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Tahir ul Qadri denounces conspiracy allegations over Pak SC verdict

Wednesday, 16 January 2013
Islamabad, January 16:

Minhajul Quran International (MQI) leader, Dr. Tahirul Qadri, has denounced all allegations of a conspiracy in Tuesday''s unexpected turn of events and criticised those who were suspecting the Supreme Court''s intentions.

Qadri was referring to allegations that propped up after the Supreme Court ordered Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf''s arrest moments after Qadri''s address, reports The Express Tribune. Qadri said he not even know that the rental power plants case hearing was taking place.

He criticised all those who were saying the incident was too much of a coincidence and was actually a well-planned conspiracy. Protesters rallied for a third day in the largest political demonstration seen for years in the capital, calling on the government to quit after the Supreme Court ordered the arrest of the prime minister. Tens of thousands of followers of Pakistani-Canadian Qadri have gathered near parliament house.

A general election is due to be held by mid-May, but Qadri wants parliament dissolved immediately and a caretaker government set up in consultation with the military and the judiciary, to implement key reforms before the polls are held. (ANI)

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To be arrested

Why are we bothered about pakistani politics

Commercial stunt - islam ko beech mein mat lao
Islam ka Raavan - Tahir ul Qadri

kya bolna ki kya hai ki.

Agar kissi dushman se badla lena hai, usko siasat website ke comments padhne lagana, ya toh woh pagal ho jata nahi to suicide kar le tha, english ki toh maa behen ek kar dete,urdu english mila ke likhte na mere waisa,unka toh ko jawab hi nahi hai, aaam ku imli likhte, amma ku bawa likhte,akbar ku bakra likh te,ZAK se ginh ginh ke badla lere waisa dikh tha.

Kya bolna ----

Woh engrez ke aulad, this is hindilsh.

Ye to BOHRA dikhra

Kya baiwaqufooun ka zamana agaya. Jisko logan muslamaan samajh rahin wo to shakal se BHORA dikhra. Jagoo musalmaan jagooooo. Asiayhi logaun ne hindustaan ke do tukday karwaye aur phir....ab????? Jo shakhs naachne gaanay walaun par paisay udataho bhari mahfil me. Kya ye islaam hai aap ka??
Raawan E Sadi: Tahir Ul Qadri.

Mujadid of this Century

@ Anonymous: have u ever seen Mujadid of Islam, if not see him now. Simple funda to judge any Alim or Scholar whether he is genuine or not, every one claims of Oness of God (even Sikhs, Buddists, Jews, christians etc) but what destingush between Muslim and Non Muslims is acceptance of Prophet Muhamamd (s.a.w) as final Prophet AND what destingush between Muslim and True Muslims is acceptance and love towards Prophet Muhamamd (s.a.w). Wallahi..I never seen such a hard core Ashiq-e-Rasool in my life like Dr Tahir ul Qadri.

Finally I would like to quote the poetry of Allama Iqbal:

"Ki Muhammad(s.a.w) se wafa tune, to hum tere hain,
Yeh Jahan cheez hai kya, Lawh o Qalam tere hain."

Show us proof

Agar paise lutaye hai to wo proof dijiye. Hum to kabhi nahi dekhey aur na hi kabhi suney hai.
Aur Agar yeh baat jhoot nikli to ALLAH AZZAWAJAL TUJHKO GHARAT WA TABAH KARDE, Ameen SumAmeen.

Show Proof

Janaab aap TV to daikhtai hi hongay kisi bhi qyamat TV(QTV) daikhne walay se poochlo to sahi pahelay. Warna aisa na ho ke aap pepsi pee ke kisi ko buddwa daingay aur wo aap ke hi paas rehjaye!! aisa achi baat nahi.Sub ko apna apna hisaab daina hai. Pyare naaabi sallalahu alaihi wa sallam ne apni zaat-e-mubaraka par hamla hone par bhi kisi ko bura nahi kaha. shayed aap ko maloom hi hoga? khud seeratun nabee (SAS) padhiye inki unki bataun me na aaye.

Deen E Haq ka hai Wali

Mujaddid E Rawan Sadi Tahir Ul Qadri.
Deen E Haq ka hai Wali Tahir Ul Qadri.


Every one should know about him before passing comments. He was a lawyer before became Lair . He was struggling to survive by wakalat. Then turned 180 degree and started Mullah giri, to gather emotional fools. If you are useless in your life , then either join politics of become mullah, and he is combination of both. He is big time crook . You watch his videos ,will find tonnes of lies. At once some boy died and this guy made dead boy read the Kalima ? wow Rasul SAS. Never did this but this mullah made a dead boy read Kalima. you google about his corrupt videos , dancing, kissing feet, cutting cakes with girls etc. Once he had issued fatwa about Indian stuff, that any stuff from India is haram? When he came to India he licked modi's ass. He told that forget the riots and move forward , modi is good man.How can any one forget the Gujrat riots, in which our brothers sisters mothers duaghters been raped and burnt alive. He is a power greedy man on the name of Islam.




Love him. honest man always speaks with reference from Quran & Hadith .
May Allah grant him Success in his mission.

Truth and False are two different things


For sake of Allah swt. Read Quran yourself and try to understand

Dont Simply Balame Any Body One

How Can you say That he is agent, don't just say you Hippocrates Prove if he is agent to west. The Present Muslims are Enemies of Muslims. Today's Muslims is enemy to Other Muslims. Specially The one says without any proves. We can Just Pray and Make Duas from Almighty Allah Subhanahutala that Give Hidaya To Muslims of this India and Pakistan. Shame on the people who says Dr. Tahir Ul Quadri is a west Agent.


Add Reply and Check ur mistake

For Same Video you posted the name is comming.. Just Add a Reply to Same name and then u will find your answer.
on your first Video The mischief minded people like you Edited the 2 videos very Planned to spread all falsehood about Shaikh Ul Islam.
Note: if you see Original Video u will find all Answers..he was telling According to Hanafi Sharia, According to Shafai Sharia, According to Malaki Sharia and Humbali Sharia. All 4 Imams have declared accordingly to their jurisdictions. I hope its Cleared.


In Second Video you add a reply to same video name in youtube site and search again u will find your answer with authentic Quran and Hadith Reference.

Now Stop Spreading all lies. your Imaan will goes vain if you spread all falsehood about any person. May Allah give u hidaya.

MQI founder Tahirul qadri is

MQI founder Tahirul qadri is black sheep and agent of western world ie ehy he allways get visa to india and especially to gujrat wake up muslim umma kick this agent back fo canada he allready had billion of euro's and dollars bloody greedy fellow.

Tahir ul Qadri

Tahir ul Qadri is a biggest "Munafiq" of the current world. all the muslims should kick him out of Asia or out of the planet

Allah SWT & His Beloved Prophet SAW knows who is Munafiq

We'll know on the day of Judgement who is Munafiq.

Long live Shaykh ul Islam.

Who is Munafiq ALLAH Knows best.

Jal jal ke dhuan ho rahey tum..
Irshad hai: Woh Hasti kya hasti jispe saarey Munafiq-E-duniya hasti.

Mujaddid E Rawan Sadi: Tahir Ul Qadri.

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