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Togadia opposes reservations to minorities

Sunday, 15 April 2012
Hyderabad, April 15:

VHP’s international working president Praveen Togadia strongly criticized the central government’s decision to provide reservations to Muslims and Christians and urged the governments of centre and some states to seek apology from Dr. Bheem Rao Ambedkar for this decision.

After garlanding the statue of Dr. Ambedkar Praveen Togadia said that Dr. Ambedkar had presented the positive vision of providing reservations to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in his constitution so that the socially backwards come out of poverty and prosper and can walk ahead with other communities.

Dr. Ambedkar had strongly opposed providing reservations on religious basis in Indian constitution. He felt that if reservation is provided on religious basis then true development and social unity will get affected. He said.

He said VHP wants that central and state governments do not provide reservations to Muslims and Christians. He said central and state governments should revoke announcement of reservations and apologize Dr. Ambedkar.

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every time this **** comes

every time this **** comes to our city we find communal clashes on what ground he is allowed to adress the mases did the home ministry has no right to kick this him or the present govt want to create trouble.The peacefull indians don't want these communal bastards to participate in public meeting nor create problems i ask the present govt to seriously stop these bastards once for all. A simple tax payers advice

Very beneficial lecture - Imran Hosein

Very beneficial lecture to hear. Sheik Imran Hosein has changed my life and hope for all Muslims to recognize this honorable Sheik. MASHA ALLAH......GREAT VIEWS & ARGUMENTS BASING ON QURAN & HADITH.....MAY ALLAH BLESS THE SPEAKER great lecturer. thanks for info.

Ahmed Ali Khan
Riyadh - K.S.A

Baat Bilkul NaVee hai dekhoo …

Assalamualaikum WRWB

Public Samjree Praveen Togadia, enai Hindu ya Bamman ya Komti wagaira Hung’gaa … Nai !!! Eska koi Mazhab nahi hai … Ye Zalim ek Agent hai PERIOD !!! Kyaisaa ??? Kiss Kaaa ???

Sari Dunyaa mai Agents kaam ker-rahai hain; Jis mai sai kaye ek Aalal Elaan declare kertai hain kai hum Shaitaan kai maan-nai walai hain … Hum nai Shaitaan ko apni Ruh [soul ] baijdee hai.

Aa’erai … Apen logaan Phas-gai kya ???

Subhan’Allah … Allah bada Rahim hai ji … Chaloo Huzoor-e-Pak SAS kai paas … Kya Khali Namaz kaisaa panda utta’ech samjhai kya … Rehmatul-lil’Alameen hai Aap SAS, Subhan’Allah

Pyarai Nabi SAS ki Peshago'e suno aur .....Apni, Apnai Khandaan ki rehbari karoo ... Insha'Allah, Allah Fateh daiga …. Insha'Allah.

My sincere plea to whole Muslim Umma that its time to review the signs of the last day.
Listen patiently, understand thoroughly and strive your best to achieve Allah’s mercy. And in that signs, the very important part concerned is with the World of today.
Islamic Eschatology i.e. ILm-u-Akhriuz-zama;
Ten (10) Major signs available in Ahades-e-Nabwi SAS.

Vedios: on youtube [English] out of many; here are a few :

1. “Sheikh Imran Hosein The Sufi, The Salafi & Akhirruzaman “
2. “Sheikh Imran Hosein Dajjal - The False Mesiah Part 1 – 9 “
3. “The Revival: Part 1 - The Truth About The 12 Khaleefs “… All parts, V2, V3&V4.

One need not to accept all or a major part, my point here is that, you will get a complete idea of the present World, Insha’Allah & this will help you to act & stick on Quran & Sunnah, Insha’Allah.

Ghulam-e-Rasool SAS
New York, U.S.A.

Amazing analysis by Shk Imran ... thnks.

Thanks very much for sharing, your valuable thoughts and it makes us think and believe in more what ALLAH SUBHAN WATALLAH and Holy Porphet Muhammad pbuh told us, long time ago.

Azmatullah Sharief.
Sydney, Australia.

Kick out this bast--d

Kick out this divisive m.f....r from HyderabadIS Soil. How come Beef eating is now acceptable to him and reservations is thorn in his rotten flesh ????

Dalits knows very well, he belong to that caste who has perpetuated the crimes against dalits for generations and now came to show sympathy ????

