18th Ramzanul Mubarak 1436 | Monday, Jul 06, 2015

Raja Singh signals trouble ahead of Bakrid

Wednesday, 10 October 2012
Hyderabad, October 10:

With Bakrid less than 20 days away, Mangalhat corporator T Raja Singh has written letters to senior police and other government officials urging them to prevent people from slaughtering cows.

According to sources, the corporator has written to DGP Dinesh Reddy and city police commissioner Anurag Sharma stating that though some volunteers have been working to stop the animals from being sacrificed, police have remained non-committal on the issue. Singh is said to have formed 'action teams' that would get active as the festival season comes closer. "The corporator held a meeting at Sanathan Dharam Sabha auditorium in Shah Inayat Gunj last Sunday. They discussed ways to block the vehicles carrying the animals into the city for the festival," sources said.

Expecting trouble, senior police officers have communicated to their men the ways to deal with the tricky situation. "There were several incidents where trucks transporting animals were intercepted by activists last year. There could be such attempts this time too. We will firmly deal with anybody who tries to break the law this year," a police officer said.


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raja singh ki history

raja singh ek bhuhat bada kameena insan hai,agar yakin nahi hai to apke manghalhat me jake puchu sale ke bare me,,unhe ek passion plus ke waste apne saghe bhai ko hi mardiya,aur uska sagha mama uska dushman hai,yeh raja singh,tdp ka corporater hai,magar bjp ke kama karta pore,,,,mere hindu bhaiyo se yahi guzarish hai ke,iski batao me mat ao,yeh hum log me ladi lagake,vote hasil karna chata hai,,,kabhi ek time tha jab hamari eid me aap shamil hote the,aur hum apki holi me,,,leki yeh desh dhroohi,sub ke sukun aur shanti ko barbad kara.


i will slaughter more cows than before ,

AND READY ........

eat pigs

eat pigs...............they belong to your tribe

Beef eating is not sunnah.

Dear muslim brothers i would like to inform all that cow is halal but our beloved prophet never eat cow meat, some people says that eating cow meat is sunnah it is not correct, sunnah is our prophet eat sheep meat, camel meat, but never eat cow meat (BEEF) when beef is keep infront of our beloved prophet just he put his finger on it. Actually cow milk,ghee,curd etc are benifical for humans while beef is not benifical for human being espically cow,ox, baffalo, brain become sleeply after eating beaf,ox,baffalo, But it is halal for qurbani, aqeeqa, etc, we should avoide beef as much as possible.

Allah know better when i tried to find beef is sunnah or not i came to know that our beloved prophet ( Sallahu aliye wa salam) never eat beef in his life just put his finger in beef cury.

I request ulema to kindly let us know for our knowlege.

But it's not HARAM and it's healty

But it's not HARAM and it's healty
"Red meat is high in iron, something many teenage girls and women in
their childbearing years are lacking. The heme iron in red meat is
easily absorbed by the body. Red meat also supplies vitamin B12, which
helps make DNA and keeps nerve and red blood cells healthy, and zinc,
which keeps the immune system working properly.
walaikum salam
Red meat provides protein, which helps build bones and muscles.

“Calorie for calorie, beef is one of the most nutrient-rich foods,” says Shalene McNeil, PhD, executive director of nutrition
research for the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. “One 3-ounce
serving of lean beef contributes only 180 calories, but you get 10
essential nutrients.”

Eat Pig

Eat pig .........that is good for health too

We know it is not haram, but

We know it is not haram, but kindly ulema explain is our Prophet (SAWS) ate beef or not ? As many muslim says that beef eating is sunnah, sunnah is wahat the prophet did, Our prophet ate only sheep, meat, camel meat.

I request Siasat to kindly published a news related to sunnah meat with ulema of jamia nizamia, in friday edition so that every one know which meat is sunnah and which meat is not sunnah. Cow is halal every one know kindly explain why beef is not sunnah.

