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Rape cases on the rise in Hyderabad Old City

Sunday, 23 December 2012
Hyderabad, December 23:

The Old City in Hyderabad is seeing a steady rise in rape cases, worrying authorities who are planning several measures like improved policing and awareness drives to make women in the area feel safer. From juts nine cases of rape recorded in 2010, the numbers have jumped to 14 this year with a few days yet to go before Hyderabadis ushers in the New Year.

The rise in rape cases is worrisome at a time when thousands of denizens are out on the streets protesting against last Sunday's brutal gang-rape of a 23-year-old paramedical student, who was also beaten up along with her male friend, stripped of their clothes and thrown out of a moving bus in New Delhi.

Police in Hyderabad and the entire state have been put on alert and asked to increase patrolling near women's colleges, hostels and pubs.

The Hyderabad police commissionerate which is divided into four zones - north, east, west and south - had recorded 40 cases of rape in 2010 out of which nine were from the Old City, 54 in 2011 out of which 13 were registered with various police stations under Old City and 60 in 2012 out of which 16 complaints were lodged in 10 police stations in Old City limits. Of these 16, two were transferred to other police stations on the grounds of jurisdiction. Further, the largest number of cases were recorded in 2011 at Santoshnagar police station with four cases being reported between June and December.

Describing the pattern of rape cases, an officer said that most cases have an acquaintance of the victim as an accused. He added that cases are registered promptly as rape is no ordinary offence and said investigations have to be thorough so as to bring the accused to justice.

Revealing the details of one such case, he said a 16-year-old model from Bandlaguda was allegedly raped by her brother-in-law and a case was registered at the Kamatipura police station in May this year.

In another case, which was reported at the Hussaini Alam police station in September, a woman alleged that her husband had raped their two-year-old daughter. According to sources, the case is still under investigation because the police suspect that the could be fake as the woman was 'unhappy' with the husband and wanted to get even with him.


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uss ladki ka naam shehnaz tha????

guys have u ever seen a burka clad women being raped??? mai apna example dungi jab mai burka nahi pehanti thi mjhe bht ladkon ne cheda tha yahan tak k ghar tak picha kiya tha... But soon I started practising Islam and wore burka you know what no one ever bothers look at me, I am safe and its such a relief...
Apni izzat apne hath me hai dunya jo kare mujhe meri izzat or paki se pyar hai or mai hifjat karti hun iski or mai apni islami behno ko b yehi mashwara dungi... Mere sath bht kuch hua tabi me keh rhi hun..

Indian men are savages

now the whole world knows that !

kitne batein sunte ki ab


ZAk aur siasat wale roz kitne galian sunre logon ke ...hahahahahahaa....yeh log khud apne pair per kulhadi marlere...MIM ke against news bol bol ker khud ko zaleel karlere ...hahahaha..Allah taala inko inhi ke hatho zaleel karrahe hain...beshak Allahu khairul Makireen (Allah is the best planner).

It is a mental sickness

No doubt women should be properly dressed to be safe but men should also learn to respect them as their sisters and mothers are also women.....raping is a mental sickness as burqa clad women are also raped.....and those beasts should be hanged publicly....and moreover rapists are NOT MEN AT ALL...as a mans duty and responsibilty is to protect a womans life and her dignity.....the mindset ofpublic must be changed and time to stop argumnts and bring a real change inthe society......

It is a mental sickness

No doubt women should be properly dressed to be safe but men should also learn to respect them as their sisters and mothers are also women.....raping is a mental sickness as burqa clad women are also raped.....and those beasts should be hanged publicly....and moreover rapists are NOT MEN AT ALL...as a mans duty and responsibilty is to protect a womans life and her dignity.....the mindset ofpublic must be changed and time to stop argumnts and bring a real change inthe society......

It is a mental sickness

No doubt a woman should be properly dressed to be safe but raping is a mental sickness....they are not men at all who rape a woman as a mans duty and responsibility is to protect a woman,her life,dignity...but there are instances where burqa clad women are also raped...so these beasts hould be hanged publicly....and total mindset of public must be changed and men should be taught to respect womankind as their sisters and mothers are also women.....time for a real change but not just arguments!!!!!

