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Praveen Thogadia Slams state for Ignoring even attacks on Hindu Shrines

Tuesday, 11 December 2012
Hyderabad, December 11:

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) International president Praveen Thogadia has alleged that the State Government, which was encouraging one particular community, was not even bothered about the attacks on Hindu shrines.

Speaking to the media here on Tuesday, Thogadia said “Virat Santh Sammelan” will be held on February 7, for which an action plan will be chalked out on temples, including Ayodhya in the Janajagaran Abhayas to be held in March next. He said that he had expressed his personal opinion to BJP senior leader Sushma Swaraj about the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate stating that it was good if the BJP announced the name before the general election instead of now. Responding to a question, Thogadia asked who would purchase the produce of local farmers if the Foreign Direct Investments allowed in retail sector. Criticising the Wallmart issue, he said the people would buy Pakistani rice and China’s electrical goods and not the local goods. (NSS)

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please thoo this gadia he is

please thoo this gadia he is the only one who is creating tensions and spoiling the minds of innocent people who have been living in harmony since ages.
why is he comming to hyderabad? dont allow this son of pig enter the pious land of deccan there has been no issues in hyd especially till these

FDI is good

Tagodia is a pakistani son of Advani former pakistani migrant .

Let foreign traders come to

Let foreign traders come to India than only we will improve our quality otherwise how long we are going to encourage and continue our bad quality production. If our goods would have been good foreign traders would have been import long ago.

Bottom line, if we good people will buy, if we are bad we will be rejected and we are rejected from foreign traders.

then why your people are

then why your people are producing so many gods-idols,who will purchase them?and by the way why sooo many temples?who will pray there?very soon there will be more temples than people to pray,then you have to protect them from dogs-who lift one leg and ......

There is much noise that

There is much noise that muslims are making all over the world about Islam and its superiority. A philosophical and logical analysis of Islam reveals that this claim is hollow as the core concepts of Islam are logically absurd. Let me begin with the core concepts of Islam 1) There is one God (Allah) 2) Quran is the word of God 3) Mohammed is the last prophet. Let us evaluate each of these one by one 1) One God: Let us assume that this is really so. This means that there is ONE GOD and there are OTHER things in the universe, separated from God, which are NOT God (like Trees, animals, Human Beings etc). This means that there is a boundary around God. INSIDE that boundary there is god and OUTSIDE the boundary there are other things, which are NOT God. So as per this idea, God is a FINITE entity which exists within a boundary. Now remember, the universe in INFINITE. So, HOW a FINITE God can create the INFINITE universe? THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. So the concept of ONE FINITE GOD of Islam is logically absurd 2) Quran, word of God: Quran is said to be revealed by Gabriel, an angel, to Mohammed. So Quran is the word of GABRIEL and NOT God. There are many people in madhouses behaving as if they are talking to angels but we all know that they are hallucinating. Moreover, 2) is based on validity of 1) above. Since 1) in invalid, it makes 2) also invalid. 3) Mohammed, Last Prophet. This is based on 1) and 2) above. When 1) and 2) have logical flaws, 3) automatically becomes invalid. Now let me explain how the Hindu idea of "EVERYTHING IS GOD" makes sense. All religions say the God created the universe. This means that before creation, NOTHING EXISTED EXCEPT GOD. So God had nothing to create the universe except HE HIMSELF. That's what Hinduism says that everything is a manifestation of God which makes sense logically. Hinduism says that God is pure awareness or consciousness and EVERYTHING ELSE is a modification of the same consciousness. Further, Hinduism says that MAN IS GOD and he has the capability to realize his GODLINESS, when he becomes enlightened. The purpose of a true religion is to help a man realize his GODLINESS. This is the whole point of spiritual search. Now that I have proved that the core concepts of Islam is absurd, one should leave this religion immediately without wasting one second. Hinduism is the only religion which logically makes sense and a TRUE religion. For more information on Hinduism, please read commentary on Upanishad by a great enlightend master Swami Krishnananda. His books are freely available on his website swami-krishnananda(dot)org.............I challenge muslims to prove HOW one FINITE God (Allah) can create the INFINITE universe. If you cannot then you must accept Hinduism.

Shame upon himself

We are with FDI, I dont think these stupids are care taker of religions and say bads whateve they like, these kind of thinking is lacking India behind from other countries. Anytime India wants improvement these organizations bring religion and mix human thoughts to make us stupid. Togadia and Co. go back to the stone age and do something for them there. We are into 21st Century not 1947.



dont useabusive language to

dont useabusive language
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is a message so clear------------------------------------------------------still --------------------------------------------------------------------

Be Aware

I dont think these stupids bads can say whatever they like, because of these kind of thinking India is lacking behind and the world is moving forward. Anytime India wants improvement these organisations bring religion and human thoughts in between and make atmosphere stupid. Togadia go back to stone age maybe you like minded people can do something over there.

Be aware

I dont think these stupids bads can say whatever they like, because of these kind of thinking India is lacking behind and the world is moving forward. Anytime India wants improvement these organisations bring religion and human thoughts in between and make atmosphere stupid. Togadia go back to stone age maybe you like minded people can do something over there.

Who is this Bast***d

Togadia ?? who is this Monkey ??? He should be killer and thro his body in Murki Nala of slam area. I think his father is Pakistani

fdi good for country

the quality will improve local agencies will compete with foring goods to improve the quality and lower the prices.togadeya you are fool

Please ignore similar leader

Please ignore similar leader of any religion. Follow your religion and let follow others their religion. May the almighty save our country from this mentality people.

THOOGADIA If you are

If you are Criticising FDI its very shame. We support FDI in India.

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