STOP Eating their home @ bar shops

first see how-many villages & cities who is purchasing cows are cutting there, first ALL pubs,bar Shops BEEF fry stop it ,as hindu do you have guts , real Hindu INDIAN all bar-shops, pubs hotels stop beef supply then tell others you people do &dai for nation Do not live for BOTTLE ,DAILY DOG BISCUTS BY depending on others work for INDIA & FAMILY ENJOY 50& 60 YERS Life do not go for politicians door all make you people fool ,,,,,, eating silently telling some things to others be as indian not as street rowdy is no Muslims first stop them tell about be as a indian & love indian


first see how-many villages & cities who is purchasing cows are cutting there, first ALL pubs,bar Shops BEEF fry stop it ,as hindu do you have guts , real Hindu INDIAN all bar-shops, pubs hotels stop beef supply then tell others you people do &dai for nation Do not live for BOTTLE ,DAILY DOG BISCUTS BY depending on others work for INDIA & FAMILY ENJOY 50& 60 YERS Life do not go for politicians door all make you people fool ,,,,,, eating silently telling some things to others be as indian not as street rowdy is no Muslims first stop them tell about be as a indian & love indian

First stop all hindus who ATE cow meet

first see how-many villages & cities who is purchasing cows are cutting there, first ALL pubs,bar Shops BEEF fry stop it ,as hindu do you have guts , real Hindu INDIAN all bar-shops, pubs hotels stop beef supply then tell others you people do &dai for nation Do not live for BOTTLE ,DAILY DOG BISCUTS BY depending on others work for INDIA & FAMILY ENJOY 50& 60 YERS Life do not go for politicians door all make you people fool ,,,,,, eating silently telling some things to others be as indian not as street rowdy is no Muslims first stop them tell about be as a indian & love indian

Irritating Guy- Vanish from Soceity

This Guy is irritating too much social society, vanish him from society. He compel the society to bring this level.

Arra Asad Bhai or Akbar

Arra Asad Bhai or Akbar Bhai hai na MIM Jab tak hai appna raj hai

nasiyath to ZAK

Zahid ali khan sahab what you are doing in this regard?, why dont you tell to your party supremo chandrababu naidu about your party collegue(raja shingh) about his activities, wo raja singh poori muslim qaum ka katter dushamn hai uski wajeh se kai sare muslim gher barbad hoorai din ba din wesa criminial minded ki sath aap ek hi mehfil main baithtrai, so called tdp party office,,,, ek taraf to aap musumlamno ki quam ki rehnuma banrai aur dusri taraf raja singh ki jesa logo ka sath dene wali party ki logo ki sath stage p baithrai, aur ek taraf aap musalmano ki haq ki baat kkarai dusre taraf aisa andhoo ki jesa gunge ko tarah andhe gunge banki baithu hui hai,sob malom rakker b anjan hai ap, zahid ali khan sahab waqt aur halath ne aapko aakhir politician bana hi dia grt bhoot tareqi karoge

Cow ki Sing means raja sing

Arre lambaday adna ek corporator hokay famous honay ki chakkar mein hai kya? Next time bola to Mangal hat teray liye shamsan ghat ban jaaega.

Share EID with Raja Singh

This is very important time that we all must come togather. This is the time to Share. I request all Muslims to slaughter 2 or 4 cows. We should share the Skin, Cow dung and some meat and legs with Others such as Raja singh and his blooggers.

Religious Tolerance is Imporant

Raja Singh is a Mattheer you know what they do in hyderabad. He is looking for help. He is sitting with bunch of loosers and trying to get a fame in the city. I request all the Muslims to Salughter 2 Cows and please make sure to give your skins and all the intestines to Raja Singh. This way he is happy and we are happy.

Bakri-Eid par jo bakriyo ko

Bakri-Eid par jo bakriyo ko kat tha hai hume use koi aitraz nai hai aur naahi hum apke eid ko karab karne ke prayatn nahi karna chahte ...
Apki eid apko mubarak....Lekin hum apse haath jod kar guzarish karte hai ki bakri eid par hi nai koi b samay par gai ko mat katiye

kyu ki gai (cow) dhoodh deti hai ye soch kar mera dhoodh hindu piyaga ya musalman piyega. ye dhoodh peene se insan takatwar bantha hai..



COW not Slaughter on EID your mother expensive for you

1- Dear people like Genius RAJA if we agree on your openion not to Slaughter on EID, let me know how long you care your mother, know a days humans get difficult to care their parents.

2- know a time all over the india people are suffering from inflation and financial crisis and RAJA self indian want to make problem for indian economic.

3- dear muslims peace is a first priority and dont listen like silly people talking about their cow mother's.

4- indian government know about the cow mother if they not allowed to slaughter a every day every minute every second, and every year then the second population of indian is only cow mothers and to survive they allowed
thier cow mother to slaughter.

