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Thursday, 13 December 2012
December 13:

1. Committing Sins And Not Feeling Any Guilt.

2. Having A Hard Heart (no sign of mercy and petty when it comes to own benefit/loss).

3. Being Materialistic.

4. Feeling Too Lazy To Do Good Deeds, e.g. Being Late For Salat

5. No Desire To Read The Quran.

6. Neglecting The Sunnah.

7. Having Mood Swings, For instance Being Upset about petty things and bothered and irritated most of the time.

8. Not feeling anything when hearing verses from the Quran, for example when Allah warns us of punishments and His promise of glad tidings.

9. Finding difficulty in remembering Allah and making dhikr.

10. Not feeling bad when things are done against the Shariah.

11. Desiring status and wealth.

12. Being mean and miserly, i.e. not wanting to part with wealth.

13. Feeling pleased when things are not progressing for others.

14. Not concerned with whether something is haram or halal.

15. Making fun of people who do simple good deeds, like cleaning the mosque.

16. Not feeling concerned about the situation of Muslims.

17. Not feeling the responsibility to do something to promote Islam.

18. Becoming engrossed and very involved with dunya, worldly things, i.e. feeling bad only when losing something in terms of material wealth.

19. Becoming engrossed and obsessive about ourselves.

20. Not thinking of making the children get succesa in Aakhirah.

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What are the Solutions then?

As-Salaam-u Alaikum,

I really liked your Article, it was nicely written with good points made, some of them hit home, thank you. I would like to request you though, if possible could you also post the solutions to these problems? ie. If you could also post what could be done to correct these problems?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your Brother in Islam



Jazakallah khayr

Thanks a lot for posting such a informative knowledge.

Jazakallah khayr



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