It is a mental sickness

No doubt a woman should be properly dressed to be safe but raping is a mental sickness....they are not men at all who rape a woman as a mans duty and responsibility is to protect a woman,her life,dignity...but there are instances where burqa clad women are also raped...so these beasts hould be hanged publicly....and total mindset of public must be changed and men should be taught to respect womankind as their sisters and mothers are also women.....time for a real change but not just arguments!!!!!

Junaidi, you are right

Junaidi, you are right




Sab jhoot hai

Burayi har jagah hai ... thali ek hath se nahi bajti ...pottiyan serials and films dekh ker shaitani kapde pahenre aur pottey bawa ke baher ke paise lutare..haram maal se seejha hui aulad aur kia karegi...haram kaam hi karegi...fir bhi old city is 100 times better than new city..siasat wale MIM ke against jo mila woh bolre ...new city mein rape cases zyada hai to wahan kyun zyada hai woh reason bolo na..ZAK ka ghar kia new city mein hai ..hamesha MIM ke peeche padhe hue hai siasat wale ...chahe kitna bhi zaher uglo aur kitni bhi koshish karlo fir bhi inshallah sare musalman ek hoker MIM ko hi vote denge aur is baar inshallah 20 se zyada MLA honge ....Allahu khairul makireen ....kafiron aur mushriko ke jaal se Allah humsare muslims ko bachaye ...rapes ki wajah bhi MIM wale hai kia ...hahahaha...ZAK aap paper mein films ke posters dalte ..english flims ke gande gande ..woh band karo pahle...paise milte bolke sab karne ke kaam karte siasat wale aur dusron ko ungli dikhate ...pahle khud ache hojao dusron ki burayee dikhane walon...Amma bawa ka kasoor hai..haram maal khilate aulad ko ..din bhar pottiyan TV dekhte ya fir online chatting karte..Allah ka shukar hai yahoo ke chat rooms band hogaye ...na namaz padhte na quran ..kia honga aisi nasal ka ....jinke ghar mein islami mahual hai woh log Allah se darte hai aur behaya kapde pahen ke road per matakte nahi ...nahi ghoorne wala bhi ghoorna bolke naye naye chamak chamak ke design ke burqa pahente...bawa bahar se paise bhejte...pottiyan chamka challo banke phirte...potton ko call karke mobile mein charge karao paise bolte..aise halath honge to kia rape cases nahi badhenge ....ladke jo namaz padhte hai woh aise kaam nahi karte ..bas haram maal se parwarish jiski hui hai woh hi hero banke awara kaam karta hai ....pahle ghar ka mahaul sudharna chahiye ..TV aur internet per bache kia karre dekhna chahiye ..

Are you frustrated that your

Are you frustrated that your dad doesn't earn much or doesn't work in any foreign country? Girls should have enough freedom to choose their clothing. Men hav no right to speak about how a female should dress unless a particular girl asks u fr a suggestion...Why is it that only girls should mold themselves evrytime be it in a society, family or wtever...Modesty lies within the heart of a person...there is no such clothing that can provoke a pure heart..Trust me I am a girl nd wen I wear jeans or skirts I hav no intention of gaining attention from anyone its just the way I like it..I like jeans over salwars nd I find them more comfortable..Its the mentality that has to be changed

Rahul : Abdicate.Leave all to Win All- The Bible

After the rape of SHAHNAZ in a moving bus in Delhi by 7 RSS/BJP volunteers, I am shocked. BJP is offering RTR (Right to Rape), RTK (Right to Kill) and RTL (Right to Loot)., against boring RTI/RTE offered by Congress. It is time to take a stand. Even if Congress loses 10 elections (str8) in a row. "What is morally wrong - cannot be politically right", said S. Radhakrishnan. The achilles' heel of the Congress Party is its DYNASTIC MODE. If it throws off its dynasty-tag.,and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi (a fine lady) and Mr. Rahul Gandhi (a gentleman) simply leave the party and politics, handing it over to OTHER INDIANS who believe in the idea of India., they can (and will) take the Hindutva bull by its horns and save the Idea of India.

sinful act

This girl went to picture and that too in night 9:30 PM with her boy friend itself is a sin and HARAAM. They were toghether without marraige, is it not a sin, what they have done in theatre was it not a sin.
This doesn't mean that those rapist are not guilty they should be killed no question in that.

