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Political games around Charminar

Thursday, 29 November 2012
Hyderabad, November 29:

People are very much worried on the situation of Hyderabad. One needs to understand critically as what is happening in Hyderabad? Are the prevailing conditions due to spread of communalism, dirty politics, and political games of all the parties or anything else? There is a need also to look back and understand the previous political conditions as well as the sufferings of the common people of Hyderabad especially Muslims.

In brief the situation of Hyderabad reflects the political conditions of Andhra Pradesh. These conditions are the indication of some major changes in the Andhra Pradesh politics. The supremos of all the political parties started their political yatras to protect their vote bank from others. These yatras have to be understood in proper sense; it has nothing to do with the people. But it shows that the leaders are themselves in trouble. Let us understand each political party and their actions one by one. First of all after the death of Rajshekhar Reddy, Jagan Reddy taking up ‘Odarpu Yatra’ (console tour) and later declaring a new political party (YSRCP), Chandrababu Naidu touring the state on the name of, “Vastunna Mee Kosam” (I am coming for you), KCR’s political campaign, then intensifying of communal hatred for the last one year by the Hindu Vahini in the city, Bhagyalakshmi temple and Charminar issue and finally Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) role and last but not the least the conditions of Muslims.

Jagan Reddy

One should not forget that it was during the tenure of Rajshekhar Reddy, that hundreds of innocent youths were picked up, illegally detained and inhumanly tortured. His government never apologized for its discrimination against Muslims and no politician dared to question the target of Muslims by his police. The Muslim youths and their families who suffered the torture better know who was with them in their bad times. Also one should not forget that it was during his period itself that a Muslim family was burnt to death by the Hindutva forces in Vatoli and till date justice has not been done to their family. And a Pharmacy student Ayesha Meera was murdered brutally in the hostel by the mafia gang who were involved in human trafficking. Even to this family no justice has been done till date. The members of these two families allege that it was their curse that Rajshekhar Reddy died such death and the same will also happen to the politicians whom they approached for justice and were kicked out of their offices.

After the death of his father, Jagan Reddy wanted to become Chief Minister, and to show his political power he started the so called ‘Odarpu Yatra’ (Console tour). When he was denied the CM post, he declared his own political party. Though there are serious corruption charges against him, still his family members are campaigning for him to gain votes and innocent people are being made fools for their political gains.

Chandrababu Naidu
Among various issues Chandrababu Naidu felt lost and in greed of gaining back power he started Padyatra, “Vastunna Mee Kosam” (I am coming for you). Let us not forget that it was in his tenure that farmers suffered tremendously as he concentrated only on making Hyderabad city, the Hi-tech city and shifted all the government offices from old city to newer areas. Till date he has not apologized to Muslims for his support to a party that has a role in the genocide of Muslims in Gujarat. Now he speaks of giving reservations to Muslims if he comes to power. But there is nominal presence of Muslims in his party. One should also need to remember that it was in his tenure that Muslims were killed in the name of encounters. Why did he form a special cell comprising of encounter specialists and anti-Muslim police officers to spy on Muslims? During his period itself nexus developed between Gujarat and Hyderabad police. Why was he silent on it? Why were the Muslim youths arrested and handed over to Gujarat police on the false allegations of killing Haren Pandya? When hundreds of Muslim youths were illegally detained, tortured and arrested on the name of investigation of Makkah Masjid blast in the year 2007, why did he refuse to raise voice against the atrocities towards Muslims in the Assembly? The Muslim leaders of his party are the witnesses. Raja Singh and Srinivas Rao are his party councilors who perpetrate violence in the city. Why Naidu did not take any action against them? Why did Chandrababu Naidu remained silent on the brutal rape and murder of a Muslim student Ayesha Meera in Vijayawada? Instead of providing relief to her parents he used them in campaign during 2009 elections. Muslims need to question on the secular claims of Chandrababu Naidu. In what way he claims to be secular?

Coming to KCR, he is a big political gambler, he knows well where to jump at what time and whom to blame when. On the name of Telangana he is ditching innocent people. The condition is that whoever questions him is seen as anti-Telanganite. Though on one side he speaks of giving 12% reservation to Muslims after the formation of Telangana, in practice he is opposite of what he claims. It was he and the TJAC responsible for the defeat of a Muslim candidate at Mahboobnagar. It was KCR and his party members responsible for the defeat of MLC seat in Hyderabad to a senior member of his party only because he is a Muslim. He allied with a communal party on the name of unity for Telangana. The communal forces became strong only after the movement for separate Telangana started and TRS is responsible for this. A number of attacks took place on Muslims during these three years period of Telangana movement. The real faces of Hindutva minded and communal people who were wearing the masks of secularism are exposed in the process of Telangana movement. The TRS party though looks serious of achieving Telangana statehood, is not such. Therefore, it has announced that it would be taking part in the coming elections with the reason that political power is increased else Telangana statehood cannot be achieved. In fact the intentions of KCR are something else! However we can guarantee that even after it increases its strength in power politics, still the condition of Telangana will be the same, the innocent people will be ditched again and again in various ways, lot more innocent people will die and the people who are interested in politics will be gaining power on the name of Telangana.

