happy family.

like minded people

Well said Justice Katju, but this like minded people should be in politics and in power too. then only it will possible. so young guns have to be more responsible irrespective to religion, cast etc. Mushkil hai na mumkin nahi.

doha, Qatar

Salute you Katju Sahab!!! It

Salute you Katju Sahab!!! It will be a dream to see these three nations reunited to make a larger nation know as "Confederate Republic state of India"

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