5- RAJA SAHAB please dont try to insult cow mother and we respect after slaughter sent in a heaven. see how your cow mother went in heaven were the chance for you is may be yes or no.

what i have write above it is few letter otherwise i can explain you what is the benefet & loss of your COW MOTHER..........

dear muslim brother let give a chance to MR. RAJA to enjoy a EID AL ADAA with us and we like to make happy every one on EID.

Veda ... Hindu shuld eat beef

Hindu who does not EAT BEEF will go to HELL - VEDA
Apastamb Grihsutram (1/3/10) says, “The cow should be slaughtered on the arrival of a guest, on the occasion of ‘Shraddha’ of ancestors and on the occasion of a marriage.
” Rigveda (10/85/13) declares, “On the occasion of a girl’s marriage oxen and cows are slaughtered.
” Rigveda (6/17/1) states that “Indra used to eat the meat of cow, calf, horse and buffalo.
” Vashistha Dharmasutra (11/34) writes, “If a Brahmin refuses to eat the meat offered to him on the occasion of ‘Shraddha’ or worship, he goes to hell.
” Hinduism’s greatest propagator Swami Vivekanand said thus: “You will be surprised to know that according to ancient Hindu rites and rituals, a man cannot be a good Hindu who does not eat beef”. (The Complete Works of Swami Vivekanand, vol.3, p. 536). Adi Shankaracharya’ commentary on Brihdaranyakopanishad 6/4/18 says : ‘Odan’ (rice) mixed with meat is called ‘Mansodan’. On being asked whose meat it should be, he answers ‘Uksha’. ‘Uksha’ is used for an ox, which is capable to produce semen. •
The book ‘The History and Culture of the Indian People’, published by Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Bombay and edited by renowned historian R.C.Majumdar (Vol.2, page 578) says: “this is said in the Mahabharat that King Rantidev used to kill two thousand other animals in addition to two thousand cows daily in order to give their meat in charity”.

Manusmriti (Chapter 5 / Verse 30) says, “It is not sinful to eat meat of eatable animals, for Brahma has created both the eaters and the eatables.” he frustrat Maharishi Yagyavalkya says in Shatpath Brahmin (3/1/2/21) that, “I eat beef because it is very soft and delicious.”

Very good info brother...

Very good info brother...




raja sing ki............ ku lag dalo

Sare jaha see acha hindusta hamara

ARAY wo raja singh osmania university mai cow festival bhool gaya re tu. Tu khoud ek lambarda hai aur saray lambaday cow khatay aur osmania unversity mai khood yeh beef festival manay aur saray SC aur ST ke hindu bhai Cow khatay. Mai Siasat ke madhiyam see SC aur ST ke se request karonga ke wo ek aur Beef festival organize kare aur ham saree muslim aap ku beef gift karingay bata do raja singh ko ke India ke unity ko yeh nahi toord sakta HINDU MUSLIM SIKH ESAIYE APAS MAI HAI BHAI BHAI.

Jagooo nahi tou darusalam mai aake marta raja

ASAD OWASI PE BHARI PHARD JARA RAJA SINGH. Ek dour tha ree salar ka jab bhi bhi Majlis koi kaam nahi kar ti thi 4 seat thay likin musalmanoo ka rouaab tha Aman ullah khan lirda lirda ke marta tha agar koi musalmanoo ke khilaf awaz othaiye tou. Salar ka naam see bhi kaaanp tay thay communal hindus.

Aaj ke tareeq otha ke dhekoo Aaj 7 seat hai 2 Mlc hai MCH pe Qabza hai Mayor MIM ka hai Centre aur state me MIM ruling party ku support kari likin power zero hai. Muslim bachoo ku leeja ke khoob dhulai kari police, firing ker ke shaheed kari police, Asad owasi Educated hoo ke hath pe hath rakh ke bighta tamasha dhekta. Bas khali biyan baziyaa jalsee naroo mai reh gayee nander maharastra ku jarain phele talab kattay ke galiya to saaf karoo. Awam me gul mil ke rahoo ree boley tou MBT bani tak awam mai rahee gali gali aab phir wasich hoo gaya. 7 mla mai Thoda bhout Akbar owasi kuch kara jisa dhekra baqi ke MP see le ke pooray MLA soorain.