Rape rape

this is all happening coz of RSS and BJP coverup .
With the communal sentiments RSS and BJP is covering and giving shelter to the GUNDAS and the people who is father unkown .
this this gundas and unknown son of fathe's playing as communal miscreants for BJP are doing this kind of activities misusing the power .
and this is the cause .

Why are our women hypocrites

Why are our women hypocrites: Our women adopted the west culture and want to wear skirt and intermingled with men, want equal rights then why cant our women accept the sexual assault, rape, teasing, flirting like a pleasure and part of life, where west do not take it in a wrong way.
Can any so called modern girl reply me this...when you want to be like a western girl then be in full cant complaint,

Western talk of women’s liberalization is nothing but a disguised form of
exploitation of her body, degradation of her soul, and deprivation of her honour.
Western society claims to have ‘uplifted’ women. On the contrary it has actually
degraded them to the status of concubines, mistresses and society butterflies
who are mere tools in the hands of pleasure seekers and sex marketeers

I request our Indian women do not follow west but follow your religion where it says you need to wear a veil and cover yourself and cannot be intermingled with men.

Women are responsible wearing such dresses

I read in picture aattached to this blog, My skirt is not responsible for your inability to control yourself, This is a slow poison injected in our womens from WEST and they have adopted their culture. The very first thing in a human's life is to obey the creator by following his insturctions not matter which religion he/she follows. I will quote few verses of Hinduism, Christianity where the women have to wear veil.
In Hinduism, Please refer RIGVEDA-BOOK #8 HYMN 33, VERSE-19 which states: BRAHMA has made you lady therefore cast down your eyes and don’t look up, put your feet together and let’s not wear a garments reveals what your VEIL conceals.

Please refer: MAHAVIR CHARITRA ACT # 2 PAGE -71 Which states: When Sri RAM, when he see’s PARSHURAM he tells SITA, PARSHURAM is our elder you cast thy eyes and draw the Veil.
In Christianity, Regarding Veil: where in Bible it says that If women doesn’t cover her hairs then her head shall be shaved off… believe me such stringent word.

In Islam, Many verses are their and Muslim women wear veil with proud but few sisters go astray and following foot steps of SHAITAN and non muslims,

In the rape case where the entire country voiced for hanging them to death is just a punishment which is 100% correct and shall be implemented BUT, BUT, BUT....

We need to make a society where recurrence of this shameful act is stopped, a big ???How, the only way to implement the Islamic law...If I write in detail everyone will say I am preaching Islam....Beleive me its the only solution.

Tens of thousands of rapes

Tens of thousands of rapes are reported each year in India, while many more go unreported because rape victims are often shunned and unable to marry. Even so, reports of rape are on the rise, up about 25 per cent in the past six years. Surveys have suggested that India is one of the most unsafe countries in the world for women.

The roots of the problem run deep in a conservative society that is having trouble adjusting to educational and economic advances by women, long confined to the home. Demographics also play a role, with half of India's population under 25 and female infanticide and the neglect of girls creating a growing gender imbalance. India's criminal justice system, which is riddled with incompetence, corruption and political meddling, seems unable to respond effectively.

(Heather Timmons contributed reporting)

© 2012, The New York Times News Service

East or West

East or West OLD City is the best ...
jiski jalri wo jaye banjarahills .
ALL FAke news .


It is heard that one girl

It is heard that one girl was stuck at 12 midnight and called up 44222222,a cab with a female driver came and picked her up,while on the way the cab developed problem,cab driver called maintenance,two men came to repair the cab,both were drunk it seems,it so happened that the two drunk men raped both,the female cab driver and the girl who had called up the cab-so, girls be prepared.!She was wearing 'RED SKIRT'

Delhi Rape Case

Did any one asked the couple in Delhi Rape case, what were the couple doing in the empty buss with 4 to 5 Drunken gunda's. I m sure the girl was wearing very uneasy cloths and they were kissing each others or mey be the girl was sitting on the boy. Find out delhi police???????????

Shame on you siasat! Rape

Shame on you siasat!

