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Sushma Swaraj's oratory skills like Vajpayee's: Advani

Sunday, 3 March 2013
New Delhi, March 03:

In a boost to party leader Sushma Swaraj, senior party leader L. K. Advani Sunday compared her oratorical skills with that of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

In his concluding remarks at the BJP national council meeting, Advani lauded the speeches of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh Chief Ministers Narendra Modi and Shivraj Singh Chouhan but lavishly praised the speech delivered by Sushma Swaraj, the leader of opposition in Lok Sabha.

Modi, who is seen by many in the party as a possible prime ministerial candidate, had spoken in the morning session after Chouhan. Sushma Swaraj spoke towards the afternoon.

Quipping that he got a complex about his ability to speak after listening to Vajpayee, Advani said Sushma Swaraj created the "same complex" in him.

"I tell her that you create this complex in me," he said.

Also commending the content, he said he felt there was no need for him to speak as she had summed up the deliberations very succinctly and effectively.

"She has analysed why we lost in some states, where there was a hat-trick, where there is likely to be hat-trick and where we could not win," Advani said.

Sushma Swaraj is also seen as a contender in the party as a possible prime ministerial candidate. She has been backed by BJP ally Shiv Sena for the role.

There has been demand from sections of the party for projecting Modi as prime ministerial candidate.

Modi hogged the limelight at the two-day meet as workers cheered loudly every time his name was taken. He was given a standing ovation for his hat-trick victory in Gujarat and his speech was also received with loud cheers.

Sushma Swaraj in her speech hailed Modi's victory and said similar hat-trick was expected in Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh which will go to the polls later this year.


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Advani ka baap

Advani meri najayez aulad hai, isiliye woh terrorist hai, yehi advani hai jo rath yatra nikala tha aur isi ki vajah se babri masjid shaheed hui, main musalman bhaiyon se appeal karta hoon, apne apas ke ietelafat door karo, sunnat jamaat, tablighi jamaat, jamat e islami, koi bhi ho, pehle hum muslim hai, aur hamara dushman ek hai, toh mere bhai, tablighi jamaat mein jaana band karo, dargahon par jana band karo, kuch karna hai to aisa kaam karo ki duniya tum par faqr karey, jaise ki musalmano ke dushmano ka safaya karo, modi, togadia, advani, uma bharti in sabse badla lo aur insaf ki jeet ho.

Saffron Terrorism: RSS/Bajrang Dal/BJP Axis of Evil

Terror is an age old weapon of Hindutva terrorists. Now as Dalits are rising economically and politically due to reservations in education and jobs, desparate Brahmins are increasingly venting their frustration on defenseless minorities. Throughout history of Indian continent, Brahmins who could not prevail either by persuasion or by example have resorted to maligning Islam and the Indian Muslims through their terror militant organizations / outfits and splinter groups with criminal background operating under the guise of social organizations namely RSS, Bajrang Dal, Shiva Sena, Mukti Bahini, etc., and in many instances by insinuating the low caste Hindu mobs against Muslims. Although they have caused large scale harm to Muslims financially, physically and psychologically they failed to break the will of Indian Muslims - either because Indian Muslims are not afraid to die for a life worth living, or because the Saffron terrorists themselves came to realize that free Muslims cannot be frightened by threats, ORGANIZED VIOLENCE and aggression.
RSS has taken a page from Nazis of Hitler and modeled the organization after fascist philosophy and indoctrinated Hindu youth since its inception.
In 2002, Narendra Modi emulates Bal Thackerey in Pogrom-II in Gujarat ! (Godhra and Post Godhra were scripted by the same Bhaand/Film Script Writer: Narendra Damodardas Modi). The people of Gujarat voted him., NOT BECAUSE OF DEVELOPMENT (There hasnt been any.. except for Nano factory)., BUT BECAUSE HE KILLED MUSLIMS. That planning and executing the Pogrom is his biggest achievement – and he is being repaid for that favour. It is an intellectual/emotional RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Narendra Modi is RSS’s most EVOLVED PRODUCT, who has ‘photoshopped’ Hindutva. Only Sangh insiders recognize that the core hasn’t changed.. Modi is Goebbels + Hitler and has (can) never abandon Hindutva project. Hindutva-project is a work in progress.
Hindus are not bad, per se. There is a huge provocation ! 24×7 for the past 90 years (1928-todate) they are taught manufactured history, where they are taught to hate ‘The Other’ (Muslims). Things have come to this because., the child is programmed from age 4… to hate Muslims… the dirty… the filthy… the beef-eaters… the badboo-daar… the uneducated.. the barbarians.. they raped your ancestors.. they looted your temples.. insulted your stone gods.. and your ancestors.. So hatred is slowly injected into the minds. When the boy is around 18-20 he considers it something HOLY to avenge the (fake) atrocities ! This is what leads to the present scenario.
Also the Congress has used RSS as a proxy against minority community all these years by letting this RSS fascist organization grow by leaps and bounds and commit atrocities which ultimately had forced and will force minorities to vote lesser of those two evils which is CONgress.

Mother of all terrorism =

Mother of all terrorism = advani

Father of all terrorism =

Father of all terrorism = Tagodia

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