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Police raid on Hookah Parlour in Hyderabad, 11 Boys & 9 Girls Arrested

Sunday, 16 December 2012
Hyderabad, December 16:

police raided a hookah parlour on Road No. 1, Banjara Hills and arrest 20 minors, including nine girls 11 boys into custody on saturday evenining.

The Banjara Hills police said a hookha parlours are allowing entry to minors and some of them were found indulging in indecent activities when police raided.

The 11 boys and nine girls they are all minors were smoking hookah and tobbaco on the hookah parlour at Banjara hills Road No 1. Case Registerd against Hookah Parlour Owner Anil Sing under City police Act.

According to Police,All minors were in their custody and they would be released after a counselling them and their parents.


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Sharaab nahi toh saara Desh sahi !

Hyderabad Police pahley Wine Shops bandh karwao thn Hookah parlours !

Hookah galat hai pata hai lakin pahley Sharaab ke uppar Action lena Chahiye !

Hookha & Drugs

Innocent teens don't know the truth that drugs are mixed with hookha tobacco. Slowly this poison enter into the blood and made them drugs addict. This is an conspiracy to destroy the stupid Minorities Teens. Parents shall open their eyes and watch their teens.

hookah girls

Thank you for this article. That's all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something special. You clearly know what you are doing, you've covered so many bases. Thanks! DONE

Hookah Parlour in Hyderabad should be initially fined highly

I believe the owners of the Hookah Parlour in Hyderabad should be initially fined highly with closing of Hookah Parlour if they allow the minors/school/college children's to enter the parlours. I request the HYD Police to make regular raids to such parlors, pubs and disco club in order to maintain proper discipline in HYD and request the parents to keep an eye on the youngsters and give them proper advice.

Spoiling Hyderabadi culture!!!!

My dear readers if we presume others invading Hyderabad and spoiling its culture. As the time pass things, attitudes, dialect, habits too change. But to blame on others its not right. When a society advances makes progress it brings good as well as bad. Its upto the citizens to choose what is right.
I agree with my readers that gulf serving parents dont devote much time with their childrens. But the most important factor is the mother where a child develops n take shape to lead the better life. If this mother school desnt receives proper attention then the result is in front of us.
We should be very careful before blaming others, because the majority of these boys n girls are from minority community. If you see from others they are focusing n having goals in their lives to do n achieve the targets.
If we take the survey, pubs, hukka, clubs, neclace road, parks, etc you will find minority community always present. Wait for few days you will see one more fahesh place numaish n it will be free for all.
We dont have good community leader, political leader n no place where childrens can learn good things where they could become a nation builders. Just pray to Almighty Allah to protect our future n our childrens, aamin.

agreed with you

agreed with you

As salaam alikum

Shisha, narghileh and smoking are all evil actions and are haraam, because of the harm they cause to one’s body and wealth. Allah, may He be exalted, said, describing our Prophet Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him): “he allows them as lawful At‑Tayyibaat (i.e. all good and lawful as regards things, deeds, beliefs, persons and foods), and prohibits them as unlawful Al‑Khabaa’ith (i.e. all evil and unlawful as regards things, deeds, beliefs, persons and foods)” [al-A‘raaf 7:157]. It is proven that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “There should be neither harm nor reciprocating harm.” So it is not permissible to use these things or to sell them or to distribute them.

Thode din wait karo.

Thode din wait karo.
Ham sadkon par sex karenge.

Tum hukka peene se roktey ho.
Ham sadkon par piyenge.
Ek doosre kaa prem ras !

- Taza Taza Meetha Meetha PREM GANNA.

police should raid hookah parlours

police has done right thing in hyderabad police should raid all hookah parlours.


kitchen ka dhuwa gaya tu takleef nahi hoti to all people wen she is smoking shesha u all have prob gud haan

ari diwani

kitchen mein baithke hookah pee... kitchen tere baap ka rahta.... parlour kisi aur ke baap hai...samjhi diwani...

hauli diwani

kitchen ghar me rahta....hookah parlour mein nai....ghar me pee hooqah.... police nai pakadti...samjhi diwani....

Good job by police

Keep it up, continue raids in all resorts and parks

Great Job, Police senior

Great Job, Police senior officers should have done this and other places long time, Police should act like elders and scold these kids, our culture do not allow, fine parents also.

yeh muslims pottyun ko

yeh muslims pottyun ko kia hogaya aaj kal,kaikau aise kaaman karre amma bawa ki izzat baigan mein miladere,yeh hauli ko dekho scarf pahenke phookri.aise logon ko din bhar room mein band karke rakdena.Isi wajah se Tallaq zyada hogaya muslims mein..kia hain ki suhdrogey sudhro

ab aisi khaum se kya umeed

ab aisi khaum se kya umeed karsakte

UP wale saley Hyderabad ko Barbadkardire....

