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Riot victims won’t get justice under Modi: Zakia

Wednesday, 5 December 2012
Washington, December 05:

Victims of the Gujarat riots will not get any justice if Narendra Modi becomes India's prime minister, the wife of a former MP killed by a violent mob in Ahmedabad a decade ago told US lawmakers, urging the Obama administration to continue denying visa to the Chief Minister.

"If he (Modi) succeeds to become the prime minister, my hopes for justice, along with the hopes of hundreds of thousands of Gujarat victims will be lost. I hope and pray that never happens," Zakia Jafri, wife of the former MP, Ahsan Jafri, said at the Capitol Hill on Tuesday.

"Your denial to change his (Modi's) persona non grata status is very vital to keep my hopes alive," Jafri said in her statement which was read out by her son-in-law Najid Hussain, while she was standing by his side.

Speaking on behalf of the Gujarat riot victims, Zakia and her daughter Nishrin Hussain urged both the US lawmakers and the Obama administration not to grant Modi a US visa.

"I know in my heart, Chief Minister Narendra Modi is responsible for the killing of my husband. I know when my husband asked for help he was told, 'Jafri you are on your own. Save yourself if you can'," she said.

"I also know Indian justice system may be slow, but it is robust. Had Chief Minister Modi resigned, or was removed from the office... The wheels of justice would have moved freely and swiftly.

"But instead of leaving the office, he doubled up on his grip on power and has done everything to obstruct and deny justice to the victims like myself," Jafri alleged.

Recounting the tragic hours of the day when her father was killed by the violent mob, Nishrin Hussain, who now is a US citizen, said, "I applaud the initiative of the Congresspersons in ensuring that the ban on Mr Modi's visa continues to stay in place."

"Maintaining the longstanding US policy on Narendra Modi's visa is important for the ongoing struggle for justice in Gujarat," she said.

Speaking on behalf of Coalition Against Genocide, Hyder Khan, said the recent conviction of a sitting member of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly, Mayaben Kodnani and indictment of Gujarat Minister Amit Shah, is actually a damning indictment of the Modi administration.

"Barring a handful of convictions, the hundreds of perpetrators who roamed the streets of Gujarat in February and March of 2002, killing, raping and destroying property continue to evade the law," Khan alleged.

Shaik Ubaid, one of the founders of the coalition said, "The revocation of Modi's visa by the US is the biggest impediment in Modi's grandiose plans for himself including becoming the prime minister of India".


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Congress is Responsible

The Judicary system in failed to protect Muslims and Congress participated with BJP in slaying of muslims and Islamic religious sites.

This mass murderer is now getting the status of a PM candidate. Shame on Hindu's who supported him and Shame on Government that is protecting him, Shame on the cult that he represents.

Hope TDP party muslim will

Hope TDP party muslim will try in this regard.


During riots 2002 gujarat chief minister n. modi ordered police keep quiet do not help FOR muslims what ever hindu's doing let them to do he is the biggest terroist & anti muslim who is seating on the chair of c.m ( KILLED THOUSANDS OF INNONCENT & POOR MUSLIMS ) During 2002 mruder & rapist OF MUSLIMS

Gujaratis should not be allowed in Hyd

These guju's who voted for modi, should not be allowed in hyderabad.

Don't Worry Mrs.Zakia Begum

Don't Worry Mrs.Zakia Begum this most hated person will never become PM even all the newspaper publish this foolish news or advertise on his favour.Look at other famous persons who are involved in destruction of Babri Masjed never became PM even they tried it's not in their hands the majority doesn't want hatred policy to succeed so be happy and pray for worst of these kind of country devis.

Nothing new for any wise

Nothing new for any wise educated Indian origin person to understand hate policies adopted in India since 1947 especially against Muslims as easy and soft target. Pave easily for anyone to either form a political party or to become a leader by speaking on the country partition and Pakistan. Gov't cannot ban such fascist political party like RSS, VHP and BJP for their sole agenda as hate campaign against Muslims and atrocities by their followers to gain cheap popularity among mass illiterates for survival. Spill venom against Muslims and adopt guidelines from Israel. Consequently the ruling Gov't politics and policies cannot take stern action by enforcing the law for the anti-communal hate and preaching. The proxy sympathy is like cutting the tree roots and watering on leaves to show so called secular democracy to the world. Entire political axis in India revolves on religious base. Question is why one should not do this for the end result one can see from country census and statistics. As there are very few secular minded bureaucrats who treat all as equal citizen but majority is also with politicized communal mind. So what, if Muslims riots in thousand have taken place since Independence to date and what is the outcome of conducted commission reports and inquires for justice. Nothing to date and what Mrs. Zakia Jaffery would get one has to wait and watch. Entire world knows the ethnic cleansing policies in India to cut and eliminate Muslims. No Gov’t dares to pass a parliamentarian law for stringent action on perpetrators of communal riots, no human rights if happened against Muslims. The discrimination at every step leave aside the economic front only for Muslims, so what if thousands of Muslim youths shoved behind the bars under false police charges, later been released, ruining their life. Who cares, no justice all the events incidents been viewed with biased ideology for only Muslims. There is no match when Mrs. Zakia Jaffery suffers for her rights with all evidences everyone knows; she is helpless because the criminal MODI has easily destroyed evidences using his power. BJP the political party is busy adopting guidelines as Israel doing towards Palestinians. History will record all these in justice towards Muslims however, this is not an end of world. It is the world history that, we have not learned lessons for the changes took place as of to date.

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