Dalits should beware of his mischiefs......he came here to incite them against reservation and is no friend of Dalits in any way......

r u pakistani or bludy

r u pakistani or bludy muslim,

ye pata nehi kiska natija hai

ye asal mein iska koi nehi ha,i ye kissi ka pheka hua tukda hai, kachre se utha ke laya tha isko...
ye ek pagal hai. suna hai iske ghar wale isse tang hai.. isko pagal pan ke doure pade hai... is ke gali ke loge isko bhaga chuke hai
aur ab ye gali gali bhokta phir raha hai. ye asal mein ek phate hue nirodh ka natija hai ..

haram khor

haram khor basturd one day you will be kicked out from india, nobody will do this but indians will kicked out you....you are disturbing indians peace and hormony...its supposed to be ban on you not to live in this world...


He is already swine , it doen't matter whether he is in dirty water or fresh water, but most important is to stop this swineflue by anyhow.



Are there any terror groups?

I wonder if there any groups like HuJI,SIMI,XYZ really exist?But every time there is any untoward incidence our Indian Intel agencies point at these groups and some telugu news papers too hint towards muslims even though it was never confirmed.
If really these groups exist why the can't kill the root elements like Togadia and Raju singhs?It seems clearly there is no such groups in existence.It's all the noise created by SAFFRON groups and communal minded police groups.

If he got the guts why he didn't land in Bihar

I am not sure if anyone knows this that Lalu warned him that if he enter in Bihar he will not return back. He went to Bihar but didn't went outside the Airport as he was afraid of Lalu and returned back in the same flight. Aise gndu log sirf bhok sakte. agar apne baap ki aulad hota to bihar mein entry karke dikhata

Dr. Ambedkar & Dr. Togadia

Dr. Ambedkar & Dr. Togadia both are totally wrong. The reservation needs to be provided inline with their population proportionately, only then true development and social unity in all sections of society is possible.

Dr. Togadia must be banned for atleat 10 years from entering the City of Hyderabad, since posed threat to the stabilty of congress government in the peaceful state of AP.

Hindu Temples

If Togadia is positive for SC, ST and Dalit , then they must allow them in

all the Hindu TEMPLE. Only for coming electione Togadia taking advantage.

Dear All : Muslim /

Dear All :

Muslim / Christian ignore comment what they given by Pravin Tagodia. you have to know most of the hindus suffering also because of Pravin Tagodina. Openly they are not coming in fron of all. Ignore stupid speach what they given.

Government will not depend on Tagodia. Tagodia hoave to depend on Government.

Allah is there to save our muslim brother.

One day one stick will fell on Tagodia then know. What is the power of muslim.


Who are you?

First of all Mr. Togadia who are you to decide on who should get the reservations and who should't and concerning apologizing Dr. Ambedkar it would be good for the government to send you to Dr. Ambedkar to apologize on their behalf.

barking Dogs Doesn't bite

Who is he? and who cares him. we have the history of So many Jokers they came before him and gone. No body wants to fight each others. Elections are ahead they are trying make problems for A P Congress by this kind of communal riots. educated People they knows such kind of tricks they cant believe at ...... but still have some communal minded like Togandya just they barks all the time in VHP meetings to gain some fake publicity by the Media, and sympathy in innocent Hindus for future election votes. Police could take an serious action of his illiterate communal minded speakers. but have majority of police officer they have same mentality of ..... that's why this fake clay tiger making lots of trip to Hyderabad. But he cant even remove a......of Minority. he will be stuck soon in Central Government cage for future life in prison. like others Acharya, Swami, Prigya and others .......

SC and ST or Dalit

If Praveen Togadia have positive vision with SC,ST and Dalit.He must help them

to Allow in all the HINDU temples without Differentiate the caste.All castes

people must understand the political tricks for the coming ELECTIONS.And why

al-ways our Hyderabadi People inviting People from Other places ? Are our -

Hyderabadi HINDUS are ILLITERATES.All of our Hyderabdi people must maintain

peaced by avoiding such voilent people

Hypocrite sill Fox

Pravin Tagodia is now going to beef festival organizers and playing Dr. Ambedkar card. So silly fox! Easy to understand, what actually is Itching Pravin Tagodia? I muslims/christians are given reservation, their standard of living will change, they get educated and employed equally which Tagodia fox doesn't like for the sake of his Hindu rashtra agenda. for the sake of arguement..can the reservation be based on Caste withing a religion then? is it not breaking the religion from within then? If muslims are worst then SC/ST's then who deserves the reservation?


you are praising the Ambedkar you bastards, you make that in your religion the division basis based on the caste and make poor dalits like slave and from inside you have lava flowing against the dalits you talk about the dalits rights, you are criminal with criminal thoughts you only need the power to loot the country and divide the country based on the religion which you will never ever in your life succeed and all your dirty games will make you vanish in dirt one day for sure


yeh kutta hamesha bhoktey rahta bas, aur koi kaam nahi hai isko.

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