Bhagyalakshmi temple

Coming to the recent conditions that are prevailing in the Hyderabad; The Bhagyalakshmi temple that is situated adjacent to the heritage site Charminar is being expanded year by year on the name of renovation on the occasion of Deepawali festival. It is a known fact that a small stone was kept at the corner of a pillar to protect it from damage by the moving vehicles, in due course the stone was developed into a worshipping stone and came to be first known as Maisamma temple, and slowly the Marwari community living around this area grabbed and named it as Bhagyalakshmi temple. But the historical facts say that the first floor of Charminar is a Masjid and the second floor is a Madarsa. But after the formation of Andhra Pradesh, the first and second floors were ceased. At that time Muslims were under suppression due to Police Action due to which no one raised their voice against the move of the government. In the present conditions, if one looks at it in broader sense, this issue is not at all a religious issue. In the rules of Archeological department it is clearly mentioned that no construction can take place in and around 100 meters of any heritage site. With this it is clear that any construction should not take place near Charminar because that may pose threat to the heritage site. In fact, to show off their religious supremacy over the state, the political parties created the present conditions but overall it could be said that it is Hindutva hegemony. If the state, the police and the citizens are really concerned of the city, its culture, peace and harmony, then this should not become a religious or a political issue. In the larger interest of the state and its citizens the illegal construction should be removed and the monument should be protected.

For Hyderabad politicians and the ruling class this issue is not a new one. The politicians who suddenly stood for the protection of the monument, where were they when the expansion is happening for the last few decades, why did they not speak or take any action since then, what is the reason that suddenly they realized that this monument should be protected at any cost? One should understand this in political terms. For these political leaders, it is neither the love for religion, nor the love for heritage monument; it is purely for their political benefits. The people of Andhra Pradesh especially Hyderabadis very well know that whenever there was a need to change the Chief Minister, communal violence was created and it is always the political parties who instigated it. One such example is during Channa Reddy’s tenure.

The Muslim political party that has taken sudden stand and named P.V. Narsimha Rao and Kiran Reddy as communal, and also that Chandrababu Naidu has not done anything and killed Muslims in encounters, then why does it not mention what happened during the tenure of Rajshekhar Reddy? When it speaks of chances of it going with Jagan Reddy, will the Muslims accept this decision? If the Muslim party is really concerned with the Muslims and their welfare, then it should also understand that no ally can take place with the party or the people who are communal and deeply corrupted. MIM’s taking back its support to the state & central government is a big drama. Why did it not take the same decision when Babri Masjid was demolished; when hundreds of Muslim youths were illegally detained and tortured; when a Muslim family was burnt to death alive?

The decision of the Muslim Front is also shocking to the common Muslims. The person who is such deeply corrupted, can the Muslims ally with him at any point of time? Such a tragedy for the Muslims! The Muslims have become helpless and worried with the kind of politics that are being played and their human and civil rights suppressed. The common Muslims have always suffered due to the dirty politics of their leaders. Even when there is stronghold of Muslim leaders in Hyderabad, still hundreds of Muslim youths are picked up, put in jails and many have disappeared. Muslims have suffered due to almost all the parties, whether it maybe Congress, TDP, BJP, TRS or MIM. Their condition has not improved inspite of their leaders in power. Therefore, there is a need to understand the dirty politics of our leaders and do not make our memory short and when these leaders come to beg for our votes, we should be able to question them and make answerable for their actions and make them realize that we are not just vote bank for them.


Kaneez Fathima is Jt. Secretary, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, Hyderabad


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choosing a less evil party.

Madam Kaneez thank for your article which elights about each party in brief.
May I ask you which party should we choose to support as a muslim.
It is easy to choose between a good party and an evil party. But it is difficult to choose a lesser evil party from a list of evil parties.

Can you help us in this decision.

Your Article is Comparative but lacks common sense!

Medam Your Article is very Comparative but it very much lacks in Explaining what is the "PUBLIC choice" and to whom we Must Elect as our Minority leader in 2014 Elections'

First of all thank you very much for bringing the aspects of different Parties over this charminar issue. we agree to the fact that comparatively every party is trying to cook there own mission but this is not the End so what is the solution ???

We all know well that MIM Is Having Many short commings but Mim being a Single largest Muslims Minority party and it is having veryyy Rich And Extensive experience in Defending other communal parties That were unable to succeed in spreading terror plans like 'Gujrat Riots' in hyderabad.

secondly the people of hyderabad is not having any Alternative source apart from MIM And just for the sake of unity of muslim votes we all prefer MIM But one day if the people of hyderabad will get any Alternative Apart from MIM Then surely it will be the down fall of MIM From hyderabad.

Thirdly No one is actually paying attention to the fact that it is not the Leaders of MIM who are Getting Elected By Themselves But its We people who are electing them Which clearly indicates MIM is still the "Public choice". In last election we muslims have already rejected Mr.Zahid Ali Khan and similarly in every election we muslims Always rejects MBT.

So Based upon current Political and communal situation at hyderabad we muslims cannot experiment with new parties who are willing to help us.moreover this is not the time of Experiment therefore we all Muslims have to strictly adhere to MIM By Electing them Again in Next Election.

I Request Everyone not to confuse muslims otherwise our votes will be divided and in later if MIM Dissolves it will be too late to bring them back thatz why please be very carefull so that Muslim Votes Goes to Only One Party!!!!

