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Satanic healing: Infants treated by Pooja water

Monday, 4 March 2013
Hyderabad, March 04:

In a hut near State Central Library, Afzalgunj, a Pujari named Chandulal and his two sons claim to cure infants' ailments. At least 200 women were waiting for their turn carrying their infants in their lap. Shockingly out of the 200 women 180 were burqa-clad women. Chandulal chants some mantra, blows on the water and his sons give bath to the infants with that boiling water. If only they could speak, the poor infants would never forgive their mothers for this atrocious behaviour. This self-styled baba gives a betel leaf to the women to chew. He says the betel leaf contains some herbs. The mothers spit on the backs of their children after thoroughly chewing the betel, after which Chandulal breaks a coconut in the name of any goddess and then the hot water is poured over infants’ body. The screams of the children fill the atmosphere. These deviant women shamelessly put their religion at stake in the name of treating their children.

Chandulal begged not to publish the story and the photos in the newspaper. He told that he is doing this for 30 years. Infants who are physically weak are treated by chanting mantra for Rs 30. When asked why she is going after this satanic healing technique despite being a Muslim? A Muslim woman replied I know this is satanic healing but I am forced to do so because of my love for my child.

Abu Aimal

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Such Muslim women are mostly uneducated who have never read or understood any verse of the noble Qur'an. They follow superstition in the garb of cultural norms, not Islam. Depending on one's point of view so innocent or ignorant are they that they'll worship anything as a cure for the ill's of a loved one.

As we all know that Bharat is the home of superstitions where most myth's are born and basically everything is considered as being worthy of worship. Having a Muslim name is not enough for a person to be declared a believer in Allah(swt) when their actions contradict the very thing.

They are obviously oblivious to the meaning of "La illaha illilah", then again such people are easily tempted by Iblis! Had there been no such thing as iblis, shetan or dajjal the world would not be the mess it is!

Idiot reporter

I feel the reporter is idiot. There is no such thing as Satanic healing because there is no such thing as Satan. This is superstition. No child should be treated cruelly because of religious reasons, this is bad. Circumcision without anesthesia is also very painful for the child.


Circumcision if done should be done by a trained surgeon under proper conditions and under anesthesia.
Being done by religious idiot is unacceptable as a lot of children have serious problems and can lose their genitals due to infection.
These days even animal surgeries are done under anesthesia.

Sheilk ul islam and other function

Sheik ul islam and other functions for what purpose...where are those ALIMS..this is the time for Alims to come forward and stand where this baba's locations..and teach our muslim ladies..AND where are our AuliaAllahs ,peer and right guided fakir's..Do some thing for poor ladies..for the sake of Allah(saw) ...Allah(sub)protect us..with this (sorcerer) fitna..

It's love for child!

Guys, it's love for child.

It's obligation of educated Muslims to spread Islamic education

Muslim women instead of thinking through their problems, finding solutions and working on them, they are convinced by Sorcers that by visiting and imploring the priests and performing pujas their wishes will be granted or they will be cured. What a fraud ?

These illiterate women need to be given basic Islamic education and it is the responsibility of those who are watching this thing happen. If they fail to fulfil their responsibility Allah will ask them on the day of judgment why they did not stop this while they had power, money and time to do so.

Exploitation of poor by a sorcerer

It is exploitation of poor by a sorcerer. Why not Muslim ulema conduct educational sessions in these areas to educate these women about Quran and its genuine healing powers. What is happening is due to the negligence of Muslim scholars responsibility to spread Islamic education.







This has to be stopped...

Agar apna imaan bech diye tho...phir wo musalaman bhi kya musalman..

Agar aurtey jarahi hai ...tho Husbands ka farz bantha hai k aise shirq se rokey...
ALLAH hum sab musalamano ko hidayath de aur deen pe chalne ka jazba de...


My neighbours son had some skin problems for years.
@ visits to the baba cured him permanantly.
Just as Dua helps so does this treatment.

Satanic Treatment in Hyd Village

A brother wrote that Auto Wala or Rishawala in Islam we should not divide people by thier profession because our Prophet did odd jobs also if we point finger on downtrodden then we are insulting our prophet, so we can say Iman Wala ya Iman ki Kami vala.
We protest if a Mandir is built near charminar but does not see where our women folk are going and what they are practicing. This is purely the handiwork of our Ulema who are misguiding our people by telling the stories of Vali Allah and Baba’s instead of guiding them from Hadees and Quran. According to Ahle Hadees if a little space is given in Islam then the outcome will be what we are seeing today.
For clarifications on satanic healings kindly refer to the video on youtube - Jadoo aur uska Ilaaj - Iqbal salafi 1/2

Alla hu Akbar

isliye kehte hai ki quran ko samajh kar pado nahi to yehi haal rehta musalmanon ka. I urge all the muslims to read quran and understand the sayings of Allah S.W.T to the mankind then only inshallah all these crap will be vanished from our live. lekin humlog Jhande aur kunde mein itne masroof hogaye ki yehi cheez ko mazhab ka hissa bana liye. Jaag jaao bhaiyon aur behno before it get too late.

Shame on us

As a muslim I feel shame and it is shame for the whole society. No doubt mothers love their children that we cannot express in words but what about Allah (SWT) we are making Allah (SWT) unhappy. Is it fair?

La Ilmi.

Dear readers these things are happening in muslim society because of lack of knowledge of our Deen (The Islam). Actually it is our responsibility to teach our children our deen and the life of Islam first and then we have to opt for duniya ilm. It is very breaking news we come across in our daily life that muslims are getting deviated from our deen and following path of ghair deen. One can see our college going girls and boys have become so fahesi that they do not have fear of Allah and they openly having illicit relationship with opposite sex and these kind of illegal couples are found on every nook and corner leave aside cinema halls, parks, hotels, restaurants or fast food. This sin have reached to so much peak that now their boy friends and girl friends and freely moving in each other house in the presence of their parents. Allah give us understanding of our Deen and make us to be practical muslim. Ameen.


Please publish these photos ..........so that they will atleast fear for their dear ones.........I know only house maids / uneducated woman or wives of Autowalas/rickawalas would be going to these pandits.......First of all they never understood Islam....

Please publish the story and the photos of these burqa claded woman for few days then they would auto disappear and the people who publish the story and the photos will be rewarded by Allah (SWT) for stopping these burqa cladded woman to sell their faith.

Mano Ya Na Mano

If Muslim Women's visiting this baba since 30 years, what does it mean ? To be frank, Why do u visit doctor who could not cure your baby ? You know no one visit that doctor.
Here they are visiting means they are able to cure their infants because of these baba's blessings and prayers to god.
Regarding this only it was shown in "Mano ya no Mano"

This comments seems to be

This comments seems to be from KAFIR

Read about KUFR

Read about Fitna DAJJAL

bechare kya karsakte hamari

bechare kya karsakte hamari aurtey! The muslim men are jobless lot, what could they do ???

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