Rape increased in old city? Can you show me how many rapes happen in old city. How many do you report on daily basis. Have some shame before pointing fingers are one particular part of the Hyderabad.


I felt, always Siasat try isolate "OLD CITY", and try to portrait "OLD CITY" as no law and order place, good & bad every where, there are some places in both cities where immorality is on peak.

Shame on you siasat! Rape

Shame on you siasat!

Rape increased in old city? Can you show me how many rapes happen in old city. How many do you report on daily basis. Have some shame before pointing fingers are one particular part of the Hyderabad.


people with no human values and self control perform such hideous acts of crime. the more u suppress its going to bounce back. kindly wear shorts and thongs and roam on streets after a while no 1 will be interested even if u go out naked.... try to put a decent attire in public or if u really want to expose ur self then take picture and upload it on internet or just pose for some national tv reporter the entire country can see u ....PUBLIC PROPERTY!!!!


Request everybody to pray 2 rakat nafeel & pray for our shariah sister. This is the last status of imaan that atleast v have prayed for her & her friend. The upper status is v would have killed that 7 rapists as pigs on the roads.

Allahuma Khair.

reply to shehnaz

Wow! great asking to pray for boy friend with out marriage.

Wo skirt bi kaiku

Wo skirt bi kaiku pehanti ma .....kaiku ehsan karti hum pe skirt pehan ke ....lange phir na. koi bhi nahi chuyega tumko.

Female responsible for rapes - a bitter fact

I request humbly all my dear respected ladies to sit silently in a room and think seriously, R they themselves not responsible for the rapes. Dont jump. Read carefully, if you put on revealing clothes even if a tight jeans and t-shirt, any man gets tempted as man is made weak this is how wer are made by the God. Ask yourself, do u get tempted upon seeing a man in jeans and T-shirts more than the men looking the opposite way around. Secondly, the media is to be blamed. AGain if u analize and evaluate the Star channel seriously or other channels, who is behind the screen example to provoke men with illicit affairs and clothings, or so called real dramas etc,, surely ppl like Ekta kapoor, Mira nair, shabana azmi for Fire etc etc... and then no rule of any censorship in india (though a woman asha parekh was given this responsibility again a woman). Adult films in the morning shows are almost full even with school kids at times. So, finally why do u only blame men. I m not defending these culprits who did the worst thing on earth. In fact, they should be either made impotent and paraded before the cameras of all the TV channels or cut their heads as the law does in Saudi Arabia. Belive me if this law is enforced, 99% of rapes will come to an end.
Now, evaluate yourself if you are neutral and secular and educated lady, look at the census and tell me how many bukhra clad women were raped in 2012 against the non-burkha sisters. Dont consider this as a preaching technique of islam but you would get your own questions answered w/o going to any parliament or judiciary panel. So, my respected ladies (i being a young man), appeal you all to fight for strict cencorship, stopping of adult materials in the market, stop your fellow women to stop wearing revealing clothes, then u would see the results by yourself.... we dont need any parliament bills to be sactioned or any judiciary panel to sit and debate of it.

M sorry but you are an IDIOT..

First you answer my question that how many Muslim families will report rape cases? I am a Muslim girl who has been eve teased several times, been touched 'accidently' infinite times and YES I do wear hijab nd nor do I wear jeans as I belong to a conservative family...so tell me is this also my mistake? Is not showing my face not enough for guys with a narrow mind like yours? Wtelz do u men want us women to do? Wrap ourselves in a black cloth that it becomes so suffocating that we die? Grow up for God's sake..


Well said young man!

I totally agree with you!

All the laws in the world will not prevent a horse from leaving the stable if the door is left open.

Yes punishments should be enforced but for heaven sake do not create opportunities.

Rape cannot be undone even if you kill the rapist.

Respected ladies - prevention is first line of defense .

Death Punishment for the one who raped woman

Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah.

Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu..

Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim

Mafhum-e-hadith: Aurat ke saath zabardasti Badkari ( Rape) karney par Saza-e-Maut
(Death Punishment for the one who raped woman)

Wail ibn Hujr Radi Allahu Anhu se rivayat hai ki Rasoollallah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam ke zamaney mein ek aurat namaz keliye nikli raastey mein ek addmi unse mila aur usney us aurat ke saath zabardasti badkari ki ( yani uska rape kiya) , to Aap Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam ne us shaksh ko Sangsaar yani Rajam karney ka hukm diya
( yani usey zameen aadha daalkar tab tak paththar marey jaye jab tak wo mar na jaye)
Sunan Abu Dawud, Vol3, 973 ( Hasan)

Comment: Aaj bahut se mulk rape ke liye maut ki saza ki demand kar rahey hain magar islam ne ye saza 1400 saal se bhi pahley muqarrar kar di hai.
Ek aalim se kisi ne kaha tha ki islam mein aeisee saza kyu hai to aalim na kaha ki agar tumahri beti ya bahan ya biwi us victim ki jagah ho to tum kya saza recommend karogey.
English translation:
Narrated Wa'il ibn Hujr Radi Allahu Anhu When a woman went out in the time of the Prophet peace be upon him for prayer, a man attacked her and overpowered (raped) her. The prophet peace be upon him said: Stone him ( Rapist) to death.
Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 38, #4366 (Hasan)

Comments: Now a day many of coutries are demanding Death punishment for the one who Raped Woman, islam has already Implemented this punishment before more than thousand year, No doubt that Islam has the ultimate solution for All problems.

Only Solution

The only solution to decrease the crime rate anywhere in the wolrdd is to implement the sharia law of Islam and kick the so called israel sponsored human rights terrorists. The governement cannot implement these laws as it will show the world how Islam can be effective and true and the Jews dont want Islam to take the credit. The momment India implements these laws USA(israel) will start targetting India for Human rights and the governement is too selfish to risk this.

Well Said

That is the real truth ! And that is the reason why rapes crimes in Saudi, UAE, Iran etc are very low compared to US, India etc.



Old city is being mired with baseless statements.

Old city recorded 9 case in 2010 and in 2012 it is 14, there is a jump of 5 cases,South Zone is biggest area in the city, thickly populated,wholesale markets,historical places,the floating public is more in south zone than any other zone,daily wage earners, construction labors,raw material suppliers are more in this area,the migration of skilled and unskilled labors from Bihar, UP,Rajasthan,have made their homes in old city, due to lower rents and easy availability of day to day needs, in such a scenario there is a chance of few numbers of heinous crimes going up,simply painting all old city as crime infested area is ridiculous and uncalled for,in the other three zones, prostitution,drunken driving, speeding,robberies,white collar crimes,thugs,organized crimes are more comparing to South zone, why this is not highlighted,why only an exaggerated figures of rape is being highlighted and painting old city as crime infested area, old city is one of the best place to live in,old city residents are peace loving,happy going, it is the outsiders who commit all nonsense and bring disrepute to old city.

old city

are howle siasat wale tere ku 40 case nahi dikhere khali 9 case dikhre oldcity ke new city ke caseo ke bare main kyoun bolra.main manto old city main bhi ghalt hura lekin khali nishana old city kyoun hameshaa janab.KYOUN KE MP KI SEAT KE LIYE.

aurat ki izzat khud aurat ke

aurat ki izzat khud aurat ke haath mei rehti, jitna chupaogi utna safe rahogi, samajh aaya kuch beghairat....................... skirt pahenti kate ****

well said

hahaha...sahi bole aap bhai,aaj une skirt painthe fir kaal mini skirt painthe fir thode dino ke badh besharam hoke nangee ghomthe

Verify and print

This is fake news.
Muslims don't rape.
If they feel like having sex,they marry as they marry 4 times.

wht r u talking... u idiot

Wht r u talking u idiot. Who said that muslims are raping. Read the news properly first.

The victim of gang rape in

The victim of gang rape in delhi was not wearing a SKIRT and more over her boy friend(bodyguard)was with her.

We, men also should protest

We, men also should protest against the 'harassment by fake dowry cases'




Rahul Uncle did not come out openly to declare that the 7 rapists who raped and killed Shahnaaz in a moving bus in Delhi were RSS/BJP workers. That RSS is the world’s largest terrorist organisation., that it is training bombers at Bhonsale Training School, Nagpur (which is a terrorist-factory).