Your Article is Comparative but lack of common sense

Dear brother yr comment is very perfect and concise. The UMMA has seen from last Eid Ul Hadha till Nov 7th not a single muslim come forward to face the charminar temple issue every one was quite sitting in drawing room. IT WAS ONLY THE LEADERSHIP OF AIMIM WHO WAS ON GROUND DAY AND NIGHT FACING THE POLICE ATROCITISE AND GOING TO COURT. WE THE MUSLIMS OF INDIA INSHALLAH WILL SUPPORT AIMIM AND THE OTHER SECULAR PARTIES TO MAKE INDIA PEACEFUL. I appreciate yr comments and encourage you to be a part of political activisum and make UMMA UNITED.

Don't take me wrong please

Don't take me wrong please.you said AIMIM COME FORWARD,WHY NOT they are the "Muslims saviors" and ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES Since 40 year and please don't give him credits for that.. "At-least they come At last"..they should come long before and other then Mandir issue,there are lots of other issues with that..look at old city.Its like slum and other issues EDUCATION they must set up primary school in every locality... ECT...
And please don't get trap with scared tactics
And in next election some other sensitive issue will arise..please come out of the box.
As days passes not here in Hyderabad look at the whole Muslims UMMAH . Now we realized.where we are what valve we have..where we are heading..
This political experts always cheat people TRUST ME .They have always read to exploit issues..people should be smart enough to teach them a lesson..
But bad luck for Hyderabadi people there is NO other alternative..


Don't take me wrong please

Mr. simple muslim, as per yr comment I am giving credit to AIMIM. Sure the people who work for you in yr difficult time according to ISLAM you should thank them no matter you gave them the vote. The leader of AIMIM never said that they done a big favour, they always tell in their public meetings that they are fullfilling the trust of UMMAH AND they are thankful to ALLAH SUBHANA HU WA TALLAH. You stated that they should come long before WHAT DO YOU MEAN, ARE YOU FROM HYDERABAD OF ELSEWHERE? These folks are seen on the street every where day and night. Hyderbad old city is slum, my question to you is that what you did on yr part? It is the responsibility of both MCH and the citizens to keep the city clean how much trash you throw out of yr house daily is it going to the trash enclosures and are you reminding yr corporate. EVEN IN A BIG CITY OF A MUSLIM COUNTRY YEARS AND YEARS IT WAS SLUM AND RULERS WERE MUSLIMS AND THEY DID NOT GIVE FUNDS TO THE LOCAL DEPT. WHEN COME IN POWER THEY MADE THE CITY VERY NICE BUT STILL SOME AREAS OF IT IS FILTHY. I hope you have understood now. Deccan Medical & Engineering college, Technical School, Nursing School, MBA and MCA college, Primary schools and giving school supplies to the students before the opening of the school, Darussalam Bank, Super Bazar, Charities to Masajids, Paying Bail to the courts to release the youth who got arrested in roits, Helping in poor girls marriage,DMC HOSPITAL, ASRA HOSPITAL
Darussalaamm Trust, helping the muslim of districts and other states there are many projects they are involved in HOW CAN YOU SAY AIMIM DIDNT DO ANY THING.
INSHALLAH IN NEAR FUTURE AIMIM will expand in other states. THIS PARTY WAS UPTO THE NAYA POOL IN 1970'S AFTER THAT it has gone out of the state all over INDIA.
You believe it or not this is reality. In future Muslims of India is going to have Many Many challenges and very seviour, I am glad to read you have a picture what is happening in UMMAH. Let me tell that we the people of India is very lucky to have AIMIM among us (open yr mind and think carefully and calmly)
The rest of the so call leadership we have did they come out in these days of difficulty. Please think positive and have faith in ALLAH Pray all five times and send drood on Nabi Kareem when ever you are free and dont get confused with wrong reporting of so call muslim press they are now the property of others.
Please respect yr own brothers and be united and remember your friend is one who comes forward in yr difficult time. LOVE FOR EVERY ONE HATRED FOR NONE.

Thanks Brother for your

Thanks Brother for your Reply!

Our community Requires positive minded people like you!

As this lady is a MUSLIM i

As this lady is a MUSLIM i thought of commenting on her article, well said but yes as said rather commented by some people above i request you to advice with which political party we the Muslims of hyderabad must go with now? I personally appreciate what Muslims did on that Friday ofcourse it was not a thing of a day or two it was indeed a retaliation of what the hardline Hindus are doing to us. Tell me madam who will come forward to help Muslims atleast these mim guys are doing something and ALHUMDULILLAH they have shown that Muslims do possess power and if they are provoked then things may go more and more berserk but no MUSLIM wants to harm anyone pls. Take this for granted madam if v keep quiet certainly these hardline Hindus will make us to suffer more and more WHAT THE HELL CAN BE MORE THAN THIS THAT THEY ARE TELLING US TO GO OUT OF INDIA EITHER PAKISTAN OR SOMEWHERE ELSE! HOW THE HELL THEY CAN SAY LIKE THIS AND I ASK WHAT RIGHT THEY HAVE TO TELL US LIKE THIS,V DON'T HATE THEM IF THEY DON'T HATE US

Truth or Lie

Dear Muslims & Non-Muslims

Truth or Lie; we have to decide is it truth or a monsters lie?

