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Saudi prince buys $485 mn i.e. 3000 CRORES 'flying palace'

Sunday, 16 December 2012
Dubai, December 16:

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal will soon take delivery of the world's first customised A380 superjumbo, dubbed "the flying palace" for its luxury.

Alwaleed, estimated to be worth around $21.3 billion, has reportedly paid $485 million for the world's biggest private jet expected for delivery next year.

The A380 jumbo is believed to include four-poster beds, a Turkish bath, storage space for a Rolls-Royce, a boardroom, a concert hall, five suites with king-size beds, a prayer room featuring "computer generated prayer mats" which face Makkah and a lift between floors on all three levels.

Airbus Middle East president Habib Fekih confirmed on the sidelines of an aviation conference in Dubai that the aircraft would be delivered to the Saudi billionaire next year. "The A380 is planned for next year 2013," he said.

This is currently the only A380 luxury business jet on order but Fekih said he expected interest to grow.

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ISKO Modi Miyan kay hawaaley kar do. Modi is se itna kaam lega., kay iski saari charbee pighal jaayegi.

Sirf Daal aur 2 phulkey daily milenge. Aur subha 6 AM se raat 12 : 30 AM (Midnight) tak kaam marna non-stop. Warna zinda jalaa dega Modi., gyaas kaa tel daal kay.

if u want to see his life ,


kaiku jalre

Are kaiku Jalre. G mein dum hai to us se zyada kamaker dikhao. Jo log criticize karre unkI kuch personal dushmani dikhri.

Saudi provides employment to millions of Muslims. Thank you so much.

Dear, Saudi Governments

Dear, Saudi Governments provides employment not only to Muslilms but Millions of Non Muslims are working in Saudi Arabia and helping their families back in their country...

Saudi Arabia is the only country where you will find people coming for Job from all parts of the world.

Hats to Saudi Arabia, May Allah bless Saudi Arabia Always.....


here few are mutawas rest are jealous and have burned their ass with saudi's

sharif maa ki aulad

sharam aayegi ek musalman ko. usko sharm zaroor ayegi JO 1500 RIYAL KAAME KE ISE UDA RAHA HA, HUM KUCH KAM NAHI



Prince Waleed Charity

my salary is SAT 2300

my salary is SAR 2300 BUT I HAVE TO SPEND 5,00,000 RUPEES ON MY SISTER
that is 2005 of my earning we are no different. duffers

if u want to see his life ,

if u want to see his life , pls go to youtube and type waleed bin sultan.
and then see. sharam aayegi ek musalman ko.jo sharif maa ki aulad hai usko sharm zaroor ayegi.


you never complain on antalia or jagan's corruption money etc

no problem

our ancestors have spend millions on cat marriages, look at the history of Hyderabad,

Ayyassh Haramzade

Salon paisa hona gadi kauli ladki hona bas saalon ke zindagi yahi hai kutte mazhab se bahot door hai haram zade

3rd class man

In USD 400 MM - Rajat Gupta (of McKinsey, now he is in Jail in the USA, Goldman Sachs insider trading - thats another matter) established Indian School of Business at Manikonda, Hyderabad.

In USD 485 MM - this idiot - Waleed - whatever - has bought a plane - where he will fu** in the air. By the by, he is around 70 yrs old - so he cant do anything even in air. But he can watch LIVE shows and performances [acts] by young boys in the airplane.

The money is the same. It is the difference on how you use it, that determines your stature. In USD 400 MM you can build an ISB. Or you can buy an Airplane. Unfortunately, Muslims love the nice things of life and go for immediate joy.

It is his money

It is his own money, he can buy whatever he likes. Counting the brands he owns around the world, one cannot stop praising this Man's ability to run a huge business empire. Ofcourse, he spends in charity as well.

not his hard earned money

you fool it is not his hard earned money...its being pumped from oil fields..which is a national resource and belongs to the public of his country
..if some day in your house some oil well is discovered..immediately u r thrown out by government of india..bcoz its national resource...

It is his money and

It is his monies and he can do any thing what ever he want, either drink, dance, attend a concert, any thing we should be praying for him, that was Royal Maulana was telling us, he say they are free from all "GUNAHA", even the wine they take convert into holy Ganga water,if he lost some monies in gambling, try to pray to Shaitan that he win next time, and by the way he just following his great late uncle the champion of Las Vegas, who too lost and that time the Darbari Mullha came to received him in Jeddah airport, as if he coming from any holy place, all these talk was told to us by our Shahi and Deeni Maulana, he told that they are caliphs of the time, as we know there were 384 till the time of Atta Turk of Turkey, today I learn some thing from the Royal Maulana, and left the Mosque, as it became too tight to breath.


we don't have right to criticise a muslim brother without any proof. as per my knowledge in saudi it is mandatory for a citizen to give 2.5% of zakat for every buisness man so he is paying his least charity and we don't know how much charity he is giving other than 2.5% thats why may be allah subhanahu wa ta'ala is giving him more wealth.rest he will answer heareafter for the wealth he is spending

Every wealthy adult Muslim must give 2.5% of his or her wealth in charity every year. Allah says: "O you who believe! Spend out of what We have given you" (2:254). This is the least charity a Muslim must give every year.

To benefit from the charity you give it is important to keep certain things in mind that will lead to good in this world the next.