Rahul could have pitched his case and said : “If any woman votes for BJP., it means she wants to get raped herself (she would not mind it)”. SO any woman who has any ASMITA (SELF RESPECT) would not vote BJP. Connect or tie BJP / RSS with the Rapists.. and BRAND B.J.P. as a PARTY OF “RAPISTS” AND “MURDERERS”.

There is a background. A long list from 1947-2012. Take some high points (people get bored when the list islong).. just a few 1992 Mumbai.. 2002 Gujarat.. some major riots.. and now Delhi. Keep it simple and brief so that it registeres on the mind of the masses.


Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, a fine lady, is ill. Mr. Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Uncle) is not capable to grasp the pulse of the masses. He is treating GOI as a Seminar. This is India. You have to fight Narendra Modi and Mamata Bannerjee on the STREET.

YOU NEED TO BE A STREET-FIGHTER TO LEAD INDIAN POLITICS. You cant be a coy drawing-room politician speaking thru TV / Press Releases. No one reads the printed word. People see the SPOKEN WORD.

But the Congress is silent. (I knew the rape victim was Muslim, the day i heard the news). How did i reach the conclusion :

1. Sushma blared – and then went into silent mode
2. Modi didnt say a word (because rapists were BJP/RSS members), otherwise he responds on twitter within 15 mins. (he / his RSS Marketing team i.e.).
3. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, a fine lady that she is, visits the victim.
4. BJP silent.

When i connected the 4 dots., i instantly told my friends : The victim is Muslim. This is not based on "Hunch". It is based on analysis. Connecting the dots. Reading the white.

NO MUSLIM COUNTRY (53 BASTIS HAIN) called.. or wrote.. or enquired about the rape of a muslim girl by 7 RSS workers in Delhi. What would have been the reaction of USA and Obama, had it been a Christian Girl ! What would have been the reaction of BJP/RSS., had a Hindu girl been raped by 7 Muslim boys in Dubai ?

What would have been the reaction of BJP/RSS., had the rape victim been Hindu (named : Smita)., and the 7 rapists Muslim !

They would have called for an All India Bandh today. That would have led to deaths of 50 innocent Indian Muslims, and property(ies) would have been burnt.

HINDUTVA IS NOTHING BUT RAPING MUSLIM WOMEN AND KILLING MUSLIM MEN. END RESULT IS : STEALING MUSLIM PROPERTY. They are theives, doffing safforn caps., out there to loot. Yeh looters hain. They have nothing to do with religion.

THE ONLY WAY TO GET THE MESSAGE ACROSS TO HINDU IS : DO NOT GIVE HIM MONEY. IF YOU GIVE HIM THE BUSINESS OF EVEN ONE RUPEE., IT IS TANTAMOUNT TO RAPING ONE'S MOTHER. STARVE THE HINDU OF MONEY. HE HAS NO MORAL FIRMAMENT. NO MORAL VALUES. MONEY IS GOD FOR HIM. HE CAN SELL HIS MOTHER FOR USD 20-. (this line was said in a US Court!, and rightly so). So do not do business with the Marwari. Giving one rupee's business to a marwari is tantamount to financing the rape of muslim girls ! Giving one rupee business to a marwari is tantamount to finance your own murder and the rape of your loved ones.

Dubai has surrendered its economy to Hindus., in return for old/expired prostitutes… This is the tragedy. Let alone taking the phone, and enquiring about the rape.. everyone is silent.


Gangrape victim is dead

instead of protesting the rss or else u do ur protest and comments on some other time.
Irrespective of victim religion total india youth and other stand with her for justice. this is the best example we never saw before.
please pray for the victim and she should see the convicts are punished.

Reply to Shehnaaz is dead

So true, I agree with your each & every word. Nice step to start as initial, we should boycott this communal haramees in this way. we should stop spending money thru them even v should not consider a small kirana shop. Sometimes the good have to survive in ruining the bad one's. So, 1st I take a firm decision that I will not buy anything from any hindu from anywhere in the world from now & from today & req. the whole ummah to do so. If v start this, again they will leak our feet.


Should we throw Hindu boys who are employed by us.
What about Muslim boys working for Christians,Hindus & non Muslims.

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