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Sri Lanka police stand by as Buddhist extremists attack Muslim-owned store

Friday, 29 March 2013
March 29:

An angry mob of hundreds of people, led by Buddhist monks, attacked a warehouse belonging to a Muslim-owned clothing chain in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo on Thursday. This comes as Buddhist hardliners ramp up their campaigns against Muslims’ lifestyles.

The scene was eerily reminiscent of attacks on Muslim-owned stores throughout the past week in Burma. One video shows a monk throwing a rock at a security camera in front of the warehouse, as policemen look on and the mob erupts into cheers.

The warehouse belongs to Fashion Bug, a popular clothing chain that operates stores throughout the country. The attackers yelled insults against Muslims throughout the attack. Several people were injured, including the warehouse’s manager and journalists trying to cover the incident.

Muslims make up about 9 percent of Sri Lanka’s population, making them the third largest group after Sinhalese Buddhists and Tamils. During the long civil war that pitted Buddhists against Tamils, Muslims kept a low profile. Four years after the end of the war, they are now being targeted by increasingly vocal Buddhist hardliners, who call for their followers to boycott Muslim-owned businesses and recently pressured the government into getting rid of “halal” labels on food.

The most prominent of these emerging hard-line Buddhist organisations is Bodu Bala Sena (BBS), which translates to “Buddhist Power Force”. On Friday, it issued a statement saying that it had nothing to do with the attack against Fashion Bug’s warehouse. During a massive rally two weeks ago, BBS’s general secretary accused Fashion Bug, as well as another Muslim-owned clothing chain called No Limit, of forcibly converting Buddhist employees, and alleged that “harems [of Buddhist female employees] are being created” by Muslim store managers. Galabodaaththe Gnanasara also said: “We are not asking anyone to go and stone these places and attack them. […] Let’s solve this through discussion.”

“People in the crowd tried to grab my mobile phone to stop me from filming”

Azzam Ameen is a journalist in Colombo. He lives near the Fashion Bug warehouse, and arrived on the scene shortly after the mob started attacking it.

There was a crowd of about 500 people, led by about a dozen monks. They were throwing stones at the glass building, sending glass shattering. Clothes from inside the building had already been strewn all over the street. About 25 to 30 policemen were on the scene, but were clearly overwhelmed.

Most of the crowd was made up of young men, in their early twenties or even younger. Many of them were shouting epithets against Muslims. I asked one guy why he was there – he said that a Buddhist girl had been raped by a Muslim man, that she was inside the building and that the police wouldn’t rescue her. [This did not turn out to be true.]

“I don’t know where the attackers got all these large stones from”

I took out my phone to film the scene, but people yelled at me and tried to grab my phone. Camera crews soon arrived; monks tried to stop them, but they managed to get into the building to film the damage. However, when they came back out, people threw stones at them. I don’t know where they got all these stones – they were rather large. I took one of the injured cameramen to the hospital; he had to get three stitches. A man I met there, who had also been injured, told me that the crowd had first attacked a Muslim-owned shop not far from the warehouse, right next to his house; mistaking him as being Muslim, they threw stones at him, too.

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This is a small, poorly

This is a small, poorly cited example of extremism, on behalf of buddhists. Not to mention, they were throwing rocks at a building (as opposed to rocks at a person until they are dead). The examples in Myanmar are government based on their violent dictatorship, and NOT theocracy. In Islam, leaving the religion is an offense PUNISHABLE BY DEATH, and that is not even something moderate muslims tend to refute.

Come on guys, no disrespect to you guys personally, and I have many great friends who are Muslim, but Islam is anything but non-violent. Don't ignore the elephant in the room. I have read the Quran. Don't try to justify the institutionalized violence in countries around the world by comparing it to this.

Truth is coming out

Now we came to know why chinese are kicking on **ses, these budhist monkeys are terrorists. Its time to kick the lama's out of india.


ISLAM is the only religion in the world which guarantees the minority rights,protection and tolerance which cannot be seen in other religions. there is no example in the history when a muslim ruler organized a killing ofunarmed people of other religions, destroying their properties etc. gujarat and myanmar are the examples of majority of other religions killing minorities of followers of islam.

Attack on Buddhis

Muslims should gear up and start attacing of Buddhits anywhere in the world including INDIA . Muslims should not keep quite now ... Buddhis should attack and kill now .

Pak should stop this

Pakistan had helped Sri Lanka defeat the LTTE movement otherwise the country would have been divided and the SL govt. is very thankful of Pak's help. So Pak should now ask SL to stop voilence against Muslims.

who told you?

who told you?

Buddhism religion of anti Violence????

So hence proved Buddhism is not any anti violence religion, they proved it in Myanmar and now in Srilanka, then for what reason our Hussain sagar is desecrated with these figures...
O ALLAH Give us strength to be patient and on hidayath to tackle these and more worse situation on Ummah

Proud to be a Muslim

Islam is the religion of peace... Unfortunately, this kind of provocative actions by other religions temp Muslims to be misguided and take revenge; due to such act innocent human being are suffering and crushed... And they say Muslims are terrorist... Now where are world leaders who do not miss a chance to talk against Muslims, do they not witness what is happening in Sri Lanka and they dare to call Muslims "A Terrorist".

Avoid politics in Religion, if you want to look for peace, read Quran with translation and you will realize what Islam teach to Muslims, it is only peace and not war unless your action of massacre and killing innocents...

Wake-up before it is too late and lets all live in Peace In sha Allah...

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