What about US

The U.S Government gives more than aid to Muslim nations around the world than all Islamic nation put together. Especially Africa and Asia - even when they do not have to follow Zakat. They will send soldiers to save Muslims in Bosnia. They will send soldiers to save Muslims from their own dictators. They are friends of Saudi, Kuwaiti, Bahrain, UAE and host of other Middle east nations but still hated for What! Not ignoring Muslim butchers kill other Muslims and you justify buying planes by another "muslim brother". This same Muslim brother will also have an harem... I guess as long as he pays 2.5% Zakat everything is fine - right?


wine,woman,wealth,waleed. thats his life.allah rahem kare in saudi kutton par.


stop nonsense talking barking,,,,

how much do you pay in charity ????

As far as i know this business man runs lot of charitable trusts all over the world.

you are criticizing him but are you paying your zakat every year ???? ask your self how much you are paying in charity.

pointing fingures on others is very easy but no one does self assesment.

please talk in sense man

dont blame saudi people.there are so many indian are working here and muslim people are giving good education to their childrens because of there good earning in saudi arabia.In saudi life is safe you can roam any time with your family nobody can touch or see your family.what do want man.here good hygenic food and water you get.Apart from that you get deen aur duniya.you cant say all people are bad people.in evry community and nation there are blacksheep people.You should be good to others first.

Phir saudi ma jhakmarane hai

Phir saudi ma jhakmarane hai kya jaoo na. Salee khate pite sab idar aur phir galiyaa.

Guys Please Stop................!!!

Dear Readers,
Please stop commenting okkkk .................... Agar aap log kay paas bhi itna paisa aagaya na toh aap log bhi apni luxury ka hi soochtay ......... So I request to all the readers don't comment negatively ........ Aap log pehley apnay giraybaan mein dekhlo ki aap kya karr rahein hai apney muslamaan bhai aur behno kay liye .................. Think twice before commenting.....!!!

who knows

who knows be might be giving large sum of amount in charity...when ppl buy something it gets news and when they give something in charity it does'nt get the mention in news articles and i guess that is good for him..and before pointing out at others first look at urself and then comment how much help u r doing to ur fellow muslims.

he got the money

this guy is worth probably 200 times more than what they are saying. He pretty much owns little bit of every company in the world.


Your money...your wish,,,,, Others,if you want to enjoy...work hard-earn-save. Don't think about other things except for your family.

Show off and lack of islamic knowledge

Waleed and his wife ameera both are psychiatric they need some treatment and they need some islamic knowledge

Psychiatic is someone who

Psychiatic is someone who treat mental disorder. May be you mean to say that both are Psychos.

Saudi Buys Flying Palace

The prophecy is that when the End Times happen even Saudi will face destruction with the Ka'aba being destroyed, there will be a fire from Yemen that forces everyone to flee and migrate north. During that time the dajjal will be in power ruling the world, Waleed will need to go someplace, the Airbus will be able to transport him and his family anywhere quickly and he needs that. He has the money, there is nothing wrong with him spending it for that purpose. He may have to live on the plane for awhile,and he planned the space so that there is room for his children too.

shame for-

its completely foolishness of waleed,how many muslim children are becoming orphan everyday,millions of muslim girls without marriages/how many muslim dying with diseases without money,etc in the world,instead of helping to muslim ummah enjoying personal life.but very short period inshallah

kaiku jalra re itta

kaiku teri jalri re bhai itttta.... unay plane kharida to teku kaiku itti jalan hori . tu bi kharidle koi roke kya teku.

jaande sahi ka plane nahi kharid sakta tu to ek chup chup ka toy plane kharid leke khush hoja. woich kar sakta tu khali malum meku.

Itta kaiku KACCHARA karrain

Itta kaiku KACCHARA karrain yaaro

Kya Jal Jal ke comments

Kya Jal Jal ke comments likhre re. Jal Jal ke marjarain

Kya Jal Jal and

That was same even with Kharoon, and Shadadath told, both want to create a heaven on this earth, at that time too people with little or no knowledge comments like you and later is the history for you to learn.

Buying Death

once he encounters death or goes sick (no treatment disease) then let's see who else can help him beside ALLAH (SWT). verily ALLAH (SWT) never likes excess spending persons.

The justifications

As usual cheap show off, name Waleed, so the actions too, all tainted figures of Holy Islam, wait and watch what the Almighty and wise has store for all these shady characters, who are hell bend to destroyed Holy Islam from with in, crimes, killings of innocent, hard working Muslims, and on the banner written boldly that "Allah is one and Holy Prophet is the Rasool", take the case of Syria, daily killings, blowing of schools, killings of innocent kids, the words recited loudly before committing the crime is Allahau Akbar, Allhahu Akbar, what a tragedy of the ummah, and the silence of the Mullahs, Khateebs, all paid by Royalties to keep there mouth shut and even to justified these unholy acts, these shameless acts.

**** ku sharam nahi hai 3000

**** ku sharam nahi hai 3000 crore ka plane khareedne. bhukke marre logan.
take off hote hi plane burst hojata dekh

Marne ke baad poora ek ek

Marne ke baad poora ek ek paise ka jawaab dena padta. kitne log bhooke sote - somalia ke haal dekho burma mein muslims ko khana nahi hai paani nahi hai..... is sub ko nazar-andaaz karke flying palace kareeda teri maa ki ^&%&^**&& beghairat teri janti ku &(&(*(*)(

Duniya tere liye Jannat


Allah ne tere liye duniya mei jannat de di hai aur aakhiraat mei tu pasne wala hooo.
kitne gareeb momin log ko faida milega agar yeh paisa unki Bukh mitane, Saar pe chaath aur bahoot kuch....

Waste of money

How many poor it could have served at?

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