Zameen ka sabse badaa fitna DAJJAL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sfWxs2dXZs&list=PL9FFC33DB00E63554&index...

www.youtube.com/haqqforpeace (see the playlist “Truth or Lie, New Muslim Stories, Dajjal n Masoniat etc”)

I hope after watching these videos, we will not say that 9/11, other events is done by Muslims, why I’m high lighting these thing, when I discussed this with well-educated Muslims or non-Muslims, still they have misconception about that events. One of the biggest reason to high light this, after 9/11 western forces killed many innocents in name of terrorism and operations still going on.

Jazakallahu Khair
Stop Evil by its Roots
Struggle to Unite Muslim Ummah

Good article

Good and well written article.But forget to mention the solution to this unsolved mystery..
Muslims in hyderabad are on "HARDROCK OR STONE"..
Due to negligence of present and previous leaders of "so called" "MUSLIMS SAVIORS".
At present conditions.There are no other Alternative and people of muslim areas are not bold Educated enough to take any other chances. "KNOWING BEAST IS BETTER THEN UNKNOWN ONE"
My opinion At least 15yrs to 20yrs or 2or3 Election terms to replace the Alternate party or multiple Choices.

Are we DUMB ???

is article likhne wali ne sab parties ki haqeeqat samne rakhdi. problems usne batadi hai. ab kya solution bhi wahi batayegi. Sab yahi karingi kya. Cant we think and decide which party to go with...... Are we soooooooooo DUMB??

chote bacche pooche sarka poochre solution bolo solution bolo bolke.

Good start

Atleast people asking for soultion ,that's not a bad start..It means people is feed up with this current,leadership..Atleast some people realize that check and balance should be there...do not go for blank check..that's what happen for last 40 years..

Really appreciate the secular thoughts of this person.!

Submitted by Hydrabadi Hindu. (not verified) on November 29, 2012 - 7:19pm.
The whole problem is that MIM wanted to take over mahaveer(marwari) hospital land,cm saab was ready to give but the communal forces wanted to stop progress of minority,they(marwaris)with the help of bjp wanted to create a rift between cong and MIM,so for them(marwaris) that old sore of old city abetting charminar was only a reason to ignite trouble,they succeeded in splitting the alliance between cong and MIM,now the only way the minorities can teach a lesson to these communal marwaris is by bycotting them totally,as 80 to 90% of buyers from patel market,gulzar houz,etc belong to the minorities-i have seen even nri muslims coming all the way from secunderabad to make heavy purchases at these marwari shops-"Ab Socho maisamma say bhagyalaxmi temple bana nay mein paisa Kahan say ayaa?

Better late than never

This article is an eye opener.
We Muslims should learn from it.
Let us send our children to good schools run by Christians and learn to live a modern life.
We have to change with times.
Let us ensure that our girls learn English,computer and software.
Then we will be rich and powerful and in every house in Charminar, girls will make software rather than doing odd jobs like stitching etc.
Let us send our leaders to China to learn from them how to progress.


Aisaaaa - din mein khwabaa nakko dekho yaro .... khamush baitho kaiku uchalre itta..

sojalo khamush taat ka thaila orh leke

Choose a lesser evil. Yatha

Choose a lesser evil.

Yatha praja, tatha raaja. It is the people who tolerate the worst politicians instead of making them accountable.

charminar and politics

every one knows that a corner stone hit and broken by a rtc bus and immediately some people made a three fit by three fit temple. later a name was given and every year expanding. every political party has some shortages, no party is honest and perfect in the cause. muslim need to support any one party unitedly. if look on different parties no major political party is sincere towards the betterment of muslims. MIm deserve the support and muslims should follow their guidance. i don't say it is a perfect and honest party. they try to do there best when bad time comes. most of the muslims in telangana follow them and support if there is any alliance. except YSR period no congress chief minister did justice to muslims. chandra babu was having alliance with bjp, so there is no question of getting justice. in my opinion MIM should accept the leadership of MIM. i know that siasat and munsif are against MIM. still i am writing this. i am a siasat reader since 1966, i know the standard of siasat, there is no alternative. mahboob husain jigar sahab period was a golden period of siasatnewspaper.

KOTI Bus stand

You missed mentioning KOTI bus station which is slowly but surely will be closed for public in two to three years.


MBT ka paragraph missing hai isme plzz update.

Charminar Bachaao Tahreek (CBT) is my party u can write a one line paragraph on me.
One Line Paragraph: Naaaaaaaaaaaaare Takbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr.


The whole problem is that MIM wanted to take over mahaveer(marwari) hospital land,cm saab was ready to give but the communal forces wanted to stop progress of minority,they(marwaris)with the help of bjp wanted to create a rift between cong and MIM,so for them(marwaris) that old sore of old city abetting charminar was only a reason to ignite trouble,they succeeded in splitting the alliance between cong and MIM,now the only way the minorities can teach a lesson to these communal marwaris is by bycotting them totally,as 80 to 90% of buyers from patel market,gulzar houz,etc belong to the minorities-i have seen even nri muslims coming all the way from secunderabad to make heavy purchases at these marwari shops-"Ab Socho maisamma say bhagyalaxmi temple bana nay mein paisa Kahan say ayaa?"

Are u sure ??

Even if MIM were granted the mahavir land, but the question is Are you Sure that land will be used for welfare of Muslims?????