Aaj cow slaughtering pe awaz otha ra raja singh kal mangal halt se ghouse ke darus salam pe marta. KOI EK TOU CORPORATOR PIDA KAROO REE MIM WALOO RAJA KE AGAINST ME.

raja tera tou bajega baaja

raja tera tou bajega baaja

bhai log wo kamine raja

bhai log wo kamine raja singh ko itni ahmeyat mat do jitna ahameyat dere utna famous hojara salowo.hum har saal Eid ul adha per qurbani dete na so why we worry apan apna kam karna bus.ye raja singh upar se TDP ka yello shirt penta under se BJP ki chaddi penke hai sala wo.MODI KI NAZAYAZ AWLAD HAI YE RAJA SINGH.

Isku ich Zuba karna padinga...lol

Agar iney kuch kara ....Isku ich Zuba karna padinga...hahaha...lol
More Cows are slaughtered by Hindus only....Many Hindu youths from Brahmin caste eat cows outside because they are not allowed to eat the same at home...
Its just in the name of the Festival that These Idiots are trying to create Problems.
Come to London, US, many places in the west where Cows are slaughtered in a Larger Quantity than u seen in India....STOP THAT ??????

Why Zahid ali khan not asking naidu for removing raja from tdp

Why Mr. Zahid ali khan not asking Mr. Naidu for removing Raja singh kind of person from TDP. Why he is silent.

Raja KU Kaatdo

Last year b same nataka kare bowenpally me pure Gayou ku gharou se lejaake police station k pas khada kare bad me muslim board bowenpally wale action liye toh police wale chode gaayou ku.agar ye saal eid pe gharou pe aake nataka kare toh acha nai raheta.................

Raja KU Kaatdo

Last year b same nataka kare bowenpally me pure Gayou ku gharou se lejaake police station k pas khada kare bad me muslim board bowenpally wale action liye toh police wale chode gaayou ku.agar ye saal eid pe gharou pe aake nataka kare toh acha nai raheta.................

raja singh ni baja singh

Raja singh ka raam ram satya hai ka baja bajana zaruri hai

raja singh

aaray raja singh tere ko maloom hain tu kis mazhab kay bare main boolra aabay salay tu agar kuch kara to tera kiya hoonga tere ko pata nahi hai agar aab kuch kara to deekh

What our religion say's in this Matter ?

Salaam Every One,

For Muslims :
Rather speaking harshly we should find a proper solution. If slaughtering COWS seems problem to Hindus and create trouble then we should find solution from Islamic views. I am 100% sure that Islam has all solutions. We only slaughter COWS bcoz its cheap & affordable. if Government came up with some sort of plan or do something which makes goats cheap and affordable then who will go for COWS slaughtering.

Also if more camel are brought some sort of help. COWS meat is Halaal it does'nt mean that u have to eat, A Muslim who avoid trouble or problems i guess a Good muslim.( its just my view)

For Hindus :
Dear Hindu Brothers and Sisters, COWS are slaughter ALL over the world and what will happen if muslim of India slaughter COWS for their festivals.

Instead of stopping the vechile, giving harse statements... why dont u stop selling the COWS or make it more expensive so that people wont buy....

For your info under 10% of Muslim eat or slaughter COWS...

People are dieing with diesese, Youths has UNemployments, Indians are loosing ther culture, prices are hiking, India rupee is going down, kids are working, Eductaion, Medical, Socail services became commercial....

Does any leader care about this ?
Simple answer : NO

We have problem for small issues like WATER, FOOD , CLOTHES and Accommudation...

What can a common MAN do ?
Nothing ...

Its time to change our self...

Comeon Youth became an INDIAN first, No religion Advises to harm other innocent people..... NOT ISLAM or NOT HUDUISM...

Leave the Leader now...

I wish all Indian should be united and think beyond differences...

We need strong NATION...


Try to understand Islam

No mother no father come before the instruction of Almighty Allah. Your faith will not be accepted as true faith unless you will keep Almighty the creator and his prophet above every thing of the universe in respect. Never speak out of ignorance what ever you think, to please people of world for few benefits of world. Sadiq i doubt about you that you are a muslim. If you are a muslim then i request you to refer to islamic teaching.

Well Explained

Well Explained buddy, i think hindus and muslims needs to thing logically.

