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US Navy Commander who killed Bin Laden, commits suicide

Tuesday, 25 December 2012
Hyderabad, December 25:

SEAL Team 4 Commanding Officer Job W. Price commit suicide. He was best known for finding and then killing Osama bin Laden.

Cmdr. Job W. Price, 42, died Saturday, Dec. 22, of a non-combat-related injury while supporting stability operations in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan.

Suicide of the Officer of this grade raises many questions among the media, as the team was best known for killing Osama Bin Laden that assaulted his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan on May 1, 2011.

Military officials are looking into the death of Cmdr. Job W. Price as a possible suicide, but that his death remains under investigation.

Price, 42, of Pottstown, Pa., was in charge of coordinating all Team 4 missions.

Price was in Afghanistan supporting stability operations in Uruzgan Province. He was assigned to an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit based in Virginia Beach, Va.

SEAL Team 4 is among eight SEAL team deployments. SEAL Team 6 is best known among them for finding and then killing Osama bin Laden.

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Osama Bin Laden

this man, who suffered from "Marfan's Syndrome" died in 2007. He was six feet five inches tall, and suffered and died of renal failure. then it was Khalid Sheik Mohammed that became the center of attention for 911

Fabricated News

Dear Siasat Editor, Where did you get this news which says this seal was involved in killing Bin Laden?


Here is the link to CNN news which simply says navy seals commits suicide.

Please refrain from reporting is you can not publish facts.

Don't play with the emotions of muslims by publishing fabricated news.

Very Horriable

Hang these bastards in public


as they saying goes... ek jhoot ko bachane keliye... aur jhooot...!!


Not even shred of evidence that Osama was killed.

No body was shown.

No family interview.

No independent eyewitness .

Burial at sea guarantees body cannot be exhumed in future.

No need to bury at sea from any tradition or religious point.

Just one sided claim of a government whose integrity is doubtful.

Whereas they are famous for exposing the dead bodies of their enemies.

Saddam Hussain . Ghaddafi. Mussoloni. Mafia. Native American Chiefs.

Osama Bin Ladin

What is the source of that information which says that the Commander who killed Osama Bin ladin has done suicide. Please print the source of information also.


Dear Ahmed I was woundering of this news but big question was coming to my mind is what I saw in your point. Exactly you r 100% correct.

and nobody find strange how these

socalled osama killing team are getting killed one after other as the eye witnesses of 9/11 are dying... the truth is america does not want the truth to come out about the fake osama encounter of may 1 2011.If are so truthful show the world the evidence of osama encounter... shame on america and shame on corporate media propagating false news trying to fool people.

who cares

Who is Osama? After all a jahil who taught himself to be a leader. In fact he was a munafiq and killer who fooled so many people in suicide missions in the name of Jehad.

Dont care

Who is Osama? Who benifited from him? & Who is losing? Overall this was the international game played by US for occupying GCC economy (libia) & Petrol (iraq). So they succeed & now they dont need OSAMA & such COMMD with so many internal information.



Acha hua margaya - aur

Acha hua margaya - aur baakhi saara america bhi marjayega



RSS Members rape 11 Yr Old Dalit Girl.

Two boys held on rape charge
P. V. Srividya

Panchayat president and the VAO tried to hush up the incident

An eleven-year-old Dalit girl was raped, allegedly by two boys, who are members of RSS, when she was in her house in Thalainayar block in Nagapattinam on Friday. Harrowed by the experience, and physically hurt, the girl informed her parents only on Saturday morning. The police detained the minor boys on rape charge.

The girl, of Puthur panchayat here, was in her house preparing for her exam scheduled for noon on Friday, when the two boys, aged 17 and 15, residents of the area, entered her house. According to the girl, she was carried inside the house, held behind a partition, gagged and repeatedly assaulted. The girl’s six-year-old brother, who was sent out of the house by the boys, screamed for help.

Narrating the incident to The Hindu, the girl, who suffers from epilepsy and is too fragile, wanted an assurance if “all was right” with her. Fearing a backlash, she had hidden her skirt under a basket.

Her parents, agricultural wage labourers, returned home in the evening and saw their daughter looking unwell.

“This (Saturday) morning, unable to bear the physical pain, she summoned courage to tell us,” said her father.

She was admitted to the Thiruthuraipoondi government hospital here. The girl was given an antibiotic injection, and a painkiller, after she complained of severe pain, a doctor told The Hindu.

However, no swab samples or the girls clothes were collected. The duty doctor said swab samples and material evidence would have to be collected by the police. According to the Thalainayar inspector, a magistrate would have to give the order for sample collection.

According to the girl’s father, the president of Puthur Panchayat and the Village Administrative Officer contacted him over phone in the hospital and asked him to refrain from filing a police complaint. They wanted to “sort out the matter” and promised that they would bear the expenses for the girl.

“I asked them if they would say the same thing, if she had been their daughter. I asked them to come to the hospital, look at my daughter’s face, and repeat what they said.”

The Thalainayar police produced the boys, a X standard dropout and a blacksmith in Nagapattinam late in the evening.

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