This is a big question ..... and everyone knows the answer.

well said brother,i salute

well said brother,i salute your thots,salaam to you,actually we need people like you as our leader.!


Owaisis family's wealth getting multiplied due to deals they stuck with various govts. Of course, YSR knew how to buy Owaisis and Narendra. Same thing happened to Narendra. First got into limelight as a leader of old city Hindus (Hindus are in minority in chandrayangutta, charminar, yakutpura...) then made crores and crores of money during YSR regime. For last decade, it is MIM all the way in Old city. Being in power, why they did not develop. many Hindus and Muslims left old city to get their children educated. Dear civil liberties activist: come on, do not play religious card every where.

People Welfare

Assalamu Alaikum,

Everyone is taking about only politics and which party is supporting which party and construction of illegal temples etc.....Nobody including Siasat has spoken about People Welfare....I belong to Old city and have seen many families (Almost 80% +) are not able to earn substantial income, cannot admit their children to school for studies , no proper roads and infrastuture in old city , no colleges by any politician , big muslim businessmen where our poor muslim children can study free of cost. Thus result in our poor muslim brothers taking odd works like Gundas etc or else they are forced to drive Autos,veg. vendors etc.....If given sufficient support our poor muslim brothers can progress further....Siasat talks big about other parties forgot that, cant Siasat take initiative with the help of other muslim businessmen in establishing free schools, colleges in old city.....You initiate and ask for contribution of funds and see its result.....No doubt MIM leaders or any other leader has not done suffiecient in old city for the past 40+ years but that doesnot mean no one else should do........Please consider opening schools/colleges or madarasa for poor muslim brothers......In future we will need a well educated muslim youth to handle troubles not the present youth who are very reactive with any proper thinking......

Shariyaat / Islamic Law

Dear Sister

Your points are valid and an eye opener for the common man.

But the belwo few points which our muslim community need to think and bring the change

1. The Action
2. The Re-action
3. The Corrective Action

The 1 and 2 has already done on our innocent muslims, now we have to deeply think and come up with Point 3 Corretive Action and which can be only possible in the focus of Islamic Law

The muslims need only 3 tools to straighten their life

1. Quran
2. Sunnah
3. Life of Sahaba Akraam ( Companions of Prophet Mohmmad (P B U H ))

If muslim dont follow the above , their situation will not change untill Qayamat

that all, Muslim plz stop watching TV and switch to

1. Quran Translation in urdu
2. Seerah of Prophet Mohammad ( P B U H )
3. Real Life Situaiton of Sahaaba Akraam

Hope the above effects on our muslims



i have a doubt,why always siasat speak against AIMIM,,there are many leaders and many political parties who are doing wrong,,,,but u people never give any article against them but always u talk agaist Asaduddin owaisa or AIMIM which is really not fair.....thoda bahot hi sahi AIMIM kuch to madad kar rahi hai musalmaano ki....doosre to woh b nahi karre na bhai......

there had been good politics

there had been good politics by siasat and MBT again and again to defame MIM and divide muslims of hyderabad just for the power.i want to remind them that power or position is not needed to do khidmat-e-khalk......distance yourself from politics and do sincere social service to muslims just for Allah.

Very Good Article

Very Nice Article we have understand

Charminar Bachaou Comity ( CBC )

Because above article clearly mention detail of Charminar Protection So we many peoples from Moghal Pura are requesting our responsible persons in society who have influence to remove illegal structure, Please come forward and fight legal battle to remove illegal structure adjacent to our Charminar. Mashallah in Hyderabad there are lot of well-known personalities they can come forward; please don’t hesitate all hyderabadis with you. One more suggestion we should form comity (Charminar Bachaou Comity CBC) of some influence people and fight legal battle to remove this illegal structure.


MIM Should form CBC

Charminar Bachaou Comity CBC

I totally agree above article from Moghal Pura

Please Advise

I am asking to entire family of this article who is published in the siasat news paper. so, what we do the next step we should be able to question them and make answerable for their actions and make them realize that we are not just vote bank for them. that's it!!!!

Only realize of the dirty politics to mentioned its not Sufficient.

Please advise to next step!!!!

Thanks and Regards,

Political game around Charminar

Dear Sister Kaneez Fatima, Thanks for taking time out to drop fews lines about facts on the issue. Sister I am out of Hyderabad city since last 40 years and glad to read one of my sisters knowledge. Let me tell you Sis, with ALLAH'S MERCY in Hyderabad we have a very educated, strong, knowledgable leadership I dont have any doubt. AIMIM in this case is talking since last two to three years as a refrence you can see recent statements of Mr. Kishan Reddy of BJP
So the question of why AIMIM suddently took this case is irrelevant. Your own comments has given the information about its previous situation I need not mention about it. Now what AIMIM did when they informed of construction after the midnight they gathered at Charminar Police Station (Please the news papers)
no one else from any party after that seen on the street in connection to this issue then on Monday they went to court and go stay order which says to the condition of temple as of October 30, 2012. Even after this police and Govt of AP Helped the temple management to put a roof, if AIMIM protest against it and took some political decisions and excercise their rights what is wrong in it.
AIMIM blamed only the parties and didnt accused any one. They demonstrated the democratic behaviour after AIMIM is mother of muslims politics. Please ask your eleder what was the situation of muslims after police action and who brought the muslims to this condition now they are able to talk face to face.
Is there any muslim leader who has the guts, if there are any where were they
from 30th October 2012 to 17th November 2012 sisting in drawing room and issuing statements like AAPAJAAN sister. In India only the muslims of ANDHRA PRADESH IS STRONG THAN OTHER MUSLIMS POLITICALLY. In Tamilnadu and kerela the muslims speak the same language like the others and their culture is same but in Andhra Predesh it is totally different you need to understand this becuase this matters a lot. If you want to blame AIMIM just for sake as you are critising other then one can overlook it. In fact AIMIM is only the political party in INDIA who have the quality to lead the muslim community. HYDERABADI'S HAVE SEEN IN THIS EPISODE WERE THE SO CALLED LEADERS STAND IN DIFFICULT TIME.