Cow Slaughtering This Eid (We elect to stop)

Cow is considered sacred in various word religions. However, they were neither inviolable nor revered in the same way they are today. Some scholars have argued, citing early Hindu scriptures and archaeological evidence, that the cow has not always been sacred and that cows, oxen, and bulls were both sacrificed and eaten in Vedic times and to some extent even later. The cow was possibly revered because the largely pastoral Vedic people and subsequent generations relied heavily on it for dairy products and for tilling the fields, and on cow dung as a source of fuel and fertilizer. Thus, the cow’s status as a 'caretaker' led to identifying it as an almost maternal figure (hence the term gau mata). In addition, it has been suggested by author and orator Terence Mckenna that religious reverence for the cow is a result of early humankind's association of psilocybin mushroom with it, this association having developed as a result of the discovery of said mushrooms in the animal's excrement. Hinduism is based on the concept of omnipresence of the Divine, and the presence of a soul in all creatures, including bovines. Thus, by that definition, killing any animal would be a sin: one would be obstructing the natural cycle of birth and death of that creature, and the creature would have to be reborn in that same form because of its unnatural death. Historically, even Krishna, one of the most revered forms of the Divine (Avatar), tended cows.

In therapeutic section of Charak Samhita (pages 86–87) the flesh of cow is prescribed as a medicine for various diseases. It is also prescribed for making soup. It is emphatically advised as a cure for irregular fever, consumption, and emaciation. The fat of the cow is recommended for debility and rheumatism.

It is mentioned in Manu Smruti, in chapter 5 verse 30 “The eater who eats the flesh of those to be eaten does nothing bad! even if he does it day after day; for God himself created some to be eaten and some to be eater” Despite the differences of opinion regarding the origins of the cow's elevated status, reverence for cows appears throughout the major texts of the Hindu religion.

I urge Muslims this year to show tolerance emanating a good gesture where the sentiments of religions are not hurt by stopping the consumption of Cow this Eid. I am a Muslim indeed and would like the respect for religions to prevail in the society. Islam does not force slaughter of cows, it is indeed elective. Let’s join hands and work together being the true Indian and work hard for the development of nation. (Proudly Indian Muslim)

Cow Slaughterin This Eid (We elect to Stop)

Someone has faked my name and title to comment his views. I still perceive the notion of unity and elect to stop cow consumption. We are self reliant and live with choices. If there is a conflict of religion on issues pertinent to tiny matters why not think logically for a resolve. We still have an option for camel. Don't spread hatred and tune like raja singh please.

Cow Slaughtering This Eid (We elect two)

Sorry about my message on we elect to stop. We are suggesting you slaugheter 2 that is tow cows and dont forget to give us the skin and all the waste that is normally thrown away. We will take that and donate to Raja Singh and his family. Thank You for helping us.

The tastiest meat in the world

Beef is the tastist meat. I encourage you to come and join us in the feast. We will also teach you gita and vedas.

We welcome you to Share Our EID

Hello, pretending Indian muslim. We welcome you to share EID with us. Please give us your location and we will gift you with 5 Cow slaughetered fresh.

Raja Singh Behind the bars

After this Eid al Azha These criminals like Raja singh and others are ready to create violence in Hyderabad and other parts of Andhra Pradesh......
I request to the Govt of A.P please put Raja singh Behind the bars atleast for a month so that Muslims can Celebrate Eid Al Azha Peace fully

Cow Sacrifice

Mr. Anonymous, Please show your identity & say what R U saying, first of all it's not forbidden yet to sacrifice a cow as per Indian law, then even if it's banned by some pathetic communal minded law makers, it shouldn't be applied on Muslims, as Muslims have their own law, (Muslim Personal Law).
For example, if such communal minded law makers would ban on Burqa, Neqab or Hijab for any woman, would you obey that rule or protest to setback that rule !!! Religion is something precious, you should sacrifice yourself for it.

Aare bhai log YEH saale

Aare bhai log YEH saale Mazhab ki aadh may Dacoits ki tarah loot maar kar re aur paisa banare. behtar hai saalaon ko transporters khud ek team rakh kar maar kay hakaaldena.
Mazahab ka nahi paisa ka khail hai yeh. yeh harami raja singh Mazahab kay naam par nafrat badhara aur apna Ulloo seedha kar ra.
Meray khiyal may next term may usay TDP say nikaldiya jaiega kiyonke ek saheb nay usko TDP say na nikale jane kay baare may daleel di thi jo kay sahi lagti hai, isliye kay agar usko is waqt TDP say nikale to woh aur bhi Mazhab ka card khail kar apni position ko mazboot banayega aur usko nikalna nai nikalna ek hi hoga.
islye Usko uskay haal par choardo aur usko care hi nai karna uski bataon par aur woh hamla karta hai to karobari hazarat ek strike team bana kar collectively ek hi saath apna maal sub milke laaye citymay to uski himmat nai hoti itte logaon ka maal lootne ki.