Yeh UP wale saley Hyderabad ki nasal ko bardbad kardirien, en ko yehain se mar mar kar bhagana chahiyeh........warna hamari nasal barbad ho jainiengiiii

Sharaab ke baara khulle

Sharaab ke baara khulle rakhte aur Hookah band .... double standard indian police ???.....

Gulf life is like worst than

Gulf life is like worst than Prostitue , the only differene is the u are paid more for the more,My sicere advise to all people leaveing in Gulf _Pls understand ur right of life, dont get abused & regret after spending life in Gulf, we all need simple life,not being sick & staying a bunglow in india.,leaving your kids to became prey for other to abuse..

Jahaan paisa,send by parents of s.a.

That's true,papa earns ,send the money to his family, wife indulges in buying jewelry and clothes, kids enjoy hookah, poor papa believes he is doing his duty as a father and husband.......but......wake up papa, times up......

Jahaan paisa,send by parents of s.a.

That's true,papa earns ,send the money to his family, wife indulges in buying jewelry and clothes, kids enjoy hookah, poor papa believes he is doing his duty as a father and husband.......but......wake up papa, times up......

Jahaan paisa,send by parents of s.a.

That's true,papa earns ,send the money to his family, wife indulges in buying jewelry and clothes, kids enjoy hookah, poor papa believes he is doing his duty as a father and husband.......but......wake up papa, times up......



scarf daalke hookah peeri

scarf daalke hookah peeri kia zamana aagaya re bhai...iisliye laatein ghoosein padre muslims ko ab kia sudhre jaisa hain ek ladki bigdiwi rahi tho saare ghar ko bigaad deti,kia karre parents zara apne bacchyun per nazar daalo khana jaare kahan aare.

Scarf warf nikal k piye tou

Scarf warf nikal k piye tou tum khush ho k thali marte shayad,kya baa zara gulf ko jao aur deko,wahan kitne ladies peeti hukka aur sirget,kya tumare nani sutta nai peeti thi??

kia hua woh hookah ka churka

kia hua woh hookah ka churka aapko laga jaisa dikhra.scarf nikal ke piye tho thali nahi marte balke yeh samaj ke khamoosh hojate yeh dhedni hogi aur gulf mein jo kare tho kia woh sab kuch karna gharon mein,wahan ka culture alag hain aur yahan ka alag hain.kia tumahre nani ke jaise sabke naniyan aise sutte maarne wale rethe samajre kia?aur for ur kind information it is not sirget it is cigrette.



Go to pubs and see the real thing

If you visit any pubs in the city you will observe that lots of youngsters are indulging in alcohol,smoking and even drugs.
Some Muslim girls who leave house in Burkha change at their friends house in western outfits and really enjoy.
They return home in a Burkha and pretend to be the religious type.
Many of these girls are working at call centres and their parents are used to their staying away at night.
I call upon Zahid saheb to awaken the community to keep a watch on their girls.
Imagine the izzat we will be left with if our girls get caught at rave parties.

teens of hyd

first of all blaim to naidu who want to modranise hyd. and make hyd. flush business hub. shame on u leaders for spoiling the culture and dignity of hyd. second the parents are responsible for spoiling their children. film stars are become gods of new generation and films replaced religious books.

Andha Khanoon

If the owner is Anil Singh, he will be let go after tap on his wrist but the kids parents will be blackmailed by police to pay to get teir kids.

Punish them- make them do community service.

Why release them only with counselling, they should be subjected to a severe punishment and made to do community service for atleast 15 days. Is this what is taught in their schools to get indulged into indecent activities at this age. I am sure these people do not belong to Hyderabad and are just migrants from north. They brought with them all this indecency traits followed in open at their native places..

0fcourse..gulf parents kids..

in gulf work work work like worst than donkeys..for just money money money....money is GOD in Gulf, not ALLAH for 90% and thier kids enjoy enjoy enjoy the same hard earn money...mashAllah bache kya frist class (non-islamic) zindagi jeere...koi kuch nai bolna...

What about you?

I think because you lack in getting proper knowledge that is why your comment looks like a Joke.

WTF....is it illegal to

WTF....is it illegal to smoke tobacco? go and catch those minors boys who are involved in raod racing,drinking alcoholic causing grave risk to other people-what crime have these minors done?.i think parents should protest against this nonsens communal police-otherwise very soon they will ask a woman not to drive a car or even a bike and girls will not be allowed to go to theaters.!!!!!!!Are we in Taliban era????

misguide teens

PEOPLE like u encrouge the teens and miguide them. shame on u . dont copycat west u r indian and be a respectful man. why u blame police , what u r doing it is not u r duty to stop wrong doings.

aiyashi ka adda

in the naame of hookah some other booka going on,thanks for police raiding resort etc places and stoping sex bazaar,in the name of freedom/modern society where parents giving frredom.

Well Said

well said brother... in the name of freedom..these LASSES are becoming ASSES.

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