It seems that you are not

It seems that you are not aware of politics. This is the dirty game the mim i repeat mim not amim, cause there is no mlas other than hyderabad, so dont call amim. Pls try to understand the game played by the mim. Get some educated and strong candidates to defeat mim, which is not possible as they are goondas.


kya kehne ye kargun k, jiyo saab. aap 40 saal se bahar kya karrayn. aap ko tho Hyderabad mein hona chahiye tha har elections pe MIM k. koi tanziya baat nahi lekin sahi kaha aap ne k agar MIM nahi tho pir koi nahi hai doosra gunda hum Musalmano ko sambalne k liye Hyderabad mein. isliye sab se yehi guzarish hai k chindi baatan chori aur MIM ko min nahi balke max support diyo.

Precious comments

Very precious comments bro, Y u r leaving outside of hyderabad from last 40 years? the article which is printed in the paper and the sister who commented on it is accurate i agree with her, Hope you don't have knowledge of past, check with u r elders if any one alive till date, Police action was taken not by will of govt. in central it was u r beloved AIMIM party who tore out the agreement prepared by late Nizam Osman Ali Pasha when govt. representative was taking it to Delhi, and the persons who tore that agreement was led by u r beloved AIMIM party chief at that time Mr. WahedUddin Owaisi, which resulted in police action. Muslims were destroyed by AIMIM right from the starting, so my bro just take some time to read the history and fact. And for your kind information your so called educated leaders they are not originally hyderabadis they came from Bihar check the history of these Owaisi family. If u cannot read or don't want to know the history then it will show that u r also like those illitrate peoples like Banana seller, apple seller, rickshaw puller etc.. who follows blindly u r AIMIM. Today our young generation is well educated and matured they r thinking now for the future of hyd and their own future they need leadership changed and don't worry brother in 2014 election u r AIMIM will lose atleast 2 to 4 seats and may be MP also will be changed, do remember the latest election of UP it was the eye opener for all the muslims even in hyderabad. U pray for u r AIMIM win n i Pray the right person who will be working only for muslims should win.

Precious comments.

Sir, at the time of police action the agreement which you are talking may be discussed with the MIM leader of that time Marhoom Qasim Rizvi I dont know wherether he tore it throw it. The name of the leader u mention Waheduddin Owaisi was not there but there was a Shura member of MIM by name Abdul Wahed Owaisi who was not of that cadre in those days. In the last days of Marhoom Qasim Rizvi he called a meeting to give the Leadership of MIM as he was going to Pakistan no one came forward in those days there were nami grami log no one come forward because it was difficult time then only OUR FAKH RAI MILLAT, MOULANA ABUDL WAHED OWAISI AGREED TO TAKE THE LEADERSHIP OF MIM AND HE CONVENED
1200 PUBLIC MEETINGS TO ENCOURAGE THE MUSLIMS TO FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHTS AND THE FIRST JALSA WAS DONE IN MILLARH KI TALIM GROUND, WHICH IS CLOSE TO SHAH GANJ ONLY ONE OR TWO PEOPLE WERE THERE THE OTHERS WERE IN HOME LISTENING TO HIM BEHIND THE DOORS. My dear Owaisi family right from the begining educated and financially well off. The daughters of Owaisi saheb was in Womens College with my aunts one of his son in law was in British Army now they all are living in
foreign countries. The words you have used for me I dont want to use it as you may be elder than me so please my humble request dont live in past. I agree now the youth is more towards education they will select their choice no can stop them if they like AIMIM. Inshallah love for evey one hatred for none.


Very simply, MIM did not take the same decision when Babri Masjid was demolished because at that time there was a deal between Congress and MIM that we demolish Babri Masjid and allow you to construct Deccan Medical College. but now the congress did not allow them to occupy Mahavir Hospital that is why MIM take this decision and off course it need a issue.


A. Raoof Sahab Deccan Medical College came when Telangana agitation was on swing and SALAAR was the spreaker for a short period that was time AIMIM got Deccan Medical College and Engineering College approval. Yeh Babri Masjid Khahan se Agai
janab. Rahi Mahavir Hospital ki baat to wo Assad Miyan khud refuse kardiyai hain

very good

mare bhai bahut khushi huvi aapke views padkhar.
very good may allah give strength to our leaders.