YE Bheekari ko thoda ghosh dedo

raja singh very cheap

Raja singh is a very cheap person born and brought up in very low category due to that he is having very cheap thinking .

Raja singh is eating mutton and beef biryani in his house and telling outsiders not eat cow lol good joke ..
kaiku chutiya banara re surat dekh lanat barasri peevat dekhra surat se lambade .

chu--ya singh

Why the police don't have guts to arrest him till the Eid finished. the police knows very well how to arrest innocent muslim boys and they leave free hooligans like raja singh. so many hindus like cow's beaf, why don't they think they are eating their mother's beaf, why they enjoy it.

he is tdp leader

i beleive he is a tdp leader and why sisat editor is not pressing tdp president to stop this idiot from acting extra smart


Siatsat is a half brother of Raja sign,


stupid guy spoiling peace in the city.

what kind of law

for your kind information still there is no law implemented from indian government on cows sloughters but some activits like BJP, RSS and many more miscreant parties implement by them self that means his parties have so respect indian government and indian law

No Reason to Worrry Raja Singh

I request all Muslims to slaughter 2 cows instead of one this year. So we can share on this aspicious occasion. Raja singh is also invited to collect the skins, cow dung, meat and anything he wants. This is the time to share and we want to no trouble please.

Yeh saal yeh fakir ku zuban kardena bolrau mai to

Yeh chindi chor sala who is he to dictate terms to us ! agar tumhari amma hai cow to road pe kaiku chode re saale amma ku ghar me rakho na , kaise amma ke bacche hai re dalinder, US me to tumhari amma ku game me teeron se mar mar ke maze lete log unku kaiku nai bolte re , if you have guts ask US to stop which is more painful to cow, this is cheap cheap politics !

hau may bi woich bolrau

hau yaro mai bi woich bolrau..... is saal ye saale ku hi zuba kardena bolrau ek jhatke mein wo bhi bina pani pilaye ke.

Surat to dekho suvvarrr ki . Galeez kaaala padoda kidar ka ki. laanat barasri surat pe faqat


hi to all..........NAMASTE,
Mr Raja Singh is forgetin one thing tht cows is slaughter in the whole world frm the beginin of the world and and also frm his birth and also before he become the corporator also and also whn he is the corporator the sacrifice is goin on in magalhat area, but now he want to become the leader of tht area so he said like this? first tel who feed the cows HINDU who sell the cows HINDU and who get the profit HINDU and now he is sayin tht is bad ........hahahaha,


See the face of this bulshit raja, hindus and muslims togheter must slaughter raja and everyone who is against cow slaughtering.
i am hindu but i slaughter cow and i eat cow. many hindus eat cow and then they say cow is our mother. what a stupid religion of us. i am gonna embrace islam and show the teach the hindus about islam.

what is u'r real name?

Reveal your real name Mr.Muslim.

Raja Singh signals trouble ahead of Bakrid

Any slaughter that violates laws is HARAAM - it will never be considered as an act of sacrifice, rather it is a forbidden act. As citizens, we have to abide by laws and follow them to the t; only then our sacrifice would be accepted.
As regards Raja Singh and other criminals, they must be put behind bars for looting traders of livestock and trying to vitiate the atmosphere of the city and rural areas - what is the police doing in this regard, allowing such petty criminals to dictate terms to society?

Violating Allahs law is Haram

Whichever things Allah has permitted no force on earth can stop muslims to from doing it, regarding violating the law, by sacrificing caw we are not violating any law, tomorrow if they say don't to go masjid, don't wear Hijab, will you follow, brother this a never ending story, they just want to create trouble and derive political mileage out of this. Go to any beef shop in Hyderabad and secunderabad you see more Hindus then Muslims, you why the price of beef has gone up because the childrens of gaomata has started eating there mothers.

But there is no LAW preventing it

Indian Constitution does not stop us from sacrificing the cow, as it's not endangered. We are following the indian constitution to the "T" when it comes to sacrificing the cows....
Now you pooch and stooge of this scumbag scoundrel raja singh, go tell him to follow the Indian Constitution

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