Political games around Charminar

nice article, but nowadays muslims are not hat fool, they can understand all political games of all parties. But where is the option, overnight no front come to you and save you. Problems are there in all the parties, take an example of BJP they came to power on the name of Babri Masjid, were they able to construct and majority forget even they didn't asked them. alwasy communal riots are due to the big politcal game. Those were the days when someone wants to change the chief minister riots use to start and congress by force comply to chnage the leadership. The whole issue is just politics and who will asked to goons. but now atleast muslims are getting to oneplatform. In previous year out of around 700 MLAs, almost 140 muslim MLAS has won. See wht happened in one municipal. See no leader take their wealth to their graves. let them play their game Allah how his own plans. this will continues i can write hundreds pages on this scenarios.

What a Worst article.

Wow ! Dear Mrs kanees fatima do u think wat eva u said ppl will belive on it .nva ever! this the main prblm with us . We always fight with each othr & Othr Communities work United ! So for God Sake Please dnt try 2 divide us!We can't expect any thing more ! Bec siasat news became the opposition of Hyderabad ! Why didn't u publish those news when MIM stop mandir work! Where is your leaders ,Mr Zahid ali khan,or Communist party?who always divde muslim see West bengal how the muslim living .may Allah give all of us Hidayath ! One more thing ! we dnt want to knw what Ysrparty, Trs,or congress ,is doing ! We knw in our Hardtimes the Party who always their for Us is Only AIMIM ! last but not least ! Mudaayi Chahe toh Laakh bura Kiyahota hai Wohi hota hai Jo Manzoör e Khuda hota hai !

Nice Article

It's a nice article from sister Fathima. But on the other end where do we find clean, secular politicans in this country. Secondly, hamarey jo lower middle class aur slum dwellers hai unko kaun samjhaey ke ye leader ki asliyat kya hai? Hamare kitney qualified bachche unemployment ke wajhe se gulf countries ko jarain. Kitne logon ke gharon mein is gulf ke wajhe se chula jal raha hai. Ek baat to clear hai ke koi bhi party power mein aaye lekin hamarey logon ki living conditions change to honey wakey nahi hai. sa apne-apne jeb bhar lenge aur becharey gharib ka pet maar ke khud apney bachchon ko KFC, Dominos khilayenge. Agar koi naujawan khada hokey inke khilaaf baat kara to terrorist ka thappa laga key4-5 saal key liye andar daldetey. Iam discouraging you on your saying but let's hope to see changes in the society before it comes to worse.

To:Kaneez Fathima,Jt.

To:Kaneez Fathima,Jt. Secretary, Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, Hyderabad : "In the rules of Archeological department it is clearly mentioned that no construction can take place in and around 100 meters of any heritage site. With this it is clear that any construction should not take place near Charminar because that may pose threat to the heritage site.If the state, the police and the citizens are really concerned of the city, its culture, peace and harmony, then this should not become a religious or a political issue. In the larger interest of the state and its citizens the illegal construction should be removed and the monument should be protected." : As we all know what is the triggering factor for communal riots in old city,will you not take up this issue legally by involving the authorities and Judiciary.Kaneez Fathima,Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee,should file a Public Interest Litigation to protect the monument and to show that you are genuinely concerned about the welfare and harmony of common people(both hindus and muslims)of old city.People like you can achieve real milestones,common man is helpless and the leaders have been and will remain 'matlabi'..Thank You.

muslims and their leaders

See as per the article is pin pointed on the issues of Muslims and their leadership, but the majority of Muslims are behind the people who are their leaders. Therefore we think it be better we will try to reach them by not revolting their leadership, otherwise we will tagged with anti-muslim and they were, you can say hipnotized by their leadership and can go upto the extent. We have seen them (leadership), senior owaisi too, once they feel they are getting resistance then, the start showing their hatred from the top of their leadership till their pawns. We don't need to be devided but for their political gains they create these. Enough is enough. Let us build ourselves, instead of getting devided, either from them or from the other communities dirty politics.

Incomplete Artice

Its a very good article but no where its mentioned about MBT and the numerous attempts by Zahid Ali Khan to divide the Muslim Community. Its very clear that if the muslim vote is divided then 99% chances are of having a BJP MP which will be a catastrophic situation. Please complete the article and re-print.


Divorce lawyers across India claim a 100 per cent increase in breakups in the last five years. The urban middle-class is discovering the benefits of an 'open' relationship; one that allows a range of sexually satisfying encounters. Monogamy, is suddenly, an irritant, not security. Perfect timing, to exhume a decomposing idea like marriage, and put it through an autopsy before laying out possible alternatives for its revival.

Marriage is hardly all that it is cracked up to be, says US-based philosophy professor Elizabeth Brake. The fact that the union's salient features are morally driven — whether it's promise, commitment or care — makes it inherently problematic. Marriage is neither necessary nor sufficient for the goods often associated with it. It's nothing but a poor commitment strategy.

This is a subject Brake has visited in her latest book, Minimizing marriage: Marriage, morality, and Law. "As a little girl, I was impressed by the fact that adults seemed to consider marriage of special importance for girls' futures — and more so than for boys, who were encouraged more to think about jobs. This made marriage unattractive, and I wondered why people couldn't simply live together for companionship, like the two widowed women who shared a home in our neighborhood, without taking on the rigid role of wife or husband."

Her solution is what she calls 'minimal marriage', a gentler, more democratic contract that may or may not have to do with romantic love.

Q: Marriage shouldn't be defined by religion/society. How will society benefit?
A: I'm saying that legal marriage shouldn't be defined by religion or society; of course, churches or groups could define marriage however they please, but that shouldn't be the basis for Law. In North America and Europe, for instance, legal marriage involves substantial economic benefits and rights, like special immigration eligibility. What about people who don't live in conventional arrangements? Say, two single mothers who want to live under the same roof to rear children together. The benefits of marriage ought to be extended to such people — as a matter of justice and equality. For instance, the two co-habiting widows from my neighbourhood could have benefited from marital entitlements such as tax breaks. There seems no good reason for their relationship to be considered less deserving.

Minimal marriage allows individuals to select from the rights and responsibilities exchanged within marriage and exchange them with whomever they want, rather than exchanging a predefined bundle of rights and responsibilities with only one romantic partner.

But isn't it easily exploited? After all, who's to say if a relationship is 'caring' enough? Currently, immigration officials interview spouses to ensure there is a real romantic and sexual relationship. Similar procedures can be designed for a 'caring' relationship — do the parties know each other's likes and dislikes, do they have documentation showing a history together, and so on.

Since monogamy is optional, is there a limit on the number of spouses one could have? A spouse is, in legal terms, a member of a caring relationship. The number would be limited by the number of life-sharing caring relationships one can sustain. For most people, that's usually between three and five.

In India, marriage is a merger of two families. Where's family in the minimized marriage? Ethan Watters writes that "friends are the new family," as urbanites rely more on networks of friends than on blood families. Minimal marriage allows people to institutionalise their friendships, to create their own families. It simply refers to legal freedom to create extra kinship bonds.

What about kids? Childrearing and marriage are separate issues that should be LEGALLY DECOUPLED. A minimal marriage would support alternative parenting structures, allowing couples like say, two single mums, who live together, greater stability and the option to pool their economic resources. In the case of high-conflict marriages, living together rarely benefits children.

So, minimal marriage offers better and easy options to parents who want to exit high-conflict marriages. You have coined a new word — amatonormativity — that refers to special treatment for lovers... It refers to the assumption that a central, exclusive, romantic relationship is normal for humans, that it's a universally shared goal, and that it should be aimed at in preference over other relationship types. It results in discrimination against those not involved in such relationships. Single people are often treated as lonely, irresponsible, and immature, even if they have many friends and responsibilities. It's stereotyping, combined with the assumption that everyone wants a marriage-like relationship.

What's the problem with amatonormativity? People might enter and stay in relationships simply because that's the way to live. Or, singles might be treated with pity, as if they just haven't found the right person yet! Their friendships might be treated as unimportant by their family, while their spouses — if they had them — will be treated as important. Dining alone by choice, or not searching for romance could be viewed as abnormal. Friendships without a sexual or romantic dimension can be just as valuable as romantic relationships, but they are rarely treated on par.

Wrong place


HYderabadi are detained

No one is taking care of HYderabadi who were detained. There is no correct data how many detained and missing or running from the state. Some one should collect data or make a forum to note the challenge facing by hyderabadi in AP.

So, that we can speak with these political parties with correct data.Let them give answers for these problems facing by hyderabadi.

She failed to mentioned what

She failed to mentioned what exactly civil liberty is doing around charminar?
Where did Lateef of civil liberty get funding from?
Any comment on what Zahid Ali Khan games are?
Any games related to CPI or CPIM, why no mentioned about it?

Shameless civil liberty people...you guys are hungry for publicity.

Excellent analysis

Excellent analysis

Article on political games in Hyderabad.

An eye opener.

SubhanAllah! good article

Goodjob Kaneez Fathima, unfortunately there is a very little audience to this. If you can also publish this for our urdu reading audience then the message will reach the right people in large number. May Allah help you.

What is this news r what?

Great-----------------that you took so much effort to pass to us-----but unfortunately this is not fact------------when u want to give some information------why did u not mentioned about the MBT------and there draw back-------dont make the news in a biased manner-----here I want to give an example------(MITHA---HUP-HUP----KADWA--THU--THU).
Secondly----we have to thanks ALMIGHTY ALLAH he has given a well educated leader with the eagle eyes of the world-----OF course no one is 100% correct except ALLAH.-------while the meeting in the MR ZAHID ALI KHAN HOUSE they discuss about the various issues----in which Mr HUSSAIN SHAHEED is clearly said that politics is not for the intelectual---well respected-----people ---he also said that they can give only advice in best way for implenting is only possible if you have very good sources in the goverment-------I agree with his statement-----the same way Mr ASSAD UDDIN OWAISI is doing----EXAMPLE----1. resrvation of 4%------2. Fee reimbursement------3. Makkah Nasjid Blast case Goverment appologised this isdone by whom?

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: "Shatan is not so dumb he never will come in his original form and say like this that ' Come follow me and I will take you to Hell which was my promise to ALLAH.' Do we ever wonder why then ALLAH warned us over and over not to follow Shatan's footsteps and he is our clear and open enemy- what's meant then by following his footsteps- how we human then follow the Shatan or fall in his trap? It's a must for us to learn how he approaches and how to seek and take protection against him. If we are informed some enemy of us are coming from this door to our house- usually what we try to do- take all the measures to seal the door as perfect as we can. May ALLAH help us to realize the severity of shatan's driving us to misguidance and help us to take the right protection against him."

Nice & Real Article

Nice & Real Article

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